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  1. TornadoOffice

    ADAR to M4A1 With crafting bench

    I think it would be cool to be able convert an ADAR lower to an M4A1 with weapon parts in your hideout. It would be fairly easy in real life, and since there is something similar with the AKs already, it isn't that much of a stretch. Plus it would help cut down on the average cost of the M4s, considering their popularity leads to price gouging pretty often, but it wouldn't make it too easy because of the necessary materials needed still.
  2. Hi, I'm Trakov fan as well as a gun enthusiast from Germany. I love Tarkov and I suggested this game to a lot of friends of mine that are also into guns like me. They are usually impressed by the huge amount of possibilities that the modding system provides. But as soon as they get their own copy of the game they are immediately turn down by one big thing .. you just can't by enought stuff from level 1 traders to use this awesome system. And this is the point my suggestion steps in: "Please give the level 1 traders these cheap weapon mods we all know from these tacticool range ninjas or the local airsoft team!" - Further I collected some of the most notorious cheep weapons mods. This front grip with its spring loaded sudo integrated bipod is just a classic. It doesen't matter if this mechanic makes it into the game, it didn't worked that well in real life. This pistol grip with its over accented finger grooves is avaibale for AK-47, AKM and M4 Typ weapons. I think its already in game for the Mosin. This 10 bucks AK Handguard was often soled in conjunction with the pistol grip. Its tan version got famous trough Modern Warfare 2's Tapco AK-47. Cheap knock off off the K-VAR KV-04. By unscrewing the top rail and turning it you can mount these on an AKS-74U Arm braces not necessary in Tarkov but to have them could be fun. Cheap "longe range scope" (as if) with illuminated reticle featuring some kind of rangefinder lines, made famous by Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. ACOG know off with a rail on top and a fancy mason level Not a weapons mod but Chinese armor plates could be fun A Doctor sight if you squeeze your eyes. In opposite to its role model it fits directly to rail with out any complicated adapter. Unnamed closed reflex sight with a astounding resemblance to the T-1 Microdot. It does too, fit directly to rail The Type 56 magazine bandolier or just ChiCom chestrig. Carries 3 AK Mags for just 15 Bucks, or 6 AK mags if you use some hot water and a shovel. The cheapest plate carrier, carries your Chinese plates even cheaper. Flat laser, this rare example did't got another rail on top or buttom .. depends on how you mount it. Cheap barrel clap with rails. Gives almost every weapon an instant quad rail even grandfathers Luger. M4 Stock recoil pad, why does only the AK family get one? M4 buffer tube end cap stock thingy. Its even got a sling mount. Ar-15 caring handle rail insert. Only really viable as soon as fix handle receivers find their way into the game. This stylish diamond flip up irons sights. I think they were a thing in some Call of Duty .. but I don't remember I'm sure this is based on a real thing from Nikon, but this is literally shouting "Airsoft" and "Call of Duty" to me. I remember shooting a apples from a tree in grandmother garden with my plastic G36c as a kind with one of these. .. poor man silencer the oil filter. The "you can't get anought rails on your scope" scope. A fluffy cheep pad with emergency ammo reserve. This sudo Russian chest rig every airsoft SpezNas renector wore. This baby fits up to 3 AK mag in each pocket. This very cheap, very long and very dark air rifle scopes These flip up sights made famous by Call of Duty Black Ops a game taking place in the 1970 were flip ups doesn't even existed yet. This all time favorite was often seen on "tactical AKs" .. to often. An on Glock 18s of cause. Recoil Pads for every one! Ugly as hell but they actually work. And for the grandé finelé the bridge mount the fir every pistolé with a rail.
  3. Hello everyone, I am posting this forum because I am a noob, and i'm looking for the best mods available for my AKS-74U. I have lvl 1 on all traders, and i'm trying to find out which scope I can put on my AKS-74U. Do I need a mount? Are there any available handguards for me? If anyone has any solutions, please be so kind as to leave them here. Thank you and have a nice day.


