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Found 16 results

  1. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod for EFT

    Escape from Tarkov has the perfect environment, story, and controls for stalker. It would be amazing to see this be made. Not only that, but teaming up to survive would be much more useful when there are anomalies and mutants trying to kill you. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  2. Noua accesorii pentru arme

    Dragi Escaperi! Suntem mandri dea va prezenta cateva din accesoriile armelor care vor fi prezente peste putin in Escape from Tarkov!
  3. The whole trick is to add as many LS321 as possible to have nicely visible big laser dot with all of lasers combined. Single dot is really small and easy to lose in firefight but this is perfect! You would be surprised how well it works - test it for yourself! If it's stupid but it works it ain't stupid
  4. Glock Sight Mod

    I'm level two with the Mechanic and I got the Aimtech Tiger Shark sight mounl, but I can't find an actual sight for the glock. Does anyone know which sights work and where to find them? Thanks
  5. any idea how to fix?

    does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  6. RPG style Mod book/guide

    As a semi new player I have difficulty with modding weapons and understanding where everything goes. The "compatible with" tab isn't always accurate if you're looking at a certain scope, but fail to realize that you need some other obscure attachment for it to be compatible with the weapon in question. This creates confusion and often results in having to tab out and engage in scrubbing the various forums and Youtube. I feel that there should be a system of establishing exactly what can go where when you examine an item, or maybe make a separate skill that levels as you continue to mod things. (New combos to help mitigate spamming) and allow you to discover more combinations with that equipment. Maybe similar to how Elder Scrolls is with Alchemy. I also would enjoy a notebook style guide that grows as you create new mods and examine new gear. Because even if I've already modded something, sometimes I forget that its compatible because there is a tremendous amount of parts and various other items in the game. The current climate only adds to the steep learning curve and difficult trader UI. The weapon modding screen itself is fantastic though, I'm mostly referring to looking at parts in the inventory to see if they are compatible, or merely having a tool in game to help research and memorize various combinations of gear based off prior experience/skill in the character screen.
  7. Hi all, I love using the SKS in EFT, but would like for it to have more customization options for it. Here in the US, Tapco makes a solid polymer SKS stock which also utilizes the AR-type buffer tube system for collapsible stocks. It also features pic rails for accessory mounting, and three colors. It could be installed on either base SKS's or OP-SKS's with the use of the Leatherman multi-tool. Also, SKS's can be used by scav's, but by default they come with the internal 10-round magazine fed by stripper clips. This would not only reduce the effectiveness of sniper scav's, but stripper clips would only take up one inventory slot, similar to how the Custom AK mags work with scav Veprs. If you find a base SKS with the internal magazine, you can remove it only if you have the Leatherman multi-tool to make it accept ProMags. Here is the Tapco stock: Thanks and good luck in Tarkov! --MiniMunny
  8. the DTK-1 and 7.62x39

    So, in-game the DTK-1 says it is a 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 Muzzle Break and Compensator, yet I have not found a way to attach the DTK-1 to a Vepr or AKM. Anyone have any ideas or know how to attach it?
  9. Highlight Weaponmods in Traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
  10. Highlight Weaponmods in traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
  11. Gun Assembling

    Just curious if we as in the community will be seeing if we will be able to find upper and lower receivers for guns in game? I would love to assemble my own m4 and put different parts on them, such as the size of the barrel, extending stock, etc. React with a thumbs up if you'd like to see this too!
  12. Bug inspecting crate

    In an offline PVE Customs run. Carrying a AKS 74U I bought from the Trader. Looting the crate at the rear of the warehouse close to the spawn point. There was a grip in the crate which I accidentally clicked install instead of examine. The grip in the crate stayed but I was unable to interact with it anymore. I closed the crate and reopened. The grip was gone but then so was the grip that was installed on the AKS. I now had no grip and the gun was highlighted red. I looked around the floor to see if they had dropped but they were not there and did not get moved to my inventory, they had just vanished. I was not able to install any other accessories I found after that point to the weapon.
  13. Hola a tod@s! A partir de hoy soy el nuevo moderador de la sección española de EFT y espero que entre todos podamos hacer de este foro un gran lugar donde poder hablar y compartir información de Escape from Tarkov. Cualquier duda o problema que tengáis, podéis mandarme un mensaje privado a través del foro o escribirme aquí mismo en este hilo. Actualizado: Emisarios/mods: HiddenCitizen y MrXavito / ISVRaDa Un saludote!
  14. List of the Forum Moderation Team (English and Multilingual forum) English Section Moderators @JustWaggs @Mwatts622 @necuja @ShiroTenshi @Reconic @Woodsen_Moosen @Lewisuk @FLP @LethalsLoaded @Twistedbit @Borscht @Shibby @tobiassolem @Leitbild @Mr_Sheep @gianluzzz @D3structor @DaBombgamer @OneStep Multilingual forum Deutschsprachiges (German) Section Moderators @Leitbild Français (French) Section Moderators @LePatrick @AGN_YuD Italiano (Italian) Section Moderators @baggio Polska (Polish) Section Moderators @Reconic @KarolusP Middle East (Arabic) Section Moderators TBA Czech and Slovakia Section Moderators @PugMonk 中文 (Chinese) Section Moderators @Hazel Spanish Section Moderators @ISVRaDa @hidden_citizen Turkish Section Moderators @Dimitri468 Portuguese Section Moderators @ShiroTenshi Dutch Section Moderators @tim641 Scandinavia Section Moderators TBA Korean Section Moderators TBA Japanese Section Moderators TBA Senior/Head Moderator: @necuja If you want to apply for the forum moderator position, read and fill the application form below: Escape from Tarkov Forum Moderation Team Application Form If you have any questions on this, feel free to contact @necuja or @Natalino
  15. Hi devs, your game looks awesome!!! But i am not sure what type of game will be? The name "Escape from..." is really misleading. Will it be like PvP action game or survival? I play CS, BF and i love survival games too but i hate these 3rd person looks like in DayZ. I play Nether (if you know) but the devs fu*ked it up. Your game with that graphic, real, looting, low sound, thrill woulde be amazing survival game. So i woulde like to ask you what type of game will it be? If you will do SURVIVAL OPEN WORLD game it will be wonderful! GL with developping!
  16. Question about modding

    I know that modding will be moderated by the admins, but are we allowed to add in content like NPC animals, more weapons and a new map? I was hoping to make something like DayZ for ARMA(the mod won't be about zombies), so it will have custom servers but not affect the main game in any way(Inability to join main servers with mod, not affect stats). It will not be monetized in any way as it is to help me and my friends better our skills with Unity 5. If we are allowed to, we will most likely release a free download of the mod for everyone to use as long as they have purchased the game. Thanks in advance!