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  1. I've been gaming with a good group of people with what we've built over at GruntLife Gaming (GLG). It's a Veteran Owned/Operated Discord that has people that're vets and regular civilians on multiple games and platforms but really has focused on Escape From Tarkov. We have a wide variety of different players from absolute newbies to very experienced players on EST. So if you're new, we're willing to teach and if you're more experienced even better. We're also constantly not only running raids but doing in-game giveaways for people in the community among other things to help out and give back to our members. So if think you might be interested in joining, here's the link to our discord. Hope to see ya around! https://discord.gg/ZgyjrKN *MUST BE 18+ YRS OF AGE TO JOIN*
  2. tobiassolem

    New player Tarkov F.A.Q

    This is a short new-player-FAQ meant to inform newer players of some core important factors of the game. Thanks to @Cyver and @Endrit for also contributing! Q: How can I as a new player get help with learning about the game? A: There is a “Sherpa program” full of veteran players that will help you learn about the basics, by joining this and becoming a “Sherpaling” you will quickly get a team to play together with and learn the fundamentals of the game. Find out more about the “Sherpa program” here: Q: What am I supposed to do in the game? A: Escape From Tarkov is a game with many possibilities! But the easiest way to begin is to familiarize yourself with the maps. There is an “offline raid” part of the game that allows you to test the game out with bots, learn the maps and then begin doing tasks. Each trader you find in the game has a list of tasks (or quests if you will) where you can earn some in-game experience and rewards, as well as reputation (that will open up more items for purchase with this trader) Q: What happens to my stuff when I die? A: Due to the hardcore aspect of the game, you lose everything you bring with you into a raid when you die or you get MIA (missing in action). There is only one exception: Your secure container - Items you store here are saved even when you die. Q: What is a secure container? A: As we mentioned above, once you die you lose everything except for what is in your secure container. There are different sized secure containers, the smallest one is a 2x2 slot (called the alpha container) and while some can be purchased from the traders, the biggest one can only be earned by doing tasks for the traders. Q: I have found something that I think is a bug in the game, how do I report it? A: Since Escape From Tarkov is in beta, there will be bugs! Thank you for wanting to report them, making bug reports will help us solve issues with the game. You can report bugs via the in-game launcher “Report bug”-feature. Please describe the problem, and attach the game logs, and preferably a YouTube-video showing the issue. Q: What is a wipe, and when is a wipe? A: Whilst the game still is in development, the dev team BattleState Games will sometimes require all of the user data information to be cleaned, meaning the profile data will be reset to the starting point, meaning: every player will have their inventory, task-progression, experience, etc. reset to what it was from the first beginning. Some patches modify the game to such an extent where this is necessary. Thus far this happens about once or twice per year. Q: What is the Hideout? A: The hideout starts out as an abandoned cellar somewhere with limited options, but will provide you with the ability to craft items, improve your health, test weapons, generate bitcoins, task helper SCAVS to fetch things for you, and much much more! Q: The game feels unfair to me. Why am I getting matched against groups when I am solo-queueing? A: The game is not meant to be "balanced" or "fair" in the conventional meanings of these words. The game is meant to be hard for new players - and the core design is based on you playing together with a squad. Going solo is of course possible, but much more difficult! It’s also about crafting YOUR story. Play the way you want, but please understand that some play styles will be tougher as a beginner than others. You can find more info about The Vision of Escape From Tarkov here : Q: Why are people not dying? They keep tanking all my bullets. A: Different types of ammo have different purposes. Once you know which ammo does what, you’ll have better success. Some ammo is really good at penetrating armor, others are good flesh damage. Choosing the right type of ammo for a fight is important. Example : Using flesh damage ammo would be effective when spraying the legs, arms or hitting them in the face. A good resource to see what ammo does what is : https://tarkov-tools.com/ammo TRANSLATIONS: Serbian translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @Browsk1 Swedish translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @02_ Arabic translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @FlokiiiMVP Spanish translation can be found here thanks to our Moderator & Emissary @andresto Italian translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @ZioEnzo Dutch translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @Endrit Romanian translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @j0zeph Portuguese translation can be found here thanks to our Sherpa & Emissary @Alexandre_5 German translation can be found here thanks to our Emissary @Aleshani
