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  1. Escapers, We now have this thread created for you to share your weapon modifications. Escape from Tarkov is significant regarding modding weapons, and it is one of our best features. And we know you love doing that as well. So, this thread will be dedicated for you to show off your works with the community and us. Regularly, we will be selecting a couple of screenshots and upload it on our official Facebook page. We have created an album dedicated explicitly to this where you will see your screenshot posted and your name tagged on it. Sounds interesting? Drop your screenshots below! The higher the quality, the better! The Facebook album can be found by clicking here! You can take screenshots in the game by clicking on the "Print Screen" (PrtScn) key on your keyboard. You can find the screenshots in your documents folder in "\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\Screenshots." Or you can use sites such as Imgur. P.S: No phone camera captures, please. Enjoy!
  2. BecomeGooder

    Ergo should affect recoil control

    One of the main issues that a lot of people seem to be experiencing is recoil and how to balance it. At the moment recoil is inexcusably high and the only way to mitigate this issue with a lot of weapons is to use best in-slot attachments for recoil. I believe that the ergo stat, while being a nice little thing, is not valued enough by the player base and is generally neglected in favor of lower recoil. A way to mitigate this is to connect ergo and recoil control. In Tarkov there are essentially 2 parts of recoil, being the actual raw KICK of the weapon, and how well your PMC can control it. While the former is affected by attachments, the latter is only affected by player recoil control level. In my idea, ergonomics will play a role in how well your PMC can control the firearm. Currently in game, attachments like stocks and foregrips affect recoil directly, which does not make too much sense considering that those attachments would logically only affect the way you held and shouldered the gun, rather than how much kick it has. The stat that determines how well your PMC can control a weapon is hidden, and I believe is based on the gun itself with no way of changing besides of course the Recoil Control skill and weapon mastery. With the change I am suggesting, ergonomics will have an affect on this hidden stat, and will have more of a role to play in gun customization. While the raw recoil stat may be favored in builds focusing on longer range combat and tap firing/burst firing, the ergonomics stat can be favored for better sustained fire and general controllability of the weapon. This can incentivize having a balanced gun, but still give players the option to focus purely on one stat or the other depending on what gun they are using and what they want out of it. Instead of choosing between aiming fast or being able to control your gun, you can build for how you want to use your gun. Of course, implementing this change alone would be a bit unbalanced, and would need general tweaking across the board, but I believe it could really improve the way weapon modding is approached and gunfights as a whole, adding a lot more variety to the weapons and attachments you would see and use. TLDR: Ergonomics should affect the recoil control skill which is how much your pmc automatically controls recoil, because it is more realistic, it improves variety in mods and weapons, and it gives ergo more importance.
  3. As the title suggests, the ability to set the preset menu to only display mods you can currently buy from your traders.
  4. Tannheuser

    Weapon performance balance

    Alright, here's an idea I'm playing with at the moment: My problem is that the best-in-slot meta builds of most weapons are lightyears ahead of the competition, or lower tier builds. Even the second best build. A good example of this is the Wafflemaker on 5.45 AKs. When you slap that bad boy on there, there is no other suppressed build that comes anywhere close in terms of recoil stats. In order to make more builds viable, I'm suggesting the following: - Raise the base stats slightly on most guns. By how much isn't important at this point, but say around 10-25% depending on calibre and type. The purpose of this is just to have slightly better performing weapons right out of the box. Apart from the first days of the wipe, who the hell would run a flat AK or M4, compared to their modded versions? - Introduce diminishing returns across the board when it comes to weapon modding. In relation to my previous example, the Wafflemaker shouldn't be close to 50% better than the second best option - that difference should be down to maybe a few percent. It's still the best, and most expensive, but it's not lightyears ahead of any other option. The best-in-slot option should only be very marginally better than the second best, which is only marginally better than the third best and so on. The desired effects of this would be to level the playing field of all weapons when it comes to modded AND unmodded performance, so as not to create only a handful of meta best-in-slot builds that everyone runs after the second week of the wipe, thus allowing for more creativity and variety, while still retaining value in spending big bucks on b-i-s builds. A lot of this rests on generalisations, and a few exaggerated examples currently in game. The principles here are what's important - not the actual percentages or numbers. If you get hung up on specific details or numbers in this post, you should probably seek therapy for your autism. As per usual I will never revisit this post. Go nuts in the comments, you apes.
  5. barricade127

