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Found 2 results

  1. Miniwa-Tsumiki

    Black Market and Medstation

    So, hello to my first post, or better said my two suggestions: Black Market and Medstation lvl 4 Lets start with the idea for a second market called the "Black Market": Much like the "Flea Market", you can go there and buy/sell items, however, unlike in the "Flea Market" you wont be searching for items sold by players, but rather search for players that sell items. You will be able to sort them by their "Black Market Reputation". Once you decided for an Seller/Traider (Player) you will be able to see the items they sell, with one limitation; you wont see the Condition of the items. Water can be 60/60 or 20/60, you wont know untill you purchase it or spend a small amount of money (like 5000 Roubles) to see the Condition of the item. The condition however cant be less than 10%. So you are either going to get something realy good for a smaller ammount of money or you will overspend a bit. If you sell stuff with higher Conditions and/or with matching prices you will gain reputation, meaning people will more likely trust you, if you sell items overpriced or with very bad quality, you will loose reputation, so people will be less likely to trust you. Second idea, Medstation lvl 4: I had in mind, may unlooking a hidden room behind the medstation lvl 3, in which you will be able to mix your own stim-syringes with chemicals. So you would be able to mix those chemicals to, for example get a stim-syringe that removes pain but dehydrates you. Depending on the chemicals you mix, you will get different results (effects like: removes pain, gives pain, removes tremor, dehydrates you by factor x, increases health regen by factor x, and so on), but never the 100% same as every mixture of 2 chemicals will have for example 3 different possibilitys to give out a certain chemical (with said effects) which you can either keep combining to get something stronger or stop with that chemical, fill it into a stim-vial/stim-syringe and beeing able to use it in raid, sell it to the dealers, or to the "Black Market", but not on the "Flea Market" So those where my two first ideas for this game, may more will be comming, im sry for any mistakes and misspellings in this text. Im happy to see (constructive) Feedback on my ideas, Have a nice day, love you, Miniwa-Tsumiki
  2. xOats

    Saiga Drum Mag

    Dear Developers, I think that the Saiga is an amazing weapon with loads of potential but it is held back by one single thing. The magazine only holds 5 rounds, if it had a drum mag that held 25-30 you could really mess people up so please consider adding a drum mag to the Saiga.
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