  3. I've been playing this game for a couple of days. I'm starting to survive and extract. I really like the gameplay but I noticed there are some things making this game very unwelcoming to new players and to non-hardcore players in general. I'm by no means a crybaby who's complaining that the game is too hard or too unforgiving. I used to play shooters semi - professionally back when esports wasn't really a thing in my country and I specifically chose this game because of the permadeath and consequences of losing all your gear. That is what I'm looking for. This post is about the chores and hoops you have to go through to play this game. I can do all these things sure, but they are very unappealing and tedious, games are supposed to be fun. If to sell an item you would have to click the confirm button 25 times it would be doable, but it would be less fun. -1-It’s bad game design if to play a video game you need another monitor/laptop/phone with all the necessary information. It's one thing to calculate optimal build in excel and then apply it, outside resources are fine to an extent but it's another thing to be constantly going back to the ammo sheet. Or keeping the map of a location because the in-game one is so much worse. Or alt tab to wiki to check if this item I found is usable in quest/barter/crafting. All that information should be accessible in game. I'm going to get it anyway, why make me jump through hoops? -1a Simply add a tag in the tool tooltip "quest item" or "barter item" or "crafting item" and a way to expand it to tell you what is it used for specifically. If that is too much information to give up to reveal everything about an undiscovered quest just keep the "quest item" tag but block the additional information behind "undiscovered quest" or recipe. -1b have a better map in the game, without buying it and taking space in the inventory. Unrealistic? Is it more realistic to have the information and better anyway by having a detailed map on the second monitor? If you don't want to reveal positions of extracts and stashes and the like or spend time adding them all and creating an interactive map that will mark them when you discover them, just give us a map and allow people to make the markers themselves. Maybe even let people share those maps with other players if you feel charitable. We all have all that information on the second monitor or phone. You are not making the game easier just more accessible and fun. -1c make the ammo sheet visible in game. Just have a picture of it show up when I'm pointing at ammo with the relevant one highlighted. And let the experienced players hide it if they want to. 2 I had no idea what I'm doing in the first couple of raids and I have watched and read multiple tutorials. I felt like a lamb lost in foggy woods packed with wolfs. This game needs a tutorial. Very basic one. Spawn someone offline on factory put a marker over some stash with "pick it up" text and when that's done, do the same thing for an extract. Then lvl 2, same thing but no markers the player had to find the quest item themselves and find the extract themselves (explain the O menu), lvl 3 same thing but with scavs running around. 3. Meeting expert players as a newbie is demoralizing because of just how much steamrolled you get. You can't pick the sounds of footsteps yet, they have headphones so good they hear your bowel movements. Your ammo is trash, they are in a Ironman suit. You have no understanding of the map, they have enough grenades to clear all the corners without even showing themselves. (I started avoiding medical on customs, everytime I'm in there someone throws like 7 grenades and if I manage not to get killed and even get a drop on the guy he's going to soak up entire mag from my garbage gun without dying anyway). I'm not sure how to balance this, maybe new players should have some above average starter gear that's double insured for 5 raids or maybe just let new accounts run as scavs without timeout for some time. Something to let newbies ease into the game without getting sore about losing stuff because they don't know what they are doing. 4 traders only buying certain things or having different buy prices. Why? It doesn't add anything other than the amount of clicks I'm doing. No skill or fun involved with checking the price of a an item in 4 different windows. It's just a chore to click through. Have them all buy everything at the same price. I understand criticism often seems like complaining and whining, but I'm really having fun in this game, it's great. It just makes me do some tedious things that make it less fun than it could have been. Keep up the great work.
  4. Tarkoviacy! Ze względu na nasilające się ataki na konta graczy, chciałbym przypomnieć wszystkim iż zgodnie z regulaminem Escape From Tarkov, a także regulaminami forum i strony www.escapefromtarkov.com. Na was - graczach / użytkownikach - spoczywa obowiązek zabezpieczenia swoich kont przed nieautoryzowanym dostępem i kradzieżą! Na waszym profilu istnieje możliwość aktualizacji opcji zabezpieczeń na najwygodniejsze dla was. Zespół BSG jednak zaleca z kożystania z aplikacji Google Authenticator którą pożecie pobrać bezpłatnie na swój smartfon. Szczegółowa instrukcja zmiany ustawień zabezpieczeń: Logujemy się do swojego konta na stronie : https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/profile Po zalogowaniu się na swój profil po prawej stronie macie różne funkcje, nas interesuję "SECURITY SETTINGS" Po wejściu w te ustawienia będzie trzeba podać kod weryfikacyjny, który przyjdzie na wasz adres mailowy. Następnie pojawi się lista dostępnych funkcji, zalecane jest wybranie aplikacji Google Authenticator: Po sparowaniu aplikacji z waszym kontem, bardzo ważne jest, aby również na tej samej stronie zmienić metodę weryfikacji: Po tych krokach będziecie mieli pewność że uczyniliście co w waszej mocy aby uchronić wasze konto przed nieuprawnionym dostępem! Dziękuję za uwagę i do zobaczenia w TARKOVIE!
  5. New player (started playing this week) looking for people who would like to play. I’m in NA and EST. I can play pretty much anytime and any day. So far been playing a lot of offline mode so I won’t be such a burden for those who want to play with me. I find my self being more of a scavenger type. Doing quests, collecting items and weapons and gear. I also would like to begin building up my hideout. I have discord so that’s not a problem. Just let me know so we can start to get out there and have some fun
  6. Hi guys, I am playing from Dubai. usually every after work, I need someone to play with and talk to on discord or any voice app, i guess the best way to find me is through my battle tag, the blizzard app for world of warcraft, im sure you know this but just saying you never know someone might not know it. battletag: Eparti#21873 Ideally someone with some experiance but without is also fine we can find the info together and explore. looking forward to meet you. ;D
  7. Haida-Hyena

