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Found 18 results

  1. Beobachtung_V

    Priorities Scheduling and Core Mechanics

    Hello. I've been playing EFT for almost a year now and I think I can make some considerations about 2 of the most important mechanics in the game. Now, please consider this as my Point Of View, not some criticism nor a rant, because your project has a LOT of potential and I'm just giving my advice so you can make use of it in the best way. -The first thing I would like to talk about is the Movements Speed. This mechanic is a very important one in my opinion, so it should be treated carefully. Now, I was searching this kind of topic on the Internet for some time, then I came across this post: https://amp.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/bx6tdx/eft_movement_rates/ After reading the whole discussion, i couldn't disagree: movements are indeed too fast (both walking and running speed) and I tought this was a good point actually. Because, you see, coming from titles like Squad, Project Reality: BF2 and Arma, I think movements speed could be slowed down a little more than a bit...I would like to make you notice the speed of the movements of the people in the RAID shorts, in the patch trailers, where you move way slowly than the actual gameplay, or just take some reference from the link above. If movements were that slow, this game would become far more realistic than what it's now, and surely a goddamn piece of art. -The second main mechanic i would like to discuss is the damage; in my opinion, the HP system is old and quite inadequate, I'll explain why: In MilSim titles, the characters' bodies (or limbs in Tarkov case), don't have a number of HP, and neither they do in real life. Actually it's quite simple: you get shot, you are incapacitated of shooting back to begin with (because a lot of time people just absorb the shot like it was made of paper -in case of an arm or stomach hit- without an immediate negative effect and are usually able to shoot back AND kill without much problems). Now I know it's not so easy to decide to solve the issue and it takes a LOT of time, but this is a core mechanic and it is a main issue in my opinion which needs to be fixed ASAP instead of adding new content to the game (I have nothing against new content) but, as the title suggest, it would be very healthy for the game if you consider rescheduling your priorities and address them to fix these vital mechanics. Once again, this is just my POV, not a criticism nor a rant, i just think that making these changes to the core mechanics will turn the game into something really, REALLY outstanding, since (I'll never stop saying this) it has A LOT of potential. Thanks for your time.
  2. JustBiased

