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  1. Banzai-4-Hentai

    Multi level footsteps and movement sounds

    Will there ever be multi level movement and other sounds? For example you are standing in a 3 story building on the second level and you would be able to distinguish if the sounds of other players are from the same level or below/above you? Or am i retarded and i just cant distinguish the different sounds? If not this should in my opinion have higher priority than new maps/expansions If already implemented should it be more distinguishable? Discuss
  2. SR_Madruga

    Some thoughts on stamina mechanics

    First of all I wish all the best for this game and the studio behind it, you're hard workers and such an amazing team. The recently changes on stamina system, specially when aiming, made me think about some mechanics that I understand are absolutely necessary or need to be revised on the actual state of things, I will enumerate to be more clear: 1 - Two stamina bars makes no sense thoughts: Let's start from the premise that stamina is an overall physical condition of a being, following that I can't understand how I can sprint 2 miles, stop and aim perfectly, I can even hold my b
  3. lllPug


    I hope it s already plan, but inertia would be great to prevent the game to become like call of or PUBG where player just peek and stay out of cover strafing left to right.
  4. BillyTheBob214

    Idea for New Movement: Prone-Roll

    What do you think about being able to roll to the side when prone? It wouldnt be gamebreaking, but it could help snipers f.e. I remember rolling down hills in Arma like a total dumbass
  5. lllPug


    Add or greatly increse the momentum of the character Currently you can strafe from left to right in inhuman speed Also it s so stupid to see player peek or stay completely out of cover strafing quickly from left to right to bait a shot. (I also noticed the IA doing quick change of dierction, ignoring their momentum; from my gameplay it never been an issue but it doesn t look good when you notice it)
  6. We Need This this is C# coding example for "Change stance" if tab like leftCrtl and then character Crouch and if im holding leftCtrl like 50ms character goes to phrone. PS. Teemu Pesonen (PesoDev) public class changestance : MonoBehaviour { public float timer = 0; public float changestancetime =50;//ms public float playerstance; // Change stance code example please add something like this in game void Update() { if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftControl)) { timer += Time.deltaTime;
  7. JustBiased

    Rolling Onto Your Back While Prone

    Being able to roll onto your back while prone would further enhance the immersion into a real fire fight. As it currently stands in the game going prone is only beneficial if the enemy does not know where you are at. Going prone when the enemy knows your location immediately places you at a disadvantage with only a very select few options. One of the worst-case scenarios being, if the enemy is behind you when you go prone. To mitigate the drawback of going prone when coming into contact from the rear, I suggest implementing the ability to roll onto your back. This option will help level the od
  8. The original setup for managing walking pace used to be a single tap to 'caps-lock' would either set walking pace to slowest or fastest, depending on what was currently set. A few patches ago this got changed and now a single tap only brings the walking pace meter up on the hud and requires a second tap of 'walk' button to change the pace. I cant find a way to revert to initial setting in control config. This doesn't make any sense to require a double-tap of the button to take effect. All other function require a single tap, as they should. Please either evert to original settin
  9. I am exited for the future of Tarkov especially with the leaks for the upcoming updates but I am also a little worried because currently the game play is not even close to realistic. The only thing that is realistic about tarkov is the guns models. But the damage model, recoil and the movement are anything but realistic and this is especially apparent in Factory, Labs and dorms. People are constantly sprinting and bunny-hopping then hipfire/pointshoot full auto meta guns builds extremely accurately while A D spamming. I hoped that the weight system would make the movement more realistic but al
  10. MrPeebles

    Unresponsive controls

    Hi there! I don't know if this has been sugested or not, but I'm going to say it anyway. The movement controls, specially the concerning the crouch and prone positions should be fixed ASAP, I have died many times due to not being able to get up from crouch or prone position (and before people suggest I was in a tight space, I wasen't, I was actually in an open space). Even if I press shift (run), it does nothing many times, I have to spam crouch key a lot until the character actually responds, which in all cases ends up with me getting shot because the "enemy" had all the time
  11. JDCarried

    Overweight and Movement Speed

    I understand that a normal human being can not sprint with 30+ Kgs for a long time, and i kinda like the new weight system, but can we get like a second movement speed option ? At the moment pressing shift feels for me like a sprint, how about adding jogging (smth between the highest walk speed and current running speed), so people can jogg at least for a longer time while carrying stuff from raids etc For example, pressing shift one time will lead into jogging and pressing it two times will lead into sprinting
  12. Pripyat_Strelok

