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Found 17 results

  1. WarLee

    Crafting overlay clarity

    Hi devs! Nikita. Thanks for your awesome job around Tarkov. I'd like to make an suggestion about crafting menu. Could you please make it more organized? Current state isn't really user friendly. Always, when you wanna craft something and you lack materials, you need to click to Flea, buy it, then back to crafting menu, roll all the way down, find the craft and start it (also it may change it's order, so you are searching longer). It would be nice to have it for example as a template of outcomes what you can craft and after clicking on them overlay would show what you need to buy. Alsod it could even somehow cooperate with Flea so you don't need to click back and forth all the time. I know it's really minor detail and you got probably much more important things to do. But I believe that comunity would appreciate this small improvement. Thanks for reading this. Have an awesome end of the year! Best regards, Mark
  2. oxhid3

    Reduce Recap Menu pages!

    The menu in this game takes far too much time for what it does! Of course tryharders and sweaty dudes would like to read books with how well they did in game, but don't you think a page would suffice to scroll down and up on your info after a finished game? I find it overly annoying to have 5 pages to skip to get to a new game as well as get into it! UX needs mending / optimization here!
  3. skgoth

    can't play anymore

    i haven't played over a year so i wanted to start it up again downloaded the newest patch open the game but now it only go to the menu but there is no menu the screen move's a littel like always but no options apear it's like im missing a programma or something already removed everything and installed everything resetted my profile cleared cache somebody know what to do??????
  4. Helix1015

    Fixing Grenades - Menu Idea

    Currently, users love to bring grenades into raids as it can serve many purposes. It can help players push up to other players, it can kill them easily, it can serve as a distraction, etc. While this feature may prove useful and convenient, simply pressing the 'G' key to quickly throw a grenade is too effortless and allows for "nade-spamming," which can be very irritating and unfair for the enemies encountering this strategy. I propose a simplistic change to (not eliminate) reduce the likelihood of "nade-spamming" and make grenades seem more realistic and user-friendly. When a player presses the 'G' key, instead of instantly throwing the grenade within 1-2 seconds after pulling it out, have the person hold the grenade in the hand. Left-clicking will throw it far, while right-clicking will throw it a short-medium distance. Changing the current grenade system to this mentioned feature will only add an extra 1-2 seconds to the time that it takes to throw one. Additionally, I think that the developers should add a quick GUI menu when the 'G' key is held down. If you take a look at the attached image, you will see exactly how I envisioned this change. When the 'G' key is held down, the screen darkens slightly and you see a small menu of the different grenades inside of your inventory. All you have to do is simply move the mouse towards one of the pictures, (the attached image shows a little arrow pointing in the direction of the selected VOG-25 with a larger image, less transparent, and highlighted image) let go of the 'G' key and that nade is in your hand. Yes, there is already something to manage which grenade is thrown first, inventory management, but that system is too difficult to manage in a battle situation. I strongly believe that these simple changes will greatly improve the current way grenades are used in Escape from Tarkov. Please feel free to leave your own ideas and comment your opinion about this change.
  5. bigbob556677

    Chat Menu Exit Issue

    The exit button for the game is conveniently positioned like it is the exit button for the chat window. Is there a way to disable this button so that you don't accidentally exit your game when trying to close chat?
  6. Hello, I strongly suggest to add high resolutions for all the menu and ingame icons as im playing in 2k res and the icons are displayed pixeled. Thats a nice to have. Thank you!
  7. ViscontiRogue

    Main Menu Music selector

    Just wondering if at some point we might be able to select which track plays in menus. I really miss the original piano music playing, "Prepare for Escape" I think it was called, would like for the option to choose which songs we get to use when logging into the game.
  8. Hi all, Just trying to bring more attention to an issue I keep running into; it was adjusted recently where the interact menu would no longer be centre of screen when ADS (very happy with this!), however it's still a pain to have it sporadically pop up when trying to peek a corner and point shoot for example. I feel as though the interact menu would benefit from always popping up in the same place (just low of the centre, as it is when ADS) in order for players to not be distracted and/or maintain a central point on potential enemy positions (heads )
  9. Есть предложение по интерфейсу. Добавить меню вверху экрана для быстрого доступа. Было бы удобней, чем постоянно вперед-назад-вперед-назад.
  10. PEPINO999

    "Are you sure you want to leave?"

