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Found 7 results

  1. soldier075

    [NA]Ghost Corporation

    We are new clan/group of some newbies with game knowledge we just suck haha. anyone is welcome we are just looking for more people to play with and we are a gaming community playing several different types of games. We are all really chill people age range is from 16-40 feel free to join us and have a good time! Ranks in discord are to only show how long you have been here with the group no rank out ranks anyone else other then server Staff. What we require You will be expected to read our rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide by our policy and click the check mark to get discord permissions Discord: https://discord.gg/6TpGz9rS7d
  2. I’m looking to help newer players or players that are early into their account complete the starting task. If you’re interested just add me on discord. @John.Blink#3819 You guys can also reply with your discord below and I’ll add you.
  3. Updated guide for the healing items in Escape from Tarkov for patch 12.9. Minor changes made by BSG include: Vaseline is now 6 uses w/ duration increased to 350 secs & a heavy bleed will take 175 hp off a Salewa - bring in a hemostat/tourniquet! Hope this helps ya.
  4. Alright, I have a lots of new members in our discord community that just started playing Tarkov and at this stage it is very difficult for them to win a PVP without being 2 tapped or die from bleeding. Although it sounds really hard for new players to start the game at mid wipe I always encourage them that this is the best time to prepare themselves for the next wipe. Sometimes no matter how good their positioning is, their bullets just can't penetrate an Altyn this is where the most budget effective gear I have advised them to use. a semi-moded /stock AK with BT Rounds, 6b5-15 armor (ragman level 1), gssh-01 and ssh-68. I have always told them to profile their enemy whenever they have the chance that is to increase their rate of success whether their bullets be more effective by just hitting their legs or they can just mag dump them to the thorax. I would really appreciate if anyone could suggest a more budget effective gears for levels 1-10 and 11-20. PS: I always ask them to focus on quests and hideout(Salewa Supply), Budget Quest Effective Gear, their PVP experience will come by naturally. Thank you!
  5. Pryzies

