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Found 8 results

  1. dustankorte13


    Hello, I have a hardware firewall in my house. I do work that needs my connection to be secured. Currently when connecting to a lobby it waits a little bit and gives me a failed to connect to server error. If I open all inbound ports to my firewall from the internet then it works fine. I need a list of port numbers and protocols that I need to open so I can play the game but still have my firewall active. Thanks in advance, Dustan
  2. rafaelgreick

    Local Server Ping BUG

    Hello, I live in Brazil, since yesterday my ping in BR server are 200ms + (see image) While all USA servers have a lower ping, even 1 server in Europe. I Can't play with my friends because I get DC "ping too high". My internet is working fine, in others games I still have 5-10ms ping in Brazilian servers.
  3. battlecator

    Networking Ports

    I would like to know which ports the game utilizes because i 'm implementing a per service QS service on my network. In order to add those to a mangle rule.
  4. BlackBodyBag

    Serious server problem?

    me and a lot of players in China got some kind of problems here seem to be about network we got empty backend response /500 after 3 tries or something like that check it out plz
  5. You could implement a reconnection system as the other games have, so that in cases of micro-cutting the network will not be automatically ejected from the game and have to reload the entire map and lose all that time in which your character is defenseless in the instance. Something like this:
  6. Hi! I've not played since October last year and I won't be able to check out the new patch today due to work. Can someone please give me a no bullsh*t assessment of the lag and desync currently in game? The last time I played me and a friend were in the same wooden shack in the same instance on Shoreline and only one of us could see the other. Frequently you just dropped dead when everything seemed quiet, and items wouldn't move in our inventories. When these issues occurred TeamSpeak would lag out and Internet browsers would grind to a halt. 6 months on are these issues still present? The new update looks amazing but I'm just trying to gauge how excited I should get for it. The art team look to have done a fantastic job, but the issues experienced previously were so severe it put us off playing. I realise this isn't a finished product, so please don't fanboy me, I'm just looking for a straight answer. Hopefully it's good news! Cheers!
  7. Netcode is always a hot topic here on the EFT forums, but that has especially been the case over the last few days. Netcode is a very important factor in a game like this, and it’s a factor that could kill this game if it isn’t resolved as soon as possible. Rust is always a game that seems to be brought up when comparing poor netcode to successful netcode, not just for EFT but other games as well like PUBG. I have not played Rust personally, but I hear it has minimal network lag despite having huge populations on servers. Rust is made within the Unity engine, just like EFT. Unity’s built in networking tools are not the best, Rust circumvented this by using a different tool to handle networking, Raknet. This tool clearly worked for Rust and I encourage BSG to look into this as a possible solution for the netcode issues present in EFT. TL;DR: BSG should look into using Raknet, the networking program used by Rust
  8. I heard back in the day we would have 64-100 players freeroam at some point in the game , but it seams curently the game cannot even handle a 6 players game properly by that i mean higher ping players seams to teleport all over the place when they moove like we are use to see in very old games and network with no lag compensation at all , Also there is huge Dsync issue that ruins the experience more than once it happen every few games ... So will this game networking as any chance to be solve and be on the same level as lets say a battlefield game in term of stability ? Stability is even more important in a game like this because you have 1 life and 1 chance , its not like you can die due to lag and then respawn and get over with it ... if you lag and die in a game like this its by far more frustrating especially if you had looted very good stuff ... High latency players seams to have a tendancy to Rubberband and teleport big time in this game wich end up in very anoying situation ... Will the game will ever have some form of lag compensation to aleviate the rubberband/teleport of high lattency players to have a more smooth experience while playing agains high latency folk or will there be Automatic Kick for high latency players ? So any news from the devs about players counts , networking in general and improovement comming ?
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