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Found 21 results

  1. FentonSkaggs

    Entry wound and Exit wound

    Why not add a game mechanic where depending on the bullet theres a chance of it having a exit wound to wear we have to have a teammate patch us up from behind? Which would encourage people to play together more in a sense plus more medical supplies
  2. One of the things I like most about Tarkov is the cat and mouse kinda gameplay that emerges between combatants when we don't rush at each other guns blazing, but have to mindgame the other player. Exchanging blindfire, assessing the other person's location and trying to predict their next move, flushing them out with grenades if they camp a site, etc. One of, if not the most important part of this is gathering as much information as you can on your enemy and on the fly formulating a plan whether and how to approach the situation. What I propose here would allow us to do some investigating and get more info from corpses to determine how to act. One option could be persistent blood spatter, showing entry and exit wounds that help determine the direction and maybe caliber (small spatter = small caliber, big spatter = big caliber, fubar = grenade) of the shooter. Or a new skill/alternatively tied into one of the existing skills like Perception or First Aid/Field Medicine that shows the cause of death on a corpse after inspection (e.g. damaged body parts, maybe with higher skill level direction and distance of the shot, etc.) For a practical example: Today, I ran Customs as Scav and came across four dead bodies right out in the open on the rocks behind Gas Station. Thing is, that was it. All I could glean from the corpses, even on closer inspection was that they were dead and partially looted. No wounds, no blood, no bullet holes or spent ammunition. Could have been a sniper, could have been a player rushing them, could have been a lucky AI Scav taking all of them out or it could have been a firefight between two small squads. In this case I got lucky and looted undisturbed, but I recall many, many, many times when I encountered a similar situation and a patient player hiding somewhere shot me to poo, even after surveying the area for what felt like ages. I'm not complaining about these situations, they are part of what makes Tarkov such a great and thrilling game. However, crafty players can turn areas into absolute killing fields while laying somewhere in the underbrush or sniping from a distance with little to no risk to themselves. Persistent/directional blood spatter or any other way of examining the aftermath of a battle could give an approaching player another tool to help figure out what the best course of action could be going forward. Thoughts?
  3. BloodSpilla

    Tweak for painkillers and morphine

    I would like to see a little tweak to the way painkillers work. I think they should change the painkillers to remove only half of the debuff you get from loosing a limb or an arm goes black. Then morphine injectors should be a longer lasting painkiller but reduce the de debuff by just a bit more (75%?) Then add a new adrenalin injector that would remove the entire debuff (and maybe give you a boost?) but like reality would be shorter lasting. That way you would be punished a bit harder for loosing limbs and not just pop a painkiller for full movement again.
  4. Well, in my experience I have only used the splints in less than 10 occasions and in 99.99% of the time I have found analgesics more useful (Nothing new.). BUT, in the last update use painkillers with a blackened leg and run, It makes you lose Hit Points, which makes sense, THE LEG IS BROKEN and you are "forcing" a limb to work without proper medical treatment, and without analgesics your general mobility is reduced. So, as the description says "Common splint for fixing the damaged bones in position as an emergency aid measure." it would make sense to be able to regain some mobility by using a splint on a blackened leg or even mitigate the damage received when running under the effects of analgesics. Apologies for my English.
  5. Where to find the Emercom medical center key and where to use it... (Edit: not sure why the link isn't allowing you to watch on forums sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFSf4kvHoIw
  6. Automatic Recoil As a player dedicated to both realism and balance, I suggest that full-auto should not be automatically compensated by your character, but rather a traditional player-controlled compensation(such as ArmA 3's system) where you have to manually pull down to adjust for recoil. Please take note however, I only wish to apply this to full auto; semi-automatic is fine the way it is, with the aim point resetting after each shot - although I wouldn't mind if there were some minor tweaks. This would discourage the full-auto meta that is currently in effect while promoting longer firefights in general, with skill becoming more important than who has a faster firing weapon. Limb Damage My second suggestion is that blacked out limbs can be repaired to a percentage of their respective health. Three ways to achieve this off the top of my head could be: 1. A personal medical item, such as the Xstat syringe - would require a bleeding, destroyed limb to be patched and take 'x' amount of time to apply. 2. A rest mechanic with the character resting for an certain amount of time - not a huge fan of this tbh, but it is an idea. 3. A surgical kit to be used by another player, which would promote teamplay, but give diminishing returns upon consecutive uses. This came to me when I thought about the eventual free roam of the entire map; I for one don't want to be limited to limping for kilometers on end, be continually dehydrating due to a blacked out stomach before I hit an extract or in general becoming a liability to my teammates. I believe this would extend the capabilities of casualties by giving them more options beyond popping painkillers and make consecutive firefights more attractive as an options, rather than having a casualty becoming a 'walking dead man' with multiple limbs destroyed. Please feel free to add your own thoughts, I am curious to see how our community would feel if these mechanics were implemented. Song of the day: Valkyrie - Battle Tapes

