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Found 15 results

  1. I would highly suggesting to rename the game to "Escape from Cheaters" because there are 70% to 85% on every raid I encounter that the Battleye does not detect.
  2. Eddy25

    Offensive names question.

    With the new addition of the report button, I wondered if names of historical characters with bad reputations can be understood and banned as offensive names.
  3. No fists, please!
  4. xgent3

    Player Scav Names

    When getting killed by a player scav it was very confusing for me when the player's name was not listed. The Scav name was displayed instead and I was incredibly confused for a long time. If we could use player names when playing as a scav, there would be less confusion. This is just a small quality of life suggestion. Perhaps even keep the scav name and have the player name in parentheses. E.g. Anatoly Zaitsev (BoldFacedJoke)
  5. I don't know if this has been confirmed or not by the devs. I personally want players to know who I am when I kill them as a scav. I've had a lot of moments when I've wiped a squad of PMCs or 1 tapped a fully geared PMC with a pistol. The ability to turn off your anonymity while playing as a scav and display your PMC's name instead of a random scav name would be a great feature. I get that the characters are meant to be separate. Perhaps another solution would be you could give players the ability to name their scav character, that way I could name it "Omoz(scav)".
  6. Wertgo

    "Invalid Nickname"

    Hi, I bought the game today and wanted to try out the beta. But I couldn't get past the choosing a nickname screen. Every nickname I enter turns out to be invalid.It gives the error "Invalid nickname." Does anyone know a solution for this?
  7. Hallo zusammen, sehr wahrscheinlich werde ich bald aufs Übelste beschimpft, weshalb ich so blöde Ideen habe oder ob ich kein Spaß verstehen kann, ABER ich wollte mal fragen, was Ihr davon halten würdet, wenn BSG einen neuen Filter für die Namensgebung des Charakteren einbringen würde. Klar gibt es sehr kreative Namen, die lustig, nachdenklich oder einen persönlich stark aussehen lassen. Dennoch stoße ich immer wieder auf Namen, die ich persönlich in solch einem Spiel (auch generell) nicht sehen möchte... "harmlos" (alles subjektive Bewertungen) angefangen von "" über "" bis hin zu ""
  8. Solestian

    Unique Id

    So in the discription of ''Edge of Night, limited edition'' It says you recieve a unique in-game id. Does that mean you just have some random name with other versions of the game, or does this mean something different?
  9. airelek

    PlayerScav Hackers

    Player scavs should have the original player name displayed when you get killed by them. Me and a friend just got killed by a player scav that was flying sideways and shot us through a bunch of walls with 0 sound shots. Giving player scavs anon names is the most inviting thing for a hacker right now.. even though there is no report system yet it will be easier for players to help with the cleanup if they had their PMC names on display. Heres a vid of it. In the video i thought i died from the barbed wire but my death screen showed the scav name. Skip to 8:20 sry for the poo record
  10. PEPINO999

    Nameless people

    Someone else has been kill by nameless people?, for me, it happens a LOT... here some examples that i take a Screenshot from this week...
  11. Mira_Minx

    Character Naming

    I just got the Edge of Darkness edition of the game and using the profile settings on this website made a name for my character. When I entered into the game the name I selected was already there loaded up for me to use but when I hit enter it says Invalid name. Why is this?
  12. warstone3002

    Plates to name your gun

    as we are soner or later going to get a player to player market a cool adition will be the chance to name our guns by a plate or a tag or sing
  13. Salkiic

    Game package under your avatar

    I see some people have their preordered game package name under their avatar in the forums. How do you get that? I have the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition but it doesn't show up as it does for others.
  14. Brandon


    What name did you sign up with on EFT? I got an OG name.
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