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  1. ldtorroc

    Shotguns and you.

    Alright, So let me start off by saying i have loved alot of the shotgun play with in tarkov thus far and as such i have been taking notes on things with could be impoved apon. Barrel type So first off I would like to start with barrel types. Here in the states we have both smooth bore and rifled barrels, now more offten then not most people use smooth bore shotgun barrels as they can handle both non rifled slugs and other kinds of shotgun shells. But there is also the Rifled barrel, as we all know a rifled barrel is meant to put spin and stabilize a bullet in flight Creating a flatter strighter flight for the bullet, This same concept is true about rifled barrels for shotguns, These barrels are ment more so for slugs. this dose not mean you could not shoot other shells through it but it is ill advised for the health and safety of the barrel. What dose this have to do with tarkov? Well as it is in game currently Slugs have a vary limited use and dose not get must love in the game, A rifled Barrel could enable slugs fired from the rifle to be not only more accurate but also have a better range. Chokes At the moment Chokes dont seem to do too much to limit the spread of a shotgun, But more so decrease there recoil. Furthermore We only seem to have one Shotgun choke in the game. There are many kinds of chokes available for use on the market. The idea of the choke is ment to tighten the spread of Shot through the barrel of the shotgun dependent on what kind of choke as used, This graph gives a much better idea of what i mean in comparing such an idea. The tighter the choke, the further out the spread should be able to reach. the only shotgun choke in game dose not seem to cause such an effect. Sights and iron sights At the current moment with in EFT, shotguns are limited to a few kinds of sights they are able to use be it a a holo sight, or perhaps a mirco sight. Why i say this is the current rendering of the sight on the shotgun is quite poor indeed, being unable to see the iron sight on the shotgun most times just aiming the barrel at the target and hoping something hits. The iron sights need to be reworked so they are more easily visible and could be used for proper target acquisition. Second, Scopes on shotguns. I have used a shotgun personally with a scope on it for hunting boar and dear and i have never had the issue that i am with in EFT. I will explain with this pictures. Elcan Acog Bravo Hammer Valday What I am seeing is this large black ring through each and every scope is Eye relief or lack there of. Eye relief is the distance you must hold your shooting eye from the rear lens of a scope in order to see the entire image produced by the scope. The problem is, Every scope dose not have the proper eye relief distance causing this effect with means the camera needs to be focused in more or pulled back more. This is the same for every Scope but 2, pso dovetail mount scopes, with are on the saga 12, and the nspu Scope with also mounts on the saga 12. If you used any of these other scopes on any of the shotguns including the saga 12 with the long foregrip mount, This is what you will see through these scopes. shotgun shell types How can i not make a Topic on this. In the world there are many, many, many kinds of shotgun shells so here i wish to make a list of a few with could be viable in EFT, I point this out because currently many other weapon types have many kinds of ammo available to them and it feels the shotgun is left lacking here even tho there is a wide arrangement of shells at its disposable be it 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, and 28 gauge or any other kind of gauge we get in game. Mini shells. These are a shotgun shell with i could only seen in the m133,m155, and the m870, This is becouse shells are not ment for magazine use but rather tube fed shotguns. What this would do for most shotguns in the game would allow pump, and semi auto tube feed shotguns to hold any were from one and a half to two times the amount of shotgun shells that a normal shotgun would have. Why would this be good? Well this would give shotguns alittle more punch for the price in with they are sold. It would allow more shotgun shells per stack size, but most impotently This is the downside it would also incress reload times, Rather then just filling it back to 4-6-8 rounds, it would be far more then that with means a full reload could take twice as long as a normal reload. Bird shot, While not as ideal for shooting large game like humans, Bird shot should not be forgotten. Often times bird shot is used for what its meant with is hunting birds mid flight, This is preformed by useing many smaller lead or steel balls inside of the shotgun shell. Tho it may not be as lethal at range like buck shot may be, Bird shot can pepper an entire area with smaller rounds allowing for effective suppression fire. Tho