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Found 4 results

  1. dionwashisnameo


    I know this last sale just ended, I have been doing research trying to figure out if I want it. Luckily a met a guy on a stream yesterday and he gave me a 14 day trial and I played it today and got my a$$ destroyed but I found out in spite of that I love it and went to buy it and low and behold the sale ended. I was going to buy the most expensive one for the stash size and extra standing with the merchants. But I’m not buying full price now that I know it goes on sale. My question is how often does this go on sale? If it’s once a year then I guess I’ll be waiting a year.
  2. saibot0

    When will the next wipe be.

    i basically died out cuz i finished too soon
  3. So, now the BETA is out there (Awesome work guys) I was wondering what is the next big thing to be hyped about? Of course, I know there are things that need tweaking, fixing, but I find it exhausting that everytime Battlestate comes out with some news or whatsoever people instantly whine and nag about stuff that needs fixing. We don't have to remind them EVERYTIME that they are developing a game that is in progress. Come on . So, that said, we had the Shoreline location to be very hyped about. And it was worth waiting! Things to look out to: - Hideout - Shoreline full map - Streets of Tarkov map - Karmasystem (I know I know) - Stuff from the dev reports? <-- where are we on this right now? Like the new animations, lock picking, voip, chat etc - New weapons - Removal of the amount of bullets left in your inventory - (..?) Let's make this a POSITIVE TOPIC
  4. FlarmBlarg

    Scav runs

    Please for the love of wasted hours.. Can you make it so players that are farming don't accidentally spam "next" and lose all of their loot from their scav runs? like a pop up on the character screen to ask if you're sure you want to discard all items or something? so frustrating after farming and having muscle memory spam the mouse 1 key thinking I'm going to go to the character screen after the menu and move all the loot.
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