    Too hard for new players?

    So I got this game a few days ago, and I love it... But hate it at the same time. I enjoy the fact that it really wants to be a difficult realistic type of game, and I'm all for the difficulty. But it's painful as a new player being killed by people with some of the best ammo types in the game before I can even do anything in any PMC raid I do. Will there ever be a sort of system to match low level players with other low level players instead of putting me up against the level 30+ people over and over again? And again, I get it's supposed to be difficult, but at this point it feels like the more new players there are the easier it is for the bigger guys in a sense, because I'm basically helpless when it comes to a fight against someone who's got the upper hand in almost every aspect including game sense, armors and weapons. Sure it's a challenge to get over, but it's really annoying when every time I even attempt a PMC raid I immediately get shot by some guy with a silenced AR instantly, and even more so when I shoot them but their super good armor makes whatever I have look like a peashooter. Even if there isn't going to be a balancing in that sense, any tips and whatnot would probably do me some good, since right now I'm stuck in limbo of getting a successful scav raid, and then getting shot down on each and every PMC raid I do. Thanks.
  8. Hello I am a new player to EFT and I'm having issues with getting good games on Customs as a scav. A few weeks ago I would have 35-25 minutes to scrounge and then GTFO. Now I'm finding that every game on customs I come into I have 15-9 min which sometimes isn't long enough to even run directly to an extract if players or raiders shoot you. I've found it extremely frustrating and just need some extra time. I'm new and I tend to take a little longer to loot, listen, and fight players and scavs so if anyone has any tips I'd love to hear them thank you for your time.
  9. Hey hallo mein Name ist Chris ich bin 22 Jahre alt und ich hab mir gerade frisch dieses Spiel geholt, weil ich nach mehreren Videos die ich mir darüber angeschaut habe, extrem Bock bekommen habe. Jedoch bin ich selbstverständlich einige Zeit vermutlich erstmal ein ziemlicher Noob und hab wenig Ahnung vom Spiel den Maps etc. Deswegen suche ich nach paar entspannten Leuten mit denen ich das Spiel vielleicht daddeln könnte und welche mir das Spiel ein wenig beibringen könnten, da es alleine ohne große Vorerfahrungen recht schwer ist in dieses Spiel zu kommen. Ein Kumpel von mir hat sich das Game auch geholt der ist aber genauso ein Noob wie ich. Falls ihr bock habt mir und vielleicht dann auch meinem Kumpel zu helfen und halt mit mir Noobie zu daddeln würde ich mich sehr freuen. Mein Discord Name: Duff_Vader#8378 MFG Chris
  10. Kipover