    Dont get me wrong, this may sound stupid and foolish, but il'been closing the game for accident a lot of times... Because after a time of playing i want to get on action fast, and i move fast from my stash to the traders and quest and pressing the button "Back" at the end, some times i click "Exit the game" and i sends me to the Desktop (Like i say, Foolish) so thats why i want to ask for a "Are you SURE you want to leave?" confirmation... (And buy a new brain too, but thats not up to you) Greetings
  11. GrimTactics

    Menu & prone suggestion

    Yo, wassup people of Tarkov. I, like you have escaped. And for some reason, just like you, will enter again and again. Until then, we all inevitably die and are miraculously brought back to life; I share with you my story of that which I have learned of the land of Tarkov. Here we glow: * MENU CONCEPT - So starting with the menu, and I'm sure this may have been a suggestion in the past. . . I haven't bothered to search, I only wish to share. For my convenience, time saving, and menu lag. . . Simply make the menu of "Character" and "Trading" one screen with alternate tabs for the traders. These tabs could even have easy tabbing hotkey numbers for access between each such as 1 - 6 for each trader/character menu; etc. * SPRINT FROM PRONE CONCEPT - The other idea has to do with the combination of sprinting from a prone position. I was in a situation where I was prone, and could have easily re-positioned in order to kill my opponent. Now I know it's as simple as pressing the prone hotkey, casually getting up to a standing position, and then sprinting. This takes time and allows an easy target for death and anger. Errr, me angry for I should have lived. I will however accept games not being reality and move on from this catastrophe. If instead one could hold "W + Shift" for sprint, negating the hold breathe option because one is trying to GTFO. . . The character would instantly (with gear/weight in mind) get up to a standing position and begin sprinting. As opposed to casually standing, being still for a moment, having a sprint lag and having to press the shift key multiple times for the game to register. I'm not sure, maybe this is only my problem. . . I feel as tho a lot of games, since they're not reality, they have that bit of lag in registering key presses and movement. Anyway, these are a couple of the most intuitive ideas I've come up with that I believe will improve the quality of game play experience for all. Until next time. . . See you on the other side of my crosshair! - ' - - Peace
  12. The-Angry-Gay

    lanuch menu not working

    Upon launch of game and loading of the start menu. I'm prompted to select language, so I select English and click accept and it just clicks and does not let me proceed to any other options. Just bought the game. Please help me NVidia graphics card: Zotac GTX 1080 CPU: 6 core AMD processor All drivers are up to date
  13. Small post, but I love it so much! Such a nice quality of life addition I was always hoping they'd add! Also loving the new bear shirt colors, along with the door changes! Not sure how the door changes will effect the nature of the game. Currently it looks fun though! Also hoping to see a show of hands on thoughts for the new door opening changes.
  14. TahYank243

    Main Menu Bugged

    RIght now I'm having a bug in the menu where I can't open the chat window, holding my mouse over the message button shows a text saying "Not available in raid". Anyone else having this issue? Kind of sucks because if I have insurance returns I can't accept them.
  15. So I have noticed that the game uses 100% of GPU's usage on menus and on loading screen. It's very bad for power consumption and produces a lot of heat. I have nvidia geforce 960gtx 4GB (SLI). The game runs well but it's insane that on menu and loading screen GPU usage is 100%. So I suggest that there would be option to cap the menu FPS and still let the in-game FPS be non capped.
  16. JDownward

    Scroll wheel selection

    Hello, something that Arma 3 has done wrong is rely on scroll wheel selection for actions to do. I know this game will need scroll wheel actions with the pure depth of the game, but please for god, stuff like opening doors and kicking in doors, please get a hotkey for this as so many time i have been in a contact and trying to withdraw through a building and get killed as i want to kick in a door as its quicker and get killed as i get stuck in the normal open door animation. Not sure if this is already posted as i cannot find a search feature on the forums
  17. Думаю,что будет довольно удобно смотреться меню взаимодействия ,похожее на ту,которую использует мод ACE на Arm'у.Приношу извинения за к-во фото.Конкретно такое меню будет особенно хорошо смотреться,когда нужно будет передать какой-то предмет другому игроку,перевязаться,выбрать тип патронов,управления группой(если таковая будет),или сделать какой-нибудь жест.
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