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Found 17 results

  1. Παρουσιάζουμε την πλήρη έκδοση των Raid miniseries με βάση το διαδικτυακό FPS Παιχνίδι Escape From Tarkov. Στην ταινία του σκηνοθέτη Anton Rosenberg, οι θεατές ανακαλύπτουν τον κόσμο του παιχνιδιού και την ένοπλη σύγκρουση που συμβαίνει στην περιοχή Norvinsk, μια ειδική οικονομική ζώνη στα σύνορα μεταξύ Ρωσίας και Ευρώπης. Τα κύρια λειτουργικά κόμματα είναι δύο αντιτιθέμενες ιδιωτικές στρατιωτικές εταιρείες - USEC και BEAR, που διεξάγουν έντονες μάχες μεταξύ τους και των συμμοριών που παραμένουν στην πόλη - Τους Scavs. Ο πρωταγωνιστής βρίσκεται στην κατεχόμενη πόλη του Tarkov, τις εξόδους από τις οποίες εμποδίζονται οι ειρηνευτές του ΟΗΕ και τα ρωσικά στρατεύματα. Απολαύστε...!!!
  2. Spartanul


    Miniseries Hello there,I know that sounds a little bit crazy or funny at least,recently on YouTube the RAID has ended. 90% Of Tarkov Players liked that very much and 10% bought the game.The game it's growing step by step and a good ideea would be after the game it's out of BETA,the developers should create a movie or something like Chernobyl Miniseries,I think that will help the game to grow up...sorry for the dumb ideea or something. Best Regards
  3. Natalino

    RAID Episode 2 is Here!

    We are pleased to announce the premiere of episode 2 of "RAID" movie series, based on the multiplayer online FPS Escape from Tarkov. In the film directed by Anton Rosenberg, the audience discovers the world of the game and the armed conflict that occurred in the Norvinsk region—a special economic area on the border of Russia and Europe. The main operating forces are two opposing private military companies—USEC and BEAR, fighting each other along with the remaining gangs in the city—SCAVs. The protagonist finds himself in the sieged city of Tarkov, the exits of which are blocked by UN peacekeepers and Russian troops. Note: The video is 18+ only! Enjoy!
  4. BunEdits

    Movie Making Mode

    I would like to see how many other people would like to see a movie making tool added to the game, be able to watch past raids back and see what you can improve on with the inclusion on a dolly camera. You can either fly this camera around or set a specific path for it to follow over a time period. Some extra features which would be nice would be to be able to watch it back at a slower speed. Thanks, BunEdits
  5. Rex_Hilverstone

    Fanmade short movie - Seconds

    Hello guys,I've been working on this short movie for quite a while now and its finally done,as good as I could make it. Nothing more to it,I just hope you like it!
  6. OgLeshy

    The Movie Corner

    Ok so let's start posting what we watch and recommend to others something they might enjoy after producing more sodium than a salt mine from being killed by "bullshit" and "not my fault it' was DESYNC" in Tarkov. Let me start the train Tv Series: - Mindhunter - Lucifer - Man in the High Castle - Ancient Aliens (Don't judge nothing makes my day brigher than laughter at some of that stuff) Movies: - 13 Hours - Baby Driver
  7. Hi there, we are CFXSquad and you guys can check us out on our samenamed youtube channel. We create shortfilms about games, and we are doing it for quite a time now. (We did it for ubisoft, ea, rebellion etc). We are sponsored by different companies and are proffesional filmmakers. We have our own office, high end equipment and besides us, a bunch of interns. We are located in The Netherlands. So. Why are we here? We LOVE tarkov. We bought the EOD edition to get a grip on the gameplay. WE love it. Right now we are sucked in the game and currently we are writing our script. We also fixed some props. Like the AK47, m4 and some Roubles. We want this to be a different project and get you guys involved. Give us tips. Key elements that you want to see in the game, or stuff we just can't ignore. So please follow, and comment! Here are the roubles
  8. Видео
  9. Klaus_Quarter

    Escape From Tarkov 80's Version

  10. Hi folks! We represent you hot fragmovie with SCAVs gameplay. Watch, like, comment, subscribe, do what you want.
  11. iGoodLifeNL

    Quick Cinematic Custom

    Supp boiyss! Created this short cinematic to see how it looks, From here working on bigger and better Cinematic's. Just to share some stuff here it is See you guys in Tarkov !
  12. Первый опыт в монтаже, оставляйте пожалуйста комментарии, можно тут, можно на youtube Ваше мнение очень важно для меня) Записывалось все только в пвп, вставлены моменты с убийством только ЧВК (без ботов). Все это соло рейды, скажу честно, в некоторых до конца не дожил - старался снять побольше красивых моментов, показать разное оружие
  13. In the essemce of EFT Alpha soon being released, I would really like to watch some survival movies/series/anime. Do you have any to recommend? Let me start the list; Movie; Battle Royale. You could call this the predecessor to the hunger games and all the movies alike. Series; The 100. Despite what you may think about this "aww poo, another teenage drama with neverending problems" it is a REALLY good series! It gets better and more intense every episode! -highly recommend! Anime; Deadman Wonderland This anime is a psychological thriller, in the essence it is about survival. This is a DAMN GOOD series. I usually dont post animes in english, but since I think it fits better in this forum, here you go: So, do you have any media to recommend? If so, I'd really like you to post a reply
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