in close range Bird shot can be down right lethal. I am not sure about the forum rules on pictures nothing in the following pictures are illegal But are from medical documentation , after reading it i didn't see anything about the next set of images i will post but if requested to remove them i will. This is two pictures of Bird shot one at range one at close range.... [Picture removed as it is against the rules] buck shot, We do already have buck shot in game as it stands, Currently i can assume that it is 00-buck shot, But there is many more kinds of buck shot out there. #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, and so on and some with fewer balls then 00 as well. What this means is the higher the number the more shot the buck shot has, 00 as 6 were 03 has 18. Why this matters is two reasons, If we were allowed to by the type of shot we wished We could fire at longer ranges more effectively or perhaps land more shots at close range more effectively. Slugs. There are many kinds of slugs in the world just like buckshot, and knowing the kinds of slugs can help when adding new ones to the game. The slug in game i could only guess is your run of the mill smooth bore shotgun slug. Rifled shotgun slugs These kinds of slugs expand to fit the barrel and spin as they exit to mimic a rifled barrel, This dose wear on the barrel and will require a replacement barrel over many uses of this kind of ammo. Hallow point slugs There Are hallow point slugs with exisit that once they hit the target they are to mushroom out and cause a rather nasty wound cavity, these are normal lead slugs, But we have something similar in game already to these with come in the form of RIP slugs, hallow point slugs can also come in rifled form as well. Steel slugs These slugs are the nasty big brother to slugs, You see these slugs are made out of hardened shell are are often used by law reinforcement around the world to destroy the engein block of feeling cars and defeat hard body armor. These boys are not meant to be be messed around with. sabot slugs This is quoted from the Wiki page because i cant quite find the proper words at the moment to impact Sabot slugs. "Saboted slugs are shotgun projectiles smaller than the bore of the shotgun and supported by a plastic sabot. The sabot is traditionally designed to engage the rifling in a rifled shotgun barrel and impart a ballistic spin onto the projectile. This differentiates them from traditional slugs, which are not designed to benefit from a rifled barrel (though neither does the other any damage). Due to the fact that they do not contact the bore, they can be made from a variety of materials including lead, copper, brass, or steel. Saboted slugs can vary in shape, but are typically bullet-shaped for increased ballistic coefficient and greater range. The sabot is generally plastic and serves to seal the bore and keep the slug centered in the barrel while it rotates with the rifling. The sabot separates from the slug after it departs the muzzle. Saboted slugs fired from rifled bores are superior in accuracy over any smooth-bored slug options with accuracy approaching that of low-velocity rifle calibers." At the ment That is all i have for shotguns. But given time i will come back to this and add more to the list of things with i think could benefit EFT
  2. List of the Forum Moderation Team (English and Multilingual forum) Head Moderator Koinonia - English Speaker - USA Deputy Head Moderator BialaMewa - English/Polish Speaker - Poland ex-DHM ( TheWhistler - English Speaker - USA) Forum Moderators Vampy - English Speaker - England Lendyr - English/Japanese Speaker - England BillSyntax - English Speaker - England TheLynxster - English Speaker - England Zeroa - English Speaker - USA MylesE - English Speaker - USA NoisyCosmos - Spanish/English Speaker - Spain Andresto - Spanish/English Speaker - Argentine RacanReloaded - Spanish/English Speaker - Argentine Gianluzzz - Italian/English Speaker - Italy Alexandre_5 - Portuguese/English Speaker - Portugal Azul-PLAG - Portuguese/Spanish/English Speaker - Brazil AllstarCRM - Turkish/Spanish/English Speaker - Turkey SkyCloud - Turkish/English Speaker - Turkey Icelaptop - German/English Speaker - Austria Kotarou - German/English Speaker - Germany PIK - German/English Speaker - Germany Ningamertendo - German/English Speaker - Germany Sivisoko - Serbian/Croatian/English Speaker - Serbia ErrorCZE - Czech/Slovak/English Speaker - Czech Republic JoeSchmoe - English Speaker - USA Tooloose - English Speaker - USA Revplague - English Speaker - USA Hazeus - Finnish/English Speaker - Finland If you want to apply for the forum moderator position, read and fill the application form below: Application Status [CLOSED] If you find mistakes in the information above given, please contact @Biala_Mewaor @Koinonia . This list will be updated as soon as changes are made. Complaints about the moderator team should be sent to @Natalino.
  3. barricade127

