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Found 13 results

  1. A few days ago I had an idea and would like to know what you think about it. basically 3 to 4 "new" mechanics working together: the highest bidding Traders buy the bids that run out on the Fleahmarket. Weapons and armors bought this way get repaired by the trader to a certain level (maybe around 75% to 90% depending on the desired) and sold as "second hand" Stuff from dead PMCs also gets turned into found in raid so that it might be sold on the fleah market maybe a mechanic that breaks the weapon outside of raid... for example the traders could break down weapons to repair other weapons If I aint wrong these mechanics together might allow for a semi limited weapons pool in tarkov and give BSG the ability to "control the meta" by adjusting the different rates and the ammount of new weapons comeing in to tarkov through the traders. Granted the Scavs arent yet considered but with their "shoddy" weapons they would fuel could fuel the break mechanic or directly sell to trader anyways.
  2. burlgoat69

    Ideas to break Meta

    Just a place to post ideas that could change the META ****WITHOUT JUST NERFING GUNS**** To break Meta – I would use a product recall. To choose what bullet to recall Nikita and friends look at the stats and say 70% of kills with 'x' calibre are using ‘y’ bullet. Then traders notify the player base “defective ‘x’ Calibre bullets believed to be causing and increase in gun jams(increase Gun jams to 20 – 30 % therefore discouraging but not stopping players from using the bullets) or mislabelled as wrong ammo type please be advised replacement stock will be redistributed via Fence who will be getting replacement stock in x amount of days.” So this allows casual players to immediately swap the ammo when they load the game once a week, but forces some fun alternatives to the meta for the chads/regular players during the week. You could apply this to any item in the game.
  3. Vatruvius

    Meta Gameplay

    Hello fellow players, Welcome Battlestate developers, I had an interesting discussion concerning the long-term gameplay health of EFT with a couple of friends and wanted to share the core points of that conversation in this forum and hopefully generate a discussion around the topic and pool some ideas and solutions to the common trend that is the top tier gear meta. To clarify, this discussion concerns how gameplay in EFT trends and how to make that gameplay more dynamic as wipes become non-existent as is planned after the official release of the game. It is no secret that gameplay in EFT trends toward top tier gear after several months post-wipe. Many players never reach that level of gameplay, most of whom become inactive only to return after another wipe to see what is new, rinse and repeat. These players will be unreliable when the game officially releases. I believe the reason why is because they find the trending gameplay meta either boring or frustrating. Many of the hardcore players also dislike the trending meta as the gameplay becomes bland and repetitious as can be seen with the self-imposed restrictions or challenges to breathe life into the game. This is an issue that should be addressed during early development so the solution can be tested and affirm a healthy gameplay cycle that requires no outside input. I view the gameplay meta as a tide that should ebb and flow based on player loadouts. The best way to encourage player loadouts to consistently cycle between top tier and low tier gear is to always offer options at every price point that counter each other. Regular players, returning players, and new players should be able to play the game despite the current meta and build their kit to counter whatever is predominantly being used. As this counter kit becomes the new meta used by most, some players start to build a new kit that counters this new meta and thus the cycle goes round and round circling through all the items, gear, and weapons EFT has to offer. New players will be able to partake in this cycle because options are available at every price point allowing anyone to play how they want while still being able to participate and not feeling helpless. Cheaper solutions should be balanced in a way that makes them not the de facto choice, but as an option available to those without the funds to use the most expensive gear. The clearest solution, in my opinion, to bring about this ebb and flow-based gameplay would be the balancing of ammunition damage and penetration along with how armor plays a role in protection or the lack there of. To be specific, high penetration ammo should do significantly reduced damage to those with insufficient or no armor as the round passes cleanly through the target. Likewise, this high penetration ammo should do increased damage to those wearing equivalent armor to the penetration value of the ammunition. Low penetration and high damage ammunition should be highly effective against low tier or no armor and nearly ineffective against high tier armor. My thought process here is as a bullet just manages to penetrate an armor plate it has broken up and deformed to a point that does increased damage to the underlying tissue while non-deformed bullets pass through tissue with ease. How this would introduce the ebb and flow-style gameplay is as players counter one type of ammunition and armor class meta, some players will start to counter this new counter meta with different ammunition and armor classes. What is great about this theoretical gameplay cycle is some players will try to prepare for all scenarios bringing marked magazines with different ammunition for the target they find before them. The difference between armor class values should be relatively obvious based on the rig or armor being worn, though different tier of armor plates, if they eventually become replaceable in chest rigs, could introduce some challenges forcing players to guess which ammo they should use if they happen to carry more than one type. I believe this type of balancing could improve EFT's gameplay to never stagnate as there is constantly cycling gameplay metas that always have a counter. The price of some gear should be a deterrent, but I do not think the price of gear should be the balancing factor for gameplay meta. Perhaps some weapons simply have no equivalent to a hollow point round as their caliber passes through nearly everything thereby making them useless against softly protected targets. This brings about a reason to carry a sidearm that could be effective in those scenarios. Tell me what you think below and share your ideas and solutions to this meta problem in EFT that could affect the long-term gameplay health of this awesome, unforgiving game. Vatruvius
  4. Desync is amazing. Now I don't know if I am running around and everyone can seem me, but I will just loot anways. Sometimes I die from a random scav that I never see, but usually when this happens I never think about taking screenshots, but this time I did. Welcome to Tarkov the desync loot run. I found a SCAV and PMC that I shot in the face. I never got the kills. I assume it was ghost. I should have taken the final screen shot of my loot. It was all trash, but got out with a few guns to sell. Funny thing is when I was leaving, I started to hear the scavs start walking around again.
  5. Pretzel

