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Found 24 results

  1. Aytoms

    new ping limit goes too far

    the new ping limit being at 180ms i really really do believe is a huge hinderance to the game as a whole. 250-300 is where the realm of max ping should ALWAYS be at, because going past that oversteps the bounds and essentially region-locks the game for no real benefit. maybe for some people it's not a problem, but if i'm having troubles playing with my international friends, or having troubles finding matches since i'm playing off-peak hours, i'm now unable to play this game. i understand that this game is in beta, but that really shouldn't mean developers should take this type of action to co
  2. 1. Hier könnt ihr sehen, wie ein Spieler ein ganzes Magazin in einen Gegner jagd und nichts passiert - außer, dass er selbst kurz darauf stirbt: https://youtu.be/Ne9T0HHGDRE?t=574 2. Und hier ist die gleiche Szene aus der Sicht des Gegners, der nur den anderen Spieler sieht, aber "nicht", wie er mit einem ganzen Magazin beschossen wird und daher sorgenfrei zielt und ein paar schüsse abgibt, bis der andere tot ist: https://youtu.be/Ne9T0HHGDRE?t=768 Da scheinen Netcode und Server komplett zu versagen oder woran liegt sowas? 😯🙄😕
  3. I'm all for a good and fair firefight but the problem is, most are not. Most are won by the dude with 500 ping that drops you before he appears on your screen. The dude that runs through 10 rounds of ammo because you're not actually hitting him. The dude that goes out of his way to play on a server located as far from his physical location as possible to use this advantage. I died 6 times today, 4 times to ping abusers. This is getting old. Can you please fix this issue next wipe. The game is pretty decent but netcode is absolutely not.
  4. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    Are there going to be actual fixes to this terrible netcode? It seems every raid I get into I die or I kill someone because peekers advantage is extreme, projectiles also have the tendency to not register server side resulting in scenarios where the players aiming accurately and bursting to hit their shots are punished while the players that run full speed ahead using hipfire are rewarded with the kill... Netcode fixes need to be of top priority especially in a game where the majority of the combat is PvP and don't even get me started on how the netcode affects the scavs at this point.
  5. You could implement a reconnection system as the other games have, so that in cases of micro-cutting the network will not be automatically ejected from the game and have to reload the entire map and lose all that time in which your character is defenseless in the instance. Something like this:
  6. Not sure why my Google Fiber gigabit connection and i7 7700k with a Geforce RTX 2080 would lie to me about where I was in this video [1]... I run back behind a wall only to die shortly after because of what I can only assume are sync issues between my game, the server, and the other dude's game. Are these issues actually being addressed? If so, is there a timeline that shows when these fixes will be implemented or at least when you will add it to your developer's sprint? A simple internet search will show it is not just me that experiences these problems. Sync issues are ruining this g
  7. Mensch BSG.... Nichts gegen euch aber bekommt BITTE das mit dem Netcode hin. Ich schieße ein GANZES Magazin auf EINEN player und was passiert: Gestorben Ammo Used: 30 HitCount 3 (War auf Factory Brückeneingang beim Treppenhaus wo der Snackautomat steht und von da aus hab ich die treppe runter geschossen PS: KEINE 5 METER) Habe by the way einen Altyn angehabt und werde durch den mit ner M4 Geonehittet! Klar man kann durch jeden Helm onehitten. Das ist mir bewusst, aber mal ehrlich Desync und die Armorbugs verursachen, dass die Schüsse auf den Helm z.B. ne gehen sondern direkt
  8. Ok, vorneweg: Ich bin kein Neuling, ich spiele Tarkov ungefähr seit 1 Jahr und glaube zu wissen, wo ich mit dem Knallstock hinzielen muss, damit da was umfällt. Mir ist es seit dem aktuellen Patch stark aufgefallen, das ich keine Hits angerechnet bekomme während ich oft nach 1-2 Treffern, zumindest laut meinem Spielfeedback, tot umfalle. Mir ist bewusst, dass die Server derzeit überladen sind, alle Lobbies sind eigentlich dauernd voll und mir ist das Leidige Thema Desynch auch Durchaus bewusst. Bedingt durch meine frühere Moderatorenrolle, hier im Forum, bin ich mit diesen Sachen v
  9. At this point everyone knows, but between the garbage netcode and constant desync between players I find it hard to do more than a couple runs without getting mad...
  10. Добрый день. Очень интересует вопрос с Netcode в игре. Как будет реализована взаимосвязь серверной части с клиентской? Спасибо!
  11. Obviously this has probably been said a thousand times somewhere by now but ive found that tarkov has a netcode issue and what i mean by that is my situation that i was in. So i went onto shoreline and i had some decently good gear on me, armor and helmet, paca and kiver, with an AK-74M. Pretty ducking geared for early on and able to kill people, well anyways enough about me, onto what happened. I was down a hallway and i start getting shot at, and i go behind a wall for quick cover while healing with a salewa. Then out of no where i hear him shoot 2 more times and im dead. BUT i w
  12. goimo