    Question about modding

    I know that modding will be moderated by the admins, but are we allowed to add in content like NPC animals, more weapons and a new map? I was hoping to make something like DayZ for ARMA(the mod won't be about zombies), so it will have custom servers but not affect the main game in any way(Inability to join main servers with mod, not affect stats). It will not be monetized in any way as it is to help me and my friends better our skills with Unity 5. If we are allowed to, we will most likely release a free download of the mod for everyone to use as long as they have purchased the game. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hallo deutschsprachiges Forum, heute will ich euch mein "Arbeitspferd" in Escape from Tarkov vorstellen und erklären wie ich zu diesem Setup gekommen bin. Waffenauswahl: Zuerst müssen wir uns auf eine Waffe einigen. Im Kaliber 5.45 x 39 stehen uns da einige zur Auswahl. Es gibt natürlich auch AK's in anderen Kalibern, allerdings bevorzuge ich die 5.45 x 39 Varianten aufgrund des besseren Verhaltens bei Dauerfeuer. Der Guide lässt sich jedoch auch auf die anderen Kaliber anwenden. Hier eine Übersicht der "nackten" Waffenreceiver ohne jegliche Mods im Kaliber 5.45: Dabei sticht die AK-74M deutlich beim Recoil hervor, womit die Auswahl dann auch schon getroffen wäre, weil wir geringeren Recoil natürlich über Waffengröße und Ergonomic stellen. Werte wie Preise werden dabei von mir ganz bewusst ignoriert, Geld gibt es wie Heu in der Beta und natürlich kann man einige Waffen erst später als andere im Quest- bzw. Levelverlauf käuflich erwerben. Wir gehen jetzt also mal davon aus, dass wir alle reich und ausgelevelt sind und somit Zugriff auf alle Mods und Waffen haben. Nun haben wir unterschiedlichste Möglichkeiten diese AK - 74M zu modden. Grob aufteilen kann man dies in die Unterpunkte: Vorderer Handgriff, Hinterer Handgriff, Schulterstütze, Mündung und Optiken Vorder Handgriff: Hier gibt es 3 Varianten. 1x den MOE Handguard, der leider nur eine Sorte Handgriffe aufnehmen kann. Dann universelle Handguards mit der Möglichkeit Picatinny Handgriffe zu montieren und die uninteressanteste Variante, schlichte Basishandguards ohne erwähnenswerte Moddingmöglichkeiten bzw. die Möglichkeit einen extra Handgriff zu montieren. Kurz den MOE mal durchgerechnet: "MOE AKM" Handguard hat +12 Ergo und - 1.50 Recoil, was an sich schon gut wäre, allerdings kommen die Werte des Griffs noch dazu. Das sind dann beim "M-LOK AFG" (Zur Zeit der einzige Griff mit diesem System) nochmal +9 Ergo und -2.00 Recoil. Zusammen + 21 Ergo und - 3.5 Recoil Dann könnte man den "Krebs" nochmal in Verbindung mit dem "Fortis" oder dem "RVG" durchrechnen. Es gibt da zwar noch mehr Möglichkeiten, diese