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Found 30 results

  1. Antidean

    Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Dear Escapers, A fresh cache of weapon mods will be dropped into the ever changing world of Tarkov. Here is a sneak peak into what these new beauties will look like!
  2. addbow


    I saw the thread that Necuja answered to and I was interested to see if there is any possibility this will change, I can help with character modeling and Ideas. I do know that BSG is up to a lot but this is really an opportunity in my eyes. I know that you listen to the Community so I beg to you for this, Thanks in advance! //DiCaprio Necuja - "Old post that has been addressed already, bsg doesn't see a female model as necessary for the vision of this project. Also the issue of the added work that'd be involved with implementing this. #locked already discussed"
  3. Zeromccarty

    Mosin Nagant Mods

    hello all, Since the mosin nagant has been added ive been curious if there are plans to add modifications for the weapon in the future. the reason i ask this is because i own a modified m91/30 in real life. there aren't allot of mods but i could see them being beneficial from a general usability and options for optics. i am willing to post a picture if it is on the up and up that i do so. have a great day and see you pmc's in game ZeroMcCarty
  4. BoltActionHero

    ATN X-sights

    I kinda wanna see how these could be implemented in game. Thoughts?
  5. Hello! With the addition of the 416 coming soon, I just wondered what kind of mods would be available, and wanted to recommend some classics. The Remington RAHG is a very ~cool~ and elusive addon for the classic HK416, which would be a good high-tier, high ergonomic mod, and it looks incredible with the 10.4 inch barrel. The Giessele handguard would be a good mid-high grade addon as well, but I don't own one, thus no photos. Next, it would be really cool to see the 416 upper compatible with the M4 lower receiver (and maybe vice versa?). In real life, you do need to make some minor parts modifications, but it would add a ton of variety to modding Western rifles. Here are some photos for inspiration. If the dev team are interested I would be happy to take more reference photos of the rail (replica) or whatever else.


    Bom dia Galera Estou vendo que muitos estão tendo duvidas para modificar suas armas, então resolvi colocar aqui algumas imagens que nosso colaborador @otto130 fez para comunidade que poderá ajudar a todos que tenham dúvidas a respeito. Lembrando que podem sair mais modificações a cada atualizações e assim que formos atualizando as imagens, enviaremos aqui. PISTOLAS P226R TT ESCOPETAS E CALIBRE 12 MP - 133 MP - 153 SAIGA 12K SUBMETRALHADORAS AK74 OU AKS PP19-01 VITYAZ MP5 MPX FUZIS DE ASSALTO E SNIPERS AKM ASVAL AK74-N OP-SKS M4A1 Todas as imagens foram editadas e montadas pelo nosso amigo e colaborador @otto130!
  7. Colonel Twerkins

    *New WIP Materials*

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you some fresh new screenshots of some development from the content team. We hope you will enjoy and take guesses!
  8. Colonel Twerkins

    New Items Coming! Soon!! 6-18-18

    Dear Friends, We have some new items to show off, coming to a patch soon! We hope you enjoy and If you own these items in real life, feel free to share your pictures. TRANSLATIONS: Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Polish Emissary @Reconic German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary @Cyver French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @LePatrick Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @kalurosu
  9. zpwarrior

    Best setup

    What's your favorite setup for M4, AK-74n and the vepr/akm?
  10. machplatt

    Shopping list for weapon mods

    Hi, I would like to have the possibility to create a shopping list out of a modded weapon. With this shopping list I would like to be able to buy all parts needed for this weapon with a single click. If parts can be bought from different trader I would like to be able to select the wanted trader in the shopping list. If the weapon has parts that I can not buy, just leave them out. This would heavily reduce the time needed to buy the weapon I like to use, so giving me more time in the raids. Hope you like this idea
  11. Colonel Twerkins

