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Found 28 results

  1. I've been gaming with a good group of people with what we've built over at GruntLife Gaming (GLG). It's a Veteran Owned/Operated Discord that has people that're vets and regular civilians on multiple games and platforms but really has focused on Escape From Tarkov. We have a wide variety of different players from absolute newbies to very experienced players on EST. So if you're new, we're willing to teach and if you're more experienced even better. We're also constantly not only running raids but doing in-game giveaways for people in the community among other things to help out and give back to our members. So if think you might be interested in joining, here's the link to our discord. Hope to see ya around! https://discord.gg/ZgyjrKN *MUST BE 18+ YRS OF AGE TO JOIN*
  2. Zerocool307

    if you looking for friends look no further

    Tired of milsim groups making you feel like your worthless at the game? Need someone to teach you how to play the game? Looking for chill friends who just want to have fun? welll look no further you dirty rat because theres a discord for you I am the owner of a discord named koolaid klan we like to play tarkov and chill were not a huge community but we are growing we have taught many players how to play the game and we just like to chill and have fun no need to worry about those milsim servers who get mad at you because you took the last chocolate bar we koolaid a mixed community of genders and ages would love to have anyone wanting to play the game so come stop by and say hi https://discord.gg/tN7EFH
  4. Hey folks, I'm new to the game and started playing about a week ago. I've been eyeballing EFT for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. What can I say except that I am truly impressed with the vast amount of content for a game that's still in beta. I really love the general concept of the game, its complex looting and gearing system, the extensive weapon mod system and most of all -- the mind-blowing detail that went into the level design is simply breathtaking! Now, I understand that EFT is not kindergarten. It was purposefully designed as a hardcore shooter that's not supposed to be easy but sets focus on a most realistic combat experience. If you want easy, go play COD or BF. And that's fine with me. I also like the concept of losing any gear you brought into a raid if you get killed as PMC. It makes you think twice of what you're willing to risk, which makes gameplay even the more interesting. Have any problem with that? Git gud. lol 😁 However, after about a week of playing I sensed a few things that get so infuriatingly frustrating that I already feel myself starting to lose interest in the game. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the concept and would like to keep playing. So I thought I'd use the opportunity and list a few things that should be improved in my opinion. Disable Scav cooldown timer when you got killed Sure, there's a reason why playing as Scav has a timer before you can play it again. After all, scaving is a no-risk, but potentially high-reward situation. If you die in-raid, you only lose what was generated at random before the session. But if you successfully extract, you may keep whatever you found during the raid. Obviously, if there was no cooldown timer at all, everyone would just play Scav all the time without risking the life of their PMC. Nobody wants that. But: since you get killed so easily and so quickly in EFT (especially when you're new to the game), it is a real pain having to wait 20 minutes before you can scav again, even if you died. What's the point of having to wait 20 mins when you didn't get to keep any of the loot the round before because your Hypothalamus made friendship with Mr. 7.62x54mmR? There is zero reward in terms of loot when you get killed while scaving, so why must I wait nevertheless? I think the cooldown timer is only justified when you made your exit, in order to prevent people to play the game in a "Scav-only" style. Allow Scav offline mode at any time (no timer) Since offline mode is for training purpose only and doesn't change anything in your profile, it should always be available, even as Scav. But instead, when I died as Scav in an online raid the round before, I can not even play Scav offline mode without having to wait out the 20 min timer. No fun. Remove post-raid healing of a PMC that was KIA I play PMC, I get killed, and then... I have to heal?!?! Why? I'm dead. I'm bleeding demised. I passed on. I am no more. I ceased to be. I'm expired and gone to meet my maker. I am a late PMC. Bereft of life, I rest in peace. I kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. I. AM. AN. EX-PMC. Honestly, the need to heal a character that was killed doesn't make much sense to me. Just a waste of money and medical supplies. The need to post-raid heal a character should only be there if you extracted while wounded. Being killed already gives you the punishment of losing all your loot. No need to give me the extra punishment of having to heal a dead guy. Add penalty for killing Scavs while playing as Scav yourself We Scavs are supposed to stick together, don't you see? Our real enemy are the heavily armed PMCs. Carrying all this class A gear, they're hard enough to kill as is. That's why the Scav bots don't shoot at other Scavs, unless they do something stupid first. However, I regularly encounter other player Scavs that don't give a damn about a friendly wiggle but come at me all guns blazing. Immediately. No chit-chat first. While it should generally be possible to do, I think it would be fair to add a massive negative EXP penalty if you decide to do so. Fair matchmaking As far as I can tell you get thrown onto a server with other players of any level. What chances does a newbie with a 9x18mm Makarov stand against a heavily armored dude with years of experience and a fully automatic battleship-launcher? I think it'd be wise to implement a function to allow the player to only get matched with players of a comparable level. And last but not least a little optional wish that'd be nice to have: add coop offline mode, so I can train with my friends against AI only And that's all for today, folks!
  5. RawDiggityDawg

    Looking for Friends

    I’m new to the game and would love some friends to play with Noobs and Vets welcomed! I have bad luck in this game btw. User - RawDiggityDawg Discord - Rydog1098#5524
  6. DoYouBear

    I am not good at this game, any tips?