    Medical System Improvements

    The current state of the medical system leaves alot to be desired for a few reasons. I'll continue to list some challenges below: 1) In order to get detailed information about your medical condition you have to open a separate window and doesn't always feel very intuitive. Please have a look at improving how your medical status is implemented. e.g. you could have varying levels of a RAG indicator on your player avatar in the top left corner indicating the severity of damage. Right now you have grey , black , red ? 2) Where's the healing animations for using medkits , bandages , morphine etc ? As it stands a player hotkeys the medkit and just spams it while carrying on running / shooting / moving without any issues. Performing ANY other action while using medics should stop the effect from being applied. Same as searching containers etc. EFT is meant to be realistic , not selectively so. This is massively game breaking and counter-immersive 3) The last suggestion is to look at the bleed out effect. Instead of weird looking veins across your screen, perhaps look at slowly fading out the colour, sound and so on until death. CP out
  8. Altblu

    Unblacking limbs

    Greetings, after a discussion on the Reddit about the Grizzly and how it needs a buff to make it viable. I have thought of an idea for an unblacking med item, at this time the grizzly could serve the function. With the increased raid timer a blacked limb means time to extract with a lot of time remaining in most cases. I think that a 2x2 item that takes 15 seconds, gives pain debuff, unblack the limb, restoring to 10 hp, and costing 200. If the grizzly was used it would give 3 unblacked limbs and its current functions. Why I think this is a good idea, the grizzly currently serves no practical purpose, takes a lot of space, expensive and impractical to hotkey. The ability to unblack a limb would make a bad gunfight that you barely win a non-raid ender, and with the current extensions of raid times, the ability to use it would be appreciated. Also with the expense of grizzlies, it would make the Epsolone container a much more viable choice. This change would not affect the morphine meta except for post-battle spam of meds until extraction. A 15-second use would make it impractical for use in combat and adding the pain debuff would either make you use morphine or be completely sure of your safety. The durability uses of 200 was so the grizzly would heal at most 3 limbs which I feel that would be the max something of that size should heal. If you tried to unblack 3 limbs it would take 45 seconds to get them to 10hp each then add on the time for Ifaks or Salewas to max hp you would be out of combat for 2 minutes in a defensive posture. With the plans to slow down combat in EfT this seems acceptable. If this still seems unbalanced, an additional suggestion comes to mind when you use this unblackening grizzly or other item that dose this it takes 10hp or so off the top of that limbs health for the remainder of the raid instead of the current pill popping medkit spam. When the medical animations are in effect the unblacking grizzly would be an even better fit. I had a discussion on the Tarkov Reddit about this ( https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/7vs1yw/grizzly_medkit_desperately_needs_a_buff/dturnz0/ ) I would appreciate your opinions on this and Thank you for your time.
  9. Captain_Kzer

    Making Splints Useful

    Splints in the current state of the game are useless, because incurring a fracture without immediately getting the limb blacked out is rare to the point of virtual nonexistence. To remedy this and thus bring better balance to the different medical treatment options in game I suggest a simple mechanical change: Make splints a healing item which heals 1 damage and is able to be used on blacked out limbs, bringing them from 0 health to 1. From here there appear to be two courses of action which would allow splints to be more useful or less useful: 1.) Allow players to heal the limb as normal after a splint has been applied to reward the additional time and resources they used to fix the medical emergency. 2.)Do not allow any general health kits to be used on a limb which has had a splint applied to allow the player to move freely but to prevent them to returning to "like new" status to model the fact that a recently injured limb is going to be more likely to buckle from relatively small injuries (such as a fall from height or a twisted ankle from walking while overencumbered) than a limb which hasn't been severely damaged recently.
  10. RubinhoSwag