machen jedoch rechnerisch kaum Sinn. "Krebs UFM Keymod" Handguard hat +4 Ergo und -2.00 Recoil, dazu kommt dann entweder der "Fortis Shift" Handgriff mit +13 Ergo und -1.5 Recoil wenn wir es auf Ergo abgesehen haben, oder der "Magpul RVG" mit +7 Ergo und -2.00 Recoil wenn wir auf maximale mögliche Recoil Verminderung gehen wollen. Krebs + Fortis = + 17 Ergo und - 3.50 Recoil Krebs + RVG = + 11 Ergo und - 4.00 Recoil Verglichen mit der MOE Variante stehen eigentlich beide schlechter da, meiner Meinung nach nur interssant, wenn man unbedingt einen 45° Adapter oder Laserpointer montieren will. Es geht allerdings auch prima ohne. Also entscheiden wir uns für die MOE Variante. Der "CAA RS47" wird noch häufig genutzt, aber wie man es auch dreht und wendet, rein rechnerisch kommt zur Zeit nichts am MOE vorbei. Hinterer Handgriff: Da hat man es bei den AK's zur Zeit leicht, die Auswahl ist recht überschaubar. Der "RK-3" ist somit leicht ermittelt. Schulterstütze: Bei den Schulterstützen wird es dann wieder etwas umfangreicher. Wir sprechen mal einige Varianten durch. Variante 1 die jedoch nicht an die AK-74M passt: "ME4" Adapter mit "Colt Buffer Tube" und "MOE Stock" plus "Rubberpad" sind zusammengerechnet + 8 Ergo und - 42 Recoil. Variante 2 die ebenfalls nicht an die AK-74M passt: "ME4" Adapter mit "Colt A2 Buffer Tube" und Magpul "PRS Gen2 FDE" Stock sind zusammengerechnet + 5 Ergo und - 44 Recoil Variante 3: "AK-74M Polymer" Stock mit "Recoilpad GP25" zusammengerechnet: + 3 Ergo und - 45 Recoil Variante 4: "PT Lock AK-74M / AK-100" Adapter mit dem "Zenit PT3" Stock hat + 10 Ergo und - 45 Recoil Alle anderen Möglichkeiten sind vom Recoil her eher uninteressant, auch wenn es durchaus optisch ansprechende Varianten gibt. Wir wählen aufgrund der Kompatibilität für unsere AK-74M natürlich den "Zenit PT3" weil er leicht bessere Ergonomic hat im Vergleich zum Standartstock mit Recoilpad. Mündung: Hier gilt es zuerst ein grundlegende Entscheidung zu treffen, wollen wir die Waffe weiter in Richtung weniger Recoil modden, oder wollen wir die Vorteile eines Surpressors nutzen. Dies hängt vom eigenen Spielstil ab und auch von der gewählten Map. Auf kleineren Maps wie zum Beispiel Factory bringt ein Surpressor recht wenig, da man auf die geringe Entfernung trotzdem gut raushören kann, von wo geschossen wird, zudem verlängert ein Surpressor die Waffe, was bei Kämpfen in Treppenhäusern etc. mitunter recht ärgerlich sein kann. Daher meiner Meinung nach auf großen Maps eher mit Surpressor und auf kleinen weiter in Richtung Recoilreduzierung modden. Für unsere AK-74M würde ich als Surpressor den "TGP-A" auswählen aufgrund der schmalen Silouette, oder für kleine Maps den "Zenit DTK-1" Anmerkung: Um den "Zenit DTK-1" auch auf 7.62 