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Found 7 results

  1. Rekonsile

    Opening door and nading bug

    first vid is of the bug and how to replicate it ive done this twice this wipe lol https://www.twitch.tv/videos/783728957 This is the result of relogging https://www.twitch.tv/videos/783726159
  2. Seriously I've lost count of how many runs i've seen where a player scav had grenades Not grenades he looted, but grenades he spawned in with Stop this This is a big dumb decision to be giving player scavs grenades
  3. Xqisit

    Disarming bug

    Have anyone else been disarmed after throwing a granade or a flashbang ? Happend to me yesterday, could not get my weapon out after throwing, just stod there naked. I had not binded any nades, i only used the default nade throw bind. Had to throw my weapon on the ground to use it again, but then again i could not switch to my second weapon. Do anyone know if developers know about this ? Hope it reach out. Sincerely Moded M4 that has found a new home
  4. KailJoric

    Grenades Not Realistic

    So, I'm thinking the reason behind this issue is actually a coding situation and might be more trouble than BSG has resources to fix, but for a game that aims at being hard and realistic why do grenades not explode if you die before they detonate? If I manage to lob a grenade but then die in the process the grenade I toss immediately becomes inactive. This isn't realistic at all and actually eliminates a possible threat for PMC's. If someone throws a grenade at me and I managed to kill them before it goes off I should still have to worry about the grenade. I'm sure this topic has been discussed, but I did a couple quick searches and couldn't find anything listed. This would also mean the possibility of gaining a kill after death, which again, I"m not sure BSG has the resources to code this into the game, though I do believe it should be done.
  5. VTechas

    Someone explain?

    Sooo this happened.. How is that even possible? http://plays.tv/video/5a79fd6d06e78ac045/-
  6. Suh dudes. I've been playing Tarkov for almost a year now and decided to start creating some content. Looking for some community feedback on my first youtube video. There is a nade glitch in my video as well (I think), not click baiting this early. Things I know I know I could improve on. I curse too much. I'm from New Jersey. Words are hard without cursing. I have no fancy graphics or logos yet. Prob could use some transitions. I'm just looking to bring a little more flavor and comedy to the community. I also expect to get roasted...because its the internet.
  7. bj24edrftcv


    I toss a grenade over a box in factory at a man with a pistol... grenade goes across the room blowing up... crippling me heavily and leaving the shooter in perfect condition... grenade goes through the boooox.
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