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Found 7 results

  1. Imagine there'd be speakers throughout Tarkov and you somehow managed to get into the prison directors room You got one chance, tell me what you play
  2. The Tarkov Blues

    Hey Cheeki's, just wanted to share this music video I made and wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hope 2018 is gonna be an even better year for EFT, cheers!
  3. FAN MUSIC - Averse Regards

    Hello! Just figured I'd share some fan music I made of Tarkov. I'm sure it's nothing too special compared to what a lot of people make but I wanted to show my love for the game, and support! It's called Averse Regards and you can find it here! Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Guitar

    Hello, i just wanted to ask if there could be implementation of guitars in this game as you would have option to play some tracks just by selecting it by sitting by campfire with your friends, just like in stalker. Just like there. It would be cool, it would add atmospheric feeling and overall nice atmosphere. Please consider adding this as this was one of most enjoyable things in STALKER series. (Im not saying copy, but make own version because guitar songs fit great with post-apo) Thank you for reading!
  5. Atmospheric Music

    Roam through virtual Slavic Forest (Temnozor is an Russian BM or Pagan, Folk Metal band)
  6. In-game music/Sountracks

    I just wanted to ask, will there be in-game music implemented? Like this one which was shown in gameplay ? I mean, will they be Raid-Only or you'll be able to hear them whenever you want? Thanks! (And also, i totally love this post-apo techno music, creating feel of fast action game)
  7. City Of Tarkov [Music Video]

    So I used to be a rapper at one time... In my excitement for what may be the greatest survival game EH-VER, I was listening to some royalty free music I get, as part of my YouTube Partnership. Let's just say, lyrics popped off in my head. Here is the result..."Welcome to the most dangerous city in Russia 2028. Where savages, and scavengers run wild. Where guns are the most precious commodity. Where you can die over a pack of crackers..." Colonel Twerkins - City Of Tarkov [Music Video]