    Morphines are Dead

    Hello This is going to be my first topic here in EFT Forums. So i hope you guys enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, first things first. What I've come to realize while playing EFT is the fact that the players almost don't use morphine. And I am talking about players who has acceess to Therapist lvl 4 I notices that players carry between 1 to 2 morphines in the containers for emergency purposes, but end up never using because they put 5 painkiller inside the backpack or pockets and go to raid. In the current meta, 5 painkillers it's more than enough to clear the raid and go to extraction, making morphines almost useless because you are paying more money for a longer effect where you can buy multiples painkiller for lesser and have better results. So here is my proposul to the Devs: -Painkillers will last longer when used for the first time -Painkilers will take 1 min to kick in the effect (just like real life, because the painkiller take a while to work) -Everytime you use a Painkiller in the same Raid, the duration will reduce by 50% (Humans tende to create resistance to medicines if used alot, applying this to the game it will simulate real life effect) -Morphines will have immediatly effect when used (morphines goes directly to the blood, so the effect should kick right in) -Morphines may last longer -Everytime you use a Morphine in the same Raid, the duration will be reduce by 25% -Visuals effect when you in morphine should be stronger than painkillers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well... That is my ideia to the devs, you guys probably won't use this numbers that i suggest. But, it will be nice if you guy think around this ideia that i showed Thanks for your pacience And try to Extract in one piece. See ya
  11. Howdy Everyone, I was watching a video of a session I played with a 4 man team, and I had an idea that might have been proposed or even planned for the future. However I searched the forum a bit - and I didn't see anything about it in exiting posts. Forgive me if it has been talked about before. It would be cool to enhance the teamwork in EFT, giving people some specialties, certain strengths that can help the squad in special ways. One basic idea I had was a Medical specialty. Now, I know we will have skills, and this really will give that specialty if players are paying attention and playing to their strengths. But some roles could be expanded with some carefully designed inventory items. My idea is for some special medical supplies that we can carry, giving us the ability to treat some serious wounds or pain, at the cost of time, maybe even an accompanying soft skill prerequisite. The catch is that it can only be used on others, and people without the supposed Combat Medical skill level CANNOT use it at all, preventing the trading and treating. For example I will talk about my Idea for a "CLS Bag" - Uses "Resource points" (RP) instead of HP points like normal med kits, possibly can be "refilled" by combining other items into it. (I.E. augmentin might give the kit +30 RP when combined, Saline +10 RP, so one and so on...) - The RPs are used for all treatments with the kit, they can be used to treat bleeding, injuries, conditions, or HP loss. Of course in different amounts for each "treatment", depending on what is being treated. - Allows holder to treat other players suffering from popped stomach, pain, tremors, or other conditions like dehydration or starvation as well. Again - only on other Players. - Treatments of ALL types would take a "long time" ... I matter of minutes for some more serious - like Pain or Zero'd Stomach - maybe 2 - 3 minutes in one place. This would play off the time management and inherent vulnerability in Raids. The inventory slots and resource amounts for kit would have to be tuned carefully for balance, but something like this might give the "Medics" in a crew to do more than throw items on the ground Thanks for reading hope I explained it decently.
  12. DrMarianus

    Epinephrine Shot

    I propose adding an epinephrine shot that, when used, brings all black limbs to 1 hp so that you can then heal them (or maybe has a greater effect on the limb it was used on, for instance if you use it on your left leg, that leg goes to 10 HP and the rest of the limbs un-blacken and become 1 hp). I imagine the rarity would be on the level of morphine.
  13. KryoHawk

    Combining Partly Used Medical Bags

    Personally, I don't like going into raids with partly used medical equipment so I tend to use a fresh kit every run, But this often leads to a stack up of used medical kits that just get sold to a trader for almost nothing... However, I feel that we should be able to combine contents of two bags into one (maybe with a slightly lower outcome) EX: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit that has 154 points and now takes up one slot EX2: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit with 95% efficiency, meaning I should get back one medkit that has (154 * 0.95 = 146.3) 146 points (always rounded down) Not necessarily a required feature but would definitely provide a quality of life upgrade and a little realism, because I would rather carry one completely full bag than two half-full bags.
  14. iamjabour