    Rolling Onto Your Back While Prone

    Being able to roll onto your back while prone would further enhance the immersion into a real fire fight. As it currently stands in the game going prone is only beneficial if the enemy does not know where you are at. Going prone when the enemy knows your location immediately places you at a disadvantage with only a very select few options. One of the worst-case scenarios being, if the enemy is behind you when you go prone. To mitigate the drawback of going prone when coming into contact from the rear, I suggest implementing the ability to roll onto your back. This option will help level the odds of surviving such an encounter by creating more uncertainty; even if the approaching player thinks he/she has the drop on their target. You could even take it a step further and limit movement while on your back to strictly pushing with your feet; considering your hands will be occupied with your weapon and you are basically a turtle.
  3. Kleine Frage vorab.. Ist es geplant, dem durchaus etwas körperlich behindert wirkenden Character den wir da steuern, ein paar allgemein übliche Ausstattungen zu verpassen? Der Momentane Ist-Zustand entspricht einem Menschen der höchstens 2 Halswirbel besitzt (siehe maximale Kopfbewegung), er hat keine Knie, besitzt keine Schultern mit denen man im Liegen auch nach oben schießen könnte. Der unfähig ist Türen normal bzw leise zu öffnen. Sich nur hinlegen kann, indem er sich nach vorne fallen lassen kann, und vom leisen aufstehen so viel Ahnung hat wie der Umgebungsgeräuschdesigner von Windgeräuschen. Alles in allem, als wenn ihm zusätzlich zu den Gelenken auch der Motorcortex abhandengekommen wäre. Oder bleiben wir bis zum Release ein PMC mit Handicap? Gruß
  4. While it's "possible" to jump in real life, let's all be honest here... When we think of EFT's gameplay -- take the new 0.12 trailer, for example -- part of what makes it feel so intense and high-stakes is precisely BECAUSE these types of "jumping" antics aren't on display. Maybe it's just me, but when I think realistic and hardcore, my mind never envisions players bunny hopping past doorways/hallways. So in my opinion, once vaulting/clamoring is in play, jumping should be removed entirely. I can't think of any context where seeing a player jump helps "draw me into" EFT's gameworld. But it often detracts from it and cheapen the experience. Thoughts?
  5. Damage, Lethal Hitboxes and Healing. I personally feel like the game needs extra instant kill hitboxes such as the spine and the heart like in the Rising Storm games. Because I still have raids when this happens. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 In a past Talking Tarkov podcast Klean said that he wanted this as well but Nikita said it would be difficult but I think its necessary especially for smaller caliber guns to be viable. But getting one tapped by a Makarov in the spine every time would be annoying as well. So I thought because of ribs and bones and everything else in the body that the bullet has to go through that each bullet would have a certain percentage of a chance for a instant kill when hitting the heart or vital area. That percentage would also drop if it penetrated body armor. Just as an example 9x18 would have a 30% chance and 9x19 would have 35% chance or something like that. I also personally feel that you shouldn't be able to heal a limb 100%, if it goes below 40% of its health. Because, its not satisfying when I unload half a mag from my pistol, and the guy runs away and heals back to full health; It just doesn't feel like I am doing damage to them. I want the knowledge that even if I hit a guy a couple of times with my pistol that he is messed up. Because even in patch 11.7 being shot seems trivial as long as you don't actually die. Side Note: I don't t know if this already in game but if you get shot while running you should lose some stamina 👍🏼 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Movement And Stance Animations In EFT the leaning and crouching system is very in depth I wish other games used something like it. But just the regular Q and E lean is difficult to use in EFT because you don't lean very far. Generally leaning overly exposes your body or gives you insufficient vision leaving you still looking at the wall. Instead of leaning I see most people just strafe back and forth in doorways. I think that you need to lean out just a bit further then you currently do in the game. A game that does a basic Q and E lean very well is Insurgency Sandstorm. https://streamable.com/eu4on ^Leaning Comparison Above^ Also when you lean you chicken wing hard. Its a recipe for a broken arm. 🔽You should tuck in your arm for less exposure #tacticool🔽 ______________________________________________________________________________ Crouch Running I know Nikita said that he did not like the animations and he wanted to redo them. Whenever that happens I think a crouch run like in Rising Storm and Squad would be a nice addition to the game. https://streamable.com/6on5l ^ Example Above ^ ______________________________________________________________________________ Falling And Being Staggered Animation Along with new animations there needs to be a animation that staggers you when you fall from a high place. I can't tell you how many times someone has popped pain killers and YEETED (jumped) off the rafters or a building and landed sprinting after me. https://streamable.com/lanhy ^ Example of jumping on painkillers ^ https://streamable.com/u1rvj ^ Example of a staggered animation ^ _______________________________________________________________________________ Running To Prone Animation I think that the running to prone animation is a little derpy and