    Canadian Dad, Tarkov Noob

    Hey guys ! My name is Kip - described as a 27 year old Dad without a dad-bod. I'm brand new to Tarkov - still learning the intricacies of each map as well as the game. I'm noticing that it's increasingly more difficult to navigate, loot, plan and provide my own sector security all at the same time, alone... I'm looking for another noob to learn the ropes with... or a mentor, but I don't want you holding my hand - I must learn... Discord : Kipover #9332. Mic : Yes. Feel free to add me. I don't care about age, gender, none of that noise... I need someone I can trust completely - no more blue on blue. Thanks guys - I hope to hear from some of you...
  11. Endrit

    Nieuwe speler Tarkov F.A.Q

    Dit is een korte nieuwe-speler-FAQ bedoeld om nieuwere spelers te informeren over enkele belangrijke kernfactoren van het spel. Met dank aan @Cyver en @Tobias voor hun bijdrage! V: Hoe kan ik als nieuwe speler hulp krijgen bij het leren over het spel? A: Er is een "Sherpa programma" vol met veteranen die je helpen om de basis te leren, door je aan te sluiten bij dit programma en een "Sherpaling" te worden zul je snel een team krijgen om mee te spelen en de fundamenten van het spel te leren. Lees hier meer over het "Sherpa programma": V: Wat moet ik doen in het spel? A: Escape From Tarkov is een spel met vele mogelijkheden! Maar de makkelijkste manier om te beginnen is om vertrouwd te raken met de maps. Er is een "offline raid" deel van het spel dat je in staat stelt om het spel te testen met bots, de maps te leren en dan te beginnen met het doen van taken. Elke Trader die je in het spel vindt heeft een lijst met taken (of quests als je wilt) waar je wat in-game ervaring en beloningen kunt verdienen, evenals reputatie (dat zal meer items verkrijgbaar maken voor aankoop bij deze Trader). V: Wat gebeurt er met mijn spullen als ik sterf? A: Door het hardcore aspect van het spel, verlies je alles wat je meeneemt in een raid als je sterft of je krijgt MIA (missing in action). Er is slechts één uitzondering: Je beveiligde container - Spullen die je hier inzet worden bewaard, zelfs als je sterft. V: Wat is een beveiligde container? A: Zoals we hierboven vermeld hebben, verlies je na je dood alles, behalve wat er in je beveiligde container zit. Er zijn verschillende maten van veilige containers, de kleinste is een 2x2 gleuf (de alpha-container genoemd) en terwijl sommige kunnen worden gekocht van de Traders, kan de grootste alleen worden verdiend door het doen van taken voor de Traders. V: Ik heb iets gevonden waarvan ik denk dat het een bug is in het spel, hoe kan ik dit melden? A: Aangezien Escape From Tarkov in beta is, zullen er bugs zijn! Bedankt dat u ze wilt melden, het maken van bugrapporten zal ons helpen om problemen met het spel op te lossen. Je kunt bugs melden via de in-game launcher "Report bug"-functie. Beschrijf alstublieft het probleem, en voeg de spellogs bij, en bij voorkeur een YouTube-video die het probleem laat zien. V: Wat is een wipe, en wanneer is een wipe? A: Terwijl het spel nog in ontwikkeling is, zal het ontwikkelingsteam BattleState Games soms alle gegevens van de gebruiker moeten opschonen, wat betekent dat de profielgegevens worden teruggezet naar het