  5. EraZerUnleashed

    Red Buffer Tube having better stats

    Hi, I wanted to ask if there is a reason for why the Red buffer tube is better than the black one, and secondly why it got buffed again? Is this another Warhammer joke like with the red handguard or because its so rare? Or because its anodized? I'm gonna be honest, the fact that the red one changes the Muzzle Velocity (again) annoys me somewhat, cuz it doesnt make much sense, lol. The stats before The stats after I remember that Nikita said on reddit that the Muzzle Velocity was a mistake and that he removed it. But it was readded back later on for whatever reason?
  6. barricade127

    Question about modding

    I know that modding will be moderated by the admins, but are we allowed to add in content like NPC animals, more weapons and a new map? I was hoping to make something like DayZ for ARMA(the mod won't be about zombies), so it will have custom servers but not affect the main game in any way(Inability to join main servers with mod, not affect stats). It will not be monetized in any way as it is to help me and my friends better our skills with Unity 5. If we are allowed to, we will most likely release a free download of the mod for everyone to use as long as they have purchased the game. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! I was wondering or if anyone knows, will there be an update in the future where you can try modifying all guns in the future? I love diving into modding weapons but I can only modify the weapons and attachments I currently have. Will there be the possibility of being able to just modify all guns (include ones you dont have) but this does not go into your actual progress, more like a demo room to try out guns you may have not gotten a hold of yet
  8. alright down to business. hackers. blantant throwaway account of just letters and numbers. pin point spray into class 6 helm, them being naked and toggling to my squad mate. I know some people will just call it "it was just desync/lag" this clearly wasnt. he was moving without sway perfectly no teleporting or anything like that. just straight up aimbot, maybe wallhacks but that I would call debatable. here's a screen cap of the guys name and where he hit doesnt look legit does it. naturally im really pissed off about this. severely makes me want to quit this game and i know it's in beta but with this kind of crap i hate it but i love this game. So would love if someone could look into this and ban this guy, because this isnt gameplay the way it's meant to be here. this game is cruel and that's how beautiful it is but what happened isnt the gameplay. I highly doubt ill be reimbursed for what I lost to this hacker but I want to continue this game the way it's meant to be and not like this.
  9. addbow


    I saw the thread that Necuja answered to and I was interested to see if there is any possibility this will change, I can help with character modeling and Ideas. I do know that BSG is up to a lot but this is really an opportunity in my eyes. I know that you listen to the Community so I beg to you for this, Thanks in advance! //DiCaprio Necuja - "Old post that has been addressed already, bsg doesn't see a female model as necessary for the vision of this project. Also the issue of the added work that'd be involved with implementing this. #locked already discussed"
  10. Djavan89nl

    M4 mod.

