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Found 11 results

  1. BonesMallony

    Less conventional combat ideas

    Im a bit of a DIY inthusiest and have thought of a few ideas and items such as craftable weaponry, armor as well as a few changes to the melee system. Giving hatchetlings a slight edge. 1. The ability to throw your melee weapon: I think as a last ditch effort or a way from hatchetlings to have somewhat of a close range damage option. Items like the camping axe, antique axe, Katt axe and maybe the knives could be thrown a short distance to do a notable amount of damage. Maybe inflicting a momentary heavy flinch from the impact or contusion like effect if bounced off someones helmet
  2. So I've reported they player already, but I'm extremely aggravated due to this patch being a lot more difficult than previous patches and then losing a decent kit to someone who hit me once with a melee weapon, to the thorax through my TV rig and one shotting me. I managed to put 6 shots out, 4 of which hit, 1 of which was fatal into him in the time it took him to get through the door, get to me, and one tap me in the chest SOMEHOW. Dude was GangNeangE level 51-70. The only major angst is that I'm not going to see that come back from insurance, I was in a high traffic area, and there's no way
  3. Revan91

    Melee Useless?

    So just did a SCAV run with a friend and tried to stab an AI SCAV in the back of the head with a knife stabbed him 7 times before my friend just shot him and then I bled to death, so is melee a waste of time atm? any one else have this problem?
  4. It will be nice for the people with nothing in their stash to be able to do a come back and get some kill to loot stuff, and the fact that we can't kill nobody with a knife, what is the point of them??? and HOW AM I suppose to upgrade my strength? I never have the time to get to someone to hit them with a knife or melee weapon making the melee weapon useless, the strength skills not able to lvl up and a player with nothing in the stash like me right now can't play anymore (let's forget about the Scav because they don't upgrade anything on you mean character.) If the player can make a comeback
  5. Well, when using a melee weapon and you're exhausted you cannot swing it until your PMC has regained his stamina, I think this is just stupid to stand in front of someone when he's got a shotgun and you're just panting and staring at him waiting to get blasted. I think what should be done is that when exhausted your PMC can swing and use melee with less damage but cannot sprint which makes it more like what Nikitta is famous to say: R E A L I S T I C ! ! !
  6. carthagelost

    On Hatchetlings & Response

    I know there have been a ton of debates on whether or not to nerf them, and what should be done. IMO, they are a symptom of the game at the current moment and they can be limited by focusing on why people do this. Quest Items - With one each typically spawning on each map in a specific place, you have to be quick to get there. Most people can't really afford to go slow and careful because the item will likely be gone. And if you go too fast, you are likely to not pay attention and get killed. Which means the easiest/least risky way to get to them is to go in with a melee to get there. Th
  7. Exxoduss

    Kicking and pushing

    I dream of being able to kick someone off of a building roof top or shoving them down a flight of stairs.
  8. Thyphu5

    Gameplay Issue

    Hey Guys playing this game since 2 days, here are some things i wonder if they get fixed or if anyone thought about 1. is there work on the problem you can't strafe though open doors? seem the car is too fat vor that 2. if u're equiped with a ranged weapon and a guy with melee runs into you, u can't hit him anymore cause ur char holds the weapon up (as if he is standing next to a wall) and u won't hit a single poo 3. sometimes it is not easy to see which ammo and which magazine is for which weapon. a kind of highlight to get that together would be very nice or a all the way
  9. dragon23051

    Solve naked runs meta

    The game is pretty cool and rewarding if you are good, problem, when you are good and you kill another player, he often is a naked runner with only an hatchet or knife, that's not rewarding at all. Fact is that you can lose too much in a run so to remove this absurd meta there can be some "starter" weapons that are not lost in the end (like the melee weapon), for example a pistol with 3 magazines, a scav jacket or even a "starter" jacket that has significant less space, something like that, this starter items or "secure" items could be tiered: why should a level 20 pmc be starter with a p
  10. https://gyazo.com/b5b3ba2f2bcf580b1409faa1ceec357d This guy was clearly nailed in the head with a direct tomahawk hit. You can see his head move. I'm just curious if the helmet he was wearing was supposed to provide enough protection to survive the hit. Thoughts?
  11. Now, we've all seen plenty (some would say not enough) of the in-game firearms. However we haven't really touched on the knives that will be used both, as survival aids (i.e. opening cans, cutting wire etc etc) and as offensive/defensive weapons. I would like to know peoples thoughts on the matter. Is it a good idea to introduce "knife tactics" so to speak, or leave them out all together in an attempt to keep the Call of Duty mentality out of the game. Should the player be able to wield a knife if there are no weapons/ or no ammo available? If so, there will have to be melee combat a
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