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Found 9 results

  1. Heyo, just recently jumping into the game, something I thought was a little odd has happened. I was running through factory as my main PMC guy, shooting at people, gettin' the loot, standard stuff. When outa nowhere this big shirtless fella in a ski mask and what looked like just a tactical rig runs at me with a crowbar and starts wailing on me. I swear I dumped 2 full magazines into this fella but he managed to beat me to death and walk away fine. I was firing from the hip, but I can't imagine it's that dramatic a difference is it?
  2. DeathclawDaddy

    Group for new and expirenced alike

    We are a mostly North American group focusing on helping the new and experienced alike get groups, sharpen skills and learn squad tactics and battlements. Even scheduling fun meme runs or stealth runs for a change of pace, we welcome any level, any age, any country with only one standard: Cool, calm, and wanting to do well. We have members in Canada, Germany, UK and welcome all others. Group is heavily moderated with several open minded Mods to ensure that only a calm demeanor and good people get to be with the group. No quick hot headed bans as everything can be fixed up if you are willing. Come run with the death-claws today! https://discord.gg/z9fZVn2b
  3. I like this game and i like how realistic itr tries to be. Fun fact that in so many ways it cann do it but in other lacks a lot of common sense. -1st:The biggest issue you have with this game as a new player even if you know to play relalistic/tactical shooters is and without any trouble the veteran or advanced players abusing the spwan camp, every 8 of 10 raids i play as a pmc, i dont even show up walk two steps and get shot by the typical smart ass who has been camping all the spwan points in the area every 1 min, is just frustrating and is stupid to have in a game like this fixe spawn points that everybody knows and they can take advantage of if they have a better pc or connection which means shorter load times. -2nd:The matchmaking also needs to be fixed, tarkov has already a solid Playerbase already but you cannot put a newbie 1st level player in his first game with the virgin freaks that since the wipe are already level 30 to 50 in the same game, is insane and frustrating for them and is just a tutorial for the others, i would suggest to restrain the matchmakings not per skill or KDA cryteria, though sort them for level in 5 level or even 10 gaps. And so players from level 0 to 5(or 0 to 10) would be matchmaked together and everybody could enjoy the game without any doubst a lot more than if you just get in and a pro rat camps you the spwan and kills you in less than 15 seconds just because he can smell you 7 km away. -3rd: And less but not least, one of the most stupid issues that i can find in a game like this is even if a guys has a lot of armor, if you shoot someone with a shotgung or an assault rifle IN THE CHEST i dont care how much armor you have, you are gonna fly away at least 1 metre in the case of the shotgun or at least have some ribs broken in the assaults rifle cause because of the impact, it doesnt make any sense at all that you can bleed or have fractures because of a shot but o wait i got hit with sledge cartridges at 2 metres by a shotgun,my vest doesnt suffer at all and i have time to be back and hit him in the head like wtf. That would also make the Overbroken equipped players in such high levels to think it twice before rushing even a newbie in case he has a shotgun. Please reconsider this cases because are a very big problem in the state of the game right now, its very hard to try to do something if you know that every time a guy sees you you are almost insta dead and without any options to do nothing because their vest protects them almost from a nuclear bomb. A shotgun hit in a limb can almost rip it.
  4. A_snowpoff

    Am I missing something?

    as many as 8 bullets to the chest has literally never once killed a PMC for me. the only kills on a PMC I have ever gotten were headshots and it took like, 4. I know different bullets do different damage to armor, but since I started this game I have yet to find a weapon that could kill in less than 10 god damn rounds that wasnt a sniper rifle. scav runs are litterally useless because anyone wearing teir 1 armor is immune to my bullets, litterally had a guy turn around after 2 AK shots to the head and one tap me, he was wearing a teir 3 helmet. I litterally can't get a gun that works yet because I don't have access to the flea market and I cant level because it would take 70 rounds of loading in and dying. I figured since this game was supposed to be hardcore and realistic, it was gonna be the kinda game where bullets were pretty ducking strong, but as so far as I've played I have NEVER played a game with more PVP bullet sponging than this and its ridiculous. I really wanna like this game, videos of it are awesome and I love the concept, but is the first 10 levels really just miserable grinding with inevitably useless guns that take 4 shots to kill a scav and physically cant kill a player past the 3rd day of a wipe?
  5. DrunkElmo__

    Looking For Group

    Im fairly new to the game and looking for other new players or experienced player to help me out. Region: US East If interested add me on Discord- DrunkElmo#9743
  6. BigRedSK916

    Looking For A Few Players

    Looking for a few players to get into some raids with Im in the US On the west coast. Generally on quite a bit and there is always someone in my discord just looking to add new people with different knowledge and group up power comes in numbers. Newbs are Always welcome everyone starts somewhere! Join the discord and come chill ill be on all weekend should be a few others on throughout the weekend as well we are small group not a large community or anything. Look forward to the raids lets get it boyz. https://discord.gg/rTDCzwg
  7. derekalmquist

    New to the game

    Used to games like Battlefield or CoD that are a little less detailed. Looking for anyone to buddy up with that can maybe help out with the steep learning curve. Reply here to group up and get us some cool stuff! Discord: DERELEEEKT (I know it's down right now)
  8. killerbotz

    LFG New to game

    im new to tarkov and am looking for a team or person to play with, if you wanna play hit me up at discord at killerbotz#1550 thank you in advance
  9. Lilbuhs

    Things to do for newbs?

    Just need general tips on what to do when first starting out, forums are to large to find every tip, thanks in advance
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