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Found 5 results

  1. KingMedoofa

    New Gun Ideas for new Maps?

    So I'm starting this post off before Streets of Tarkov is released, and I want to give a few ideas for some sniper rifles I would love to see integrated into the game. I know the KSVK and the SVD are being added in, but those are all russian platforms, and I want to have a little more world diversity with guns especially of those calibers. So I thought I might give the developers some ideas for American model rifles to add. 1st gun: CheyTac M200 Intervention. Cost should be: $10k USD = 760k rubles (IRL price) Sold by: Peacekeeper III/IV. Website for specifics: https://cheytac.com/product/m200-intervention-2/ 2nd gun: MR-30 PG. Cost should be: $4-8.5k USD = 304-646k rubles (IRL price) Sold by: Peacekeeper IV. Website for specifics: https://www.dlsports.com/mr30pg-precision-rifle.html 3rd gun: McMillan Tac-308WM/338LM. Cost should be: $5.5-7.2k USD = 418-547k rubles (IRL price) Sold by: Peacekeeper II/III. Website for specifics: https://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/SACItem.aspx?Item=MCMTAC338LAPUA&ReturnURL=/McMillan/Home&Category=20b07450-23f5-41a5-803b-e8f2933d46e7 There is also a gun that I think should be sold by Jaeger called the AX-50. Euro. Gun: Accuracy Int. AX-50. Cost should be: $10k EU = 910k rubles (IRL price) Sold by: Jaeger III/IV. Website for specifics: http://www.accuracyinternational.com/ax50.html
  2. So i was thinking about you guys adding this LMG named PKP Pecheneg and you should add some kind of bibod system too! It would be so cool if you can go behind cover and put your bibod and just start shooting. Oh and you should add an american LMG too called m249 SAW.
  3. Ok so here is a gun name RK 95 and it would be cool if you would add this to the game . RK 85 is a finnish army assault rife/submachinegun
  4. Mikoagz

    The WAT-FB MSBS-5.56

    It is a Polish assault rifle using the same ammunition as M4 and Scar-L, it looks good, it shoots well, so why not? The most important is that it is not AK. There should be 2 variants, a normal version and a bullpup. The possibility of buying it would be available at a mechanic on level 3, for 450 €? What do you think about it?
  5. DrGuy

    A friend from home

    Call me over patriotic but I would personally feel a lot more powerful trudging through communist lands wielding an M1911 chambered in good'ol 45 Action Colt Express. I feel that a high-power but low capacity secondary would be a good touch and a reliable secondary to finish what your primary couldn't. It could have good range for a pistol, high knockback power, low recoil, and a low capacity weapon. It would also seem like something Peacekeeper would sell.
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