beginpunt, wat betekent dat elke speler zijn inventaris, taakverloop, ervaring, etc. zal laten terugzetten naar wat het was vanaf het eerste begin. Sommige patches wijzigen het spel in die mate dat dit nodig is. Tot nu toe gebeurt dit ongeveer een of twee keer per jaar. V: Wat is de Hideout? A: De Hideout begint als een verlaten kelder ergens met beperkte opties, maar zal je de mogelijkheid bieden om voorwerpen te maken, je gezondheid te verbeteren, wapens te testen, bitcoins te genereren, Scavs halen goodies voor je, en nog veel meer! V: Het spel voelt voor mij niet eerlijk aan. Waarom word ik tegen groepen gematcht als ik alleen ben? A: Het spel is niet bedoeld om "evenwichtig" of "eerlijk" te zijn in de conventionele betekenis van deze woorden. Het spel is bedoeld om moeilijk te zijn voor nieuwe spelers - en het kernontwerp is gebaseerd op het feit dat je samen met een team speelt. Solo gaan is natuurlijk mogelijk, maar veel moeilijker! Het gaat ook om het knutselen van UW verhaal. Speel zoals je wilt, maar begrijp alsjeblieft dat sommige speelstijlen als beginner moeilijker zijn dan andere. Meer info over The Vision of Escape From Tarkov vind je hier: V: Waarom gaan mensen niet dood? Ze blijven al mijn kogels maar tanken. A: Verschillende soorten munitie hebben verschillende doelen. Als je eenmaal weet welke munitie wat doet, heb je meer succes. Sommige munitie is echt goed in het penetreren van armor, andere zijn goed voor het toebrengen van flesh damage. Het kiezen van het juiste type munitie voor een gevecht is belangrijk. Voorbeeld : Het gebruik van munitie met flesh damage zou effectief zijn bij het schieten van de benen, armen of het gezicht. Een goede bron om te zien wat munitie doet wat is : https://tarkov-tools.com/ammo
  12. Questo è un breve F.A.Q. destinato a informare i giocatori più recenti di alcuni fattori fondamentali importanti del gioco. Buona lettura! D : Essendo un nuovo giocatore, come posso ricevere aiuto per poter imparare a giocare? R : Esiste un programma, chiamato “Sherpa" che consiste in giocatori veterani disponibili ad aiutarti per poter imparare meglio le basi del gioco, unendoti a questo progetto e diventando uno "Sherpaling" otterrai rapidamente una squadra con cui giocare insieme e imparare le basi del gioco. Per poter richiedere uno Sherpa, direttamente in lingua italiana, dal seguente link: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa?style=0&communication=0&language=4 D : Cosa dovrei fare nel gioco? R : Escape From Tarkov è un gioco con molte possibilità! Ma il modo più semplice per iniziare è familiarizzare con le mappe. C'è una sezione del gioco, definita "offline raid", che ti permette di testare il gioco con i bot, imparare le mappe e poi iniziare a completare le missioni. Ogni Trader che trovate nel gioco ha una lista di missioni (o quest se volete) dove potrete guadagnare un po' di esperienza di gioco e ricompense, oltre alla reputazione (che darà la possibilità di aumentare il livello del Trader e poter sbloccare, per l’acquisto, nuovi oggetti da quello specifico trader). D : Cosa succede alle mie cose quando muoio? R : A causa dell'aspetto Hardcore del gioco, si perde tutto ciò che si porta con sé in un raid, in due occasioni ben specifiche: 