a bit fast. The drop shot meta is becoming to real . The game Squad has very good 3rd person animations and I think EFT would benefit greatly if they mimicked some of the player movement. https://streamable.com/6czc4 ^ Example of Prone From EFT and Squad ^ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Limping animations/Running One of the few things DayZ has done that's good is a limping animation, one for walking and one for sprinting. https://streamable.com/g8goe ^ Example of DayZ Limping ^ I think this is a definite must in Tarkov, being able to see the damage the other player has received is important, but, it also adds to the immersion of the game. Plus, having a limping/sprint animation would be a good addition, as opposed to just popping painkillers and sprinting away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low Ready Gun Position In Tarkov, having your gun raised at the ready all the time look silly, especially with longer guns like the Mosin and SVD. There should be a control that lowers your gun in a low ready stance, and when you left click it brings it back up to ready and click again to shoot. If you have your gun raised, your stamina should slowly decrease as well. This situation would mimic real life, as no one just holds their rifle in front of them for hours on end. This would also help scav on scav violence because as of right now everyone is just aiming at each other so you don't know if they are going to shoot you or not. But if there was a low ready stance you could see that they are not aiming at you. It would also help you see if you have large optics that take up a big part of your screen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reloading Needs To Take Longer The regular reload takes around 3.03 seconds to take a mag out of the gun and it put in the vest and take a new magazine and load it in the gun. The speed reload takes around 2.29 seconds. The difference is only about half a second so there is no need to speed reload if the regular reload is so fast. That's why I think the regular reload should take at least a second longer. https://streamable.com/ukoww ^ Reload Times Example ^ Side note: Maybe different rigs have faster reload speeds? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Player Controller and Running Reload. In Tarkov you can sprint full speed arms waving back and forth up in the air as you reload your gun, it looks a bit ridiculous. When you sprint you should have to stop anything you are doing then reload or heal after you are done sprinting. Insurgency Sandstorm dose exactly what I am talking about and its executed perfectly. https://streamable.com/ixhwa ^ Example Above ^ This would also bring more utility to pistols because instead for sprinting away and reloading they would pull out their pistol or just run. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visual Hit Recognition/Blood In Tarkov a lot of the time you can't tell if your bullets are hitting other players especially at range. There needs to be some dust or more blood. https://streamable.com/t6czb ^ Example ^ Also in Insurgency Sandstorm they have a feature where the bullet would bleeds into the clothes and it a really cool effect. Especially if you get riddled with bullets and survive your clothes look like you have been through a war zone and you can see if someone is wounded and has been through the grinder. https://streamable.com/xezkb ^ Bleeding Bullet Sponge Example ^ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physics And Ragdolls I know the new Unity engine is coming and they will have improved physics with it. The rag dolls in Tarkov have gotten MUCH BETTER so good on that job devs. But I would still like them to be improve because compared to other games they are still a bit basic and not very satisfying in my option. In Rising Storm, Red Orchestra and Insurgency Sandstorm when you shoot an enemy they convulse on the ground or grab the place you shot them. It adds a lot to the immersion of the game I think Tarkov's game play would benefit greatly from something like this. https://streamable.com/q3l92 ^ Physics EFT vs INS ^ https://streamable.com/rnao3 ^ Physics INS Sniping ^ https://streamable.com/vlgyx ^ Physics Tarkov Sniping ^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Throwing Grenades around Corners And Injury Noises Just like how you can blind fire your gun you should be able to throw grenades around corners without exposing yourself. https://streamable.com/viuka https://streamable.com/2ding https://streamable.com/7x648 Also in the animations linked above when the terrorists get shot they give out a loud yell and gasp for air. I would like a loud yell of pain or something similar to whats in the clips if you deal enough damage to a player. I think it would give it just that extra bit of immersion as compared to the little grunt that you hear sometimes. Side Note: The guy that did those animations made a really good EFT animation the voice acting is meh though. I'll link his youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM6YqV3fMAvewEykZnEYJjA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atmosphere The atmosphere of the game is really important and the 1st map in my option that did a really good job on the atmosphere is Labs. The direction I would like to see Tarkov go or at least partially is in a Chernobyl / S.T.A.L.K.E.R / Metro type of vibe. https://streamable.com/57jcb https://streamable.com/tdrws https://streamable.com/6nc9r I also saw some concept art that was made by you guys and it encapsulates that feeling i'm talking about. Along with the atmosphere I would like to see more clothes like these Anyway keep up the good work boys CHEEKI BREEKI
  6. Snork_Svk