Versionen der AK zu verwenden braucht es den "Taktika Tula" AKM AK Adapter, da mittlerweile jedoch der "Spike Dyncacomp" reingepatcht wurde, ist dies von den Zahlen her aber nicht mehr Sinnvoll. Optiken: Bei diesem Thema wurden schon Ehen geschieden^^ Das Thema ist sehr subjektiv, da die Optiken, bzw. die benötigten Adapter und Rails sich nur um wenige Punkte Ergonomic unterscheiden. Viel mehr kommt es statt nackter Zahlen darauf an, dass ihr euch mit der von euch gewählten Optik wohl fühlt. Es spielen auch euer Monitor und eure Auflösung eine Rolle. Bei mir haben haben sich im Laufe der Zeit ein paar Varianten angesammelt, die ich ganz gerne spiele, diese können wir ja kurz mal durchsprechen. Zuerst muss gesagt werden, dass es beim Verwenden von mehreren Optiken auf ein und der selben Waffe noch ein paar Hindernisse im Gameplay gibt. Zum Beispiel wechselt man jedes mal wenn man eine Granate wirft die Optik... Dies ist mitunter sehr ärgerlich, weil man dann eventuell "reingezoomt" vor einem Gegner steht, obwohl man eigentlich das sekundäre Reddot verwenden wollte. Solange dieses Problem besteht, spiele ich einfach keine Waffe mit mehreren Optiken. Variante 1: "Tactica Tula TT01" ohne Reddot nur mit Ringside Verwende ich gerne auf kleinen Maps oder mit Nightvision, günstig akkurat und manchmal haben reine Ironsights auch ihren Reiz Variante 2: Mein meist verwendetes Setup"PK-06" auf einer "TT10000" Dustcoverrail Variante 3: "OKP-7" mit Sidemount, leider recht sperrig zur Bildschirmmitte hin, aber auf AS-Val und OP-SKS häufig von mir genutzt Variante 5: "PIX42 Weaver" auf einem "TT-01" Mount montiert, das "TT-01" deshalb, weil die Optik recht gross ist und sie somit etwas weiter vorne auf der Waffe sitzt. Variante 6: Ein "PSO" Scope ohne Sekundäroptik, die fehlende Nahkampfoptik wird dann einfach mit einem 60 Schuss Magazin ausgeglichen^^ Aufgrund des schlechten Kontrastes bei Verwendung eines Nachtsichtgerätes, nutze ich diese Kombination eher selten. Ansonsten ist ein reines "PSO" gut auf allen größeren Maps (Woods, Shoreline) auf denen man eher selten ausversehen in Gegner läuft. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gut, damit wäre die AK-74M dann auch komplett Da ständig neuer Content in die Beta kommt und Parameter der Mods ab und an auch schon mal geändert werden, gilt der Stand meiner Auswahl natürlich für den Tag des Erscheinens dieses Guides. Wie ihr gesehen habt, habe ich nicht wirklich alle Mods aufgelistet, da dies den Rahmen deutlich sprengen würde. Allerdings, die meiner Ansicht nach besten Variationen wurden erklärt Hoffentlich konnte ich einigen von euch ein paar Einblicke in das doch recht umfangreiche Moddingsystem in Escape from Tarkov ermöglichen. Viele Grüße euer PIK
  5. Arth0u