    Improved Vital Parts and recovery

    Hey, what you guys think about the damage system and the lack of vital parts on chest, lung and lag? I think would be cool to increase special hit boxes with spacial body parts that are vital so it can also 1 shot kill or make really hard/impossible to recovery forcing you to leave the raid as soon as possible. Also I believe would be cool to implement some sort of recovery system so if you are down someone can prevent you form dying and keep you alive, even after you been down. maybe a bleeding out after the HP hit zero or you when down? I think that would be cool combined with the option to carry bodies so you could carry/drag your friend out of fire and try to make him stable. IMO I don't think you should be able to do a full HP recovery after going down, maybe something like keep body parts blacked out. What you guys think about both suggestions?
  15. iamjabour

    Medical System

    Hi, the medical system is getting good. With the change on grizzly now people is having to carry the correct items. I would suggest a system from America Army 3 to use medical items with more than 1 function (video bellow as example). I would also suggest to penalize the use of incorrect medication. Something very cool would be to change the grizzly and other multi proupose medical items to be a "bag" that you can buy/find new or resupply with the current item or similar (lets say use normal bandages instead of military, use pain killer instead of morphine, etc). Hope you guys enjoy. ps: I would focus on server and desync/lag, match problems first. I hope you guys are already on top of this problem so we can move on and suggest new cool features
  16. DrMarianus

    Medical bag for medical items

    I for one, actually thing the medical system changes were welcome. They make Tarkov appropriately high stakes by making healing much more difficult and less game-y. However, you are required to take A LOT of medical items with you. First a lexicon: Basic medical item: a bandage, splint, painkiller, AI-2, etc. Wound: Fracture, Bleeding, etc. Also, forewarning, I might be misremembering exactly which wound types each kit heals. What I propose to address this is to either create a set of medical bags/kits or turn the existing IFAK/Grizzly/Car/Salewa into containers that can contain the various medical items they support similar to the existing Pistol Case. For instance, a Grizzly would remain 2x2 but would hold 3x3 (or even 4x4) of all medical items since it currently heals _all_ wound types. Similarly, the other would only be able to contain the basic medical items that the particular medical kit currently heals (Car: hold bandages, etc.). A car would take up 1x2 spaces but hold 2x2 bandages, for another example. When you use this med kit, it consumes a basic medical item for whatever purpose with the order following a priority (stop bleeding -> fix fracture -> replenish HP). You would then be able to refill the bag by finding or purchasing more basic medical items. This is a two part suggestion, with the first part being a space saving bag to allow more medical while still leaving space in backpacks/secure containers. The second part is re-appropriating the existing medical kits. In my opinion, re-appropriating the existing med kits and making them refillable is beneficial as it preserves the ease of use of the bags as well as providing the space savings. Instead of tabbing into medical, right-click -> open bag, apply bandage, it allows you to just apply the kit itself or drag it onto the wound to save a little time. This further encourages players to buy these bigger medical bags. The only detrimental effect this might introduce as I see it is reducing the need to buy Grizzlies to replace used up grizzlies. This could be countered by adding more differentiated basic medical items similar to there being several types of bandage. Thus you might have several types of splint. But this is getting off into the weeds of implementation details and warrants some discussion.
  17. Droopysilentdj

    A carrying system for the wounded?