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present you with a peek at some new, upcoming mods to be added to the game soon. We hope that you will like them, so let us know what you think! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Brazillian Emissary @REAPERBR Germann translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to German Emmissary @PIK
  12. Здравей, Бегълци! Бихме искали да ви представим някои нови, предстоящи модове, които скоро ще бъдат добавени към играта. Надяваме се, че ще ги харесате, така че ни кажете какво мислите!
  13. Queridos supervivientes! Estamos felices de mostraros capturas de pantalla de las nuevas variantes del AK -> 74M, 101, 102, 103, 104 y del 105. Están confirmadas para éste parche!!!
  14. ¡Supervivientes! ¡Estamos felices de poder presentaros nuevas modificaciones para las armas que estarán en breve disponibles en Escape From Tarkov!
  15. Marineallupnyou

    Lost of gear

    So when ever you tab out of the main screen when you are changing your mods on your guns or loot.... it tends to freeze and black out...... I have lost tons of gear this way! so what i have tried is running only this game and just the window that is something in regards towards E.T.F. also i have tried to run as many things as i can to see if its my pc ( it is most definitely not my pc) so if any of you know anything i haven't tried please send me your thoughts. Thanks for your time.
  16. Agur amigos, todos sabemos de la completito y complejo que es el Tarkov en cuanto a las modificaciones de las armas, y más aún para los más nuevos en éstas materias. Pero no os preoucupeis queridos compañeros que con un poco de ayuda de vuestro viejo amigo y vecino Spiderman todo será coser y cantar. Asi que coger papel y lápiz, que vamos a resumir los pasos y herramientas que vamos a necesitar. -Un AKM Cheeky Breeky Sin Modificaciones. -Un Cargador militar estilo Ruso. -Una montura o protector anti arena y polvo. -Un agarre para sujetarla con firmeza. -Un guardamanos modificado. -Tu empuñadura preferida y accesorios variados. -Una mirilla o dos mirillas. -Una culata de madera sucedáneo al gusto. -Y un silenciador si queremos ser los mas profesionales del barrio. AKM SIN MODIFICAR Conceptos Básicos: -Ergonómics: Más ergonomía (Positiva) = Mejor Manejo -Recoil: Menos Recoil (Negativo) = Mejor Manejo Debereís ir clickeando dentro del menú de "Modding" en la parte que deseeis cambiar, y si disponeis de una modificación os saldrá para seleccionarla entre todas las opciones: 1. CARGADORES Pues para comenzar vamos a por lo más básico para que un arma haga algo, los cargadores! 2. PROTECTORES DE POLVO: Ahora hablaremos de los protectores de polvo, básicamente las piezas por defecto que normalmente en muchos armas no pueden llevar mirillas pero que si modificamos las suelen permitir: 3: AGARRES: Para el siguiente punto pasaremos por el centro de bricolaje más cercano y buscaremos algunas de los posibles agarres que hay y sus mejoras ergonómicas (que se traducen en mejor precisión y control). 4: GUARDAMANOS: Aquí viene una modificación importante los Guardamanos, ya que en ellos podremos instalar desde mirillas, hasta empuñaduras que ayuden a controlar el retroceso. 5: ACCESORIOS GUARDAMANOS: Éste apartado va a ser largo y hablaremos de los accesorios que se ponen en los Guardamanos que acabamos de mencionar. Empezamos por las empuñaduras. Aquí cabe mencionar que hay muchos tipos de empuñaduras diferentes pero vamos a diferenciar dos grandes grupos: -Verticales y en Ángulo. +Las primeras, nos dan más control del retroceso, pero menos comodidad. (- Recoil (Mucho) / - Ergonomics) +Las segundas, nos dan más comodidad, pero a su vez más retroceso. (- Recoil (Poco) / + Ergonomics) También vamos a hablar de las mirillas en ángulo, que permitirán usar dos mirillas en nuestros armas (éste accesorio es equipable en casi todas las armas, así que echarle un ojo). Y por último hablaremos de algunos tipos de linternas y punteros láser. 6: MIRILLAS: Ese apartado se hizo largo ¿eh? Pero tranquilos llegamos a otro mejor! ¡Las mirillas! Para eso recordar, que deberemos haber instalado o bien un B-33 (que ya incluye un rail), o ponerle un rail al antipolvo original. Podemos hablar de cientos de mirillas diferentes y aquí debereís probar las que más os gusten para saber cual poner o cual no. Vamos a incluir algunos ejemplos de mirillas tanto de muchos aumentos como sin aumentos. Y recordar que podeis poner la mirilla en ángulo para disparar de cerca cuando lleveis una mira de largo alcance. 7: CULATAS Casi casi ya para finalizar vamos a hablar de las culatas (Stock en inglés): 8: SILENCIADOR: Y por fin el último apartado, el silenciador, una de las piezas más importantes si no queremos destacar sobre los sonidos del mapa. Tras seguir ésta guía y comprando todos los accesorios que hemos mencionado aquí deberíamos tener algo parecido a esto: AKM Completamente modificado: Espero que os haya quedado un poco más claro como modificar las armas y más concretamente en ésta primera guía el AKM.
  17. It would be nice to able to put PEQs on the top rail, since that's generally where they're designed to go on M4s with front sight posts, since the lazer/light is offest right and left of it. It also gives more options. It would also be nice to be able to put forward grips further forward on a rail system, so like an AFG out towards the muzzle as you would on a real rifle to get more control.
  18. Paxie