    Mounting a PU on an SKS

    There are aftermarket Kochetov Mounts for the SKS in real life that would fit the game well. The low price of the PU as well as the availability of SKS rifles in Tarkov would make this an excellent choice for an early game budget DMR.
  6. Leris91

    Foregrip Tabelle

    Hallo Leutz, ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht alle Foregrips aufzulisten, welche Werte diese haben bzw. wer diese Verkauft. Da ich bei mir in der Gruppe öffter gefragt wurde welche Foregrips man nehmen soll und welche nicht. Ich hoffe die Tabelle funktioniert bei euch. Würde mich über Feedback freuen. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A0ODx8N7h9xOfnicmVc7s7C1_uYctZw_KhGJ5IQWzaU/edit?usp=sharing VG
  7. This is a mod suggestion for the glock, this mod would transform a regular glock from a pistol into a semi automatic rifle. This is called the "CAA RONI G2-9 Glock Pistol to Carbine Conversion Stock"
  8. Curlyguy

    RPG style Mod book/guide

    As a semi new player I have difficulty with modding weapons and understanding where everything goes. The "compatible with" tab isn't always accurate if you're looking at a certain scope, but fail to realize that you need some other obscure attachment for it to be compatible with the weapon in question. This creates confusion and often results in having to tab out and engage in scrubbing the various forums and Youtube. I feel that there should be a system of establishing exactly what can go where when you examine an item, or maybe make a separate skill that levels as you continue to mod things. (New combos to help mitigate spamming) and allow you to discover more combinations with that equipment. Maybe similar to how Elder Scrolls is with Alchemy. I also would enjoy a notebook style guide that grows as you create new mods and examine new gear. Because even if I've already modded something, sometimes I forget that its compatible because there is a tremendous amount of parts and various other items in the game. The current climate only adds to the steep learning curve and difficult trader UI. The weapon modding screen itself is fantastic though, I'm mostly referring to looking at parts in the inventory to see if they are compatible, or merely having a tool in game to help research and memorize various combinations of gear based off prior experience/skill in the character screen.
  9. Hi all, I love using the SKS in EFT, but would like for it to have more customization options for it. Here in the US, Tapco makes a solid polymer SKS stock which also utilizes the AR-type buffer tube system for collapsible stocks. It also features pic rails for accessory mounting, and three colors. It could be installed on either base SKS's or OP-SKS's with the use of the Leatherman multi-tool. Also, SKS's can be used by scav's, but by default they come with the internal 10-round magazine fed by stripper clips. This would not only reduce the effectiveness of sniper scav's, but stripper clips would only take up one inventory slot, similar to how the Custom AK mags work with scav Veprs. If you find a base SKS with the internal magazine, you can remove it only if you have the Leatherman multi-tool to make it accept ProMags. Here is the Tapco stock: Thanks and good luck in Tarkov! --MiniMunny
  10. Buenas tardes jugadores! A continuación os presentamos las nuevas modificaciones que vendrán con la actualización 0.9, son una pasada ¿verdad?. ¿Que os parecen?, comentad por favor
  11. like the title says, I suddenly have the idea of a DLC or MOD after I saw what happend in Fukushima. It's also an unmaned and largely ruined area. It could create a very different game experience from Tarkov. I'm thinking if a new game mode could be made as a DLC, or a MOD created by player will do so. Anybody any thought?
  12. Rico032

    Strenght / Endurance Glitch

    i heared now several times that BSG dont punish Players when they try/do glitching out of the map to max lvl Endurance and Strength. Is that really true ? For a normal Player ist just frustraing espacilay after each wipe if your slow as duck and other guys glichted strenght on max and are many times faster then you without getting punished f.e. Some Officials are able to give an answer to this ?
  13. D3RK4

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Mod for EFT

    Escape from Tarkov has the perfect environment, story, and controls for stalker. It would be amazing to see this be made. Not only that, but teaming up to survive would be much more useful when there are anomalies and mutants trying to kill you. Anyone have thoughts on this?
  14. LostInTheABCs

    Glock Sight Mod

    I'm level two with the Mechanic and I got the Aimtech Tiger Shark sight mounl, but I can't find an actual sight for the glock. Does anyone know which sights work and where to find them? Thanks
  15. BelliniVirgil

    Noua accesorii pentru arme

    Dragi Escaperi! Suntem mandri dea va prezenta cateva din accesoriile armelor care vor fi prezente peste putin in Escape from Tarkov!
  16. The whole trick is to add as many LS321 as possible to have nicely visible big laser dot with all of lasers combined. Single dot is really small and easy to lose in firefight but this is perfect! You would be surprised how well it works - test it for yourself! If it's stupid but it works it ain't stupid
  17. floatsurboat

    any idea how to fix?

