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Found 25 results

  1. I'd like to propose the small sicc case gets converted into holding all things medical instead of the current stuff you can put into it, that means typically stims. Exceptions would be CMS and Surv12 as I feel that might just make a thing just made very powerful a little bit too OP. Document cases and keytools should be able to fill the niché the sick case currently do just fine. Best done with the addition of drug side effects to decrease stim spam.
  2. Miniwa-Tsumiki

    Black Market and Medstation

    So, hello to my first post, or better said my two suggestions: Black Market and Medstation lvl 4 Lets start with the idea for a second market called the "Black Market": Much like the "Flea Market", you can go there and buy/sell items, however, unlike in the "Flea Market" you wont be searching for items sold by players, but rather search for players that sell items. You will be able to sort them by their "Black Market Reputation". Once you decided for an Seller/Traider (Player) you will be able to see the items they sell, with one limitation; you wont see the Condition of th
  3. m0ldi

    Buddy Aid

    I think that an implementation of some sort of buddy aid system would be a great feature. This idea came to mind when getting some friends into the game. Very new players who don't quite understand all of the mechanics involved with healing yourself. Which is understandable because at first it can be confusing. Some sort of system where I could use a CMS or other medical items to help heal my friends faster or heal them if they didn't bring extra medical supplies, I feel would be a great addition to the game. An issue I thought of that could come from this would be maybe your
  4. TarkovCitizen26490

    Heavy bleeds items: Esmarch and Celox

    Hello! As of right now we have 2 items dedicated to stopping heavy bleeds effect: The Esmarch tourniquet, which is essentially a pink fat rubber band 1m long and the CALOK-B applicator-syringe (Copycat of the Celox-syringe). In tarkov, the esmarch tourniquet has 1 use, with the animation lasting 5 seconds and the CALOK-B has 3 uses with 3 seconds animation. Which doesnt make any sense. In real life, the esmarch touniquet is a cheap rubber band that is used to stop the blood flow by tying it above the wound; while the CALOK-B (celox) is essentially a big fat syringe w
  5. FentonSkaggs

    Entry wound and Exit wound

    Why not add a game mechanic where depending on the bullet theres a chance of it having a exit wound to wear we have to have a teammate patch us up from behind? Which would encourage people to play together more in a sense plus more medical supplies
  6. One of the things I like most about Tarkov is the cat and mouse kinda gameplay that emerges between combatants when we don't rush at each other guns blazing, but have to mindgame the other player. Exchanging blindfire, assessing the other person's location and trying to predict their next move, flushing them out with grenades if they camp a site, etc. One of, if not the most important part of this is gathering as much information as you can on your enemy and on the fly formulating a plan whether and how to approach the situation. What I propose here would allow us to do some investig
  7. BloodSpilla

    Tweak for painkillers and morphine

    I would like to see a little tweak to the way painkillers work. I think they should change the painkillers to remove only half of the debuff you get from loosing a limb or an arm goes black. Then morphine injectors should be a longer lasting painkiller but reduce the de debuff by just a bit more (75%?) Then add a new adrenalin injector that would remove the entire debuff (and maybe give you a boost?) but like reality would be shorter lasting. That way you would be punished a bit harder for loosing limbs and not just pop a painkiller for full
  8. Well, in my experience I have only used the splints in less than 10 occasions and in 99.99% of the time I have found analgesics more useful (Nothing new.). BUT, in the last update use painkillers with a blackened leg and run, It makes you lose Hit Points, which makes sense, THE LEG IS BROKEN and you are "forcing" a limb to work without proper medical treatment, and without analgesics your general mobility is reduced. So, as the description says "Common splint for fixing the damaged bones in position as an emergency aid measure." it would make sense to be able to regain some mobility
  9. Where to find the Emercom medical center key and where to use it... (Edit: not sure why the link isn't allowing you to watch on forums sorry for the inconvenience) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFSf4kvHoIw
  10. Automatic Recoil As a player dedicated to both realism and balance, I suggest that full-auto should not be automatically compensated by your character, but rather a traditional player-controlled compensation(such as ArmA 3's system) where you have to manually pull down to adjust for recoil. Please take note however, I only wish to apply this to full auto; semi-automatic is fine the way it is, with the aim point resetting after each shot - although I wouldn't mind if there were some minor tweaks. This would discourage the full-auto meta that is currently in effect while promoting longer f
  11. The current state of the medical system leaves alot to be desired for a few reasons. I'll continue to list some challenges below: 1) In order to get detailed information about your medical condition you have to open a separate window and doesn't always feel very intuitive. Please have a look at improving how your medical status is implemented. e.g. you could have varying levels of a RAG indicator on your player avatar in the top left corner indicating the severity of damage. Right now you have grey , black , red ? 2) Where's the healing animations for using medkits , bandages , morp
  12. Altblu

    Unblacking limbs

    Greetings, after a discussion on the Reddit about the Grizzly and how it needs a buff to make it viable. I have thought of an idea for an unblacking med item, at this time the grizzly could serve the function. With the increased raid timer a blacked limb means time to extract with a lot of time remaining in most cases. I think that a 2x2 item that takes 15 seconds, gives pain debuff, unblack the limb, restoring to 10 hp, and costing 200. If the grizzly was used it would give 3 unblacked limbs and its current functions. Why I think this is a good idea, the grizzly currently serves no practical
  13. Captain_Kzer

