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Found 14 results

  1. Darrakis

    Useless sniper bullets

    We are talking about realistic gameplay and make everything harder and slower but when it comes to snipers they are already weak as f*. 85 health in thorax are u kidding ? There is 1 bullet that has this much damge and its not even one tapping thorax with 4 lwl armor . I'm very sad about this because I like sniper in 'realistic' games but there is no explanation for this nonsense. Ok I get it mosin is op but mosin isn't that only using this ammo. Lps got nerfed by 2x price and m80 is useless as well (in snipers not in rsas or smtg). I can't even one tap scavs in chest with lps or m80 ! When we
  2. CBasedLifeForm

    In case of possible .366 TKM AP

    Hi everyone! Watching streamers talking about new .366 TKM AP round and how overpowered it is. I have suggestion if you ever decide to nerf it, make it so it can be used only with VPO-215. Every streamer I saw was using it with semi-auto Vepr AKM/VPO-209 which in realistic setting might have reliablity issues due to higher gas pressures in gas operated gun. On the other hand in bolt action guns the breach is way better suited to fire more powerful cartridges than standard for caliber. Thanks for reading, Szkocka
  3. lghartmann

    pre-meding nerf in raid

    Probably there's someone saying the same thing in the forum but here's the idea. Currently people are using pain/mobility (broken legs) meds before going into a fight, and they have no penalty for that (some ppl say its unfair and blabla) if there is a nerf coming i suggest doing that the player doesn't know the damage he takes when he premeds (x limb would be "?" when and if he gets shot), and it is needed an animation for each part of the body to realize how much healing he needs (and he can`t heal without checking his limbs, or he would heal improperly) this adds a reality factor to the gam
  4. Please nerf ULTRA medical storage key its kinda broken because from 10 raids on Interchange i found 7 LEDX their spawnrate there is really big my idea is to remove them from this storage room or decrease spawn rate.
  5. https://streamable.com/xxpyty 20-30 rounds 5.45x39 T, half of which were arms and legs Every gunfight is either you or them dead instantly or mag dump each other until the game realizes one of you should be dead, just like its always been in our great "Hardcore and realistic shooter"
  6. lllPug

    Lps_Gzh is still a probleme

    The fact that the Scav and lvl1 player can one shot you in the thorax with the f ing mosin if you dont wear a Lvl5 armor is so frustrating, especially on factory when a Scav or mosinman with no armor geting close to you and just put there barrel on your chest and oneshot you even so you have an automatic weapon. Every time I hear or see a mosin I just leave cuz it s not worth the high risk of loosing all my armor point or die if I have a lvl4 or lower.
  7. Honestly I'm curious why so many people in this community and the Reddit community are so toxic towards hatchet runners.... Now i know someone is going to come in and proclaim because they break realism... That is fine, I understand that but people need a way to make $$$. Few things - Kolpak and 3m (Tarbank) makes you almost invincible to a melee player so they arent a threat unless they find a weapon. - They cannot defend themselves against scavs or players so they need to either be sneaky or get in and out. - They rush loot spawns because they know the above. But gear players
  8. Triscuit003

    Nerf Scavs

    Where to start... I love this game, it has fantastic potential in the FPS realm, and the overall atmosphere is great. One of the things that really bothers me going into this game are the scavs. Now I'd like to think of myself as a decent player. Don't have much of a problem looting, getting money, staying safe and smart about my decisions but man any time I encounter a scav it's quite the toss up. As the Title says "Nerf Scavs" I don't necessarily mean to nerf them, but rather focus on their behavior. More Specifically if I shoot a scav in the head it should die... except I've been close enou
  9. Vaskeklud


    Come on.. i have now tryed serval times where i have Armor + helmet to get one shottet by a stupid Hatchet! Its keeps happening.! Its way to overpowered.. And ive also just died to a hatchet, i shoot him with a shotgun and he "stops" for half a sec, while it loads next round as they do.. he then sprint again and hit me on 4m distance!? cause of the sprint/lag/bug whatever it is.. Fix this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. So I'm already in love with the optimization with this patch, and a new gear drop is good too, but I've noticed a problem with the scavs. How exactly is someone who's supposed to be just some civilian who picked up a gun able to pop into a room and instantly headshot you, when you've got your gun trained on the door? This has happened a few times to me already. I'm not expecting super easy AI that just sits there and takes it, but to have AI walk into a room and instantly snap onto your forehead and fire a single killing shot is ridiculous. Frankly, if they can't get the AI tuned right, t
  11. bj24edrftcv


    I personally have observed that the hatchets and the people who come completely ungeared with them only.... are unstoppable murder machines, especially on factory... HERE I AM, Basic AVS with 4 30 round 5.45 mags with an ak-47n with nice scope set to full auto. I take this loadout onto factory to encounter hatchlings EVERYWHERE. I run into one on the stairs to office... he died fast.... lucky me... a second later another one pops up so I bolt out in hopes I get a full mag... I turn and dump 30 ROUNDS INTO HIS CHEST WHEN HE HAS NO ARMOR... he keeps running... so I bolt again reloading once more
  12. TheFoolx


    sks scavs need to be nerfed, they insta you. if you dont see them you are instantly dead. i rarely die and the last 3 raids ive got insta killed by sks scavs, they need to be nerfed now.
  13. derickfoggs

    AI needs serious nerf

    this games AI needs a serious Nerf. if the ai gets to shoot they win because its always a headshot, if i miss my first shot thats a headshot half the time they dont even look at me but flick their gun at me and 1 shot head shot me even with the crappy Makarov pistol. i have lost countless gear to AI who insta kill me that i didnt even see. the AI need to be toned down from 100% to 75% even then they would still be more dangerous than the players. i have noticed their reaction time is a bit slower to compensate but all they need is 3 shots and 1 is guaranteed to be a head-shot and with no early
  14. StrumpGunnar

    Nerf scavs plez (Crazy scav story)

    I was doing a raid in the woods when from nowhere i got suppresed by a scav. I saw that he was in a old wooden building but i couldnt exactly aim at him because he was in the building and shooting trough cracks of the walls. I only saw the muzzle flash trough the cracks. I took cover behind a tree and saw dust flying of the tree exactly where my head was. So he was shooting trough walls and trying to shoot my head behind a tree....seems fair. He managed to shoot my legs so now i couldn't run. I could only lie down and wait for him to run out of ammo....he never ran out of ammo and in
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