    New Player Perspective

    New Player Perspective: I'm sure the game has been out long enough that folks have had a chance to give beginner feedback but here goes mine. Honestly, I'm not new to the genre or FPS. I've been playing these kinds of games for a very long time. Now Tarkov seems to provide a fresh face to the mechanics of 'shooting people for fun' but there are particularly daunting holes in the beginner player experience that most likely have already been exhausted but I guess I'll put my gripes up on the heap along with the rest. First off - The game is hard; I get that. Well, hard isn't the word for it. Unrealistically hard? Perhaps that's the best way to put it. The single most important aspect of a game like this, in my opinion, is map awareness and for the life of me I can't understand why learning a map was designed to be the hardest part. The in-game map that you can purchase from a dealer is woefully inadequate and doesn't even resemble a realistic map you would happen to chance upon in a game which purports to be as realistic as possible.. If you take a map into offline mode it gives you next to nothing already but with so little amount of effort you guys could have done a lot better. Which brings me to my suggestion: Allow me to explore the map sure, but if I find a loot cache or a landmark just automatically indicate it on my in game map. This way I can earn what you guys call "exploration" experience more intuitively and make it a lot more beneficial to me as a newer player. Even better, preserve those icons, labels, indicators on my map when I find them so that it becomes a useful tool for me to continuously learn and make my way around during online mode. Just this feature alone would probably increase the likelihood that a newer player, such as myself, will stick around long enough to enjoy their experience with the game - god knows dying a billion times to lvl 40+ players at lvl 5 is enjoyable enough(sarcasm). In short, the game already has an extraordinary learning curve and a feature modification like this shouldn't even be a blip on the radar of the hardcore folks that relish in the challenge that this game provides. Perhaps even it might enhance the challenge they get as newer player will become proficient faster rather than fizzle out and quit shortly after purchase. Again, I get that you set out to provide a game that caters to the hardcore FPS guys out there but in the quest to become that you've alienated the better part of the millions of other casual folks out there. With a few tweaks you could better their experience and deepen your pockets but that's entirely up to you of course. Make the maps better please.
  6. Hi everyone!! Just here looking for new people to play with, i keep coming back to Tarkov because I initially bought a pc to play this game but really struggle to find friends. I play GMT+1 time so if anyone's interested feel free to message. I'm fairly new so I don't mind learning more about the game with others! My discord is Munkybrettan#4266 thanks everyone! And good luck out there
  7. Note: This post started on reddit, but I am fairly certain that a forum format will fit it better. Forward: Currently in EFT, there are three root causes of the hatchling plague. Lack of a cohesive, early game strategy. Players starting off will get cut down due to a large variety factors, and getting cut down is a powerful motivators, breeding complacency among new players: Use your case, you can trust it. Funky early game economics. Common mechanics among basically all shooters, that allow players to exploit the inherent nature of netcode, that make it so running around with a melee weapon isn't as risky as it should be. (Namely, that sprinting is very fluid, which makes it easy to exploit netcode to reach melee range safely.) Complacency is the end result of the causes of the hatchet syndrome. If we cannot fix this complacency, we are always going to have a few too many hatchet runners. What I have seen out in tarkov is pretty simple: New player buying the cheapest guns will end up disappointed. They are limited to ammunition that struggles with class 2 armor, and not able to obtain a full set of armor. Can you think of a self respecting geared player who consistently runs without class 2 armor? Maybe they read a guide, and heard that the two starter 7.62 by 39mm guns are very good. They are, but these guides will still betray new players if they fight a lightly armored opponent, as the new players available rounds for 7.62 by 39mm are in the form of hollow points, which don't jive with armor. So they take aim at an armored player, they shoot. They die. Perhaps they shot a scav and attracted a dozen hungry players to their position. Perhaps they simply looted their spawn. It doesn't matter. Their knowledge betrayed them, their gun betrayed them, and the guides betrayed them. One thing didn't: Their secure case. This is how hatchlings are born. Players who make a habit of using suppressed firearms without hiding and waiting for the other PMC's to leave the map are going to end up losing the will to gear up, and becoming complacent in the fact that only two items will never leave them. Their hatchet, and their case. Until they finish whatever grind they lay out for themselves before they can say they are a real player, or quit the game, these will be their tools. Now, to talk about how I would actually solve this issue of complacency, of helplessness, and not knowing where to go. The First Step: Give new players consistent, repeatable goals. There are the two things we need to do to break players out of the hatchet mindset: To teach them that escaping with a backpack is worthwhile, and to motivate them to fight scavs. Guns are nice. They are fun to use. They are why we play the game. Yet for a new player, they can be a deathtrap if they don't learn when it is unwise to use them (Especially with the lack of armor piercing ammo.) Its the use of backpacks that precludes everything else in destroying the hatcheters mindset, since its what makes all other gear worth it. The other step is to motivate players to become stronger then a scav, and to make it so there is some sort of consistent reward to rummaging a scavs pockets. It doesn't matter if its in the form of some consistent barter good, a set of daily repeatable task, or whatever. Reward players for facing the scav menace, even if someone else happens to shoot them and take the richest loot. I wrote a post covering this previously in the form of having the picture ID's of these former civilians be a barter good which can be exchanged for duffle bags that might contain basic things, like Saiga-9's, Toratov pistols, 3M armor, car medkits, and other things that might make a player reconsider their life as a hatchet runner. (With more consistent, precise rewards being offered as trades for larger quantities of ID's.) Thus, photo ID's of dead men would fill both requirements to breaking through the first major causes of hatchling complacency. It would kill the gear fear for backpacks (The ever so vital first step,) and it would motivate them to fight and kill AI units. Granting them extra goodies would be a secondary motivational effect. Lastly one of the early game maps, be it sububs, the streets of tarkov, or perhaps the several few first maps should have a lower number of PMC spawns per square kilometer, but a higher scavanger population. Why? Having high PvE in the early game would give players some chance to learn, stock up on a variety of basic weapons, and experiment with the game in a healthy fashion. The Second Step: More realistic running. Another part of the hatchet problem is that running in tarkov is very fluid, and your turning radius is just as good as it is when you are walking. This is often fine in other shooters, which is why such fluid sprinting mechanics are common. After all, in other shooters, it is common for all players to have standard issue shooty shoots. But in tarkov, this has made it so sprinting forward in silly patterns to bug out the netcode with a high damage melee weapon has made a shockingly lasting mark on the games metagame. After all, its free. Its silent. It doesn't betray you. Simply put, make it so your turning radius while you are sprinting is smaller, and make it so sustained sharp turns eat up speed and stamina equally well. Suddenly, zig-zagging squirrels no longer need a high capacity magazine to counter them, as their movement will be much less erratic. The third step: Adjusting the markets. I am going to divide the weapons into tiers here, for the sake of ease of explanation. Tier 0: Melee weapons (Rock bottom.) Tier 0.5: Obsolete weapons (Weapons that should be better then melee, if just barely, the TOZ and the like. It takes a good deal of skill for this to be preferable to a melee weapon.) Tier 1: Civilian and law enforcment weapons of the Non-AP variety (Good for PVE, bad for PVP.) Tier 2: Hunting weaponry (Slower firing weapons with the ability to beat armor with the right ammo.) Tier 2.5: Specialized Military grade weapons (BASR, and the like.) Tier 3: Assault rifles and Semi-Auto DMR's (Essentially, the best anti-armor weapons.) Of these tiers, Tier 2 (Vepr->OP SKS,) and Tier 0.5(Makarov-TOZ) are both reasonably priced. The Tier 1 fits the range of weapons from (The Saiga-9/MR-133->AKS-74U,) and aside from just the AKS-74U, these weapons are grossly overpriced (Basically most other weapons in this weight class should cost less then the AKSU variants, barring a few obviously very high class weapon variants like the MPX.) These weapons are the weapons which I would think would be the bare minimum for busting a player out of the complacency of not trusting guns, so their availability should be increased. This shouldn't be too controversial of a change: After all, its not like a Saiga-9's going to pierce a FAST-MT and cost you a full set of gear. Tier 2.5 is rarer then it should be, and I hope the game can be tuned so more of the Tier 3 weapon playerbase would be interested in using them. The 3rd tier of firearms may be more common then it should be, since their firepower is completely overwhelming, and almost completely out of reach of the players we need to motivate to "get gud," it may be wise to make it more difficult to make their use be profitable. After all, being faced with a completely overwhelming forces is part of the pie that causes new players to become complacent. Yet this step isn't mandatory. Solving the hatchling plague isn't best done through punishing the strongest players, or the newest players, its making the next few rungs on the ladder up from hatchling a bit more intuitive to reach.
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