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Found 14 results

  1. mstrex

    PvP ''practice'' mode?

    I think it would be fun if there was the option to have some sort of PvP mode that functions a lot like Free For All in other games, where you launch into a smaller map, something like Factory or Labs etc. and then just fight other players with your loadout. In this mode you wouldn't loot, gain XP or lose anything. It is purely to load in and get into firefights, to learn audio queues and weapon handling etc. Preferrably, you would be able to respawn as well so you don't have to keep re-loading into a new lobby everytime. What do you think about a mode like this? Do you think there wou
  2. JackKnife

    Camera Mode?

    I'd like to cut to the chase and say I'm a level designer and I'm looking to do a fan level of a Reserve Base apartment block, chocked full of debris, blown up poo, and the whole works. While that's great and all, I'm doing some pre-production research into how big things are in the game in relation to real-world scale. Basically, getting things on my side as 1:1 as possible. So what I've tried doing was to go ingame to take photos to do photogrammetry to capture the geometry somewhat. This is what I'm getting so far... While all cool and all, this is pretty shite compared to if I had
  3. Hello I know it was suggested before, but it is long ago. I would love if I switch modes of attachments like scopes and optics or Lasers, Flashlights if I could do it only for the active Scope. (Alt+rightclick) For Example when using Thermal and PK-06 or PK-06 and any Optic with variable zoom. If i find a Laser devise and add it to my gun witch already has one or more, ofthen the new device wont be in same mode as the others. Can we have them synchronized to same mode or set individually by rightclicking or so? What do you think?
  4. Lunar-Rob

    Virtual Arsenal

    Will the game develop a off-line model which allows player to mod guns freely even though he don't own the parts,just like the Virtual Arsenal of ARMA3? So that player can plan what part to buy or collect, and test his gun.
  5. montehawks

    Separate PVE Mode

    I bought the game a few days ago and I'm just here to chime in my 2 cents. I would love for there to be a PVE mode separate from the online mode where I can keep my loot and party with friends, or even go solo. I come from FPS games like Overwatch, Rust, a little of of CS:GO, and a little BF1, and I've found this game to have an astoundingly huge learning curve (for people like me anyways). I'm having a hard time facing just SCAVS by themselves, often times they one shot me from far enough away I can't see or the smallest bit of their head is popped over something and they get me that way. It'
  6. Nikola_Stark

    An idea of a new mode

    Dear BSG, These days when playing the EFT, I gradually feel boring in raiding and raiding again. This mode begins to lose its charm because of repeating. Which also will make the game become boring. For the love of this game, I come up with a new and charm mode that not only makes the players feel fun but also is easy for you to add in. That is the Rescue mode. The followings are the details: 1. Backgrounnd: Some citizens are kidnapped by several SCAVs at random places of the Tarkov. We Usecs and Bears are trying to rescue them. 2. The Number of each side: Scavs: 5 t
  7. In my opinion, tarkov has a realy good ai similar to other games, with the same game style. and in meaning that the scavs tend to be and handle like ''real'' player, one day, it would be perfect to introduce a harder pve mode in to the game. espicially because it had been sad that the coop mode will come. and with this two points and the main gameplay, it could be the perfect base for an hardcore pve coop mode. Same as normal online, just with some speciall changes. you could decide in between 4 different coop modes - solo - duo - trio and quad. than if you pick duo, you would creat
  8. Lyrkas

    Zombie Mode for Tarkov

    Would be insane nice.
  9. VainBoy

    Separate Offline Mode?

    Are you going to add a separate offline mode in the future that has a separate player and stash, as well as inventory? I would think of this as a offline freeplay mode for those who want to train their skills against AI or just want to goof around or just experience how the trading system works. If you do add this I think most people that bought the game such as myself would be happy to have this, because I know a lot of players rage and just stop playing due to the difficulty playing online. Those players don't really have a place to train except for the current offline mode which does not sa
  10. Ok, starting this off loving tarkove, cant wait for the wipe coming for the new gear. So i have been around in many different fps, and different games in general and one of the big issues when i see it comes down to camo is it never works, arma, all you need to do is dumb down your settings and be out far ranged and the grass de-resses so you can see the guy like he is a sore thumb. even more so when your dealing with games that allow the ability to toggle between 'fpp' first person perspective to 'tpp' third person perspective, now i dont think this will ever have an
  11. Soo today i tabed out of my Game and after that my Mouse didnt worked ingame. so the issue was that always when i opend my Game the Mouse was able to shoot the gun but not to watch right or left. So did i lose again whole gear after the Spawn (Y) Other big Problem since Day1 is that the Scopess are all different looking and playablle at a specific FOV, what i mean is : the SKS is not playable on 50 FOV The DR1-Scopre is not playable on 75 FOV AND ON FACTORY YOU ARE SOMETIMES NOT ABLE TO ENTER THE BRIDGE OR OFFICE FLOOR BECAUSE YOU ARE LITTERALLLY TOOO FAT TO ENTER THE BIG ... WH
  12. t3ng

    Scav Mode

    I have a well thought out plan for the scav mode. I'll try to summarize as fast as possible. Players can play as a scav and choose a trader to work for. (maybe lower the Cooldown to 45 minutes) and the player can loot and escape same as usual, however, the traders take some of the items the scav looted, and certain rarities are 100% always taken. For example, if someone drops a top tier m4 rifle or something, the trader will always take the stock rifle and give back the attachments. This is great, because people will be able to build some sort of stock to defend themselves instead of
  13. MickxalYoutube

    Offline Mode Looting

    I actually don't like the mechanic of looting only on Online mode. I think it would be better to loot in Offline mode too if PvE is enabled of course. It's just too hard in my opinion for closed beta players to play against veterans with shotguns and armor. I also see a lot of new players with hatchets and the only way to farm (grind) is too kill scavs and put their pistols in our Alpha Containers which gets repetitive and boring. Getting armor is so hard that it's only obtainable if you kill a high level player with it and get to the extraction point (if you're lucky enough). It took me 2 hou
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