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Found 6 results


    Fotos del nuevo mapa (Military Base)

    Nuevo mapa: Military Base Se localiza entre Customs y Shoreline. Habrá botín único en este mapa. Se encontrarán muchas cosas relacionadas con los PMC en este mapa, ya que BEAR y USEC estuvieron combatiendo en esta localización. Este mapa tendrá la posibilidad de hacer que aparezcan Scav Raiders (que irán en busca de los jugadores) junto a Scavs estándar. En este mapa se podrán encontrar: lanza granadas estacionarios AGS-30, morteros estacionarios, RPG-SPG-9 estacionarios y ametralladoras pesadas estacionarias DShK de calibre 50. Las armas estacionarias tendrán una cantidad de munición aleatoria, pero se podrá encontrar más munición en este mapa e incluso los jugadores podrán cargar más antes de entrar en la incursión. Salidas únicas: con pistolas de bengalas entre otras. En este mapa no habrán salidas "gratuitas", tendrás que hacer diferentes cosas para poder salir. A continuación, dejo todas las imágenes del nuevo mapa que se viene.
  2. The Largest Gaming Network of United States Military personnel, Prior Service & Veterans wishes to extend invitation to those who gratefully serve, or have served the United States of America. - Military Spouses & Dependents are Welcome! - Gold Star Family Members, we Welcome and Support You! - Police, Firefighters & Medical Personnel are Welcome! - Persons aged 17+ considering Military Service Welcome! We are a proud veteran-operated gaming community without toxic leadership. Military chaplain and veteran peer support services are available. We have the player base to support all mainstream games to include, but not limited to: - Escape from Tarkov - Fallout 76 - Insurgency - Ring of Elysium - PUBG - R6 Siege - Squad/Post Scriptum - SCUM (64 Slot SCUM Server)- A private 64 slot SCUM server with ongoing player-versus-player and faction based warfare is available for use. No other Veteran-Affiliated discord gaming group offers this free benefit to their community! Find us on DISCORD: http://discord.gg/aGywpR3 OR http://www.discord.me/USA Largest Veterans Gaming Group in the Nation 381 Soldiers 198 Marines 99 Sailors 94 Airmen 21 Coast Guard
  3. Rico's Roughnecks are a successful discord community for United States Military personnel in the service of their country in the Active Duty, Reserves, ARNG, & Prior Service components. We also have a good number of allied NATO military servicemembers from many nations to include Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. All of us share in the sacrifices we have made to be apart from our family and friends, missed birthdays and graduations. Join our unique military support network, share your experiences, and most importantly of all, have fun in gaming; because you deserve it. We are mostly Army so far, and we love Marines and all you 0311s out there. In order to maintain an all-military community, we respectfully request that you must have served in military uniform currently or at some point in your life before joining our discord group. Discord Link is as follows: https://discord.gg/AfVCFwR We are all military servicemembers, and the games we play and support include: - Escape from Tarkov - Squad - Post Scriptum - War Thunder - Insurgency - Rainbow Six Siege - PUBG Here is an imgur link that shows how big our military organization has grown to become. Any questions can be directed to me at Discord DM peemo#1257 or Facebook PM at: Adam Phayamouk.
  4. johncage213

    additional factions

    i don't like either putin's secret army nor unscrupulous west pmc, give us two more factions. mvd and un peacekeepers, these two factions will be neutral towards everyone including certain scavs.thank you mvd: un peacekeeper:
  5. Brandon

    Any Military Members Playing?

    I am currently an E-1 in the U.S. Army and I was wondering if there was anyone else in the armed services that wanted to play when this game releases.
  6. Skemba

    Military Arms Channel

    Cheers! For those of you who like weaponry and a decent Youtube channel I suggest you check out MAC, They do pretty sweet reviews on weaponry and the following industry. Currently I'm watching this:
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