    Priorities Scheduling and Core Mechanics

    Hello. I've been playing EFT for almost a year now and I think I can make some considerations about 2 of the most important mechanics in the game. Now, please consider this as my Point Of View, not some criticism nor a rant, because your project has a LOT of potential and I'm just giving my advice so you can make use of it in the best way. -The first thing I would like to talk about is the Movements Speed. This mechanic is a very important one in my opinion, so it should be treated carefully. Now, I was searching this kind of topic on the Internet for some time, then I came acro
  13. Kleine Frage vorab.. Ist es geplant, dem durchaus etwas körperlich behindert wirkenden Character den wir da steuern, ein paar allgemein übliche Ausstattungen zu verpassen? Der Momentane Ist-Zustand entspricht einem Menschen der höchstens 2 Halswirbel besitzt (siehe maximale Kopfbewegung), er hat keine Knie, besitzt keine Schultern mit denen man im Liegen auch nach oben schießen könnte. Der unfähig ist Türen normal bzw leise zu öffnen. Sich nur hinlegen kann, indem er sich nach vorne fallen lassen kann, und vom leisen aufstehen so viel Ahnung hat wie der Umgebungsgeräuschdesigner von Windg
  14. While it's "possible" to jump in real life, let's all be honest here... When we think of EFT's gameplay -- take the new 0.12 trailer, for example -- part of what makes it feel so intense and high-stakes is precisely BECAUSE these types of "jumping" antics aren't on display. Maybe it's just me, but when I think realistic and hardcore, my mind never envisions players bunny hopping past doorways/hallways. So in my opinion, once vaulting/clamoring is in play, jumping should be removed entirely. I can't think of any context where seeing a player jump helps "draw me into" EFT's gamewo
  15. Damage, Lethal Hitboxes and Healing. I personally feel like the game needs extra instant kill hitboxes such as the spine and the heart like in the Rising Storm games. Because I still have raids when this happens. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 In a past Talking Tarkov podcast Klean said that he wanted this as well but Nikita said it would be difficult but I think its necessary especially for smaller caliber guns to be viable. But getting one tapped by a Makarov in the spine every time would be annoying as well. So I thought because of ribs and bones and everything else in the body that the bullet ha
  16. Snork_Svk

    Lying down movement

    I have suggestion to improve movement which i think is not really complicated to implement in game and will make solution for some issue in game which may be anyone of us already experienced. Make move to lying when you are heavy loaded or in heavy gear more slowly. Modificator should be PMC weight or some types of armor will also add some vaule to this. So when you run only with pistol you can move like now, and trow on ground fast, and also get up fast. But is little inchoate when you can dash to ground and get up in Fort armor whith fully packet Trizip also same fast. 40kg is real
  17. Vorcheski


    I'm sure some of you are rather annoyed by how restricted the jumping is. I know the game is realistic and it's to prevent things like bunnyhopping, which is fine. No one likes that stuff in most shooters, like BF or CoD. However, because of how restricted the jumping is, sometimes it's hard to get over basic obstacles. I have flashbacks to STALKER getting stuck on every single piece of rubble trying to navigate Limansk. I played the Customs map, and there was one really frustrating part that could've ended in my death, had I not already cleared the area. I'm sure most of you know what I'
  18. Exxoduss

    Tripping and falling

    It would be nice to see when someone's running downhill full speed with a backpack full of gear hitting a tree its going to send you into the hospital, also if you try to jump over something and fail to do so instead of it clipping you in midair and stopping you and then running in the same spot trying to get over it should make you fall on your face.
  19. Exxoduss

    Rolling onto back

    What do you think about the ability to roll over on your back from a prone position to defend yourself from attacks from behind and sides ?
  20. lyz92

    Movement issue

    Does anyone still have the movement bug where you continue to move forward for a good 5 seconds even after releasing the W key? This issue has been persisting since the early days! Just got killed again cause I was moving while aiming downsight...
  21. Hi liebe Forum Nutzer und Dev´s, ich habe mich gefragt, ob EFT als erstes Spiel wirklich realistische Treppen Bewegungsabläufe kriegt, da momentan, wie in jedem anderem Spiel die Rampe so schnell wie man will hochgelaufen werden kann. Was ich damit meine ist, es sollte eine neue Ebene von Bewegungen geben, da der Charakter wenn er die Treppen rennt, zum Beispiel auf die Stufen achten muss und so automatisch ein wenig sich nach vorne neigt und schiessen erstmal unmöglich ist. Beim Rennen ist der Charakter sozusagen an die Treppe "gebunden" und muss so immer auf seine Sicherheit acht geben.
  22. JCglitchmaster

    Movement Improvements

    There are a few changes to movement that I feel would greatly improve game play. Firstly, removing the stopping that occurs when changing from running to walking that randomly occurs. This mainly happens to me while at low stamina but when i change from running to walking by just letting go of sprint sometimes my character will come to a full stop resulting in death if I'm trying to rush somebody with a knife, Secondly and the main one is adding a step up system. There are many points in maps where there will be a tiny incline in the environment that will cause your character to come
  23. I just got the game yesterday, installed it and I am attempting to enter a raid. There are no errors or screen prompts that state that are errors; however right when I enter in.. my character is uncontrollable, is always attempting to look up and will not stop walking. Any suggestions?
  24. DrForkInTheLung

    Deus vaulting and binocel

    Is there any news on vaulting? Or a system that will allow players climb over walls, either using team mates or solo? Some times I wish I had binocels on some maps to scout out things in the distance. I feel like it's reasonable and simple item to be part of the game.
  25. TheKoolistOfAids

    What's the movement like?

    I know how the movement is fluid and well thought out, but what about climbing and such? I know there will be at least a jump or vault, but what about climbing taller objects, maybe leg-boosting a team member over a wall. I'd like something other than the jump where your top half moves before the bottom and you lag. This is fixed, you've most likely guaranteed, yet I'd like being able to madbe hop from a dumpster in an alley to a roof, instead of a ladder out in that's in the parking lot and wide [email protected]
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