    Server crashed?

    Entire 5 man squad got disconnected from a Labs instance, unable to reconnect. Anyone else having issues? Battlestate Games @bstategames
  6. qwelas

    Low level meta

    What is the current meta at low lvl/low budget? If one just stated playing what should it get into a raid with? Just any cheap gun, a expecific gun, no armor, armor with protection class "x", don't focus in PvP just focus on gathering loot spawns and getting out? Any tips like this would be apreciated. Also can you shot through cover, like wood and railing floors (if yes I figured it would depend on amoo type)?
  7. mikeburna

    About Stream Sniping

    hi guys, i just want to do a thread about stream sniping, cause we collected some proofs and want to show you this. where can i do this? special topic? or send privat via email to you? hugs and killes mike burna
  8. Squirrel1sniper

    Broken game

    Ive been trying to enjoy the new update but somethings seriously wrong. Leg meta doesn't exist. 6 shots shotgun close range to the legs should kill someone? with 26 registered hits. I'm a little bit triggered with this game at the moment. The last update the netcode was better. I die like 4 seconds after someone shot me and always end up trading kills and never winning coz of the huge amount of lag on both ends. It is unplayable. This is one of my favourite games but its gonna die if these issues aren't fixed. Cant even play this game anymore. Im done.
  9. dragon23051

    Solve naked runs meta

    The game is pretty cool and rewarding if you are good, problem, when you are good and you kill another player, he often is a naked runner with only an hatchet or knife, that's not rewarding at all. Fact is that you can lose too much in a run so to remove this absurd meta there can be some "starter" weapons that are not lost in the end (like the melee weapon), for example a pistol with 3 magazines, a scav jacket or even a "starter" jacket that has significant less space, something like that, this starter items or "secure" items could be tiered: why should a level 20 pmc be starter with a pistol like a level 0? at level 20 (for example) you unlock a "starter" shotgun with some rounds, or something else not too OP but useful and rewarding for a veteran, that also does not reduce 90% of players to be fearless rabbits running everywere naked, and also scav gameplay has to be improved, it is ridicolous that scav players kill each other on sight, it must be made clear that they should cooperate.
  10. Golde

    Closing The Gap

    I am sure that we've all noticed at least to the very slightest, a divide amongst this community regarding to what is happening in the backend of the game we've all been dreaming to play. Whether you are happy or not so happy regarding to the postponement of the Alpha to March, I'd kindly ask everyone to ease the tension between one another's opinions. Now, I know I am in no position of authority to ask you of this, but at the end of the day, regardless of your take on the postponement, we're all just gamers at heart, dreaming the same dream to play the same game and hoping that one day it'll become big. Instead of telling eachother to gtfo because of the slightest difference in opinion, why don't we all put down our pitchforks, take a seat around the same table and discuss about what went wrong and what could've potentially gone better for future references. Because no matter how much we support or defend the argument, that whether or not battlestate games is making the right choices, we can't change nor are we helping to make this idea of a great game into reality. And there is really no need to hold a grudge against your mates before the game even comes out. We're all reasonable human beings, if Battlestate's willing to reach out to us and update us honestly as to what went wrong, then I'm sure there'll be at least some room for compassion eventhough they've just missed the acceptable margin by a great chunk. However, if things like this continues to happen, it will definitely be disastrous. I'm not sure how Battlestate can confidently say that the alpha WILL release in march, from what we've gathered so far, the game is still in a relatively raw state.. So the new question becomes, is it REALLY realistic to assure a release in March assuming that there's still much needed to be done. Missing the March alpha release means that both the alpha and the beta will be squeezed out of Q1 2016, showing a significant lack of professionalism in the studio and the unsatisfied population will surely increase exponentially. By then, be prepared to be ravaged by nay-saying wildfire on social media sites. Not very healthy in the long run.
  11. Interesting/game related/funny pictures I'll start with an interesting weapon: The Gerasimenko VAG-73.
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