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  1. ChTU

    MN Mongolian Tarkov Clan

    We are looking for more Recruits! Discord https://discord.gg/JHyfneVQKr
  2. Kadomiarz

    New Game Mode

    Hi! I am writing with request for add new mode to the game! e.g armaments race or something, when you die, you respawn immediately with your set and weapons. What do you think about it?
  3. Saintiouis

    New players welcome

    Im sorta New to the whole Tarkov But its very Hard running alone in tarkov So add me on Discord if you want to group up and have fun and learn the game @ Saintiouis#2939 <-- Discord
  4. Came across this map on reddit let help the guy fill it in!! so we can all learn the new map! Creator OmegaTheRed
  5. From ireland and looking for someone to play with as im new to the game. my discord is joshowa#3970
  6. Hey Guys my name is OnlyReed and I have a small Idea in my head what I want to share it with you. I am sorry for my bad English, I try my best to explain it as good I can. I don't play Tarkov for a long time, this it's my 3rd Wipe, but I was thinking about maybe a New Trader what's only work with Dog Tags. The Trader is something like a bounty hunter, and you can only trade Dog Tags to him, for let's say weapons, cases etc...(Here we can put all our ideas in). As well maybe only "Bear Tags" for a bunch of spacial Items in a combination with LVL`s (the same for USEC Tags of course)
  7. furkan70

    New to Escape from Tarkov!

    Hey community of Tarkov. My name is Furkan and im new to the game. I bought it went on a few raids but got killed in 6 out of 7. I find the game hard so is there anyone who would wanna team up with me to make the experience a bit more easy? Im playing in the EU server. If u wanna teamup just drop ur discord and i will add you. Thanks for your time and i wish you guys a nice evening.
  8. Wadexasz patcho pakeitimai

    Žaidejai! Čia yra išvardinta kas buvo ištaisyta/pakeista patcho atnaujinime. Pataisymai/Pakeitimai Pataisytas: Mygtukas „Kitas“, kuris neleido žaidėjams patekti į pagrindinį meniu po reido. Po reido sustingimas pagrindinio meniu iškrovimo ekrane. Kai kurie Scav'ų ir žaidėjų problemos. Stacionariu ginklu besinaudojančių žaidėjų ar robotų padaryta žala. Ore skraidantys Scav'ai. Klaidos, dėl kurių žaidėjai negalėjo išvažiuoti iš vietos su automobilio extract'u. Kameros tikrinimo animacijos bėdos ištaisytos, kurios buvo rodoma žaidėjams,

    Should i restar my acc?

    I do recently start to play tarkov . And i like it a lot. But im really bad. I have like 1.2 mil rubles also i have cool things like a tetriz , some keys, some good weapons(No moded im level 4). But my K/D is .25 and my exit ratio is 1/10. Shoud i restar my acc for have better stats?. I have EOD Edition . What do u think ? . Thank u so much Grettings from Mexico
  10. rcjohnson55

    Looking For A Duo

    Hello Everyone, I've watched a lot of Tarkov and have had the game for a while but can't get off the ground. Looking for someone to run duos with and maybe show me the ropes or learn together. I can't play every night but I can most nights. Just looking to chill and play. Thank everyone.
  11. Plasmaproof11

    Text is hard to see

    I play on a 32in tv that’s only a few feet away from me and I never have problems in other games but for whatever reason the text in this game is burrly and very hard to see, after a short time of trying to read stuff my eyes start to hurt. Is there any setting that can help with this because when I watch streamers it looks fine
  12. Recruit-

    Revolver Chiappa Rhino

    Me gustaría mucho que colocaran algún revolver en el juego en especial el "CHIAPPA RHINO" porque creo que los revolver es el mas actualizado dando una ergonomía muy alta y un retroceso muy bajo, por la posición del cañón, para que se hagan una idea es de calibre .357 magnum conocido como 9x33 mmr dejo una imagen comparativa con otros calibres!
  13. Matsinator

    New House Key

    So there is this farm route u run on Shoreline and it includes 2 luxury houses (Big red arrow) so that house used to be unlocked but now it is locked. Is there any new key for it, if so wich one and where do i find it.
  14. Zeroa

