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Found 10 results

  1. Sorry if I'm in the wrong forum but I couldn't find a feedback thread. I'm having some issues with the way mouse sensitivity is set up and handled in this game: The current sens slider system does not allow me to set the sensitivity I am used to because it isn't fine enough. I had to reduce my DPI forcing me to have a different sensitivity in the menus than I'm used to. I wish there was a 3rd or even 4th decimal place at least in the mouse sensitivity. I cannot just enter a sensitivity number in the controls menu. Everything has to be done with the slider and that jumps 2 decimal points at least. AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE: Putting on armor & helmets SCREWS WITH YOUR SENSITIVITY. Now from what I've gathered this is supposed to be a feature but I have to say it is a pretty horrible one. I've been playing all kinds of shooters for 20 years competitively and otherwise and have never seen this done. Everyone who was ever good in a shooter will tell you that you do not change someone's sensitivity willy nilly. Please find some other way to balance armor. This is especially annoying considering some people's mice will just let them circumvent this because their drivers are able to set DPI steps in the single digit range (i.e. Logitech) and there is no possible way to prevent them from doing this. Winning competitive games should be about skill and tactics, not dumb luck because the other person's muscle memory is thrown out of wack. Otherwise I feel I must say that I enjoy the game so far and really wish it to succeed. If however especially the third issue does not get fixed/changed, I'm afraid I cannot recommend this game or even play it seriously.
  2. My mouse wont stop movving?

    Before you ask, yes I have disconnected all controllers. I recently purchased Escape from Tarkov and as soon as I booted it up and hopped into a game, my mouse wouldn't stop moving up and to the left! Any software tips or console commands that i could use to fix this? I really want to play this game!! thanks!
  3. Please add a third option for mouse sensitivity. Right now we have normal and 'aiming'. For me, I keep these both the same to keep it consistent, I don't like having a lower sensitivity when iron sighting, or using red dots/holos. Whenever I use a Scope, because my sensitivity remains the same, it is extremely high and to make a normal movement requires the tiniest movement on my mouse. It is very uncomfortable. Even if I did lower the 'aiming' sensitivity some what, it would still not be lower enough to compensate for scopes. Most other FPS games will have a ratio for scoping.

    So when i spawn into a raid i can't aim left, but when i press the fire button, i slowly look left, I have reset both the game and computer, unplugged my mouse and keyboard, i have no controller connected.
  5. Poll: mouse sensitivity

    So a lot of us use gaming mice with fairly high DPI and thus in a lot of games it can be hard to find a good mouse setting. I myself use a mouse with only 800dpi and i need to set the ingame mouse sensitivity to about 0.5. So id like to know what settings you guys use. This, hopefully, will provide usefull data for the developers. And maybe it shows the need to add a fine tune scale to the mouse sensitivity. If you find this Poll valuable please consider voting it up, so it may gets the devs attention.
  6. Multi Monitor.

    Hi, I used two monitors as a bog standard setup for my computer as I do two or more things at once. The irritating thing when playing this game with two monitors is I'm constantly having to move the mouse to the far left hand side of my left monitor as if I go too far right and try to shoot or aim I prompt commands on the second monitor whether it me being on desktop or with a browser open. Is there anyway to change this so my mouse doesn't slip off of the game onto my other monitor so sick and tried of dying because the mouse isn't locked to the application like in other games. Sorry for ranting but this is probably the only thing I despise about this game, everything is perfect except the mouse being unlocked. Thank you.
  7. I have an issue with the game where when I in spawn my character is walking forward and looking left and up, creating a weird spinning effect. Also whenever I go into the settings to change a key binding it replaces the key with "Joystick Axis 1-" not matter which key i try to replace, it'll always say that. This leads me to believe that something on my PC is constantly triggering this function, however i have nothing bug my keyboard and mouse plugged in. I've seen one other post about this and it talked about unplugging joysticks, however every joystick i have has been unplugged as well as any drivers i could find have been uninstalled. The other post - ^^^^ found here, was resolved because the guy who posted it said he realized that his PS4 controller was connected by Bluetooth, however my PC has no Bluetooth functionality nor do i have a PS4 controller. At this point i have very few options left, i still haven't reinstalled the game yet, although i'm about to try. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  8. Mouse Glitch

    When i start up the game and join a raid or play offline i cant move my mouse up. any idea why
  9. Vertical Mouse Inversion

    Hello, I am aware that most developers take this into consideration, but I would like to confirm that there will be a 'Y'-axis inversion option for the mouse control. For reasons known only to themselves, a lot of game developers have left this feature out of the game entirely. Thanks! For the inevitable "Why?" questions, I'm just going to say that it's infinitely more natural. And yes, it will make the difference between me buying this game and passing it up.