1) quando si muore; 2) quando si ottiene lo status MIA (missing in action), ossia che non si riesce ad estrarre in tempo dal raid. C'è solo un'eccezione: Il “secure container” - gli oggetti che vengono conservati qui, in caso di morte, non verranno persi. D : Cos'è un “Secure container”? R : Come detto sopra, una volta morto si perde tutto, tranne ciò che è all’interno del “secure container”. Ce ne sono di diverse dimensioni, il più piccolo è uno slot 2x2 (chiamato “Alfa container”) e mentre alcuni possono essere acquistati dai Trader, il più grande può essere acquisito solo completando le missioni date dai singoli Trader. D : Ho trovato qualcosa che penso sia un bug nel gioco, come posso segnalarlo? R : Dato che Escape From Tarkov è in beta, ci saranno sicuramente dei bug! Segnalare i vari bug, ci aiuterà a risolvere i problemi del gioco. I bug possono essere segnalati tramite la funzione "Report bug" presente nel Launcher di gioco. Vi chiediamo di descrivere il problema (in inglese) e allegate i log del gioco, e preferibilmente un video YouTube che mostri il problema. D : Cos'è un wipe, e quando avviene un wipe? R : Mentre il gioco è ancora in fase di sviluppo, il Team di sviluppo di BattleState Games richiederà a volte la pulizia di tutte le informazioni dei dati utente, ciò significa che i dati del profilo saranno resettati al punto di partenza, ovvero: ogni giocatore avrà il suo inventario, la progressione delle quest, l'esperienza, ecc. resettati a quello che era dall'inizio. Alcune patch modificano il gioco a tal punto da renderlo necessario. Tutto ciò, per ora, accade circa una o due volte all'anno. D : Cos'è l’Hideout? R : L’Hideout (o rifugio) inizia come una cantina abbandonata da qualche parte con opzioni limitate; essendo il vostro rifugio, vi fornirà la possibilità di creare oggetti, migliorare la vostra salute, testare le armi, generare bitcoin, mandare gli SCAV a cercare oggetti totalmente casuali per voi, e molto altro ancora! D : Il gioco mi sembra ingiusto. Perché vengo abbinato contro i gruppi quando cerco partite da solo? R : Il gioco non è inteso per essere "equilibrato" o "giusto" nei significati convenzionali di queste parole. Il gioco è pensato per essere duro per i nuovi giocatori - e il design di base si basa sul fatto che si gioca insieme a una squadra. Naturalmente è possibile giocare da soli, ma è molto più difficile! Si tratta anche di creare la VOSTRA storia. Giocate come volete, ma vi prego di capire che alcuni stili di gioco saranno più difficili per un principiante rispetto ad altri. Potete trovare maggiori informazioni su “The Vision of Escape From Tarkov” qui: D : Perché le persone non muoiono? Continuano a resistere a tutti i miei colpi. R : Diversi tipi di munizioni hanno scopi diversi. Una volta che sai quali munizioni fanno cosa, avrai un successo migliore. Alcune munizioni sono davvero buone per penetrare un'armatura, altre, invece, hanno buoni danni alla carne. Scegliere il giusto tipo di munizioni per un combattimento è molto importante. Ad esempio: Le munizioni con danni alla carne sono efficaci quando si mira alle gambe, alle braccia o si mira alla faccia. Un buon modo risorsa per vedere cosa fanno le munizioni: https://tarkov-tools.com/ammo
  13. Zerocool307

