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Found 114 results

  1. Kriegs

    Noob asking for a help

    So i've been playing this game for like 22 days with 258h57m and ive managed to collect all this junk right below. Help me sort it out, what to keep and what not. Thanks!
  2. SelfMotivatez

    New player looking for help.

    Anyone willing to group up and help me out with learning the game if possible? I have discord and I’m a fast learner.
  3. HiddenOni51

    New LFG

    Looking for some ppl to play with im new and don't know much yet. I'm chill and on est time so lemme know
  4. Scionti

    Been away for a few months...

    Left right when they made it so you can't put helmets in your secure anymore. What has changed since then? Don't want to sift through pages and pages of patch notes, etc. Cliff notes version if you could please. Thank you. Also when is the next reset?
  5. CmdrSpencer


    Hi I'm a very new player to this game, I'm having rough time trying to learn the maps and would like anyone else new or experienced to learn and play the game with i have discord, please be able to speak coherent English CrimsonFangs#8441
  6. Mcqball

    new to game and want to learn

    hey guys I am new to the game and would like to learn what its about and how to play. if anyone would be willing to help me that would be amazing thx. side note I am just getting back into pc gaming and am a little slow on the controls as of right now.
  7. Just looking for more people to play with who are into EST even if you're just starting out. I have a discord but am always looking for other people who're looking for others to play as well. Especially if you're active duty or a vet too. Anyways hmu on discord. PUSHED2INS4NITY#9728
  8. Elkknowsbetter

    New gun

    I would love to see a 6 shot revolver added to the game
  9. Plasmaproof11

    Text is hard to see

    I play on a 32in tv that’s only a few feet away from me and I never have problems in other games but for whatever reason the text in this game is burrly and very hard to see, after a short time of trying to read stuff my eyes start to hurt. Is there any setting that can help with this because when I watch streamers it looks fine
  10. Escapers! wir möchten euch einladen unserem offiziellen Escape From Tarkov Discord Server beizutreten. DIes ist ein Multilingualer Channel, der helfen soll, alle EFt Spieler zusammen zu bringen. Es soll auch helfen die kommunikation zwischen euch - der Community und BSG zu verbessern. Offiziellen Discord Kanal beitreten Wenn ihr beigetreten seid, folgt den Anweisungen um finalen zugriff zu erhalten. Solltet ihr auf Fehler stoßen oder Hilfe dabei benötigten, scheut nicht eure Anfragen in den #Help Channel zu schreiben. Unsere Mods sind bereit euch zu helfen Teilt den Link mit euren Freunden und Bekannten, sodass ihr aktiv mithelf den Channel wachsen zu lassen.
  11. Hi all Just recently picked up a copy of the game and I love it... But I'm also crap at it!! Need some help to get to grips with what routes to run and extract points...and probably a load more! I'm in the UK, so English speakers please, and I generally play through the day a few days a week. Have a mic and discord if needed. Mature gamer, quite a chilled out play style. Hope to hear from some peeps soon. Ta
  12. Hello I am needing some help. I need someone to team up with that has some experience to help me out? If anyone’s interested let me know I’m not too bad just don’t know my way around
  13. just add/DM me on discord and we can play whenever MR_SNEAKY_DONUT#5666
  14. wh0vian71020

    Lfg need duo partner.

    I'm new to the game. Looking for someone to regularly play with and help me out
  15. EliteForcegi


    looking for one person to duo with! kinda new but get the idea! Discord: EliteForce#5312
  16. Scionti

    Tarkov Lore. New NPCS/PCS?

    "In Tarkov, one of the largest cities of the region, a transatlantic corporation became the ground zero of a political scandal. Six months later, the political standoff escalated into an armed conflict involving UN peacekeepers, Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and two private military companies. The region's borders were sealed off, and those trapped in the middle of flaring up local warfare were isolated from the outside world." https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Tarkov_conflict So it would be cool to see some internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the game. Either as non-playable NPC characters, or some other form. (Maybe like a 2nd Scav option, where theyre available only every few hours or so...just spitballing here). Surely there would have to be some local government group - be it military or police, trying to restore/maintain order. (Not just the U.N.) It Would make the world feel more lively for sure to see them patrolling (in vehicles?), etc.
  17. KyllaBeez

    Looking for Group

    Have had the game a few days. Been attempting online..been destroyed. Heard running with a group helps a little. Know I have much to learn but figured try posting here. Thanks!
  18. DaOwnly007

    Just Installed EFT

    Just Installed EFT, looking for someone to show me the ropes and consistently play with. Game looks fun and I want to really give it a go. Played competitively in other games. SO will catch on quick.
  19. enemyfilly

    LFG US Central

    new player looking for a group to play with and show me the ropes, i have a fairly basic understanding but im sure having a group would help quite a bit as well as the fact that solo runs can get boring after a while.
  20. RelentlessTV

    Looking for a 3 man group at least

    hit me up to play, I am level5, very new.
  21. King_Wzrd7

    need people to play with

    im new to the game and im just looking someone to play with to get better. None of my friends play this game so any help would be appreciated! my discord is King_Wzrd7 #0641
  22. theWaterGod

    LFG - New Player

    Hey! Been playing non-stop since I got it a few days ago and wanted to try playing with people. I'm in PST Timezone and pretty much playing most of the day as college classes are off for a bit. I'm up for any kind of play-style, but I do, more often than not, play casually. theWaterGod#6760
  23. Reece_MC

    Looking for a partner

    Just bought the game looking for a partner to either learn the game with me or show me the ropes. Discord:Rice#8260 Or add me on Tarkov: Reece_MC
  24. Sterling_LiveTV

    Small Streamer Here!

    Hi Guys, My name is sterling and I am a small streamer that loves Tarkov! I stream around 9 pm CST. I have a fast-paced play style with no hesitations. Come give me some feedback about my stream or simply get to know the community! See you at 9:30 pm CST tonight! https://twitch.tv/Sterling_live Love you, Bye. Sincerely, Sterling
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