    Question about modding

    I know that modding will be moderated by the admins, but are we allowed to add in content like NPC animals, more weapons and a new map? I was hoping to make something like DayZ for ARMA(the mod won't be about zombies), so it will have custom servers but not affect the main game in any way(Inability to join main servers with mod, not affect stats). It will not be monetized in any way as it is to help me and my friends better our skills with Unity 5. If we are allowed to, we will most likely release a free download of the mod for everyone to use as long as they have purchased the game. Thanks in advance!
  6. Xaviah_Reaper

    ELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x Scope

    Hello, My thread is short and sweet. what Please could you either remove the little ironsight on the top of this assault scope, or allow us to apply micro's in its place? why This ironsight is sluggish as if the ergonomics are imbalanced or equal to x4 ADS. The needle within this sight is far too thick and feels inaccurate to operate. The x1 zoom variant also seems to struggle with the aforementioned ergonomics issue, making it very challenging to use in close quarters. Even with a canted collimator (the micro-sight options that are offset from the scope) you have to cycle passed the ironsight in order to ADS with a micro-collimator, wasting precious time in CQB. I feel that just removing the ironsight would be the easiest fix, opposed to messing with a thousand other things, although I am not experienced with this so I wouldn't know for sure.. Thanks for your time. Edit: for spelling
  7. Hi devs! For a long time now, players in EFT are limited to placing their foregrip in one fixed position (close to the lower receiver), which I consider to be counterintuitive since the purpose of any rail system is to enable the placement of attachments in any position that the shooter prefers. To my knowledge, EFT has the most extensive modding system in any FPS game on the market today, so it feels wrong not to maximize this potential and give players the freedom of choice in foregrip, and to a larger extent, attachment placement. When it comes to foregrip placement, there are a lot of different school of thoughts out there, and I'm not here to argue that one size fits all, that one foregrip placement is superior to another. In fact, I'm writing to argue the opposite, that players should have the freedom in EFT to place their foregrip on any position they prefer. Case in point, my personal preference is the thumb-over-bore grip with a stubby foregrip placed close to the front end of the rail, but I can't realize this in-game because there's only one fixed position to place my foregrip. Notice that I didn't say c-clamp because in this case I'm resting my thumb on the top surface of the rail, pointing towards the target, with my support arm naturally extending forward, and no exaggerated chick wing elbow. This is a perfectly valid grip and foregrip position, employed and taught by at least two former Delta Force operators, Larry Vickers and Tu Lam, who I believe needs no introduction here. Below are two videos of them demonstrating the grip and the foregrip position. Larry: Tu: To sum up, I suggest that EFT should allow players to place their foregrip wherever they prefer, and this should also apply to other attachments where possible. Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work devs!
  8. angrylawngnome

    Ability paint guns

    As stated. Ability to get removed with paint stripper? Maybe players have the option to turn off other players painted guns? I think it would just be that little extra step in gun modding to make a weapon really feel finished and yours. Anyone agree? :)
  9. EraZerUnleashed

    Schwarze/Rote Waffenteile

    Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen dass die roten Waffenteile im Vergleich zu den schwarzen ein Stückchen besser sind. Ich finde so etwas passt nicht in ein Spiel wie Tarkov hinein, egal wie minimal. Mir ist bewusst dass das Hexagon Handguard eine Warhammer Anspielung sein soll, aber der Buffer Tube nicht, es ist einfach nur besser wegen der Farbe, was total absurd ist. Ich wollte einfach mal nach eurer Meinung fragen, wie ihr dazu steht. Findet ihr das gut oder sollten die Aufsätze auf gleiche Höhe gebracht werden?
  10. Tutorial, wie man 5 Versionen der MP5 moddet und exakter Vergleich des Schussbildes. Feedback direkt in Youtube wäre nett, und Likes natürlich auch :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtNRN5Qhsz0
  11. eGirl-Neko

