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Found 9 results

  1. Ikillzyou

    Customs Missions

    Why the hell are there so many customs missions? It's by far the worst map, yet for some reason there are SO many missions based around this map and in dorms. You get to dorms, try to get to your mission room, but guess what? There's already a group here. You have to fight them off, heal up (if you survive), then guess what? Another group just came up behind you. I can't count how many times that has happened, it's just disgusting. You always get the worst players that treat the game like CoD too, just chadding around like they don't give a duck. I truly don't understand the devs' obsession wi
  2. Fr3isturz

    New end game quests or gamemods

    It would be awesome to have a new quests or bigger missions to end game, something different than just going to hunt PVP from all map's with meme guns what I've done few months almost to boredom. I would like corporation war based big battles about taking control of the all maps (except factory) during event, bigger amount of players 20vs20 or even more on map. High level players only allowed from (40+ lvl) corporation war event lasts one week and refresh at beginning of week. Winner is the corporation which controls most of maps with wins
  3. FlamingPixie

    Attain from raid needs tweeking

    You have just implemented a system where mission items have to be found in raid, but now everything in my inventory will not be able to used for quests, which i have been stock piling. You meed to change it that everything in your inventory and stash be marked as found in raid to not put people at a disadvantage and have to start from scratch
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums but have been playing EFT for a month or two now and just ran into my first serious bug. Below I have pasted in the email I sent the devs regarding the bug. In short, I spent a bunch of money to complete some rather expensive missions and when I logged back in all my progress was lost but my money was still gone. "Hello, last night I was playing some EFT and completed a few missions. Namely; Ragmans - Database - Part 2, Sew it good - Part 1 - 4, (4/6) of The Blood of War - Part 2, and most importantly Skiers - Loyalty Buyout.
  5. Hey Hey! Thanks for reading this. I really want to put in my opinion about the missions. Some of the missions for the traders is just silly & you don't need to have them. Once you have enough loyalty & a high enough level. They become OBSOLETE. For eg.. I'm MAXED level Prapor. I no longer really need to continue his missions, nor Therapist or Peacekeeper? SO here are my thoughts: *Make the missions more enticing, more experience from them. Experience is good, because faster levelling without having to go guns blazing at scavs & players. (Since
  6. i was wondering if someone would help me do the mission friend from the west part 1 if someone can just join my discord i will be in the escape channel im ravvit https://discord.gg/znqYQQ
  7. Hello everyone It turns out that trying to receive the reward of the mission gives me an error 707. He has also given me the mission of the therapist as failed without having made or attempted. Now I'm going to reach level 35 and the reputation is lower than the necessary one. What should I do to finish the skier mission and be able to perform the mission of the therapist? Thanks
  8. Something to possibly implement in the future. I've not been able to test the game out yet but fingers crossed I am selected to get an alpha key. But from the videos I've seen It looks fun but to increase replay ability RPG style quests would be useful Something you can purchase or wager on through the dealers in game after reaching a level like EX. Level 10 basic unlock. level 20 advanced, level 50 hard, level 99 insane setup by random number generator. with options like the following and the ability to either complete them or prevent others from completing them. Raid: spec
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