    I was replying to another user's post about how "the leg meta is annoying" and I had the idea pop into my mind about a carrying system for wounded operators. It's kind of a rough idea, but it'd be nice to be able to scoop up a wounded fireteam member into a fireman's carry, then haul them to extraction. The obvious bonus is that you don't have to pull hard security around a limping teammate, you could pick them up and move a quicker pace, even breaking into a light-jog/run instead of sprinting. While that might be beneficial, there are obvious downsides to this system: 1.) Carrying someone is going to consume a lot of energy and deminish your hydration levels, more-so if you run/jog with them. (This would make carrying water/food into raid have a little more meaning.) 2.) Your movements are limited as you carry the teammate, and speed could directly be effected by seveal factors such as: a.) The realative strength and endurance level of your personal character. b.) The weight and gear of your teammate. c.) The terrain you're moving on. (It's harded to carry someone up/downhill than it is to carry them on flat land.) 3.) The only defence you'd realistically have is your sidearm (if you even have one), which on one hand could give you a fighting chance, but on the other hand would severly reduce your firepower. 4.) The wounded teammate could not use their weapon as they would if they choose to limp. (It forces you to sacrifice firepower for speed.) 5.) Carrying the teammate would eat at your stamina over time, meaning you'd have to stop every once in a while to catch a break. Notice: I understand that EFT is supposed to be a solo-survival shooter, but I would like to see more teammate mechanics implemented into the game. Things like passing weapons, magazines, and items to one another, instead of just dropping them on the ground. An actual medical interaction between players, which would provide maybe better benefits and reduced item consumption compared to being solo.
  18. TechoverMana

    Possible balance to medical items

    First of all, I would like to point out that I am loving this game. I feel even in the state it's in, I've gotten my money's worth out of it. But we are here for testing and helping shape the game and giving feedback to devs, so here is one suggestion I have that I think would add to the realism aspect, make firefights more interesting and intense, and add even more weightiness and a feeling of tension to combat. As it currently stands, medical items, such as the AI-2, Car pack, Grizzly, ect, heal far too quickly. You can hot bind these items and heal yourself on the go as if you were Wolverine and effectively have regenerating health like in Call of Duty. There is a progress bar, but it doesn't really mean much or impact your movement or ability to fight. I think this seems very odd for a game that is built on and advertising itself as having a high level of realism in its gameplay. My suggestion, would be that when using a healing item, you would not be able to move or fire as your hands are busy actually applying the bandage, splint, meds, whatever. I think it would be appropriate to have a 30 second freeze, where you couldn't move or engage and go into a healing animation (although maybe cancelable like with searching) to remove a status effect such as bloodloss, pain, fracture, ect, and then for items such as the Grizzly that actually restore health, it you would be in this healing state for one second per point restored. So, as the game stands right now, you get in a fight, get shot up a little, and you just spam 4 to heal up or quickly open tab and drag the Grizzly and in seconds your shot up body is restored to full health without much issue. Gunfights don't mean as much when just ducking behind cover and spamming a button will fix a lot of damage. If such a system as I've suggested were implemented, you'd take damage, and then you would have to limp on over and find a safe place to actually have the time to patch yourself up. If you'd been knocked down to say 200 health overall, and you've got bloodloss and fracture on your leg, it'll be 30 seconds to apply the meds to fix the blood loss, 30 seconds to splint or fix the fracture, and 235 seconds to fully restore the lost health with an item. I think that would be a first step. I also think possibly that some health should be permanently lost, where say you could only heal half of what you take for example. So if you get shot and get hit to 235 health, you could only heal back 100 of that 200 you lost, so you now would max out at 335 no matter what. If you were knocked down on deaths door and survived with only 35 health, you could only heal up to 235. Only way to fully restore health would be to extract and fix inbetween raids (and I know part of this might already be in the works for having to heal between raids but not sure for the other parts.) Anyway, those would be some suggestions I think to have a more realistic health/damage and medical system in the game. It should actually take time to set that bone or bandage that gunshot wound. Right now it feels like you have regenerating health as long as you remember to bind meds to the 4 key.
  19. Kilon Kasio

    Medical items to consider

    Tourniquets - stops artery bleed outs Different splints with different times to apply, speed lose/gain man i thought i had a lot more on my mind. Oh and hiiii everyone Im back from my ban of posting a TWD headshot lmao
  20. dannymo111

    Concussions? How bad are they?

    Hello, I've been wondering, will there be concussions, and if so, will it make your screen blurry? Like, if you got shot in the helmet and the bullet passed only through the helmet, or ricocheted off it, and didn't hit your head, will your character sustain a concussion? Because, if someone sustained a concussion, there would be many side effects, blurred vision, short breath, becoming tired quickly, loss of memory. Keep it up with the hard work, you guys are phenomenal. Thanks,
  21. fourskineater

    Are you able to heal your team mates?

    Are you able to do medical treatments on your teammates if they're bleeding out or dying? This would be great for people who wanna play medic.
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