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Found 13 results

  1. lllPug

    Lps_Gzh is still a probleme

    The fact that the Scav and lvl1 player can one shot you in the thorax with the f ing mosin if you dont wear a Lvl5 armor is so frustrating, especially on factory when a Scav or mosinman with no armor geting close to you and just put there barrel on your chest and oneshot you even so you have an automatic weapon. Every time I hear or see a mosin I just leave cuz it s not worth the high risk of loosing all my armor point or die if I have a lvl4 or lower.
  2. Viper356

    My Fix to The Mosin issue

    So I've been hearing multiple debates on the Mosin Nagant and how it is perceived as "OP" and I had a conversation with a friend and we came to the conclusion that the best solution is to just switch the beginning ammo you start with at lvl 1 trader. So the solution is replace the LPS GZH with 7N1 Sniper cartridge and reduce the penetration damage of 7N1 by 11 pen damage and LPS GZH will be a lvl 3 Prapor item. This would make the Mosin not as universal as it was before but it will still put it in line with other weapons at lvl 1 traders, thus making the Mosin start with a high flesh damage round but low pen therefore making the Mosin a fair ground weapon so there is counter play. Finally this would not have the Mosin not be a Trade or Scav only weapon. This is my fix to the issue please comment and let me know what you think about this possible fix.
  3. Stiffano

    quality of life

    When you reload the mosin nagant you extract the bullet in the chamber and it falls on the ground. It would be nice if your character wrapped hes left hand underneath the gun and covered the chamber with hes fingers to prevent the bullet from flying off and then push it back in to the magazine. And while writing this I realized it would be cool if you could reload the gun with stripper clips if it is empty. Well actually, that might just clutter up your inventory.
  4. Alexander452

    Mosin Nagant

    Yeah, idk, i thought it was funny
  5. DTox_11th

    550 meter headshot

    Hey guys, Yesterday I played a Woods game as Scav and decided to pretty much camp the logging camp for PMC's since I loaded in with a Mosin. What followed was a kill at 550 meter! Made a simple edit, showing where I shot my victim from, and a confirmation through the dogtag. Original vid was like 15 minutes long but I dont want to bother you guys with that so I trimmed it down to roughly 5 minutes.
  6. Arth0u

    My Suggestions for the Mosin

    Now let me get this out of the way. I love Tarkov and I appreciate the hard work that Battlestate is putting into their game, this post reflects my thoughts on the Mosin and the backlash surrounding it. I believe that the Mosin is perfectly balanced as it was first implomented. Due to the lowering frequency of wipes we're experiencing a sort of power curve crisis. New players stand no chance against long time players with high level gear. The Mosin is a perfect bridge between the demographic of new players and the heavily geared ones. Older players should run the risk of losing their gear always and play by skill and not by said gear. Of course we could go back to the wipe system but I believe introducing balancers like the Mosin are a more streamlined and fair approach.
  7. side1394

    Mosin Nagant rebalance

    Do you think Mosin should be rebalanced? Please leave your feedback in the poll. Thanks
  8. Zeromccarty

    Mosin Nagant Mods

    hello all, Since the mosin nagant has been added ive been curious if there are plans to add modifications for the weapon in the future. the reason i ask this is because i own a modified m91/30 in real life. there aren't allot of mods but i could see them being beneficial from a general usability and options for optics. i am willing to post a picture if it is on the up and up that i do so. have a great day and see you pmc's in game ZeroMcCarty
  9. Hello, Escapers! It's the moment you've all been waiting for. We would like to present the newest screenshots of the Mosin sniper rifle. Let us know what you think. TRANSLATIONS: German translation can be found here. Thanks to our German Emissary @Cyver French translation can be found here. Thanks to our French Tech Support and Moderator @PIG-Mathieu Spanish translation can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @kalurosu Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Brazilian Emissary @REAPERBR
  10. Escapers (oder wie Google sagen würde: Fluchthelfer ) ! 0.10 ist geplant für diese Woche und die Woche zieht sich ja bekanntlich schon seit Montag 00:00:01. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir euch die Wartezeit mit etwas Mosigen verkürzen Also, viel spaß damit und sabbert nicht die Tastatur voll:
  11. Hello fellow escapers, I'm a bit new to posting, so forgive me if this is in the wrong thread. Personally, I have been craving a budget marksman rifle for a while now, and after watching one of the BSG "developer diary" videos, I squealed when I saw the VPO-111, a bolt action hunting rifle chambered in 7.62 x54R. Of course, the Mosin has been confirmed to come soon™. However, in real-world prices, the Mosin has recently seen average prices of around $150 - $800, from what I've seen. It's hard to balance an effective rifle, while being cost-effective, so level 5 newbies can't just run into a raid and one shot armored and well-equipped opponents. How do you guys think we should balance these new rifles coming in? I'd love a cheap bolt-action rifle (like the Mosin), but having it balanced. Perhaps the Mosin, while being cheap, should be locked behind quests? Maybe a lengthy bolt animation or limited round capacity? I don't know. I'd love to hear some suggestions!
  12. Muy buenas jugadores!!! Ha llegado el momento que tanto esperabais. Os presentamos las últimas capturas de pantalla del rifle de francotirador Mosin. Comentadnos que os parece.
  13. Speet

    Mass produce weapons

    There is any chance of u guys putting ww2 weapons in the game? I think it would intresting to find very cheap and very "jammy" WW2 weapons, like ППШ–41
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