    Problem in game

    les scav sont plus forts que certains joueurs et bug quand nous sommes côte à côte avec un joueur que nous entraînons avec nous, corrigez le code net
  13. Netcode is always a hot topic here on the EFT forums, but that has especially been the case over the last few days. Netcode is a very important factor in a game like this, and it’s a factor that could kill this game if it isn’t resolved as soon as possible. Rust is always a game that seems to be brought up when comparing poor netcode to successful netcode, not just for EFT but other games as well like PUBG. I have not played Rust personally, but I hear it has minimal network lag despite having huge populations on servers. Rust is made within the Unity engine, just like EFT. Unity’s
  14. darkninjastar


    Is there any word on netcode being worked on still? Has and updates come out for it yet? I had a firefight at shoreline today where all my shots seemed to go through the person and into the wall behind him. Also here's the screenshot of the bullets that went through him. You can tell as there's no blood splat on the wall. http://prntscr.com/iu2c0q
  15. jokester46


    i would just like to add this. https://plays.tv/video/5ab1f226de007713f8/check-out-my-video- fix the net code please.
  16. AdamTorr

    Cough cough netcode cough cough

    https://gyazo.com/36176113ff15ec61b750feb29469dcd8 Enough said lol
  17. sneqz

    so netcode got fixed right?

    noo need for explanations... the guy i was running towards is a mate
  18. triko

    Citing or Netcode?

    While playing I found out this strange guy. what do you think? Netcode? I watch again and again, it seems to be lag but I die in 1 sec with no audio and he didnt even see me! I dont know Funny thing, he is a streamer I probably will go to ask in his chat when he will be online!!! With this post I dont want to accuse nobody, just ask to the community what are their thoughts
  19. DirtyHarold

    Netcode Ongelma vai onko sitä

    Onko joku muu kokenut ongelmaksi tämän netcode viiveen ? Aiheesta löytyy älyttömästi videoita selaamalla youtubea, videoissa kerrotaan pelissä olevan sekuntin viive pelaajien välillä. Itse olen ihmetellyt kun välillä pelatessa kuuluu discordin kautta kaverin ampuminen aikaisemmin kuin peli rekisteröi, eli selvästi viivettä on. Kuitenkaan pelissä tuota en oikein huomaa. Välillä tulee vastaan tulee serveri joka lagaa älyttömästi kaikessa, varsinkin Shorelinea pelatessa. Yleisesti lagia ei kuitenkaan esiinny, vaikka moni sanoo sen olevan jatkuvaa. Eilen pelatessa kokeilin pelata niin e
  20. Th3ArchAng3l


    Hi I`m not sure if any of the dev`s is aware of this but can you please tell me if this is going to be fixed. Because after watching this video I understand why some of my deaths was so dodge. Is this something that is going to be worked on?? Link to video:
  21. As many of you know, the game is in dire need of optimization when it comes to pure client performance, but we also know that the servers/connection needs to get fixed. "Battle(non)sense" just did a video on the netcode, and me and my buddies have already tested many of the things he had but we do not make videos and I didn't care to make one. Now that the video from Battle(non)sense is out people can actually get to know how horrific the delays are atm! BEWARE: it's pretty crazy. Escape from Tarkov 's Shocking Netcode Analysis I truly hope this will g
  22. venomfrosty

    Actual support

    Will there ever be a team dedicated to fixing anything? Its been months now and i still cant launch the game with multi-monitors unless i spam alt enter and pray for it to work. I lose full sets of gear at least 3 times a day because "server connection lost" and then it refuses to re-connect. All i can think is you did this to yourselves. this game will never leave its early access stages, not when we're promised for months and months that "the desync will get better" and/or "but its early access" Nobody in their right mind wants MORE content when the old content is bugged to hell.
  23. This game as brillant gameplay mechanics , pretty good graphics etc... it as so much potential but all of this is plague and destroy by insanely frustrating networking , hit registration , netcode and D-sync issue .. all of these been back end ... Will battlestate will hire or outsource their networking engineering to have a product working ? We have 6 players match and run into conectivity issue all the time , so we are far from the goal of having a 64 players freeroam ... I played indie game like Nether who had 64 players who run smoothly in early access so there is
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