    if you looking for friends look no further

    Tired of milsim groups making you feel like your worthless at the game? Need someone to teach you how to play the game? Looking for chill friends who just want to have fun? welll look no further you dirty rat because theres a discord for you I am the owner of a discord named koolaid klan we like to play tarkov and chill were not a huge community but we are growing we have taught many players how to play the game and we just like to chill and have fun no need to worry about those milsim servers who get mad at you because you took the last chocolate bar we koolaid a mixed community of genders and ages would love to have anyone wanting to play the game so come stop by and say hi https://discord.gg/tN7EFH
  15. Hey folks, I'm new to the game and started playing about a week ago. I've been eyeballing EFT for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. What can I say except that I am truly impressed with the vast amount of content for a game that's still in beta. I really love the general concept of the game, its complex looting and gearing system, the extensive weapon mod system and most of all -- the mind-blowing detail that went into the level design is simply breathtaking! Now, I understand that EFT is not kindergarten. It was purposefully designed as a hardcore shooter that's not supposed to be easy but sets focus on a most realistic combat experience. If you want easy, go play COD or BF. And that's fine with me. I also like the concept of losing any gear you brought into a raid if you get killed as PMC. It makes you think twice of what you're willing to risk, which makes gameplay even the more interesting. Have any problem with that? Git gud. lol 😁 However, after about a week of playing I sensed a few things that get so infuriatingly frustrating that I already feel myself starting to lose interest in the game. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the concept and would like to keep playing. So I thought I'd use the opportunity and list a few things that should be improved in my opinion. Disable Scav cooldown timer when you got killed Sure, there's a reason why playing as Scav has a timer before you can play it again. After all, scaving is a no-risk, but potentially high-reward situation. If you die in-raid, you only lose what was generated at random before the session. But if you successfully extract, you may keep whatever you found during the raid. Obviously, if there was no cooldown timer at all, everyone would just play Scav all the time without risking the life of their PMC. Nobody wants that. But: since you get killed so easily and so quickly in EFT (especially when you're new to the game), it is a real pain having to wait 20 minutes before you can scav again, even if you died. What's the point of having to wait 20 mins when you didn't get to keep any of the loot the round before because your Hypothalamus made friendship with Mr. 7.62x54mmR? There is zero reward in terms of loot when you get killed while scaving, so why must I wait nevertheless? I think the cooldown timer is only justified when you made your exit, in order to prevent people to play the game in a "Scav-only" style. Allow Scav offline mode at any time (no timer) Since offline mode is for training purpose only and doesn't change anything in your profile, it should always be available, even as Scav. But instead, when I died as Scav in an online raid the round before, I can not even play Scav offline mode without having to wait out the 20 min timer. No fun. Remove post-raid healing of a PMC that was KIA I play PMC, I get killed, and then... I have to heal?!?! Why? I'm dead. I'm bleeding demised. I passed on. I am no more. I ceased to be. I'm expired and gone to meet my maker. I am a late PMC. Bereft of life, I rest in peace. I kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. I. AM. AN. EX-PMC. Honestly, the need to heal a character that was killed doesn't make much sense to me. Just a waste of money and medical supplies. The need to post-raid heal a character should only be there if you extracted while wounded. Being killed already gives you the punishment of losing all your loot. No need to give me the extra punishment of having to heal a dead guy. Add penalty for killing Scavs while playing as Scav yourself We Scavs are supposed to stick together, don't you see? Our real enemy are the heavily armed PMCs. Carrying all this class A gear, they're hard enough to kill as is. That's why the Scav bots don't shoot at other Scavs, unless they do something stupid first. However, I regularly encounter other player Scavs that don't give a damn about a friendly wiggle but come at me all guns blazing. Immediately. No chit-chat first. While it should generally be possible to do, I think it would be fair to add a massive negative EXP penalty if you decide to do so. Fair matchmaking As far as I can tell you get thrown onto a server with other players of any level. What chances does a newbie with a 9x18mm Makarov stand against a heavily armored dude with years of experience and a fully automatic battleship-launcher? I think it'd be wise to implement a function to allow the player to only get matched with players of a comparable level. And last but not least a little optional wish that'd be nice to have: add coop offline mode, so I can train with my friends against AI only And that's all for today, folks!
  16. RawDiggityDawg

    Looking for Friends

    I’m new to the game and would love some friends to play with Noobs and Vets welcomed! I have bad luck in this game btw. User - RawDiggityDawg Discord - Rydog1098#5524
  17. This is my first wipe with my new PC (still running below 60 constantly) and I am not very good at the game. I have 16 out of 80 raids survived and although I can get kills, I usually die before I can extract. I was wondering if you guys had any useful tips about surviving longer (I am having a lot of trouble on customs). I do sometimes make it out and make big money but I just can survive customs (or any raid) lately. I'm level 22 and don't even have my pocket watch quest done. Most of my money I got from playing the stock market. Are there any tips you guys have to help me survive longer on raids or to help me make a steady income?
  18. Hunter6986

    new player servers

    Would it be possible to get servers for new players. I just started the game and i'm barely a lvl 6 but i keep getting killed and losing my gear by lvl 50+. For a new player it's a bit discouraging and makes me not want to play, knowing that i have a ton of progress to try and get threw to be on par with the veteran players. If we had lvl based servers/npc servers till a certain lvl, or till we catch up with real players in lvl we could get the XP needed without it being to easy jut not being super hard trying to contend with people who have had it from the start of the testing. Not being able to progress in a game where you can lose everything from one gun fight with someone so far ahead of you, as they are for me, makes it hard to want to get on everyday.
  19. wes6840