    Lying down movement

    I have suggestion to improve movement which i think is not really complicated to implement in game and will make solution for some issue in game which may be anyone of us already experienced. Make move to lying when you are heavy loaded or in heavy gear more slowly. Modificator should be PMC weight or some types of armor will also add some vaule to this. So when you run only with pistol you can move like now, and trow on ground fast, and also get up fast. But is little inchoate when you can dash to ground and get up in Fort armor whith fully packet Trizip also same fast. 40kg is really heavy load and even strong men have little work for get up on foots. So people can dash to ground gun and get up and run next few meters and dash to ground again... Maybe will be great to add even little dizines for one second when you dash yourself to ground on full sprint speed, so your vision will be little blury for a moment. What do you think about this, me and my friends was speaking today about this ?
  7. Vorcheski


    I'm sure some of you are rather annoyed by how restricted the jumping is. I know the game is realistic and it's to prevent things like bunnyhopping, which is fine. No one likes that stuff in most shooters, like BF or CoD. However, because of how restricted the jumping is, sometimes it's hard to get over basic obstacles. I have flashbacks to STALKER getting stuck on every single piece of rubble trying to navigate Limansk. I played the Customs map, and there was one really frustrating part that could've ended in my death, had I not already cleared the area. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about: The ramp that scales a fence on the railroad tracks. Anyway, a simple, yet effective solution: A vaulting/climbing option. Things that are waist-high should be scalable, and hell, maybe you can even climb over fences if they're low enough. Climbing/vaulting speed should be dependent on how much you're carrying. This should compliment the jumping, where if there's something that's rather easy to jump over, you can. There's a certain warehouse in Customs where you can get stuck behind them without jumping around to find the sweet spot. I suggest just ever so slightly increasing the jumping height to circumvent this problem. Or add a step-up when you're next to things that are shin-high! Not necessary, of course. This could also open up some escape options, as well as new ways to enter areas that might surprise the enemy. Same goes for descending, if you're near an edge, you should have a "drop down" when you jump, to lessen the impact and sometimes even completely prevent breaking your legs. This will add a whole new tactical aspect to the game, because now some places might not be safe if you can climb around. Although, this climbing is just a suggestion. I'm not suggesting that we all become mountain climbers, but instead do what makes sense. A chain-link fence? Climb over that sucker. 2 meter-high wall? Jump over that business! Waist-high wall that can easily be circumvented? Vault that thing! What's really necessary is a simple vaulting prompt. If climbing over fences and walls is a bit too much, vaulting is the only thing necessary. Although it might make for more engaging combat strategies if you could climb over certain walls and fences, as well as get the drop on enemy if they're underneath a rock, you know, if you don't break your legs in the process. They'd better have a splint on them.
  8. Exxoduss

    Tripping and falling

    It would be nice to see when someone's running downhill full speed with a backpack full of gear hitting a tree its going to send you into the hospital, also if you try to jump over something and fail to do so instead of it clipping you in midair and stopping you and then running in the same spot trying to get over it should make you fall on your face.
  9. Exxoduss

    Rolling onto back

    What do you think about the ability to roll over on your back from a prone position to defend yourself from attacks from behind and sides ?
  10. lyz92

    Movement issue

    Does anyone still have the movement bug where you continue to move forward for a good 5 seconds even after releasing the W key? This issue has been persisting since the early days! Just got killed again cause I was moving while aiming downsight...
  11. Hi liebe Forum Nutzer und Dev´s, ich habe mich gefragt, ob EFT als erstes Spiel wirklich realistische Treppen Bewegungsabläufe kriegt, da momentan, wie in jedem anderem Spiel die Rampe so schnell wie man will hochgelaufen werden kann. Was ich damit meine ist, es sollte eine neue Ebene von Bewegungen geben, da der Charakter wenn er die Treppen rennt, zum Beispiel auf die Stufen achten muss und so automatisch ein wenig sich nach vorne neigt und schiessen erstmal unmöglich ist. Beim Rennen ist der Charakter sozusagen an die Treppe "gebunden" und muss so immer auf seine Sicherheit acht geben. Bei langsamem gehen entweder Seitwärts (Wie im angehängten Video) hat der Charakter volle Schussbereitschaft, kann jedoch nicht so einfach mal nach unten rennen, ohne zu gucken. Warscheinlich hört sich das alles sehr dumm an, aber es bringt nochmal ein ganz wichtiges Level in das Spiel und würde das Gameplay auf Factory, sowie auf der neuen Map Interchange, wo lange Rolltreppen sind, sehr fesselnd gestalten. Ich habe ein Video zu dem Thema rausgesucht, hier sieht man wie Einsatzkräfte eine Treppe hochstürmen und kriegt ein Bild, von dem was ich meine. (Zeitraum im Video von 0:0 - 0-40) Bitte schreibt mir eure Meinung zum Thema Treppen (:D) und ich hoffe, das dies bald so möglich wäre.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I consider this game the most realistic and innovative FPS game out there and It solves all the problems we encounter and complain about in those other games. You have so many options and your actions and decisions have weight and consequences in Tarkov that's what makes it so different compared to those other games. but every step, every lean, every crouch, feels horrendously slow, unresponsive, or downright nauseating, the sounds are inconsistent, obnoxious, confusing, and often unheard by others. you either; die almost instantly even if you landed more shots and shot first, you get shot so many times its ridiculous and you survive anyway with 2 health in your leg or arm, or you instakill them unscaved or with just a blacked out stomach and now your losing health like Dracula just locked his jaws onto your jugular and wont let go and even if you brought something to drink your still gona end up dead to dehydration in less than 5 minutes. I love this game but its faults are clear and painful to endure and it makes this game's pros feel like drops of water in a desert of cons. Instead of Tarkov being a total improvement in the FPS genre it feels more like a 2 steps forward 1 step back situation. movement does not feel fluid at all and to top it off every single thing you do seems to be ridiculously obnoxious and loud even turning or aiming down sights sounds like someone crunching a plastic bag and its never clear whether or not you can or cannot be heard. I know many of these sounds cant actually be heard by other players because I have had tons of players run right up to me like maniacs without making a sound as if they were wearing felt slippers and walking on velvet carpeting, so these sounds just serve to make you uncomfortable and unsure. its aggravating when you spend 10-40 minutes crouching across the map on the slowest crouch speed checking every angle, and getting stuck on every pebble and crack because movement speed affects step height for some reason. Just to die to some maniac playing like its his average cod game bolting at full speed and hardly making a sound while you sit there tense as all hell because it feels like you are wearing a plastic suit with air horns between each joint. way too often do gunfights look more ridiculous and comical than realistic and invigorating. its often 2 dudes waddling back and fourth like penguins while unnecessary afflictions and weapon bobbing cause their guns to bounce around like a sock puppet show being given by an epileptic having a seizure until they've both dumped an entire mag and have to reload. now they're both triple amputees and its a race for whoever can take painkillers first and turn back into luke cage to soak up their enemies next mag like a sponge We all know what I'm talking about here and we've all experienced it, this game is both extremes of the FPS genre, Either the extra realism works out nice and creates a very cool scenario for you to enjoy or it falls flat on its face and creates a ridiculous mess. some changes need to be made but I'm confident they will come.
  13. JCglitchmaster

