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Found 24 results

  1. derang3r90

    The Laboratory - Power Outage

    Imagine a situation where you and a couple of other PMCs are going through The Lab. You've taken out a few hostiles, dealt with the raiders and are preparing for extraction as there are roughly 10 minutes until the end of the raid. Next thing, the lights go out, apart from a couple of emergency lights near the exits. Without NVGs or flashlights it is impossible to see considering you are in an underground facility. What follows shortly after is that groups of soldiers clothed only in black, equipped with GPNVGs and IR lasers on their weapons enter from opposite sides of the facility and move through in an attempt to eliminate any remaining intruders (you and your PMC comrades) and secure the area. Could be a cool chance event (like a boss spawn) but for The Lab and an interesting way to implement the group we see cleaning up Terminal in the last episode of "The Raid" series. Even without the extra AI spawning, dark labs would be very cool... Thoughts?
  2. nebrot22

    Night Raids

    Hey guys, some thoughts about the night raids. 1. What do you think about the brightness in night time? In my opinion its way to bright. Nightvisions are almost useless. I would like it if the nights are darker. 2. Most players dont even like to play in night, because there is no benefit, theres only the downside of seeing less or paying more for a night vision. So to give us a little more motivation to do night raids i think it would be nice if the bosses have a higher spawnrate on nighttime. I understand that this might bring a issue with the market prices of items. You might not agree with my idea but i think something has to happen to night raids otherwise its just hatchlings heaven because there are just very few people playing with gear on night. Greetings Nebrot22 / Bippo
  3. Hedgehog117

    Night time/night vision scope in

    So ive noticed that at night whenever you scope in, it leaves you unable to actually see what you scope in on, even with night vision, despite being able to see it before you scope in. the scope becomes nominally darker than the surrounding area, the shadows darken considerably. making scopes near useless at nighttime. this is unaffected by postfx or the new patch, its been recurring for at least two months.
  4. Hi all, one of my good friends and viewers was curious to hear what the community thought about the current state of night raids and the low population, as well as think of things that may be good to suggest to BSG in order to get more players to go in at night vs day. I've included the link to the original reddit post below! I'm aware of the Cultists which will soon be implemented, and I'm excited to see how they will affect the game. Here's what he wrote on Reddit: "So I've been playing a lot of night raids recently just because I enjoy the atmosphere and the aesthetic of the raids when vision is limited and the stars are high, but there's a problem; although it'd make sense to see less players on night raids, I've seemed to see absolutely none. It makes sense that people would rather play daytime raids as you don't have to make the big investment of night vision or the gear to supplement it, and that would as a result make night raids less populated. What I am proposing is that something is added to night raids to further incentivize players to join them, such as buffing the loot table or making certain things like scav boss 100% during. From my point of view it would bring more life and value to the game and would also change the economy and the way that people play the game. Keep in mind that my idea of a night raid is between ~22:00 and 5:00, the time when the game is darkest. This might also be because of what I call 'pre-wipe silence' which I'm sure we're all familiar with, as it is when the playerbase shuts down because they're all waiting for a wipe. Thoughts?" Thanks
  5. TeriyakiShark

