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Found 6 results

  1. Just a little suggestion for the MPX. Make the Collapsing stock actually collapsible. Even if it uses the same "fold" text in the menu. You name it as such, the grooves are blatantly obvious on the weapon, yet it's not available. Drives me nuts! PS. For some reason I couldn't post this in the Weapons Department. Please move at your leisure.
  2. Hi zusammen. Ich bin noch recht neu, vllt mache ich auch einfach was falsch. Ich war im Spiel, hatte ein MPX Maschinengewehr, 2 Magazine und zusätzliche Kugel dabei. Das erste Magazin habe ich leer geschossen und habe in einem günstigen Moment das Magazin (9x19 MPX) mit den zusätzlichen Kugeln (PSO gzh 9x19) nachladen wollen. Die Animation (Ladekreis) läuft, Anzahl zählt langsam hoch. Kaum ist diese beim Maximum (30) angekommen geht der Counter zurück auf 0. Ist das normal? Ich entnehme den Daten dass das die richtige Munition ist (würde sonst auch nicht hochzählen nehme ich an?). Ich habe übrigens auch mein zweites Magazin leer geschossen und wollte es damit nochmal versuchen, kein Erfolg. Noch dazu: Ich hatte im ersten Magazin noch 2 Kugeln übrig, die konnte ich ebenfalls nicht entladen! Rechtsklick -> Entladen (Unload) -> nichts passiert. Platz war natürlich noch über im Inventar. Danke schonmal für jede hilfreiche Antwort. Gerade Munitions-Probleme sind gravierend. (Im Anhang ein Screenshot von den Komponenten)
  3. evanrudy

    MPX Gen 2 with .40 and .357

    Sig Sauer had designed the MPX to be mulitcaliber with the idea that only the barrel had to be swapped to run .357 Sig (9 x 22 mm) and .40 Smith and Wesson, because of manufacturing pre-contracts they have not released a commercial variant of the MPX in these calibers. (yet) The MPX gen 2 (easily identifiable with keymod rail) had been released to accept these two calibers. With the exiting Gen 1 MPX in the game, a Gen 2 Upper could be used to implement these two new calibers into the game. Peacekeeper could sell these uppers and also additional barrels in .357 sig and .40 S&W. I attached some photo-shopped images of what a MPX Gen 2 may look like in game. Notice the Caliber Specifications.
  4. hun616

    Question about mpx

    is there way to get mpx mag? I have only mag so it kind of hard use in raid I have prapo lev3 but i can;t find mag for mpx is it possible to buy it from trader? if not can someone sell it to me?
  5. There is definitely a problem in Tarkov right now. 1) Players feel they have to do "Hatchling Runs" to complete quests and obtain money/items. 2) Armor almost completely nullifies some weapons in the game The fix I would present to this, is add a 2nd Queue option to every map. Currently you: Select Scav or PMC Select Map Select Time of Day Select Offline Mode Insure After Selecting PMC, you could simply have: Select Mode: Option A: - Low Caliber Only (No Primary Required/Stage 2 armor or lower) Option B: - Everything Allowed (Primary Weapon Required) This would make it so veteran players and people who want gunfights can have a game full of actual geared players. (They would be required to have a Primary Weapon Equipped to join) (Devs could also make some quests only do-able in Everything Allowed mode, so you would have to bring a Primary Weapon to do certain quests) Let me know what you think. **Added Stage 2 Armor or lower as a requirement for Low-Caliber Mode**
  6. lolman1111

    MPX Barrel?

    I have recently bought a non surpressed mpx bc in one earlier raid i have looted a mpx surpressor. I want to attach the surpressor so bad but i cannot find any mpx barrel at any trader ( i have skier peacekeeper and pavel lvl 4). Some help please? (maybe i am doing a mistake and i don't need to change barrel in order to attach surpressor or i dunno)
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