    Making Splints Useful

    Splints in the current state of the game are useless, because incurring a fracture without immediately getting the limb blacked out is rare to the point of virtual nonexistence. To remedy this and thus bring better balance to the different medical treatment options in game I suggest a simple mechanical change: Make splints a healing item which heals 1 damage and is able to be used on blacked out limbs, bringing them from 0 health to 1. From here there appear to be two courses of action which would allow splints to be more useful or less useful: 1.) Allow players to heal the limb
  14. RubinhoSwag

    Morphines are Dead

    Hello This is going to be my first topic here in EFT Forums. So i hope you guys enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, first things first. What I've come to realize while playing EFT is the fact that the players almost don't use morphine. And I am talking about players who has acceess to Therapist lvl 4 I notices that players carry between
  15. Howdy Everyone, I was watching a video of a session I played with a 4 man team, and I had an idea that might have been proposed or even planned for the future. However I searched the forum a bit - and I didn't see anything about it in exiting posts. Forgive me if it has been talked about before. It would be cool to enhance the teamwork in EFT, giving people some specialties, certain strengths that can help the squad in special ways. One basic idea I had was a Medical specialty. Now, I know we will have skills, and this really will give that specialty if players are paying attention a
  16. DrMarianus

    Epinephrine Shot

    I propose adding an epinephrine shot that, when used, brings all black limbs to 1 hp so that you can then heal them (or maybe has a greater effect on the limb it was used on, for instance if you use it on your left leg, that leg goes to 10 HP and the rest of the limbs un-blacken and become 1 hp). I imagine the rarity would be on the level of morphine.
  17. Personally, I don't like going into raids with partly used medical equipment so I tend to use a fresh kit every run, But this often leads to a stack up of used medical kits that just get sold to a trader for almost nothing... However, I feel that we should be able to combine contents of two bags into one (maybe with a slightly lower outcome) EX: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I should be able to combine them into a medkit that has 154 points and now takes up one slot EX2: I have two car medical kits, one with 100 points one with 54 points, I
  18. iamjabour

    Improved Vital Parts and recovery

    Hey, what you guys think about the damage system and the lack of vital parts on chest, lung and lag? I think would be cool to increase special hit boxes with spacial body parts that are vital so it can also 1 shot kill or make really hard/impossible to recovery forcing you to leave the raid as soon as possible. Also I believe would be cool to implement some sort of recovery system so if you are down someone can prevent you form dying and keep you alive, even after you been down. maybe a bleeding out after the HP hit zero or you when down? I think that would be cool combined with the
  19. iamjabour

    Medical System

    Hi, the medical system is getting good. With the change on grizzly now people is having to carry the correct items. I would suggest a system from America Army 3 to use medical items with more than 1 function (video bellow as example). I would also suggest to penalize the use of incorrect medication. Something very cool would be to change the grizzly and other multi proupose medical items to be a "bag" that you can buy/find new or resupply with the current item or similar (lets say use normal bandages instead of military, use pain killer instead of morphine, etc). Hope
  20. DrMarianus

    Medical bag for medical items

    I for one, actually thing the medical system changes were welcome. They make Tarkov appropriately high stakes by making healing much more difficult and less game-y. However, you are required to take A LOT of medical items with you. First a lexicon: Basic medical item: a bandage, splint, painkiller, AI-2, etc. Wound: Fracture, Bleeding, etc. Also, forewarning, I might be misremembering exactly which wound types each kit heals. What I propose to address this is to either create a set of medical bags/kits or turn the existing IFAK/Grizzly/Car/Salewa into containers that ca
  21. Droopysilentdj

    A carrying system for the wounded?

    I was replying to another user's post about how "the leg meta is annoying" and I had the idea pop into my mind about a carrying system for wounded operators. It's kind of a rough idea, but it'd be nice to be able to scoop up a wounded fireteam member into a fireman's carry, then haul them to extraction. The obvious bonus is that you don't have to pull hard security around a limping teammate, you could pick them up and move a quicker pace, even breaking into a light-jog/run instead of sprinting. While that might be beneficial, there are obvious downsides to this system: 1.) Carrying someo
  22. First of all, I would like to point out that I am loving this game. I feel even in the state it's in, I've gotten my money's worth out of it. But we are here for testing and helping shape the game and giving feedback to devs, so here is one suggestion I have that I think would add to the realism aspect, make firefights more interesting and intense, and add even more weightiness and a feeling of tension to combat. As it currently stands, medical items, such as the AI-2, Car pack, Grizzly, ect, heal far too quickly. You can hot bind these items and heal yourself on the go as if you wer
  23. Kilon Kasio

    Medical items to consider

    Tourniquets - stops artery bleed outs Different splints with different times to apply, speed lose/gain man i thought i had a lot more on my mind. Oh and hiiii everyone Im back from my ban of posting a TWD headshot lmao
  24. dannymo111

    Concussions? How bad are they?

    Hello, I've been wondering, will there be concussions, and if so, will it make your screen blurry? Like, if you got shot in the helmet and the bullet passed only through the helmet, or ricocheted off it, and didn't hit your head, will your character sustain a concussion? Because, if someone sustained a concussion, there would be many side effects, blurred vision, short breath, becoming tired quickly, loss of memory. Keep it up with the hard work, you guys are phenomenal. Thanks,
  25. fourskineater

    Are you able to heal your team mates?

    Are you able to do medical treatments on your teammates if they're bleeding out or dying? This would be great for people who wanna play medic.
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