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Found 15 results

  1. FiewstTV

    Introduction - Escape from Tarkov

    Hey guys, I created a introduction/trailer for Escape from tarkov to support my content. Hope you enjoy ! See you.
  2. I'm doing a small and cheap test: I hire someone on Fiverr for to create a montage of some kill shots. Here's the first video someone made... depending on likes/dislikes I will either ask him to create a sniper one-tap montage or hire someone else.
  3. Jihad_Joe

    A SAD Tarkov montage

    I alittle something I made while waiting for 12.7.
  4. Witajcie Ocaleni! (przynajmniej tak witam swoich towarzyszy ocaleńców z DayZ). Rozpoczynam swoją przygodę z Tarkovem i nie mam jeszcze odpowiedniego skilla w przeżywaniu, ale staram się to nadrobić montażem. Jestem słabym PMC, więc powinno to trafić do równie nieobeznanych w grze graczy. Mam nadzieję, że choć części z Was się to spodoba Zapraszam do polubiania i komentowania!
  5. Mr_Rabbit086

    First Tarkov montage edit !

    Hello! I recently started playing this game and decided to make my first "serious" edit with it! I hope you enjoy: There will definitely be more content like this from me
  6. BoomslangGaming

    Kills and Deaths montage Part 2!

    I was hoping you can give me some feedback on my latest vid? If you enjoy feel free to like and subscribe, if you dislike then leave me a comment so I can improve! https://youtu.be/0p1SNgDm6zg
  7. BoomslangGaming

    I created a kill and Death Montage :)

    https://youtu.be/GW3_AG3PgdE If you enjoy it or hate feel free to leave a comment like/dislike and subscribe. All the support I can get I appreciate!
  8. This is our second montage. Let me know what you think.
  9. Hello escapers, enjoy the montage and leave some feedback!
  10. Dogghy

    Kill Montage (one single raid)

    Not the best you've ever seen. I was live on Twitch and this happened, take a look (english subs on)!
  11. DarkNessr

    King of the Hill SV-98 Montage

    Hi everyone, Here is an Escape from Tarkov montage whilst using the SV-98, I hope you enjoy it
  12. GhostSpartan117

    A video I made :D

    I spent a lot of time making this so please check it out Love you all!
  13. Lukas97Austria

    EFT Montage by Lukas97Austria

    Hello Escaper! i bring to you my first Video of the Game Escape from Tarkov. i try my best with my new programm! hope you like it and have a nice Sunday! See you on Tarkov!
  14. TheColdVein

    Video Montage Quest!

    **ATTN** Intel incoming... Sensitive information, do not disclose under any circumstances! (Going to Extend this contest one more week) Prapor has charged me with a most daunting task. It seems those bandits are up to their old tricks and this has put a stop to some very important shipments that are useful you can say, to both Prapor and Ms. MD. What I am asking of you is not simple, as a matter of fact, it's downright suicide! But if you are up to it, there is a most handsome reward and heartfelt thanks from my benefactors and of course, those remaining in the city. Here is your mission, go to the Shoreline and track the movements of the Scavs. You must recon the island, the petrol station and most importantly, the offices at the shore. This is purely for recon purposes, but I know how Mercs are, your finger gets a little itchy sometimes...so any actions you deem necessary to complete your quest, are totally at your discretion. I don't need you to be Speilberg, just get me something to show. Oh, and don't chicken out on me and just run through for some horribly shaky footage either! In case you didn't understand your orders, I'll make it a little more simplified: Go to Shoreline Record Scav activity at the Island, Gas Station and the Marina Feel free to take out Scavs if you need to... Upon completion of your quest, you will receive the following items: Winner - 1st Place: 14 Day Keys x 2 for you, or to give to friends. Winner - 2nd Place 14 Day Key x 1 for you, or to give to a friend. Winner - 3rd Place 7 Day Keys x 2 for you, or to give to friends. Winner - 4th Place 7 Day Keys x 1 for you, or to give to friends. Your deadline for completion is *changed* October 24th, 8pm CST. Winners will be announced on October 25th, 5pm CST (Had to change the date for lack of entries and entries that weren't according to the terms) You might find this file interesting for the purpose of demonstration. Found this on a Scav, who found out that PMC is not to be trifled with. Left his camera behind, you can use it if you'd like...
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