    Umschreiben des Game

    Ich wollte mal nachfragen ob es erlaubt ist das Spiel umzuschrieben. Ich hab in den Regeln jetzt nicht gelesen das es Verboten ist das Spiel komplett umzuschreiben. Da das spiel in Unity gemacht wurde ist es nicht schwer das Spiel "umzumodden" und alle Texturen und Avatare durch 16K Texturen/.fbx Anime Models zu ersetzten. Den Launcher hab ich schon Umdesign. Aber an Spiel wil ich nicht ran weil ich nicht weiß ob das Billig Anti-cheat was nicht mal ne .dll Injection verhindern kann das als "Hack" oder "Cheat" erkennt und ich dadurch einen Bann bekomme. Zudem fällst mir auf das manche .dll vom spiel nicht Verschlüsselt sind das sollte man soweit noch Vixen damit nicht irgendwelche idioten sich dranmachen diese zu finden und zu Leaken.
  12. TTomcio

    Modding screen buy mods QoL

    What if we could buy mods directly from modding screen? It would greatly decrease time needed to find that one rail or adapter you are looking for. I posted it on reddit and most people liked the idea too. Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9v24bk/modding_screen_qol/
  13. siNr

    Auto-mod weapons profiles

    Hello Developers and community. I have a suggestion, intended to make, dying and gearing back up, a bit easier. I couldn't find any other topic regarding this as I did a search. Consider this, a one-click, buy all mods and attach them, button for weapons or helmets or anything else that requires/allows some type of modding to it. It would work something like this: The simple version: You have a maximum of, let's say 5 profiles, which you freely could use, change, edit etc. for 5 items (weapons and armor). Each profil you pick the weapon you want to use, the mods you want to have on this weapon etc. and save it. Next time you need this weapon, you just click on a button and the game will automatically buy the weapon and mods (unless you already have it and some of them in your stash, and you of course have unlocked the items or weapons with the traders) and make the weapon ready to use as you wanted it. The advanced version: Same as above, only as a complete loadout. Meaning weapon, armor, tactical rig, medics, ammunition, mags, etc. etc. - On-Click ready to raid button. This will remove some of the time wasted, re-modding a weapon, buying armors, helmets etc. you just lost in the previous raid, which after playing through several wipes and deaths lol can become quite a time consumer. If it's possible, technically in the game? I don't know, I just think it would be a nice way to better the frustration of dying, after you spent some time building your loadout. This is not intended as a removal of the current way of modding your stuff, but just a supplement, for those that already know which loadout they prefer and just want to raid as much as possible. What do you think?
  14. spacemarine2142