    LFG new to pc and tarkov

    looking for someone who is willing to help me out and be patient with me as i learn M&K as well as tarkov. i have a pretty speratic scheduled. but if your interested in helping a complete noob out let me know.
  20. ZioEnzo

    Evento Sherpa ON Reserve 03/04

    Buongiorno a Tutti, Venerdì 03/04 ore 21:00 si terrà la “Lezione”, ormai consolidata, del Venerdì (Mese di Marzo saltata causa Covid/19). In questa “Lezione” sarò accompagnato dal mio collaboratore @Wratto e dallo Sherpa @Giamma Inoltre avremo un ospite d'eccezione, ovvero Fraws di “Parliamodivg”, da cui canale faremo la diretta streaming. Noto esponente del panorama videoludico italiano ed un grande fan del gioco; è stato uno dei primi in Italia a far conoscere Escape From Tarkov tramite le sue live. Come sempre, rinnovo l’invito a contattarmi per qualsiasi richiesta e, aspettando l'evento, vi consiglio di fare una visita ai canali di Fraws. Una Buona giornata! Contatto Discord Enzo: Enzo#0753 Twitch: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/parliamodivg
  21. At the beggining I need to say that I've been reading A LOT of this forum and other 'tutorials' I am newbie this game, few days experience, but watched it a lot. I was lucky early runs to find some tetriz and other valutables and decided to buy key tool and all keys to custom dorms + gas station key. As a scav i am running Interchange. My all traders are level 1 ;( My gear looks like that: SKS + PS ammo, scav bp, scav vest, sometimes the cheapest armor from traders(22k i guess) My PMC runs are not going so well, i bring some stuff as scav 1 run of 5 maybe. What would you do, where would you go to get money? PS I was thinking about rat-runs SHORELINE, people often leaving there like lv.4 gear. Is this good idea?
  22. Hey guys (and gals), as I stated in my title I'm a newish (lvl 17) looking for a good group or clan to play with. I live on the East Coast and normally play after work, but on the weekends I play a lot more. Hoping to hear back from a good group/clan who is willing to help me learn and give me some good teammates to play with.
  23. Mercoledì 22, alle 21.00, vi sarà il terzo livello delle sherpate che da tempo organizzo per "aiutare ad apprendere" EFT: Sessione di Pratica. A seconda del numero dei presenti, si organizzeranno serie di raid in squadra (di norma due sherpa/esperti e tre reclute) su qualunque mappa vogliate per cercare di mettere in atto le spiegazioni datevi in precedenza. In seguito se ne discuterà l'andamento per cercare di analizzare al meglio le diverse situazioni. Vi sarà ad aiutarmi i candidati sherpa Enzo e Kemino e forse anche WarDaddy: tutti personaggi noti nella community italiana per il loro impegno e la loro disponibilità a dar una mano ai nuovi. Chi fosse interessato è pregato di contattarmi in privato precedentemente all'evento o di presentarsi nel canale coda sherpa del discord (https://discord.gg/2upMWy) poco prima delle 21. Sarò anche come sempre in live su FB, sul mio canale twitch.tv/fedeico/ Per chi volesse vedere per aggiornarsi sulle mie precedenti sherpate potete coleggarvi qui twitch.tv/fedeico/videos?filter=highlights&sort=time:
  24. CxCastro

    lfg new player

    lfg new to the game
  25. iSpextor

    Amateur Looking for Experienced Player

    hey guys, i'm looking for an experienced player to help me out with this game. Basically just playing together and learning-by-doing. Would love someone to play with Add me on Discord iSpextor#5004
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