    Skier issue?

    I have 1.3 mil and .76 rep with skier, im lvl 20 and he isnt going to level 3. anyone else? I searched the forums and couldnt see anything on it
  19. zpwarrior

    New Items

    Have any of you seen these attachments before?
  20. I was thinking about use the weight distribution of attachment and weapons to chance the recoil. For example, if you have a lot of stuff on the left the weapon drop more on that direction, and stuff like that. Obiviously this is not important stuff but quite nice to see! Keep the good work!
  21. dc13c16

    Master key door breaching?

    hello! will master key underslung shotguns be making their way into the game as well along side the m203??? also will you be able to breach doors with shotguns? if you do add this into the game it would be a really awesome feature and also probably the first and only game ever to do so which would be amazing.
  22. bifbaf

    Improve Weapon mods

    Hi Guys, I've bought the Game yesterday and haven't played only two short games until now but I have one idea that make buying mods for weapon much more easier. Would it be possible to show in some kind of way the available mods for a weapon in the mod menu and if you try to buy it and it is available on a trade you click on it and connect directly to the trader that shows you what you need for this kind of mod? That would also fix the problem that you always know what weapon mod can be put on which weapon. As I said I have the game only since yesterday but that is one thing that I noticed very quickly I like the game very much and it has so much potential. Keep on guys this will be the next big thing
  23. Colonel Twerkins

    New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    **ATTN** Alright Mercs, listen up! As you may know, I play liaison to the different entities in the city. The one who calls himself, Peacekeeper, has recently made an "acquisition" of some legit new modifications for the H&K MP5. Now, don't rustle your jimmies just yet, you still gotta earn them. Remember, everything has a price in Tarkov. Peacekeeper reports that they are still in transit, so cool your jets and we'll let you know when they hit the warehouse. Ok, that's it fellas, I'll let you get back to your ops, or however you spend your time in Tarkov...I've heard stories.
  24. Hazel


    ***註意*** 各位同伴請留意! 如你所知, 我與城市中的不同單位進行聯絡。那位自稱是Peacekeeper的人通知我,他最近"合法採購"了一些H&K MP5的配件。 先不要興奮,這些配件還是需要透過"代價"換取的,請緊記任何東西在塔科夫都有一定的價值。 Peacekeeper通知這些配件仍然在運輸中,所以先整理好心情,當配件到貨後我們會第一時間通知大家。 那麼各位,今天的匯報已經完畢,請大家回到自己的位置上,或是用你自己的方式在塔科夫打發時間,這些大家都懂的。
  25. Butters_Gaming_

    What Happened to my Insured Items

    So I insured my items before going out to the tune of almost 20k ruples... I die and get a message saying that Prappor is sending guys out to get my stuff. I notice I have my pistol, but no flashlight. In addition to that I don't have my pistol magazines. I found 2 horse figures while scavenging and sold them to prappor for about 2700 ruples each which in no way shape or form covers my insurance... I am trying to figure out how I got some items back and not others? Also this is my first day playing this. I really have no idea what in the world I am doing or what I should look out for.