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Found 12 results

  1. So I placed the first marker, all good, than I went to fuel station (main one) placed second marker.... Marker was "placed?" but I could not take any weapon in my hands after that, nothing to do poo lost all my stuff because your game is way away from being finished. My PMC after placing the second marker was totally bugged, could not heal, could not grab a nade, could not grab my gun, ducking nothing nothing, only scavs shooting me in cold blood. Not even the possibility to log out, as you loose all your stuff anyway. SukaBliat...This is so frustrating, I'm actually two
  2. Buenas, El otro día activé la misión de Peacekeeper "Trabajo sucio" en la cual te dice que tienes que matar 10 scavs en shoreline usando m4 o adar silenciada. La cosa es que en la traducción al español omiten el que la m4 o adar tenga que ser silenciada. Después de entrar varias veces a raids y no entender por qué no me contaban las bajas cambié el juego a inglés un momento y releí la misión para saber lo que iba mal. Me gustaría que corrigieran ese error de traducción para que la gente como yo que lo tenemos en español no nos tengamos que comer la cabeza para saber el porque las bajas no
  3. Hi all, please share your input: I accepted the missions "Supply plans" (Therapist) and got a message from Skier, that I need to deliver the stuff to him (opened mission "Kind of Sabotage"). Problem: If I deliver to skier, I lose 0.13 effect on Therapist. If I deliver to Therapist, I lose 0.3 on Skier. If I drop 0.13 on Therapist: will I still be able to reach level 4? Currently I am at level 3 at 0,4, need 0,6 for level 4. What do?
  4. I am stuck on prapors mission:postman pat part 1. I know from doing this mission last time where the dead scavenger is, he's in the small building at the ramp to the underground area, I've now been there 5 times a couple of which I was definitely the first there and no letter on the scavenger, it's usually around his neck/collar area but not for me, any help appreciated
  5. Aloha zu Zeit besteht das Spiel aus : Suchen,Markieren,Töten,Sammeln,Ablegen. Für mich fehlt da definitiv noch Zerstören aber ich gehe davon aus das bei der Umsetzung es auf das gleiche rauskommt wie beim markieren, aber es würde zumindest suggeriert das etwas anderes gemacht wird.Ja ok das wurde schon selber gesehen und wird gerade etwas schöner gemacht zb Wifi Kamera anbringen etc. Ein Grafisches Feuerwerk brauche ich persönlich nicht was diese Dinge angeht da diese immer Einbußen in anderen bereichen erfordern und die Sache an sich ist ja nicht verkehrt ist, es geht ja um das Spi
  6. DarakDeLaSombra

    Insurance missions

    I think it would be cool if a system where PMC's were tasked with retrieving insured items maybe have a bounty board in the task tabs under the insuring trader. This could open up more content for players after they finish all the missions and a reward system or a reputation system where successfully retrieving items gets you a boos to the charisma trait. on the other hand you could keep the items at the risk of a penalty to trader attitude. just a thought
  7. spyro696

    kills dosent count

    hello dev´s sorry for my bad english iam at the punisher part 4 mission and the friend from the west mission i go to shorline and kill players (usec´s) after i leave the raid i have the dogtag but the kill dosent count, the same happend few mission´s befor with scav kills some of them dosent count i hope you can help me
  8. Someone help please! I'm stuck at Prapor and Therapist mission. I have to place Mark onto Red trucks and Ambulance. I place it all, I escape and mission start again like I never did it! What should I do? Actually I need the Prapor quest in order to LVL up him to 2, cause right now I cant buy decent ammo for weapons!
  9. Gamerbo53


    I think that there should be missions and sort of "team death match" like events held regularly. that way the gear we earn during Raids is actually used for something. Because the current situation is, grind for weapons and gear through raids just to use it in other raids. i think the game would be more interesting if (tasks aside) there was something for us to work towards by earning gear through raids.
  10. Hi all, for people who try to find the story item in mission "Supply Plans": all YT videos I found claim, it's in the 2nd cabin in woods, but it's basically in the one with #3 on it, see screenshots.
  11. xenon1337

    Gas Analyzer key

    Hello Guys, After searching for like 20-25 hours straight for the key or a gas analyzer, I realised that maybe I do something wrong so I am asking you where do I find the key for the room in the Factory where the Gas Analyzer should spawn. Or where else can I find a gas analyzer. I searched everything. filing cabinets, jackets, AI Scavs... please help me, this has to be a joke I am level 20, I have Skier and Prapor on level 3, just started with peacekeeper missions and I still have this f.... Therapist on level 1
  12. SG95

    The Punisher Pt. 3

    I found this mission to be very unfair considering that I got all 25 kills in under an hour but i didnt turn in the mission in that much time. In my opinion the devs should make the mission unable to be failed once the 25 kills are fulfilled
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