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Found 2 results

  1. SweatShop

    More gamemodes

    Yo please consider adding more gamemodes such as: - search and destroy, 5v5 - hostage escort 5v5 - Capture the objective 10v10 You already have the assets: maps, guns, etc... all you need to do is to complie it in a new way. In these gamemodes players would compete over an ingame cash price distributed equally between teammates, the objective for the attackers would be to plant a bomb at a set location and defenders would have to prevent it or defuse it. Players would be able to purchase weapons with in match credit that would be based on round preformance. Equipment should be purchased as packages containing weapons, ammunition and gear, and grouped in to "classes" for example: assault, scout, heavy, etc... and the equipment package should be designed to suit that role. Idea for DLC mabye?
  2. ObiWayne

    More players per map?

    I think we could have more fun if there were more pmcs allowed on each map and/or if the matchmaking would put equally sized teams against each other. Me and some mates are doing 5-man runs on a daily basis on customs and I feel like killing the same hatchlings and scavs over and over again. Sure, I'm enjoying to get out with a lot of loot most of the time but I miss intense firefights. Sure, there are some PMC's but we almost never encounter another geared 5-man squad in our raids. Is this prior to change?
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