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Found 14 results

  1. TL-Derpstar

    Streaming tarkov

    Can we start streaming this game yet on twitch without threat of ban due to the NDA? I really want to get the word out about this game but I do not in any way want to breach the NDA and get banned. If anyone has concrete proof that we can stream this game please let me know!
  2. migh7ymous3


    Just bought the game and tried streaming it. Wouldnt work. Does the game still have the NDA? If so who do i email about getting permission.
  3. 我們很高興地通知您,所有在Escape From Tarkov Alpha測試中觸犯披露NDA的所有禁令已被取消!從這一刻開始,所有被封鎖用戶都可以開始測試遊戲。 在塔科夫再見!
  4. Cheaptrix

    Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I would like to point out that many people feel restricted by the current fixed day night cycle. I am just suggesting that devs place day/night time phase selection in high priority. Especially with the NDA lifting soon, there will be a very large influx of players online. During server nightime hours it places a huge stress on factory because nobody is playing customs or woods. Most people simply just play factory or logoff if its nighttime in server. Please add time phase selection asap! It will keep people happy and playing much longer!
  5. akito1233

    Stream NDA Lift Akitorino

    Hallo Liebe Jungs und Mädels Ich Spiele Escape from Tarkov seit dem ersten Tag der Alpha und bin extrem aufgeregt das Spiel dann endlich am 24.03.2017 zu Streamen. Daraufhin möchte ich jeden von euch der das hier liest gerne zu meinem Stream einladen sobald es dann wie gesagt endlich Streambar ist und man dann auch mal was zeigen darf. Ich gehe auch davon aus das es dann auch bestimmt Gruppen Spiele geben wird also mit euch Zuschauern und gemeinsam etwas töten kann und Spaß haben kann was ja das allerwichtigste ist nämlich Spaß. Ich wünsche euch noch viel Spaß beim spielen
  6. fourskineater

    Just upgraded! NDA for alpha

    Just upgraded to the Left Behind Edition! Hopefully I get into the alpha :~)!!!!! My question is, if we do get into the alpha, do we get to at least talk about the alpha or is it completely mouth closed? Much love Thomas :~)
  7. Manni

    NDA Lifted?

    Hey Everyone, a friend told me that making videos and streaming would now be allowed? But I wanted to ask first. Greetings, -A fellow and super-excited content creator :-)
  8. ChUpEtEmOnKeY

    How can i get my NDA lifted?

    How can i get my NDA lifted so i can upload videos to my youtube channel?
  9. Liebes Team von EFT, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen: Mein Name ist Chris aka BlackSnow. Ich bin ein Kind der 80er und komme aus der Nähe von Kempen in NRW. Meine Hobbies sind Strandspaziergänge bei Vollmond, Delphinreiten und jungen Damen mal einen Dollar in den Slip schieben XD. Naja das wären zumindest meine Vorstellungen als Milliardär. Ja Milliardär, Millionär sein ist so 90er… Da ich auch beruflich viel im Bereich Web und Technik zu tun habe, liegt mein Stellenwert was die Streaming Qualität angeht schon sehr hoch. Dazu habe ich mir inzwischen auch einen Streaming PC zugele
  10. Since the beginning of the extended alpha on Thursday, December 29th, 2016; NDA was lifted to only few members of the press/streamers. NDA is still in effect for the rest of our players but it will be getting lifted gradually and not immediately for all. Yesterday we already had several streams and videos from independent streamers that are not developers. We offer you the list of these videos that are already published, with much more new to come very soon: English: Youtube Video by Starsnipe - Daily Videos 9 hour and 38 minutes stream by rehinocrunch:
  11. MrNoHomo

    People streaming EFT

    How is it that people are streaming EFT, Get given all this free loot when people who have followed this game for ages finally jumped at getting the ultra package spending £140 and I'm not allowed to share this game with friends, due to risks of getting banned. Not meaning to sound like like I'm ungrateful but for that kind of money i want to be able to stream EFT as well.
  12. Hey, habe gerade durch Zufall wieder jemanden gefunden der EFT streamt. Derzeit ist er noch Live.
  13. UpperCloud

    How i can fill the NDA forms

    I have Left Behind edition and i dont know how to fill NDA form? Or if i dont have that Limited edition pack i cant fill them unless im selected?
  14. m-eight

    Starting to see broken NDAs

    LoL already quite few videos and photos are starting to pop up all over the internet... are DEVs/Admins taking action ?
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