    This is my first wipe with my new PC (still running below 60 constantly) and I am not very good at the game. I have 16 out of 80 raids survived and although I can get kills, I usually die before I can extract. I was wondering if you guys had any useful tips about surviving longer (I am having a lot of trouble on customs). I do sometimes make it out and make big money but I just can survive customs (or any raid) lately. I'm level 22 and don't even have my pocket watch quest done. Most of my money I got from playing the stock market. Are there any tips you guys have to help me survive longer on raids or to help me make a steady income?
  7. Hunter6986

    new player servers

    Would it be possible to get servers for new players. I just started the game and i'm barely a lvl 6 but i keep getting killed and losing my gear by lvl 50+. For a new player it's a bit discouraging and makes me not want to play, knowing that i have a ton of progress to try and get threw to be on par with the veteran players. If we had lvl based servers/npc servers till a certain lvl, or till we catch up with real players in lvl we could get the XP needed without it being to easy jut not being super hard trying to contend with people who have had it from the start of the testing. Not being able to progress in a game where you can lose everything from one gun fight with someone so far ahead of you, as they are for me, makes it hard to want to get on everyday.
  8. wes6840

    LFG new to pc and tarkov

    looking for someone who is willing to help me out and be patient with me as i learn M&K as well as tarkov. i have a pretty speratic scheduled. but if your interested in helping a complete noob out let me know.
  9. ZioEnzo

    Evento Sherpa ON Reserve 03/04

    Buongiorno a Tutti, Venerdì 03/04 ore 21:00 si terrà la “Lezione”, ormai consolidata, del Venerdì (Mese di Marzo saltata causa Covid/19). In questa “Lezione” sarò accompagnato dal mio collaboratore @Wratto e dallo Sherpa @Giamma Inoltre avremo un ospite d'eccezione, ovvero Fraws di “Parliamodivg”, da cui canale faremo la diretta streaming. Noto esponente del panorama videoludico italiano ed un grande fan del gioco; è stato uno dei primi in Italia a far conoscere Escape From Tarkov tramite le sue live. Come sempre, rinnovo l’invito a contattarmi per qualsiasi richiesta e, aspettando l'evento, vi consiglio di fare una visita ai canali di Fraws. Una Buona giornata! Contatto Discord Enzo: Enzo#0753 Twitch: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/parliamodivg
  10. At the beggining I need to say that I've been reading A LOT of this forum and other 'tutorials' I am newbie this game, few days experience, but watched it a lot. I was lucky early runs to find some tetriz and other valutables and decided to buy key tool and all keys to custom dorms + gas station key. As a scav i am running Interchange. My all traders are level 1 ;( My gear looks like that: SKS + PS ammo, scav bp, scav vest, sometimes the cheapest armor from traders(22k i guess) My PMC runs are not going so well, i bring some stuff as scav 1 run of 5 maybe. What would you do, where would you go to get money? PS I was thinking about rat-runs SHORELINE, people often leaving there like lv.4 gear. Is this good idea?
  11. fedeico

    Multi sherpata - pratical lvl

    Mercoledì 22, alle 21.00, vi sarà il terzo livello delle sherpate che da tempo organizzo per "aiutare ad apprendere" EFT: Sessione di Pratica. A seconda del numero dei presenti, si organizzeranno serie di raid in squadra (di norma due sherpa/esperti e tre reclute) su qualunque mappa vogliate per cercare di mettere in atto le spiegazioni datevi in precedenza. In seguito se ne discuterà l'andamento per cercare di analizzare al meglio le diverse situazioni. Vi sarà ad aiutarmi i candidati sherpa Enzo e Kemino e forse anche WarDaddy: tutti personaggi noti nella community italiana per il loro impegno e la loro disponibilità a dar una mano ai nuovi. Chi fosse interessato è pregato di contattarmi in privato precedentemente all'evento o di presentarsi nel canale coda sherpa del discord (https://discord.gg/2upMWy) poco prima delle 21. Sarò anche come sempre in live su FB, sul mio canale twitch.tv/fedeico/ Per chi volesse vedere per aggiornarsi sulle mie precedenti sherpate potete coleggarvi qui twitch.tv/fedeico/videos?filter=highlights&sort=time:
  12. Hey guys (and gals), as I stated in my title I'm a newish (lvl 17) looking for a good group or clan to play with. I live on the East Coast and normally play after work, but on the weekends I play a lot more. Hoping to hear back from a good group/clan who is willing to help me learn and give me some good teammates to play with.
  13. CxCastro

    lfg new player

    lfg new to the game
  14. iSpextor

    Amateur Looking for Experienced Player

    hey guys, i'm looking for an experienced player to help me out with this game. Basically just playing together and learning-by-doing. Would love someone to play with Add me on Discord iSpextor#5004
  15. TooTallLenny

    New player looking for pal...