    night raid recomendations

    Recently I've really gotten into night raids and I want to know other people's experience with them. I've had some great raids where I don't see a single pmc and loot until I'm full and leave; I casually kill scavs and traverse the map. Other times I'm creeping through the forest and I get one shot or killed very quickly by suppressed fire with no target in sight. I would like to know from those who have experience with night raids or have real stats: what is the safest map to do raids on at night (1) and how prevalent are thermals and NVGs (2)? 1) I've run shoreline 4 times and customs once at night. I had a great raid for both maps but many more bad raids on shoreline. I've heard customs is fairly safe at night as it's a lot of new players trying to get quests done. Have any of you found that to be true for nighttime? I would like to do night raids and avoid contact to loot up and build up cash. 2) I've run shoreline at night about 4 times and died 3/4 times. I know for sure 1 raid was a 3+man party with NVGs. The other times I never saw anyone and died while crouched in bushes or creeping. I'm wondering if everyone on night raids all run thermals or something and easily spot me creeping through bushes. Any thoughts? Also what do you prefer at night, NVG or thermal or both; like NVG goggles with a thermal sight? Trying to figure out how to play at night with visibility but not break the bank. I've tried all the NVGs and unfortunately died with all of them too. I found the GPNVG-18 to be best but I can't keep losing them or I'll have no money. I would seriously consider running a Reap IR if it raised my survival chance but idk yet.
  6. Hello, Solid patch so far. Keep up the good work. I wanna share a few Ideas in the hopes to crank up the realism aspects of the game. 1. I've been playing more night-time raids this patch and the main thing i've noticed is that it's not dark enough. Sometimes I see better through dense woods without NVGs on. Even with a clear full moon sky, there should only be a subtle directional light, so turn off any ambient lighting you may have. Plus, night-time seems to last only about 5 hours with no sunlight creeping in. 2. Stamina drains way to fast while running. I can understand if im carrying alot of weight, but even pistols runs, I can barely cross the street before my guy starts gasping for air. Maybe a secondary stamina bar that serves as a cap for the main stamina which decreases throughout the raid slowly depending on other attributes. In other words, you will be more fatigued by the end of the raid than at the beginning even if you ate and drank. And this could carry through to the hideout requiring proper rest to regenerate. 3. "Stamina" is actually a big topic in my mind.. Both nutrition and hydration percentages fall too fast and strangely at the same pace. There are virtually no indications until you suddenly bleed out. It would be nice to see negative effects of hunger and thirst (such as decrease in stamina and increase of weapon sway, etc) kicking in long before the percentage reaches zero while prolonging its depletion, thus maintaining the need for consumption but reducing the risk of dying because you didn't drink for 30 minutes. I love that food and water items have long term value. I've even had to gamma it a couple of times. That's all I can remember for now Thanks
  7. exTremeJ

    Day/Night times not correct?

    Hey guys, I run into this issue often enough to write about it and since I didn't find anything by using the search function. The problem is that the day/night times actually don't correspond to the "in raid"-time. For example I go to Customs at 16 hours that is or should be 4pm, but when I spawn it's dusk/dawn or plain and simple night time. The same happens with other times like 10am and so on. So either I don't understand something about this specific 24h cycle or it doesn't work. I would appreciate it if someone could shine some light on this.
  8. Hi, I reported this 5 times since September 2018. There was a time before that when everything was working fine. Today was the last time I reported this and I was advised to write a forum topic as a suggestion. For example Factory at night time: As soon as you are spotted and engaged by a single AI scav every other scav on the map knows exactly where you are and can see you through walls. They are also trying to shoot you through walls. Sometimes successfully. Before you are spotted everything is working fine. You can sneak past them in total darkness of the factory map as long as you are more than 10m away from them. But when one sees and engages you, you are tagged and cursed like in offline mode. Every single scavs knows your location at all time and rushes your position. They shoot you over a distance of 50m in pitch black darkness without flashlights and with deadly accuracy. This does not only apply to nighttime. In daytime too. And other maps like interchange. Answers of support: 19. September 2018: The information you provided was accepted for processing. 13. November 2018: In connection with the release of the patch/hotfix, we will need new information so please, close this request and test for the issue. If the problem is still happening after the patch/hotfix, then create a new request. 14. April 2019: The information you provided was accepted for processing. 27. April 2019: This is a known issue that is currently being worked on. Thank you for additional information! 28. June 2019: At the moment, the scavs are at the stage of balancing and development. The current version of scavs: accuracy in shooting, sight, behavior in the game is not final. If you have a feedback or suggestion for the further development of scavs in the game, you can leave it in the profile topic on the forum. Example Vid from today (watch it till the end, just 3 minutes):
  9. The idea is to make more people play during night times... We've all noticed that BSG already put more options to be able and go in a night raid (cheaper, better than before), but i don't think this is sufficient. Unique scavs are an awesome feature of this game, and maybe it could be improved ! New NPCs (not necessarily as strong or as geared as scavs bosses), could definitely attract players during these night raid ! Night raids are underestimated and intense, i bet more people could enjoy it...
  10. I wasn't able to find much information on the details of night vision when I was trying to learn about it so I decided to put everything I have learned over the last few days together to share. If you have never used night vision in this game before, hopefully this will get you off on the right foot. This information is based on patch A lot has changed since night vision first entered the game. Night vision can be purchased two ways as of right now. The way to get it earlier on in the game is to purchase the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount from Peacekeeper Level 2. This goes on your head and can be toggled on and off with "N". The mount DOES INCLUDE the night vision monocular even though you might think it is just a mount based on the name. You buy that for 1528 USD and you're good to go. Note that this doesn't fit with a helmet on. The only thing you can wear with it that I know of are ComTacs as of the current patch. The second way to get it which is better for late game is from Skier Level 4. It is called the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular and can be purchased for 118,804 roubles as of right now. Note that this will not work by itself. You can either mount it to a Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount or a FAST-MT helmet. It is pretty pointless to buy it with intentions of mounting it to the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount because when you by the head mount from Peackeeper, it includes the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular already. The reason I still say this makes sense to purchase night vision this way late game is because you will likely be using FAST-MT helmets rather than just the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount which offers no protection. To mount this to a FAST-MT helmet, you will also need the following two parts from Peacekeeper Level 2. Those parts are the Dual Dovetail Mount for PVS-14 Monocular for 27 US Dollars and the Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount for 38 US Dollars. Those two parts will mount to the helmet which will then allow you to mount the night vision monocular to it. There has been talk about rare spawns for night vision that people have seen in previous patches, but I have personally never seen these spawn anywhere and neither have any of my friends that play. If the spawns still exist, the chances of finding one is so rare that you are almost certain to not find one. You're best bet for looting these will be off a player. However, I doubt anyone uses these in the daylight. If they do, they're not very smart. That being said, you will likely only see these on players at night, particularly on Factory since that is by far the darkest map at night. Most areas of the map are pitch black and many areas are so dark that you literally can't see you're own gun. With it being so dark, you probably won't see these players unless you have night vision already by purchasing it. I have acquired several sets of night vision from killing, but every kill was at night with my own night vision on to see them. It is possible to see a player who is using night vision in the dark when you yourself don't because they will have a visible green glow on their face that other players can see, but it is very faint and almost impossible to see from more than about 20 yards away. For those looking for quick and easy ways to get night vision early on without money, you can stop now. It is easy once you get your first set and are skilled enough to kill players at night, but until then, you'll have to do without. The game wouldn't be fun if everyone had night vision from the start. If you have more useful information or updates as new patches come out, feel free to share on this post!
  11. Would it be possible to make the scav groups larger in size and increase the patrol range and randomize the spawn locations? I think this should be utilized mostly on night runs. It would be great to run into random groups at night in places you wouldn't normally expect to see them!
  12. PardTheTroll