    Movement Improvements

    There are a few changes to movement that I feel would greatly improve game play. Firstly, removing the stopping that occurs when changing from running to walking that randomly occurs. This mainly happens to me while at low stamina but when i change from running to walking by just letting go of sprint sometimes my character will come to a full stop resulting in death if I'm trying to rush somebody with a knife, Secondly and the main one is adding a step up system. There are many points in maps where there will be a tiny incline in the environment that will cause your character to come to a full stop which in firefights if you are trying to get into cover while moving can get you killed. Here are some examples of this in customs and factory (ignore the terrible ghosting occasionally I don't know the decent render settings sorry): Personally I would like my character to just step up on to these small inclines by himself rather than needed to use the janky jumping that can be very imprecise. Just having my character step up onto these things to easily get over them would greatly improve gameplay. Lastly and this one isn't as important is either adding a mantle or making my character jump alittle higher so getting to places isn't as weird. Such as the little garage area in customs on those roofs at the spawn, making some of those jumps is a little difficult with how little you jump in this game.
  14. I just got the game yesterday, installed it and I am attempting to enter a raid. There are no errors or screen prompts that state that are errors; however right when I enter in.. my character is uncontrollable, is always attempting to look up and will not stop walking. Any suggestions?
  15. DrForkInTheLung

    Deus vaulting and binocel

    Is there any news on vaulting? Or a system that will allow players climb over walls, either using team mates or solo? Some times I wish I had binocels on some maps to scout out things in the distance. I feel like it's reasonable and simple item to be part of the game.
  16. TheKoolistOfAids

    What's the movement like?

    I know how the movement is fluid and well thought out, but what about climbing and such? I know there will be at least a jump or vault, but what about climbing taller objects, maybe leg-boosting a team member over a wall. I'd like something other than the jump where your top half moves before the bottom and you lag. This is fixed, you've most likely guaranteed, yet I'd like being able to madbe hop from a dumpster in an alley to a roof, instead of a ladder out in that's in the parking lot and wide [email protected]
  17. AhmedHell

    game settings

    in game: when movement is slow(scroll down), I want it to increase automatically when I fire (scroll up) coz it takes time to increase the movement with scroll and I can't use shift while shooting. We need a checkbox in settings for that thank you
  18. Technikolour

    Movable Objects

    Hey everyone, I was just curious if we will have limited movement on objects? Everything in the game looks beautiful and well thought out, as per Dev Diary 2, so I wouldn't be disappointed if the answer was no. But say we were in a building and wanted to move a desk closer to a window to provide a stable shooting platform, could we? Technikolour
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