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Found 5 results

  1. I think it's a good idea to have some water maps. Which are located off the coast and lighthouse map. Maybe as water DLC. Container Ship Cruise ship Oil rig luxury yacht The exit points are for example Patrol boat for 5 persons Inflatable boats for 3 persons Jet ski for a person with a backpack Exit without backpack with diving equipment with Seascooter helicopter on the flight deck (if possible) Cruise Ship Quelle: https://www.tonight.de/media/52e85a3d3c022d580fa38602286264669a22c464-1.jpg Luxury Yacht Quelle: https://www.tipps-zum-reisen.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/shutterstock_1059530906.jpg Container Ship Quelle:https://media0.faz.net/ppmedia/aktuell/wirtschaft/2792457331/1.2235206/format_top1_breit/die-ebba-maersk-kurz-bevor-sie.jpg Oil rig Quelle: https://www.offshore-job.de/bohrinsel-jobs/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/borhinsel-jobs.jpg Exit Points Cruise Ship heli landing pad Quelle: https://media-cdn.holidaycheck.com/w_440,h_330,c_fit,q_80/ugc/images/b909a210-0658-3875-b609-dbb88a85f9eb Luxury Yacht heli landing pad Quelle: https://www.tipps-zum-reisen.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/shutterstock_1059530906.jpg Oil rig heli landing pad Quelle: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1b/fa/c4/1bfac44363b61ee8aa43dbc7c989d7c6.jpg Jet ski for a person with a backpack Quelle: https://cdp.azureedge.net/products/USA/KA/2019/PWC/PWC3STR/JET_SKI_ULTRA_310X_SE/50/EBONY_-_CANDY_STEEL_FURNACE_ORANGE/2000000002.jpg Inflatable boats for 3 persons Quelle: https://www.schlauchboot-kajak.de/sites/schlauchboot-kajak.de/files/styles/large/public/zodiac_on_the_beach.jpg?itok=cW2XDdbP Patrol boat for 5 persons Quelle: https://img.nauticexpo.de/images_ne/photo-g/21172-9360832.jpg Exit without backpack with diving equipment with Seascooter Quelle: https://www.dezeeman.be/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/bg-rotinor.jpg
  2. kamcos

    new map labs

    Guys i have idea . If the new map will be in placed in terra group labs ,can u add scavs like security (bot not same guys as we can find on the other maps ) .Something like that with hi tec equipment , guns , armors , helmets (like the deal maker group) but not only 1 group meybe 5 or 6 but in group will be 3 guys . What about that ?
  3. donkeykong03


    The new map is awesome! Except when I get in a new match, as soon as i load in there's generally someone already shooting at me right away. And if not then I'll walk a few steps and someone is already shooting at me. Spread out the spawns more maybe? Something.
  4. Blazk0

    Wipe coming soon?

    Hi, I play on on the Unofficial EFT Dischord, a lot. Everytime I play in a new squad I ask the same question " Is there going to be a wipe when the new map comes out "? Seems like everyone has a different answer for this. Some people say "YES IM SURE THERE WILL BE A WIPE, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS!" some people say " NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT, I READ IT ON THE FORUMS, NO WIPE!". SO I ask the Tarkov gods... Will there be a wipe when the new map drops? thank you - RedKap
  5. Cari amici! Siamo lieti di presentare gli screenshot e le concept art della nuova map location, che presto verrà inserita in Escape from Tarkov, ecco a voi: The Shoreline [La linea Costiera Lungomare]. The Shoreline è la seconda posizione più vicina al punto di controllo militare all’ingresso dell’area portuale – il punto di evacuazione di Tarkov. Questa location caratterizzato da una dimensione notevolmente più grande di qualunque altro punto di Tarkov, ed è quindi ricca di una varietà di paesaggi e oggetti mai visti prima. Il territorio ospita un villaggio parzialmente abbandonato, abitazioni privati moderne e campi coltivabili , oltre ad un esteso lungomare con un cantiere navale, una stazione di servizio per il rifornimento di carburante, una stazione meteo, una stazione per ripetizione del segnale cellulare e altri luoghi interessanti Il suo punto di interesse principale è il grande centro sanitario “Azure Coast”, costituito da diversi edifici con una propria centrale idroelettrica. L’uscita principale della mappa sarà situata accanto al principale punto di controllo delle forze armate russe all’entrata del porto.
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