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Found 3 results

  1. i want compensated

    so i finished 2 tasks in 1 match. i then receive both rewards from the tasks and put the reward in my inventory. it then gives me and error code that something couldnt be moved. it glitched out the tri-zip backpack, 8 bandages, and the ruples from both. I WANT COMPENSATED! i wanted that tri-zip
  2. Carry System

    So I had an idea for a system you could put in allowing another player/character to "carry" another player/character. I thought of 2 degrees that this could be approached with to start. 1st being a fellow player could assist another in walking by switching to his pistol or melee and carry some of the weight allowing the broken legged character to walk at a faster speed but sacrificing the mobility of the other player. 2nd degree is similar to a fireman carry for heavily injured friends or characters, but the trade off is neither character could use a gun or weapon. Since there is easy way to distinguish friend from foe, the only thing i recommend is not allowing the carry of "dead" players/characters. This would help out players giving them another versatile use of getting an ally out of combat. -1st degree is similar to the closest two in the picture. -2nd degree is the second picture with the fireman carry.
  3. Character stuck moving forward

    So I was playing the game and noticed my character wont stop moving forward and I cant stop it. Sometimes he just moves in place or backwards but mostly he just constantly walks forward. I have restarted the game and my computer multiple times and have left support requests multiple times but nothing he still is being a dumbass and just continuously walks forward and I'm losing a lot of poo because of it and its really pissing me off. Anyone have any ideas what to do. Thanks Hope I didn't waste my money lol