    So I'm SUPER new, only two raids and one kill. Open to other new players too so we can learn together or maybe an experienced person who doesn't mind showing me the ropes. A buddy would be best as I get super anxious by myself and don't probably too slowly. I will never be great at this but would like to invest some time into it to become decent. I am NA EST and play mostly late night or early morning before work. Lastly, I just want to have a good time and chill. I am far from overly serious, don't mind dying (surviving preferable of course) to learn. Mistakes will be made
  16. Icaruscomplex

    Looking for NA Tarkov buddy

    Hey all, Im fairly new to this game and am looking for peeps to play with. Im an older gamer (almost 40) and am also new to pc gaming. My discord is ra0u1duk3 #4925.
  17. cluelesscargo

    New to Tarkov : Customs preferably

    Country: USA Timezone: Central Standard Time (CST) preferred play time: On weekends ill get on in the early mornings till late afternoon ; during the week days I'm on around 3p till 8 or 9p.m Ran into customs died last night lol ; watched a few long youtube videos on the game - how to play an all that jazz - just a lot of info all at once so having a helping hand is appreciated when trying to not forget everything. Add me on Discord : Onlyone Day💚#7175 LETS GET SOME LOOT! I really wanna enjoy this game but man is it difficult
  18. Sevner

    matchmaking/exp advice

    Sooo, I havent rly checked if someone discussed this already, since I'm new to eft, but I've got a question considering matchmaking. I'm wondering if it's even implemented - sorry if this sounds abit blunt, but I'm trying to get into the game and constantly fail my pmc runs. Most of the times I'm dying to other players, that - after a quick friends search - turn out to be 10 - 30 levels above mine (which I admit is only 4). How does progression work, If I'm constantly getting 0 - 200 exp in a raid? Is there an alternative way to gain expierience? Now of course I can always retry, but the downtime resulting from health regeneration throws me off quite abit every time. If matchmaking is in place, does somebody know how it works (which paramters does it take into consideration while matching players for example)? Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a great day!
  19. Wulfen109

    New player LFG

    Hey guys, I have been casually following this game and have decided to buy it finally. Haven't even finished downloading it but I know i am gonna need some weathered players to assist me. I'm just looking for some peeps that I could potentially play with regularly. I'm new to this game but fairly competent in shooters. I have a mic and discord as well. Anyone wants to help a newbie out let me know! Thanks
  20. I'm new to Tarkov and died on a PMC raid recently because I wasn't able to heal myself. It first started with me not being able to reload my gun after I killed another player, so I restarted the game. Mind you, I was able to heal after I killed the player but once I got back in I was able to reload but not able to heal or use painkillers. The animation would go on for longer than it should and once it ended I didn't get healed. I could still take damage because whenever I jumped my right leg would get more red so I thought this wasn't a ping issue. I went to the Dorms V Exit that was on the list of available extracts and the car wasn't there. I don't know if it's because I'm a new player but I thought that was odd and worth mentioning. Anyways, I died due to not being able to make it to any other extracts I could've gone to. I'm just really confused and want to know what happened if anybody could explain this issue. Thanks. EDIT: I went missing in action, but I guess it's the same as dying.
  21. erthug

    New Players LFG

    I have recently started playing Tarkov and i have been having troubles adapting to game in short time. Not only that but i also came across many groups that got me killed 1v2 most of the times. Usually i get 1 but I get out geared. I want to get better at this game also learn Extractions while enjoying the game and have conversations with some other players.
  22. MegumiYumiko

    Hello o7 rather new player (Eu)

    Hello o7 I been a rather big fan of the game for quite awhile but i always failed quite badly to really get into it ( Mostly gearfear tbh.....) So it would be great if someone more experienced and knowledgeable could take some of their time and give me a hand with getting the basic game down! I'm a EU player lvl 1 ish after a wipe it seems My discord is Megumi Yumiko#3576 o7
  23. TheWendigo

    [NA/PST] In need of a Sherpa?

    I won't say I'm the best nor am I an official sherpa, but I have played since alpha and I am pretty active as of late. I can show you spawns, resource tips and make sure you have multiple ways of enjoying and gaining experience and prevent you from developing gear fear and becoming broke. If you would like to follow me into the depths of Tarkov by all means contact me HERE! I just reset my account so I will be in the same boat as most of you.
  24. Smitty556

    Rare loot and key farming help

    So I'm decently new, haven't played too much only around 4 days worth. I'm really enjoying the games and know the map layouts of factory and customs and enjoy playing on these maps the most. So my question is what is some of the best ways to farm keys and rare items such as a keybar, doc bag, and weapons. I dont have a large gama container i just have a trashy alpha so if i could also get some info on how to get the epsilon container that would be great aswell. Thanks in advance!
  25. liorp10087

    Stash and container size

    Hello I just bought the standard edition of the game, and I'd like to ask if there's any way to increase the stash and gamma container size... from what I understood (after I bought the original version of the game) you can increase them via upgrading the pre-order pack, but is there any not p2w way? I think it's kinda unfair to make it so only people who pay more for a beta version of a game can test the game to it's fullest and experience the game better then the ones who payed a legitimate price for the game...
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