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Found 10 results

  1. Wulfen109

    New player LFG

    Hey guys, I have been casually following this game and have decided to buy it finally. Haven't even finished downloading it but I know i am gonna need some weathered players to assist me. I'm just looking for some peeps that I could potentially play with regularly. I'm new to this game but fairly competent in shooters. I have a mic and discord as well. Anyone wants to help a newbie out let me know! Thanks
  2. I'm new to Tarkov and died on a PMC raid recently because I wasn't able to heal myself. It first started with me not being able to reload my gun after I killed another player, so I restarted the game. Mind you, I was able to heal after I killed the player but once I got back in I was able to reload but not able to heal or use painkillers. The animation would go on for longer than it should and once it ended I didn't get healed. I could still take damage because whenever I jumped my right leg would get more red so I thought this wasn't a ping issue. I went to the Dorms V Exit that was on the list of available extracts and the car wasn't there. I don't know if it's because I'm a new player but I thought that was odd and worth mentioning. Anyways, I died due to not being able to make it to any other extracts I could've gone to. I'm just really confused and want to know what happened if anybody could explain this issue. Thanks. EDIT: I went missing in action, but I guess it's the same as dying.
  3. erthug

    New Players LFG

    I have recently started playing Tarkov and i have been having troubles adapting to game in short time. Not only that but i also came across many groups that got me killed 1v2 most of the times. Usually i get 1 but I get out geared. I want to get better at this game also learn Extractions while enjoying the game and have conversations with some other players.
  4. MegumiYumiko

    Hello o7 rather new player (Eu)

    Hello o7 I been a rather big fan of the game for quite awhile but i always failed quite badly to really get into it ( Mostly gearfear tbh.....) So it would be great if someone more experienced and knowledgeable could take some of their time and give me a hand with getting the basic game down! I'm a EU player lvl 1 ish after a wipe it seems My discord is Megumi Yumiko#3576 o7
  5. TheWendigo

    [NA/PST] In need of a Sherpa?

    I won't say I'm the best nor am I an official sherpa, but I have played since alpha and I am pretty active as of late. I can show you spawns, resource tips and make sure you have multiple ways of enjoying and gaining experience and prevent you from developing gear fear and becoming broke. If you would like to follow me into the depths of Tarkov by all means contact me HERE! I just reset my account so I will be in the same boat as most of you.
  6. Smitty556

    Rare loot and key farming help

    So I'm decently new, haven't played too much only around 4 days worth. I'm really enjoying the games and know the map layouts of factory and customs and enjoy playing on these maps the most. So my question is what is some of the best ways to farm keys and rare items such as a keybar, doc bag, and weapons. I dont have a large gama container i just have a trashy alpha so if i could also get some info on how to get the epsilon container that would be great aswell. Thanks in advance!
  7. liorp10087

    Stash and container size

    Hello I just bought the standard edition of the game, and I'd like to ask if there's any way to increase the stash and gamma container size... from what I understood (after I bought the original version of the game) you can increase them via upgrading the pre-order pack, but is there any not p2w way? I think it's kinda unfair to make it so only people who pay more for a beta version of a game can test the game to it's fullest and experience the game better then the ones who payed a legitimate price for the game...
  8. GoblinA1

    Newbie looking for friends

    I just bought the game and it's currently downloading. I have experience playing MilSims and survival games. I also have a lot of experience in MMO/RPG type games as well. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to play with me. I am competitive but I know how to have fun. So I won't be yelling, but most likely laughing. Thanks everyone and I am very excited to get started.
  9. Bizzcreek

    Cucks only

    Hey guys I'm on a few different discord servers because I'm always looking to group up. This is my first pc experience however Ive been grinding since I finished my first pc build 6 weeks ago. I'm only a level 20 and have like 600K roubles and like 4k U.S. I just want more people to raid with as I'm in the middle of the united states and game every night after 8pm. Bizzcreek#7888 on Disc
  10. AvoidsTheVodka2

    New Player- Voluntary Introduction

    Greetings Fellow Survivors, I’m a recently arrived newbie and feel that, before I put up any (more) posts, a brief introduction is appropriate. I was introduced to PC games at first via S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, which I’ve played on and off for quite a few years (Howdy Ho to all the former and current Loners out there.). I missed out on the prospect of any online play with that one (which was apparently ever only mediocre anyway), largely because Gamespy had folded before I decided to give it a try. I’ve token experience with ARMA and The Division, but haven’t even engaged in team play online with either. Feel that the ARMA franchise “out of the box” is showing its age a bit, and The Division is drifting in a direction I just wasn’t interested in. All of this serves glaringly highlight my lack of experience by the time I buy into EFT/EOD at alpha stage. But, it’s probably enough of a profile to see why I came to EFT anyway. There’s a high probability that I could be regarded as a “mature age” player. For family reasons, my time for diversions like EFT is not entirely mine to spend, but I’m trying to slot it in more. Perhaps in keeping with many here, I do have some civilian shooting experience, but mostly from visits to the US. Fellow Oz players can vouch for how tough it is to follow any shooting sports in Australia now. Am not currently serving, nor have I ever served, in the Police Forces or Military of any country, and choose to make no pretensions concerning same “out of my lane”. Have had friends, both living and deceased, with service in combat arms. Currently of the opinion that Escape from Tarkov can be a great game, but has some way to go yet. I’m going to try to enjoy my participation in its development in the meantime. Don’t know what the current trend is, but I would like to see as much cooperation between Players (at the moment) as possible, whether PMCs or Scavs. The game, in its current form, is challenging enough, without it devolving, whilst still in Beta, to a KOS free-for-all. Don’t know what philosophy everyone else is following or why- But, I won’t be shooting at YOU first… KangaContractor aka AvoidsTheVodka
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