    Hello defs, I think you need to take a look at this. The scope is attachable with the hand ar carry handle still on. Kind regards, Djavan
  11. Agur amigos, todos sabemos de la completito y complejo que es el Tarkov en cuanto a las modificaciones de las armas, y más aún para los más nuevos en éstas materias. Pero no os preoucupeis queridos compañeros que con un poco de ayuda de vuestro viejo amigo y vecino Spiderman todo será coser y cantar. Asi que coger papel y lápiz, que vamos a resumir los pasos y herramientas que vamos a necesitar. -Un AKM Cheeky Breeky Sin Modificaciones. -Un Cargador militar estilo Ruso. -Una montura o protector anti arena y polvo. -Un agarre para sujetarla con firmeza. -Un guardamanos modificado. -Tu empuñadura preferida y accesorios variados. -Una mirilla o dos mirillas. -Una culata de madera sucedáneo al gusto. -Y un silenciador si queremos ser los mas profesionales del barrio. AKM SIN MODIFICAR Conceptos Básicos: -Ergonómics: Más ergonomía (Positiva) = Mejor Manejo -Recoil: Menos Recoil (Negativo) = Mejor Manejo Debereís ir clickeando dentro del menú de "Modding" en la parte que deseeis cambiar, y si disponeis de una modificación os saldrá para seleccionarla entre todas las opciones: 1. CARGADORES Pues para comenzar vamos a por lo más básico para que un arma haga algo, los cargadores! 2. PROTECTORES DE POLVO: Ahora hablaremos de los protectores de polvo, básicamente las piezas por defecto que normalmente en muchos armas no pueden llevar mirillas pero que si modificamos las suelen permitir: 3: AGARRES: Para el siguiente punto pasaremos por el centro de bricolaje más cercano y buscaremos algunas de los posibles agarres que hay y sus mejoras ergonómicas (que se traducen en mejor precisión y control). 4: GUARDAMANOS: Aquí viene una modificación importante los Guardamanos, ya que en ellos podremos instalar desde mirillas, hasta empuñaduras que ayuden a controlar el retroceso. 5: ACCESORIOS GUARDAMANOS: Éste apartado va a ser largo y hablaremos de los accesorios que se ponen en los Guardamanos que acabamos de mencionar. Empezamos por las empuñaduras. Aquí cabe mencionar que hay muchos tipos de empuñaduras diferentes pero vamos a diferenciar dos grandes grupos: -Verticales y en Ángulo. +Las primeras, nos dan más control del retroceso, pero menos comodidad. (- Recoil (Mucho) / - Ergonomics) +Las segundas, nos dan más comodidad, pero a su vez más retroceso. (- Recoil (Poco) / + Ergonomics) También vamos a hablar de las mirillas en ángulo, que permitirán usar dos mirillas en nuestros armas (éste accesorio es equipable en casi todas las armas, así que echarle un ojo). Y por último hablaremos de algunos tipos de linternas y punteros láser. 6: MIRILLAS: Ese apartado se hizo largo ¿eh? Pero tranquilos llegamos a otro mejor! ¡Las mirillas! Para eso recordar, que deberemos haber instalado o bien un B-33 (que ya incluye un rail), o ponerle un rail al antipolvo original. Podemos hablar de cientos de mirillas diferentes y aquí debereís probar las que más os gusten para saber cual poner o cual no. Vamos a incluir algunos ejemplos de mirillas tanto de muchos aumentos como sin aumentos. Y recordar que podeis poner la mirilla en ángulo para disparar de cerca cuando lleveis una mira de largo alcance. 7: CULATAS Casi casi ya para finalizar vamos a hablar de las culatas (Stock en inglés): 8: SILENCIADOR: Y por fin el último apartado, el silenciador, una de las piezas más importantes si no queremos destacar sobre los sonidos del mapa. Tras seguir ésta guía y comprando todos los accesorios que hemos mencionado aquí deberíamos tener algo parecido a esto: AKM Completamente modificado: Espero que os haya quedado un poco más claro como modificar las armas y más concretamente en ésta primera guía el AKM.
  12. Hello Devs, I've been in contact with Justin, the owner of JMac Customs LLC, and he liked the idea of his products in game. I asked and he said to post his products on his behalf. I can also get his contact info for the weapons department team should you decide to add any of his products. Their parts allow for significant muzzle climb or drift reduction in their brakes, sufficient flash suppression in their flash hiders, as well as some muzzle devices being suppressor adapters. Their stock adapters and gas blocks allow for many more options to modernize/customize your weapon to fit your needs as well. Photos of some of JMac's products with descriptions will follow. (Many parts have variants / sizes that will fit other non-AK firearms as well) Here is a link to their home page; https://www.jmac-customs.com -An example of their parts with M13 industries' work and a few 3rd party bits. -The RRD-4C muzzle brake in 14 or 24mm. -The GBC-13 gas block front sight combo. -The LAF (Loud as F**k) muzzle brake. -The EGFH flash hider. -And last but not least, the RSA / RSA4.5mm/5.5mm stock adapter to use Sig MPX/MCX style stocks (Attached via 1913 rail) on the AK platform, CZ EVO, MP5 and more. -Their logo, in case we need some swag in game.
  13. stAKato

    Shooters and weapons' behavior

    Hello Escapers and thoses who made us trying to Escape, For better realism and combat feelings, you may add some new features like: New specs for barrels - Cooling / Overheating. As you should know, a barrel that is overheating is less precise, wiggling because of the ductile properties of heated metals. A cartridge with heavy load of powder will overheat quicker your barrel than a regular one, and btw decrease durability. More barrel types - Heavy, slim, fluted... Impacts on overheating, weight (stamina should drain faster with a heavy weapon), durability would be more important. Implement some real recoil, full auto is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too precise, even if we consider we are playing former or actual PMC/Soldier. Weight, fatigue, weather impact accuracy. Implement some real carrying weight buff/nerf - you CAN'T carry 80+ kg, run and shoot properly on this planet. Make some objects that are too heavy uncarriable (yes, you with your 75kg backpack full of juice) or stamina drain very fast and recover slowly. i.e. You're carrying 75kg, your PMC/SCAV should not pick this 40kg juicy bag up, but if you do, your character will suffer back/neck/kneepain, stamina drop in a few seconds when running and in a few minutes of walk. Thanks for reading
  14. RefinedPixels

