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Found 23 results

  1. 11Matthew17

    EFT memes

    Share all of your EFT memes. I made this one over the weekend.
  2. heresbadchad


  3. Mantra

    Matt Dillons Most Iconic Roles

    I can't find the right Klean pic to make it perfect
  4. HabibiLovesYou

    Guide on how to become coochie man

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svhemipCQJ4&t=90s It is a meme, please do not take it seriously!
  5. Sertefile

    Fastest death speedrun

    I just spawned into a match and died 8 seconds in, spawned at heat pipes, tried to get on the pipes and was jumping all over the place. and suddenly got 1 shotted can anyone beat my score?
  6. Funny Tarkov Meme Compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNcwG-9hMig
  7. Painkillers™ has been working hard to rid this "leg meta" problem, join us in the fight against "leg meta"!
  8. Painkillers™ is here to try and take on the "Leg Meta" problem that has been plaguing our lovely streets of Tarkov for far too long! It's time to take matters in your own hands and pick yourself up some Painkillers™ today!
  9. hycron

    How these quests feel

    Like a hunger games event, complete overwatch and control and requirements and timezones and.... for top quality questing experience.
  10. CRAZZY1

    The near future meme lol

    man they got us good right before update they wrote near future and updated 5 min later i was gonna go mental for a second when i saw another near future post lol what do you think.
  11. MikaSnow


    nothing represents this game better than getting 1 tapped by a scav with a pistol when you have some gear.
  12. Benator97

    SCAVATAR - The Science of Scavs

    Did you ever ask yourself why people are able to take over he bodies of the natives in Tarkov? I made a short "movie" about it. I did not upload videos for a long time now, so if someone wants me to do more of this i will give my best to improve the quality ^^ I hope someone likes my humor guys :=) cya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aTWQf2Zpm0&feature=youtu.be
  13. This is me when the I saw the beta dropped after so long..
  14. 這次是第二輪的比賽,希望今次會比較簡單大家會有更大興趣參與 1位由全社群挑選(文章Reputation聲望最高)  1位由官方挑選 各得獎者可得Escape From Tarkov Alpha Test參加資格直至Beta前 有英文註解獲選或得到聲望的機會更大(非必要) 或將圖片中的文字寫在下面,可以用翻譯機翻譯 請大家盡力向朋友拉票吧! 希望未有Alpha及已在遊玩的大家盡情參與 請發揮你的創意吧!
  15. Greetings Escapers. I will be running a competition to get one of you lucky memers into the Alpha testing for Escape from Tarkov! The winner of this competition will receive one alpha key that will grant access up until the beta is released. Competition guidelines: Meme must relate to Escape from Tarkov. Meme must be original content. Meme must follow forum rules. Highest +Rep meme will win. Competition will run until Saturday 4/8 at 2359 GMT +3. The winner will be decided by the community in the form of +Reputation. Please use the reputation button to vote for the EFT based meme you find the funniest. May the best man meme win.
  16. pnee


    This is the way of the #wiggle. The way i play this game. The way i love this game.
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