    AK and M4 Attatchment Loadout

    Hey guys, I have to say one thing. I suck at weapon modding. There are so many parts and it gets super confusing. Probably should find a guide for it. That aside this is the question: I need an ak build (doesnt matter which variant) that is solid for cqc and mid range combat. Most of my traders are lvl.3 and I have loads of money to spair. Secondly: I need an m4 loadout with similar criteria. I have peacekeeper lvl.3 so I can buy most thing. Any suggestions? Ive literally just been running around with modded AKs I have found off of dead players. All the guns I have attempted to build have been pretty trash with high recoil. Thanks for any help guys.
  15. The Gear Share Thread Take out your sickest rifle or your new crafty experimental firing system. Walk others through your thought process, how far it's in the game and how much it is. Help create a fun meta of guns and gear, and create interest in higher level content and their shenanigans for beginners. Shine light on pieces that others might overlook and make them sparkle. Bring out the value in items, explain your combination of gear, the dosage of your meds, the choice of grenades etc. Snap a screen, make a short video, write walls of texts or just go mad with numbers with other math maniacs. #0.9 As this patch just went live a few hours prior to this post I see a lot of potential for fresh content. I'll start. Since I am quite a new player, I've tried ducking around with cheap gear to see what works and what doesn't. To explain my backgrounds a bit, I come from the cs:go scene, have 1300 hours on record and played a lot around LEM ranks. I tried the Toz, and I don't know why but the constant fear of having just 2 bullets before being helpless for a good 5 seconds cripples me and my playstyle. It doesn't fit my playstyle and even though I can land my shots, it seems to me often the bullets just bounced away. The MP153 seems like a better choice and it's definitely a gun I would pick up in a stress situation to deal with somebody, but as soon as it gets to anything thats more than a hallway you're lacking range. It's also not really cheap with it's 30k price tag. So I slowly started searching through the stuff I chucked in my stash to see what my option are in the beginning. The AK74U seemed like a good choice, but the lack of a good clear view on the enemy and no availability for either the gun or the scope from lv0 traders pushed it away from what I searched. I came to the conclusion that the AK74N is your best bet, since it has a very nice clear iron sight from the start and two Black Rocks are very manageable to obtain. But I kept thinking: "What if it's Day 0 Hour 0 after the wipe and I have no super duper edition where I get stuffed from the start like I do with EOD. What if I get dropped with the bare basics and not a lot of money on my hands? Whats the best I can do while being cheap?" "THE CLG (Compact Loot Gun)" After looking around a bit and doing a little playtesting I've decided this to be the perfect CQB budget looting gun. i'll explain later on. Part List PP19 Vanilla EKP 8-18 + Reflex shades 120 Pst Gzh 9x19 Extra 9x19 Mag The gun is extremely friendly for building up cashflow for prapor and mechanic since the parts can be sold to both if no longer needed and the ammo can be bought for the same price from mechanic, making it a nice passive buildup as bullets have small shelf life. You can pair this gun with light gear, for example a scav vest, a mbss and maybe a paca or 3m. But I've found that running the gun naked isn't much of a problem either. It holds enough of a punch and accuracy to quickly put a bullet into somebodies head, sparing yourself bullets, meds and most importantly keeping a low profile with a quick burst. End fights before they begin. Pricing & Economy Holy poo. When I first found this thing off a Scav I discovered potential I dismissed in Battlefield 3 long ago. On the first encounter It didn't have a scope on it. As I had a mate with me I talked a lot about the gun and he told me the EKP fits by default on the PP19 and the 10k price tag might seem like an investment, but a full set of the gun has so many positives that I see no reason to not run it if you're low on cash but want a decent chance to bring home some gear instead of getting blown over because that one pistol bullet just won't cut it against the armored fatties. The cost of the gun ( -Bullets, +ExtraMag) totals to a sum of R 31 440. Including the ammo the set comes to R 39 960. You can additionally sell the rear sight, granting you a 228 rouble cashback at mechanic. Compare this to let's say the MP 153, it has a colossal size of 1x7 slots and a price tag (Gun + 30 12x70 Buck Shells) of R 31 502. It does not have any modding options off the bat and it does not come with any tactical attachment. For R 8000 more you get the opportunity to get a clear view of your opponent and have an option to better control over cqb situations because your momentum does not rely on your gun anymore. So if you were to take the MP153 gun into a raid, you're gonna drop it if the other two guns are tasty enough to pick them up over the trusty black barrel. The PP19 in this configuration has a size of 2x3, and can be folded to 2x2. So if youre gonna