    Day/Night Cycle

    At the moment when joining a raid, we may choose if we want to go at day or night time. While the day/night cycle is still dynamic, noone stays in a raid or joines one where it is getting late. Tarkov at night is another level. Allways reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Sadly I do not play it at night very much. I suppose there are two reason. Either only a few hatchlings or (rarly) a squad of nightvision wearing Sam Fishers (which is not bad ). You never gonna have a similar experience in raid population as in a day time one. I know that at the beginning of CBT and in alpha there was only one time to choose, if I remember correctly, and it made sense. It allowed a dynamic gameplay experience in my oppinion. People had not only to fit their loadout for the map they also had to consider the time. So either flashlights or nightvision had to be bought. Firefights at night are a blast! So, I´d like to suggest to bring it back. Maybe it is just for testing purposes as it is right now and will change, but I think it would enhance the "Tarkov flair" by a lot. Give flashlights and nightvision optics a job again. Ofcourse I wouldnt open this thread without expecting some other opinnions on this. So be my guest and leave your oppinion on this matter, as noone did it in the forums by now (Or I just didnt dig deep enough). And please not just a simple yes or no. I´d like to know why or why not (maybe the devs too).
  13. So hear me out I was casually playing some night-time raids with some friends when we came into the the discussion about the new Customs boss and what the furture might hold in this genre of gameplay ("bossfights"). And the idea i had was a Night-time - Boss who only spawns on night (duh) on ALL maps but very Rarely. But yeah anyway, how nice wouldn't be with a "splitercell" type guy solo creeping around on nighttime raids. About eq i would think something like a supressed glock as a side ( just for loots like the golden TT) and a MAIN supressed M4 or something similar. All Black clothing (obviously) with some cool nightvision with a facemask. Well thats my idea... What do you guys think about it? Would really enjoy seeing some others point-of-view on this idea. / A not so stealhy Ninja.
  14. Natalino

    1PN58 NSPUM (Night Scope)

    Hello Everyone, We hope you are enjoying the holidays. As always Battlestate Games is working hard to deliver the best there is. While things are under work, we would like to announce a new upcoming scope—the 1PN58 NSPUM (A Night Scope). This scope will not be available with the nearest patch but it will be added to the game later down the road. We will make an announcement on the ETA when it is time. Thank you, everyone and Happy Holidays!
  15. Srbwpn

    Night Vision / LS321 Laser

    Hi guys, i know you're busy making this great game. I was just wondering about the laser-sight attachment(title) and the IR laser/searchlight option, is it already implemented and I cant see it solo, or is it coming soon? im too scared it will get me killed if i dont know
  16. Gardina