    Why Tarkov Sucks

    Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. This is the first line many people see after discovering Escape From Tarkov on a stream or video and find their way to the website. Hardcore. Realistic RPG MMO Story-Driven Sold. What other games out there check all these boxes in a first-person-shooter? Many people probably jump straight in excited to learn and explore and escape. Not to mention the cool stories they could have like they see their favorite streamers and Youtubers having.
  15. Hello everyone, I have just recently bought tarkov (<10 hrs of gametime) and there's this specific spot in customs where I keep getting murdered. It's happened twice already, and my scav was quite fat so I was pretty mad. Does anyone know if it's the scav boss that is sniping? Or a sniper scav? Or just unlucky PMCs? Here, there's a picture to show you what I mean. Also, what does the death symbol mean?
  16. Salve a tutti, sono un player neofita che cerca gente per giocare a tarkov, Ho un discord interamente dedicato a tarkov, in cui sono presente 24h, per qualsiasi informazione contattatemi, NoeL#2857 questo è il mio contatto di discord. Questo è il link per il discord. https://discord.gg/E5shWwhx scade tra 1 giorno quindi se non vi funziona contattatemi direttamente sul mio profilo discord.
  17. HarlemWalker

    New Weapons

    Dear Battlestate, first of all I wanted to thank you guys for making this game. It almost feels like something I would have made. EFT is amazing and the only feedback I can give you guys is to implement turkish weapons into the game. I'm sure it will be no problem regarding the licenses. There are weapons like: Canik TP9, MPT-76, Sarsilmaz SAR-308 (AK) etc. I'm looking forward to see new content from EFT as I'm a huge fan. Btw it would be nice to see a PS5 version in the future but who knows. Best regards, HarlemWalker
  18. I would like to see A matchmaking option of: Use of entire map of choice 3 or more teams of 5v5 or 3v3 that spawn in at opposite sides of the map. Buy in with Roubles, Euros, or Dollars, 1st place gets a shared prize. I would like to see this game get more competitive, and since Tarkov kind of has its own economy it would make sense to try and place wagers with the currency. Would this be legal, and does it sound Interesting? I think it would draw a lot of competitive players.
  19. TheSzeckler

    New Weaponry

    I am sure this suggestions have been made already many many times Nikita, but please hear me out. Here are some of my personal favourites that would also be super cool to have ingame: FN SCAR 17 Heavy / Mk17 AA12 Kar98k Sniper [this had a special sniper bullet] M1 Garand G36 [Bundeshwehr Spec] FR-F1 Sniper
  20. RavensTalon

    Looking for squad mates

    Hello every one, I hope everyone is having a good day. I am new to EFT but am looking for a good group of people to start working with to learn and expand on what knowledge some of the squad mates may have. I am a quick learner and love to work in group with good communication and dont get all butt hurt when things go south. I am looking for like minded individuals that want to have fun and grow. The key thing I am looking for is for people that have the mind set that if we die its not the end and to just go back at it till we improve.
  21. First i would like to say, that even though i rage as hard and as often as ever, most of the changes you have made are to the benefit of the game long term. I was never the guy that would rather sit on flee market gauging random people for every ruble, than go geared into raids and get in fights and get poo to sell like someone that prefers to play the game (learn how to play and get better by playing), rather than worry about how many millions i am sitting on. In my opinion the "found in raid" change helps to eliminate the flee market as a crutch, and shifts focus to the main meat of the game
  22. MurlocBerserker

    Are spawn kills on factory common?

    Why and how does this happen? I mean aren't players (that abuse it) and developers ashamed of this blatant issue? I'm new but this doesn't give me any will to play more... I just had decent gear and thought "let's try the factory map", yeah I guess not.
  23. Active new player, Looking for EU/dutch people to play. I am looking for other active players who want to team up! Add me on discord: SpectersEye#0205
  24. Krolikrossiya

    Questions from a new guy

    So, right now im terrible at this game, because im new, and because my mind has questions so i hesitate a lot. 1. Are the bullets hitscan, or projectile based? Am i aiming ahead of the target as its running or directly at the guy as hes running? 2. Also is bullet drop a thing? Cause thats important. 3. Are boss scavs supposed to take 4 shells to the chest from a shotgun or did my game just lag that hard? 4. I have played atleast 10 games, i have extracted succesfully 0 times. Mainly because i have no idea where the extracts are, how will i know? Also why are some of the
  25. RockMorty

    Welcome to Atlas!

    Welcome to Atlas Gaming! We're just some relaxed Tarkov players who are looking to host some really cool Tarkov events and create Tarkov content. We're a fairly new discord, but we're really striving to host some awesome Tarkov tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! We want to help experienced and new Tarkov players alike find a fun and engaging community to hangout in and grow as players. So don't hesitate to hit that join button below and hop in a voice channel! To get full access to the discord, make sure you read the rules carefully and hit the react t
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