    Abreviations For Flee Market Searchbar

    Hello, this is a fairly simple and small idea, but I was just thinking when modding my weapons that it is quite hard, especially for newer players to search into the flee market for weapon attachments because of the long names most modifications have. So as a possible idea, I thought that being able to search abreviations as listed on the image of the attachments and items would be easier. For a quick example, the 'Badger Ordnance Tactical Charging Handle Latch' which, rather than typing that in we could type in BOTL.
  15. Leris91

    Foregrip Tabelle

    Hallo Leutz, ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht alle Foregrips aufzulisten, welche Werte diese haben bzw. wer diese Verkauft. Da ich bei mir in der Gruppe öffter gefragt wurde welche Foregrips man nehmen soll und welche nicht. Ich hoffe die Tabelle funktioniert bei euch. Würde mich über Feedback freuen. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A0ODx8N7h9xOfnicmVc7s7C1_uYctZw_KhGJ5IQWzaU/edit?usp=sharing VG
  16. Zeromccarty

    Mosin Nagant Mods

    hello all, Since the mosin nagant has been added ive been curious if there are plans to add modifications for the weapon in the future. the reason i ask this is because i own a modified m91/30 in real life. there aren't allot of mods but i could see them being beneficial from a general usability and options for optics. i am willing to post a picture if it is on the up and up that i do so. have a great day and see you pmc's in game ZeroMcCarty
  17. BoltActionHero

    ATN X-sights

    I kinda wanna see how these could be implemented in game. Thoughts?
  18. Hello! With the addition of the 416 coming soon, I just wondered what kind of mods would be available, and wanted to recommend some classics. The Remington RAHG is a very ~cool~ and elusive addon for the classic HK416, which would be a good high-tier, high ergonomic mod, and it looks incredible with the 10.4 inch barrel. The Giessele handguard would be a good mid-high grade addon as well, but I don't own one, thus no photos. Next, it would be really cool to see the 416 upper compatible with the M4 lower receiver (and maybe vice versa?). In real life, you do need to make some minor parts modifications, but it would add a ton of variety to modding Western rifles. Here are some photos for inspiration. If the dev team are interested I would be happy to take more reference photos of the rail (replica) or whatever else.


    Bom dia Galera Estou vendo que muitos estão tendo duvidas para modificar suas armas, então resolvi colocar aqui algumas imagens que nosso colaborador @otto130 fez para comunidade que poderá ajudar a todos que tenham dúvidas a respeito. Lembrando que podem sair mais modificações a cada atualizações e assim que formos atualizando as imagens, enviaremos aqui. PISTOLAS P226R TT ESCOPETAS E CALIBRE 12 MP - 133 MP - 153 SAIGA 12K SUBMETRALHADORAS AK74 OU AKS PP19-01 VITYAZ MP5 MPX FUZIS DE ASSALTO E SNIPERS AKM ASVAL AK74-N OP-SKS M4A1 Todas as imagens foram editadas e montadas pelo nosso amigo e colaborador @otto130!
  20. TheColdVein

    *New WIP Materials*

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present to you some fresh new screenshots of some development from the content team. We hope you will enjoy and take guesses!
  21. Dear Friends, We have some new items to show off, coming to a patch soon! We hope you enjoy and If you own these items in real life, feel free to share your pictures. TRANSLATIONS: Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Polish Emissary @Reconic German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary @Cyver French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Emissary @LePatrick Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @kalurosu
  22. zpwarrior

    Best setup

    What's your favorite setup for M4, AK-74n and the vepr/akm?
  23. machplatt

    Shopping list for weapon mods

    Hi, I would like to have the possibility to create a shopping list out of a modded weapon. With this shopping list I would like to be able to buy all parts needed for this weapon with a single click. If parts can be bought from different trader I would like to be able to select the wanted trader in the shopping list. If the weapon has parts that I can not buy, just leave them out. This would heavily reduce the time needed to buy the weapon I like to use, so giving me more time in the raids. Hope you like this idea
  24. TheColdVein

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Hello, Escapers! We would like to present you with a peek at some new, upcoming mods to be added to the game soon. We hope that you will like them, so let us know what you think! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Brazillian Emissary @REAPERBR Germann translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to German Emmissary @PIK
  25. Здравей, Бегълци! Бихме искали да ви представим някои нови, предстоящи модове, които скоро ще бъдат добавени към играта. Надяваме се, че ще ги харесате, така че ни кажете какво мислите!
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