    Factory night

    My exfil is reded out and i cannot extract in factory night, this has happened to me in my two raids please tell me what i am doing wrong
  17. Going to keep this short and sweet. As the current implementation of Night Vision goggles stand (PVS-14) It creates a decisive advantage (as it should) On night raids and combat.There however are a few glaring issues. 1) You can not 'Aim Down Sight' while wearing PVS-14s. Currently the US Army, among other nations issue a PEQ-15 laser, which can produce a laser in both visible and IR spectrum. Real world, When operating at night, the PEQ-15 is used to 'aim' the weapon with a pressure sensor to switch it on when the shooter is ready to fire. I believe this should be added due to the fact that it would force players to critically consider the risks associated with night runs instead of being able to run and gun as they normally would. Additionally These lasers would be visible to other players using NVG's making it far more risky for players to use them in order to accurately target their weapon. 2) There are presently (to my knowledge) no functional IR lasers in the game. Something that would need to be corrected in order to facilitate changes recommend at point 1. 3) The PVS-14 can be mounted on a rifle to act as a Night Vision Optic. (picture 2) I believe this should be added as it both increases the risk of losing your NVG's assuming you're killed. But also adds a unique alternative on Night Vision rifle optics. Many Red Dot, and Holographic optics have Night vision settings for use in this fashion. I believe that this would have a significant positive impact on both realism, and gameplay as it would force players to make critical choices about the equipment they choose to bring and the configuration in which it is brought. I appreciate critique and am open to questions, comments and concerns. Cheers! Edit: When 'aiming' while on night operations you still shoulder the rifle, you just have to aim with the laser rather than the optic. I'm not suggesting that you're forced to hipfire, simply aim differently than you normally would.
  18. CaptiveHat

    Night Factory?

    does the night time version of factory have scavs? or is it pure PVP? ive played on it about 3 times and all ive found were people. i dont hear any cheeki breeki at all
  19. Hey Devs, the headline says everything. But in more words: If i toggle the nightvision on or off, the sound for it starts, before the players hand reaches the NV... the hand must be on the NV and then the audio for switching must play... isn't it?
  20. I log in a offline shore map set for 1500 hrs to test weapon build. When map loads it says it is after 10pm.... I exit come right back and the morning server is correct and it is like 5 am... So how is one completely off but the other is correct? This is happening on all maps I only get time of day = dark. I have tried this multiple times last night and this morning. I searched a variety of syntax regarding this and see no information. I apologize if it is already posted by someone and I couldn't locate it.
  21. From all streams and video i have watch of recents escape from tarkov gameplay i have seen , none of them now have night time or dusk & dawn , what happen with this ? Will day and night and weather effect such as rain etc... are still part of the game plan ? Have they been remoove to polish them up further or are they have been remoove from the game compleatly ? Because to be it seams kinda dull to see the environement skybox to always remain the same ... Anyones have information about these features ?
  22. PoeticSinner

    Woods/Customs server time change.

    I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that after the night sets in a majority of the players flock to factory till sunrise. Let me start off that I love the idea of nights being server wide so it's not as easily avoided. That said, since the current objective is testing the game I juat wanted to suggest possibly setting the times on woods and customs to mirror each other where it's day in one while night in the other. I enjoy factory but it seems like the game would benefit from more people playing on more then just one map for a large portion of the day. I've only encountered people cheating without a doubt when playing at night and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sworn off of night raids for the time being. Like DayZ, the longer the game goes without an update, the more common encountering cheaters will become. I know they are there in the daytime games as well, but you're not as likely to run into them when they're are a lot of people playing as you are when there are only handfuls of players queing up for night raids. Anyways, it's just my opinion that changing the times to allow for two maps to be played without needing nvgs would keep more people online and playing so more bugs can be encountered and reported.
  23. Will gamma adjustments be an option? Or more generally I'd like to know if there will be something in place to combat a person negating the obvious downsides of not being able to see in the dark, such as boosting an in game gamma slider until the night becomes bright as high noon. I ask this because seeing as NV is shown to be in the game, as-well as a day/night cycle, it would be a hefty concern if anyone could easily get an arguably unwinnable advantage through a simple in game trick. I only ask because the dev's in Arma, for whatever reason, decided a gamma slider was a good thing. As far as I'm aware most games do not include a gamma adjustment but i figured i'd ask anyways. <3
  24. Awoken91

    Night vision

    Hello, I don´t know if anyone else asked this question yet, but will there be night- vision googles, that would be nice so you can spot enemies in the dark
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