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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! To put you in situation I'm just about to buy a monitor for playing ( untill now I'm playing in a gaming laptop ) and I have a few questions/doubts which you maybe can help me with, to choose the right one. Plus I'm a little disconnected of the PC world over the last many years ( except for playing tarkov for 2yr now) and I don't know too much about hardware, so maybe anyone who knows better about specs and parameters can help me out. First of all, my needs are a size upgrade, and ghosting remove. I think this will improve my tarkov life quality a lot 😜 Then my doubts here: At first I was thinking to buy an 24" one. But after checking lenght and wide I realized that is not too much bigger than the laptop one of 17" ( well is bigger at least but.. ) Since I'm about to buy something new, why not buy a 27" then? Well somewhere I read that 27" in FullHD at close distance is not enough resolution and I will see it pixelated. Is that true? Otherwise I was thinking in buying a QuadHD monitor to overpass this issue, but I looked around the forums and read about some problems with UI scalling and other issues. Although those posts are quite old, cannot know if this issues were fixed, or maybe reappeared with any bug in recent patches. So, is working properly 2560x1440 res? Is it worth versus 1920x1080? I will need it with a 27"? It change the performace noticeably? Is lowering FPS or something QHD vs FHD? My budget is limited ( well only by me, I don't want to spend 600-700 bucks on the monitor) , but since nvidia now supports freesync I guess is easier to get a good monitor for less price. Do you have any recommendation from you personal experience? My goal is to buy the best available for my needs without being too expensive: 1ms or less, good enough reolution ( but without compatibility issues with the game ) 27", no ghosting ( I feel Freesync is good for that... ) Any extras welcome like better color display, connections ( display port or HDMI btw?) blue light reduction and this kind of stuff... EDIT: 32" is too big for my desktop that's why I didn't even consider. After looking at monitors I can tell that Acer or Benq are on top or alike, but the price diferences are there too, predator series are quite expensive, really better in performace or just the name? Other brands are good or not? I'll really be thankful to you all for you responses/suggestions.
  2. Mein Kollege hat heute sich das Spiel geholt, wenn er das Game starten will dann wird sein Bildschirm schwarz und es kommt nur "Frequenz nicht unterstützt". Er muss immer den Kabel rausziehen und wieder einstecken, danach crashed das Game von alleine. Wir haben im Internet auch schon nach lösungen gesucht und nix gefunden, Spiel wurde bereits neu installiert von der SSD auf die HDD. Alle Treiber sind Aktuell, er ist auch schon bereits in die Datei "\Documents\Escape from Tarkov\local.ini" gegangen und hat die Resolution & Hz runter gestellt, doch immer wenn er dann das Game startet überprüft der Launcher die Dateien und resetet sie wieder. Er hat auch schon versucht in NVIDIA Panels & Windows die Auflösung + Hz zu ändern, das Spiel stürzt trotzdem immer ab.
  3. Smoerble

    Runs on 21:9 monitors?

    Hi all, does anybody knows, if the game will run in a 21:9 resolution? In pixels I aim for + 2560 x 1080 or + 3440 x 1440 ? If you do this, what graphic card do you use?
  4. deanmrd

    Current issues

    Hey Guys The issues I am having. 3 monitor setup 1.I have a 3 monitor setup. When I use full screen and try to use another screen, I get a black screen then sometimes I am unable to get the game to open back up. 2. When I use window mode my mouse when I turn or shooting at other players jumps to one of the other monitors this mean that it doesn't respond to the game when shooting or using axe elc.... My question is when are we going to get full support for multi-monitors? 3. Scavs has not become auto lock on pre-aim through walls, trees and anything else they can. 4. Axe only seem to work when it wants too, even when a few feet away. 5. Scavs also have turned back into pre-aiming through walls. The next one is a suggestion, Why are scav allowed to kill scavs? NPC scavs don't shoot each other, also, why are the two playable factions allowed to shoot each other?
  5. Vanhorn420

    Dual monitor and Tier system

    I have an idea for the dual monitor support or possible companion app. I think we should have the ability to look at 3-5 tabs with a customized tab that you can edit on your second screen or phone, and also place a keybinding to switch through pages(for monitor). A tab with all of your status effects and health levels would be important for in raid healing times. It could also include further explanations on what your injuries are and their status(e.g. R. Leg: Bullet wound, deep, will be infected if untreated [time till limb loss:*:** ). OFF TOPIC a med book on how to heal certain wounds for newbies would be nice too. On the other tabs you could have a map and compass, with your saved markers. On the other tab you could have missions and notes that you can make yourself like a journal page. On the last set page you could have Raid timers, you're current accuracy, near deaths, critical hits to you, shots fired, exp earned so far, and even levels that you can favourite(in case you have one in particular you're trying to level up). The other 2 pages could be extra notes and trade status or market, maybe you want to have your inventory up the whole time. If you think this is a good idea, or if theres any little ideas to make this better please comment. thank you for reading my idea for Escape from Tarkov. Happy Hunting!
  6. Dendrophilia

    Multi Monitor.

    Hi, I used two monitors as a bog standard setup for my computer as I do two or more things at once. The irritating thing when playing this game with two monitors is I'm constantly having to move the mouse to the far left hand side of my left monitor as if I go too far right and try to shoot or aim I prompt commands on the second monitor whether it me being on desktop or with a browser open. Is there anyway to change this so my mouse doesn't slip off of the game onto my other monitor so sick and tried of dying because the mouse isn't locked to the application like in other games. Sorry for ranting but this is probably the only thing I despise about this game, everything is perfect except the mouse being unlocked. Thank you.
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