run a backpack, I don't see a reason to store it away in my BP mid raid, since folding doesn't take long and the weapon can be unfolded very quickly for an out of the box battle state. Comparing to an AK74U, you have two more free slots that can be filled with precious very much needed early game money. And if you're a incredibly cheap bastard, you can in theory stuff the gun away in your Alpha or Gamma Container if things get rough and you run a empty pouch. Stats & Mods I look forward to many posts on this thread and I am happy over any submission, regardless of your budget, skill or experience. Whether you're using this thread to educate yourself about ideas how to approach tarkov in it's multiple stages or if you're looking for a place to forge wicked creations and share them, you're welcome to this thread. Discussions about sets & guns aren't just allowed, I absolutely encourage every form of critisism or expressions from your point of view. So please, if you see better alternatives, or possible evolutions of an interesting set, share your thoughts!
  16. I was building a few silenced M4's when I noticed that you cannot use the 260mm barrel with the longer LVOA handguard the C varient. I do not see the restrictions that each item would have on each other on the M4 they do not clip and I'm sure you could have the longer guard over the shorter barrel IRL. Yes, maybe attaching muzzle devices would be tedious IRL but that is what tools are for I would like to hear some reasons for that change and get other peoples opinions on this restriction. I like having the 260mm barrel with a KAC QDSS NT-4 silencer inside the LVOA-C as it makes the gun look cleaner. It would be nice to get this restriction removed but I am open to hearing why this may be restricted IRL. Images to show what I am talking about: https://imgur.com/a/8fePDUD
  17. Weapons Modding Window: Nothing urgent, just suggestions for a more pleasant modding experience. I know there are more urgent matters. Also, these are Ideas that may not be compatible with what ever the developers have planned for the Hideout. 1. Create a simple gradient for the background. The picture used currently distracts from the gun itself. 2. Add navigation control I.E. MouseWheelUp/Down (Zoom), Alt+LeftClick (Translation), Alt+RightClick (Rotation). Currently, barrel and stock get clipped off the image. 3. Perhaps fade in to a more subtle or Ambient soundtrack in order to achieve a more enigmatic mood whenever you view your weapon.
  18. Title, it should fit but doesnt. Any help?
  19. The whole trick is to add as many LS321 as possible to have nicely visible big laser dot with all of lasers combined. Single dot is really small and easy to lose in firefight but this is perfect! You would be surprised how well it works - test it for yourself! If it's stupid but it works it ain't stupid
  20. Hello! First I would just like to say that I am very much enjoying the game! Great work guys and I am excited to see what the future holds for Tarkov! I tried searching to see if others have brought this to attention and failed to find anything, so I will make it my first post. I apologize if it has been brought up already. Are there plans to allow exact placement of optics on rails? If not, I would humbly request that the optics attached to the AR-15 series rifles be moved forward to sit properly on the front of the receiver rail. I know it is the most minor nitpick ever, but this game does seem geared towards us gun enthusiasts with its fantastic modding system, and at present when I set up rear-iron co-witness sights, they clip into the EOTechs and Aimpoints because they are mounted too far rearward on the receiver. The fact that I CAN setup co-witness irons got me giddy as a schoolgirl, and I would like to see this addressed at some point and will be a further issue if you plan to include magnifiers and the like. Here are some quick examples of placement, because a complaint without a solution is nothing! Keep up the great work!
  21. Sudden92

    DTK-1 Muzzle Device

    I began searching for a muzzle device other than the one that comes with the AKM systems to put on there (I dont want to run a silencer) and I found that the DTK-1 Muzzle Device says in it's description that it would fit for the 7.62x39 AND the 5.45x39 ammo but I am not able to instal it on the AKM systems. Is this a overlooked feature? A bug? Or is this intentional and we're limited to three muzzle devices for the AKM system where two of the three are suppresors?
  22. SPuNx

    AKMS Modding

    I have a suggestion for the AKMS. Since they nerfed the butt pad the AKMS has become somewhat irrelevant. I suggest that they enable it to use the foldable PT stock which is currently for the AKS-74U. I hope this would be considered so the AKMS can be relevant as the other guns.
  23. saltyleon

    M4 Modding Tutorial (Patch 0.6)

    Hey, vor ca. 4 Monaten habe ich ein Modding-Tutorial für die M4 erstellt. Seither hat sich "Escape from Tarkov" deutlich weiterentwickelt und es gibt zahlreiche neue Attachments, sodass es deutlich mehr Möglichkeiten und vor allem sich noch bessere Ergebnisse erzielen lassen. Daher gibt's heute eine aktualisierte Fassung meines Tutorials.
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