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Found 5 results

  1. AnonymooseSMCP

    Never got a secure container (2x2)

    Hello there, so to my knowledge I was supposed to obtain an "alpha container" or a 2x2 secure container upon purchase. However when I loaded up the game and looked, I didn't have one. Am I supposed to buy it or should I actually have it off start like it states? If I'm supposed to have it please provide a way I can contact someone or something to obtain one. I know for a fact I didn't lose it because I have only played as a SCAV. Thanks, AnonymooseSMCP
  2. The first time I played as a scav I stayed alive until time was up and got to keep the gear. Then the last two times I have played even though I survived until the end it said "missing in action" and I didn't get to keep anything? Has something changed? Do the scavs have to extract now also?
  3. MeanderingBeing

    Scav runs too late in raid

    So I just launched a scav run on customs, and it spawned me in with only 5 minutes left on the raid. I don't know if this is common. I spawned at the blue van over by the conexes and storage containers, and my exfils were all the way over by the UN truck on the opposite side of the map, leaving me with absolutely no time to loot, and I couldn't even make it to the exfil in time, sprinting as much as possible the whole way. Seems pointless to drop someone into a raid without even the time to make it to the exfil. I'm especially bummed because I found a grizzly and selewa just laying on the ground on the way
  4. HeftyGuy

    Where is the hit reg?

    I have been in so many situations where I should of killed an Ai or a player, I have CLEARLY shot them in the head whether it be a pistol, Ak, Shotgun and the Hit reg just phases through them, I dont understand, please fix I know for a fact that I am better than average when it comes to shooters and there has been PLENTY of times where I should have had a kill
  5. crisp8239

    Player data failed to load after raid

    So the full scenario, I loaded a SCAV run on Shoreline at a mid day raid. I spawned on loot island with no AI SCAV around and decided to loot the area and get out of the AO. After looting I left with 2 pain killers 1 AI-2, 1 splint, arounf 15 5.56 rounds, 10 9x18 rounds, and a hand full of 5.45 rounds. I made my way to the gas station after hearing some gun fire and found a player SCAV looting the AIs at the gas station. I followed him to the office building where he killed the remaining AI SCAV and after checking his surroundings he begain to loot the AI. Once I saw this I flanked the boathouse and came up behind him and used 3 rounds from my MP-443 that I spawned with to kill him. I loaded his t-bag into the one I spawned with, took his hat, his AKS-74U his one mag and his macarov pistol. All in I should have left that raid with a SCAV vest full of MP-443 mags, my MP-443, an AKS-74U, pockets full of painkillers an AI-2 and a splint, and a T-bag filled with another T-bag full of ammo and an AK mag. Now the problem. I made it all the way to the extract point and fully extracted. But instead of loading my SCAV to move the loot to my stash it immediately gave me an error that the game was unable to load my profile data and told me to post the incident on the forms and shut down the game. after clicking "Okay" the game just sat there with the hanging light swinging back and forth and I had to Alt-F4 to close the game. When I re-launched the game it took me to the main menu, with no chance to retrieve my loot, my SCAV was now on cooldown and couldn't re run for an hour, and my loot was no where to be found. I assume its gone to the Tarkov gods because I successfully extracted taking my loot with me so no one else can get it and neither can I.
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