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Found 23 results

  1. SaltyWess

    Music IN RAID

    Unfortunately I didn't have my replay buffer on but I swear on my life I was running around in factory and I was cleaning up scavs when around 9 mins left in raid I heard background music. Not like it was coming from a speaker in the map but as if I had pandora on. It sounded like geneburn music style. It was just a short 10 second long music sting then it ended, like I accomplished something. I had nothing else going on in the background that could've played anything. Am I going crazy?
  2. Fukzo0

    Full Main Menu OST

    So, i used to listen ofter the Soundtrack of Tarkov, but there is few tracks i couldnt find anywhere, so i decided to record all main menu Feel free to listen if you enjoy this masterpice of sound work too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eNlbpVTu5c&t=996s
  3. Having been heavily inspired by the devs music and the music of geneburn along with my great love for the game I wanted to set some time aside and give a shot at attempting to make my own little soundtrack to fit the game how I know it to be, tense and adrenaline fueled.
  4. echonium

    Music Switch Button

    Having a keybind or button panel with the arrows to pause play and fast forward the music in the menu would be fantastic. It would enable users to flip through the tarkov soundtrack to their favorite song when gearing up. It would also allow for pausing/muting the music when in a discord call so that users can hear each other better. To implement it there are two possible solutions, with the first being better due to it having no UI clutter and no UI to design. Option 1: Make a set of 3 keybind options: one for pause, one for next song, and one for previous song. Option 2: make a small clickable panel with the pause and forward and backward buttons on it in the main menus. Note: I'll be frank, I know this is a very pointless feature, but I love the games OST so I want to be able to listen to whatever song whenever I want without having to go to youtube.
  5. Jalash

    Uratsakidogi In march to Killa

    I had to share this here: And make my way back humbly and quietly.... dont die in 4:04 as i did rolf
  6. Hello, i have ben making some EFT songs/remixes, but here is my newest one. Its a remix of (geneburn - Edge of Darkness) Let me know what you think =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZY3Kr5Oass
  7. EagleNationUK1

    music soundtracks

    Hello folks, I don't know if off-topic forum is correct for this topic. Anyway, (This topic is about music soundtracks). In the Prepare For Escape'-esque themes in the main menu music for example "Dark Horizon" and many more in the near future and until it is forthcoming i.e. Releasing etc. Will the all of the music tracks come onto like Spotify, iTunes (others streaming platforms of music) after the game been released? feel free to comment
  8. I made lolipop. I can cover the whole song if you want.
  9. Why_Even_Bother

    Import custom music?

    Is it possible or will it ever be possible to change and import custom music that plays while I'm in the various menus?
  10. ViscontiRogue

    Main Menu Music selector

    Just wondering if at some point we might be able to select which track plays in menus. I really miss the original piano music playing, "Prepare for Escape" I think it was called, would like for the option to choose which songs we get to use when logging into the game.
  11. MrSandman98

    -LOFI- Casual Gaming/Music Community LFM!

    -LOFI- Gaming We are a newly established gaming community that is looking for laid back gamer's like ourselves! We play a wide variety of games with EfT being our main one. Our goals are to be a hub where PC gamer's can meet new friends, discover new music and chill somewhere after a long hard day at work. What do we play? - Escape from Tarkov -DayZ - RoE (Ring of Elysium) - CS:GO Requirements to join: - Must be 16+ - Have decent communication skills - Don't be greedy! Discord Link: -https://discord.gg/ERQCXv4 Type in #general-chat to join our community <3
  12. Всех приветствую! Играю в Тарков уже больше года, и все это время ловил себя на мыли: "Блин, а музыка тут реально крута! А не сделать ли кавер?" И наконец-то появилось время на воплощение этой задумки...) Жанр, в котором выполнен кавер - специфичный, но любителям, я думаю, понравится)) P.S. Если каким-то образом этот кавер дойдет до Никиты, будет круто узнать мнение автора))
  13. Valistaja


    I just wanted to say that you have done super good job with the game music. Soundtrack turns on every time.
  14. Been playing EFT a lot lately, so when I found out a few notes from the game's OST I freaked out xD Shoutout to Geneburn for making EFT's amazing OST Really wanted to make this when I found out the notes :D https://soundcloud.com/user-548885071/tarkov-memories
  15. ataros

    Local Tarkov culture

    If you are interested in local music you can watch some Leningrad band videos on youtube. They depict mostly local SCAV and some Bear life before 2015. The name of the band is the name of St. Petersburg city under soviet regime. E.g. a typical love story (almost 40 000 000 views till now btw) Download video Download video You can always google lyrics with English translation for their other songs. They are usually not bad. Lyrics for this one: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/voyage-вояж-voyage.html
  16. SlyTheSamurai

    Tarkov Fan made Song (usec 1)

    i make random music from time to time this one is very much tarkov inspired. GO USEC Enjoy! -sly
  17. Imagine there'd be speakers throughout Tarkov and you somehow managed to get into the prison directors room You got one chance, tell me what you play
  18. TheColdVein

    City Of Tarkov [Music Video]

    So I used to be a rapper at one time... In my excitement for what may be the greatest survival game EH-VER, I was listening to some royalty free music I get, as part of my YouTube Partnership. Let's just say, lyrics popped off in my head. Here is the result..."Welcome to the most dangerous city in Russia 2028. Where savages, and scavengers run wild. Where guns are the most precious commodity. Where you can die over a pack of crackers..." Colonel Twerkins - City Of Tarkov [Music Video]
  19. fairTX

    The Tarkov Blues

    Hey Cheeki's, just wanted to share this music video I made and wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope 2018 is gonna be an even better year for EFT, cheers!
  20. Missise

    FAN MUSIC - Averse Regards

    Hello! Just figured I'd share some fan music I made of Tarkov. I'm sure it's nothing too special compared to what a lot of people make but I wanted to show my love for the game, and support! It's called Averse Regards and you can find it here! Hope you enjoy it!
  21. DerpingWork


    Hello, i just wanted to ask if there could be implementation of guitars in this game as you would have option to play some tracks just by selecting it by sitting by campfire with your friends, just like in stalker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRRGYEFZF4A Just like there. It would be cool, it would add atmospheric feeling and overall nice atmosphere. Please consider adding this as this was one of most enjoyable things in STALKER series. (Im not saying copy, but make own version because guitar songs fit great with post-apo) Thank you for reading!
  22. Binx

    Atmospheric Music

    Roam through virtual Slavic Forest (Temnozor is an Russian BM or Pagan, Folk Metal band)
  23. DerpingWork

    In-game music/Sountracks

    I just wanted to ask, will there be in-game music implemented? Like this one which was shown in gameplay http://bit.ly/1WfKwWl ? I mean, will they be Raid-Only or you'll be able to hear them whenever you want? Thanks! (And also, i totally love this post-apo techno music, creating feel of fast action game)
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