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Found 8 results

  1. Sambarino

    Combining meds

    I think it would be nice if meds were stackable like ammo etc, what i mean is not place two Salevas in the same slot, but rahter that you could combine two 200/400 Salewas into one full 400/400 Salewa for example. I mean it would not be unrealistic to just take some bandages and whatever out of one Salewa and put it in another. It would make inventory management with meds much easier as you could just combine all your used meds into one new one. Just being able to combine the same kind of meds would already be great, but if you want to take this one step further you could even make it so that for example adding a bandage to a grizzly adds as many HP to the griizzly as it would usually take to stop a bleed. Just an idea, but i think this would be a cool quality of life change.
  2. lghartmann

    pre-meding nerf in raid

    Probably there's someone saying the same thing in the forum but here's the idea. Currently people are using pain/mobility (broken legs) meds before going into a fight, and they have no penalty for that (some ppl say its unfair and blabla) if there is a nerf coming i suggest doing that the player doesn't know the damage he takes when he premeds (x limb would be "?" when and if he gets shot), and it is needed an animation for each part of the body to realize how much healing he needs (and he can`t heal without checking his limbs, or he would heal improperly) this adds a reality factor to the game, since a real adrenaline shot in real life makes u "not feel anything" or feel too less than you would without it. This doesn't seem like a big nerf, but a 3 sec animation (for example) to each limb, making some noise, would be pretty big in a fight, even after fight, player scavs and other pmcs coming around would love to hear chads checking his limbs to see if its all good (because he premedded) sorry for the bad english, hope u can understand, thank you for the attention and sorry if this idea is poo.
  3. I think that a good balance to add to the game would be to change the amount of time it takes to use medical supplies depending on what kind of gear you have. If you have no gear on then the time to use the meds should be as it is now but as you put on more and more gear it should take longer to use the meds and heal up. This would make it more realistic as it would be difficult to bandage your head if you had a helmet on or chest with body armor on, the thicker and heavier the armor the more difficult it would be to use meds. This would also make it more challenging for players that are in the late stage of the game and would make getting into firefights more risky as they wouldn't be able to regain health as quickly.
  4. Luaiko

    better med item description

    after changing the med items so ai2, car firstaid and ifak only heal 50 hp at once and salewa and grizzly more, how about adding those informations in the item description?
  5. TL;DR Needs emergency double click to just immediately drop meds\food\drink\etc instead of putting away. Item should fall, and be destroyed (or not) based on what it is (food is dead, meds (Salewa) still okay etc etc) SO, basically i was using meds, playing the game, all the wonderful things a Tarkov player does. I was in the midst of turning a corner and began using my meds. Now I know I shouldn't have been doing that but I had just killed two scavs and my comtacs weren't picking up any chatter or sound so I thought I was safe. Yep, you guessed it, a scav was about right around that corner the sneaky bastard and so I started spamming my clicking to cancel the meds which were about a third done the progress bar and my character carefully stopped and put them away. I think it would be more immersive and realistic to maybe add in a double click on the cancel where your character literally drops the item (if its food or drink it should be ruined; for meds drop them at the percentage and for painkillers and morphine it should be wasted (though for the painkillers we should add multiple uses THOUGH that is outside the scope of this post and I am rambling lol)) and just whips gun out immediately as one would to save their life.
  6. I made a new guide for those looking for meds/salewa kits before they are able to buy them en masse from therapist. Hope you all find it useful
  7. Does every body part lose hps if you are hit in (1) of them? lets say you are hit in the left arm why do your legs and both arms lose HP as well ?? This doesn't make sense.
  8. RooZvonBooZ

    First Aid Kit, a container for meds

    Hello escapers & cheeki breekis: First of all, thank you BattleState Games for making this awesome game! I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I have an idea for a new item ingame; A first aid kit. It should be a container, like the documents bag, that can hold alot of meds. The reason this is relevant now, is the number of meds we need to stay alive in a raid, as the game is now in its current state. I feel sorry for those with an alpha container, that can't carry that many meds as us with the gamma. True, they can equip their meds in pockets and in vests, but lets be honest, how many of us can afford to lose 9 or more med items each raid? The first aid kit container could be a 2x2 item that opens into 3x4, or something, and it would be even sweeter if we could right click on it and have the option "use", to "automatically" apply meds on our wounds. For example, if you have a bleeding wound, it would prioritize closing the wound first, before healing the damaged body part, etc etc. Let me know what you guys think down below, and if this have been suggested before on these forums, just close this post. Have a nice day all, thank you for reading & good luck escaping ! *wiggle wiggle*
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