    does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  18. Mitsuke

    the DTK-1 and 7.62x39

    So, in-game the DTK-1 says it is a 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 Muzzle Break and Compensator, yet I have not found a way to attach the DTK-1 to a Vepr or AKM. Anyone have any ideas or know how to attach it?
  19. Hola a tod@s! A partir de hoy soy el nuevo moderador de la sección española de EFT y espero que entre todos podamos hacer de este foro un gran lugar donde poder hablar y compartir información de Escape from Tarkov. Cualquier duda o problema que tengáis, podéis mandarme un mensaje privado a través del foro o escribirme aquí mismo en este hilo. Actualizado: Emisarios/mods: HiddenCitizen y MrXavito / ISVRaDa Un saludote!
  20. CrazySubZero

    Highlight Weaponmods in Traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
  21. CrazySubZero

    Highlight Weaponmods in traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
  22. EliMaxwell

    Gun Assembling

    Just curious if we as in the community will be seeing if we will be able to find upper and lower receivers for guns in game? I would love to assemble my own m4 and put different parts on them, such as the size of the barrel, extending stock, etc. React with a thumbs up if you'd like to see this too!
  23. Nickinator

    Bug inspecting crate

    In an offline PVE Customs run. Carrying a AKS 74U I bought from the Trader. Looting the crate at the rear of the warehouse close to the spawn point. There was a grip in the crate which I accidentally clicked install instead of examine. The grip in the crate stayed but I was unable to interact with it anymore. I closed the crate and reopened. The grip was gone but then so was the grip that was installed on the AKS. I now had no grip and the gun was highlighted red. I looked around the floor to see if they had dropped but they were not there and did not get moved to my inventory, they had just vanished. I was not able to install any other accessories I found after that point to the weapon.
  24. TarkovCitizen446783

    Forum Moderation Team is Recruiting!

    Hello, Escapers! I'd like to announce we have begun taking applications for new Forum Moderators! If you have an interest in joining the moderation team, please read through this post and submit your application through the link at the end! Let's answer some questions that you may have? What does a Moderator do? A Moderator's prime task on the Escape From Tarkov forums is pretty easy. Help keep the forums orderly and easily accessible by removing/locking posts which clutter up the forums or are previously discussed topics. This helps cut down on repeated posts of the same topic and allows for unique discussions and conversations. Forum Moderators also handle punishments for rule violations based upon the forum rules, the violation in questions, and the nature of the violation. Things like this include, profanity, derogatory language or attitude, toxicity towards other forums users and creating a hostile discussion environment. The Escape From Tarkov forums is a place where both new players and older, more experienced players may converse, with players of various difference age groups, so ensuring everyone is able to find the answer to their question without being ridiculed by older, experienced players is a priority. What do we look for in a Moderator? When we are going over potential applications for Forum Moderators, we look at key indicators that help predict how effective a moderator that person may be. These include: Forum Activity Written/Spoken Languages (Especially for Multilingual Forum Moderator Positions) Age/Maturity Positive Interaction with other Forum Users Previous Moderator or Supervisory Positions Gameplay/Technical Knowledge about Escape From Tarkov What affects your Application negatively? Previous Warning/Rule Violation History Forum Activity/New Users Negative Interaction with other forum users What kind of Moderators are we looking for? Currently, we are seeking to fill the following positions within our Forum Administration: German-Speaking Forum Moderator (2) (English-German Speakers) General Forum Moderator (4) You sure like typing ArmaSwiss! Get to the juicy bits! Alright alright! Of course. If you've reached this section, you must indeed be interested in joining the Forum Moderation Team. If you believe yourself to be a good fit for our team, be sure to submit your application for our review! If you wish to submit your application for Forum Moderation Team, please visit our GoogleDoc submission form and fill it out. We will be reviewing all applications and applicants, with an announcement made later on regarding our choices from the pool of applications. Click here to Submit your Application to Become a Forum Moderator End Note I'd like to thank you all for taking your time to read this announcement, and for considering joining our Forum Moderation Team. To those who apply, may the odds be ever in your favor and may the best Applicant win!
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