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Found 35 results


    Join our discord for fully dedicated ETF

    https://discord.gg/5bpRh7 New players are welcomed to learn the ropes and play with ETF players no other games involved as other discord exist for that already
  2. Unknown Soldiers Unknown Soldiers (also known as UNKSO or =US=) is a gaming community established in 2004 as a mil-sim Battlefield clan. We have operated continuously since our founding in accordance with that original vision while adding additional supported games to our repetoire. The UNKSO mil-sim model includes training all members in squad-based tactics relevant to the various games our community supports, practicing various aspects of those games on a weekly basis to ensure proficiency, and rewarding out of game leadership and in-game accomplishments with promotions and awards. Unknown Soldiers Many of our members are current or former military, and we apply real-life principles to clan activities in and out of game. This ensures a consistent model for all members, regardless of military service. This ensures that toxicity, remains at a minimum, and respectful gameplay continues the highest reputation within the gaming community. Unknown Soldiers UNKSO is based on a code of conduct based on participation, activity level, customs and courtesies, and respect for the Chain of Command. This code of conduct is expressed in a thorough set of regulations that addresses issues all the way from how Recruiters should welcome new members into the clan, to what responsibilities fall on our NCO's, and the expectations of every member for how they should carry themselves as a member of our clan. Unknown Soldiers With several active EFT members already in the community, UNKSO leadership has taken the step to include it in the repetoire of supported games. We're looking for noobs, experienced players, and everyone in between. If you are interested in a supportive community built around squad play and mutual support, you're looking in the right place. Come check us out. We have forums, Discord, and Teamspeak, and we can help you get started or elevate your gameplay to the next level. You're welcome to drop into chat, play a round or two, or join up. We look forward to Escaping from Tarkov with you. Unknown Soldiers
  3. SoFlo

    Looking for a 3 man group at least

    hit me up to play, I am level5, very new.
  4. ChaseMatic

    In-Depth Guide Available?

    Hello. Names Chase. I am new to the game and the forum. I'm sure this is posted about a lot... Besides the wiki, does anyone have any in-depth guides (guns, items, maps, etc.) for the game that I could possibly get access to and/or print to help me while I play EFT? Whether they be user created or not, that would be great. Thanks a lot!
  5. Pozer57

    Upgrade to EoD mid wipe?

    I'm a somewhat new player and didn''t want to drop $150 before even playing, but I've come to love the game and haven't had this much fun playing anything in a long time. I have a full stash and most of my traders are high level. My friend said he upgraded to EoD and received some of the items without having to reset his account. Is this true or do I have to restart if I want to upgrade?
  6. HydeTheGlorious

    Am I too bad?

    I've resetted my account for like 3 times and yet I'm having problems with my performance in this game and it's making me feel bad actually. Because I don't know if I just have to get used to dying in this game yet It's so annoying to have gear on you and get randomly one tapped while you hit headshots and nothing happens. It's not a complaint don't get me wrong, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Would you guys, the community, give me any suggestions about how can I increase my survival rate after the wipe? Thank you.
  7. Darkateyer

    New to the game!

    Hello, I'm looking for a group who could hopefully teach me the game more in-depth and help me to actually have a decent stash. I'd prefer to team up with those who have a mic. Country/US Timezone/US Central (East in 2 weeks time cause school)( preferred play time/ (For the next two weeks about any time, but after 2 weeks it'll most likely be in the evenings, US Eastern Time, unless otherwise specified)
  8. Discomachinegun

    Noob Extraction Woes

    Noob here. Is this a bug? Sometimes when arriving at an extraction point, it seems im about to extract, I get the countdown but then nothing happens and the countdown eventually shows a minus, Ex -2.00
  9. Pcmaplay

    Dúvidas Extração

    Muito boa tarde a todos! Procurei essa dúvida e não encontrei, pode ser bem simples então desculpe. Porém, não compreendi o sistema de extração. Já fiz algumas RAids em que cheguei no ponto de extração correto (informado) porem não foi possivel extrair. Existe um horário certo para fazer a extração? (Pois aparece um XX:XX). Abraços
  10. Belrumm

    Looking for group to play with!

    Just bought the game and was hoping to join a clan or even just a couple of people that could teach me the ins and outs of the game! my discord is Belrumm#2846. ill be on at 12 am CST from 3 or 4 CST! i would appreciate any help i can get!
  11. I've been getting into Escape from Tarkov and I'm ok at it. I win 1v1's 90% of the time but most of the time I am not that lucky. I keep getting cuck'd by duo's trio's and squad's. I have watched a lot of tips but I was wondering if anyone had any tips you don't see in videos. Sorta anecdotal but tested a lot by you please!
  12. Marine2161

    Mac Users

    Hey guys, My name is Rob and I'm new to this thing. I got an invite to test and I've been trying to download the game to my Mac, but the download client that they sent me was a .exe Any help would be appreciated. I'm really looking forward to becoming more active in this community but I feel like part of that is understanding the experience first. Thanks
  13. Sup guys, im loving this game. After 3 weeks of playing it i've managed to get at least 4 kinda good weapons (4 ak74N's) with a lot of mods as silencers, scopes etc. I also have like 500roupies and that's cuz i stupidly spent some at the begining. But i got all that just with luck, only hatchling running and searching dead bodies. As a scav i almost always die except for when i spawn at Factory with 10 minutes left and everyone's gone already. As a Hatchling i get good stuff. But until now i only killed 2 PLAYERS, TWO PLAYERS IN 4 WEEKS OF PLAYING. Those guys are heavily armored and it doesn't matter if i shoot them with an ak, a shotgun or whatever they ducking kill me. I even shot one who was looting from the back like 4 shot with a 133 shotgun and he just turned around and killed me, instantly. Sometimes i wear the PACA and the good helmets (dont remember the name) and it has no effect. Instant death anyways. The only two guys i killed was for luck cuz' i was hiding and they were almost dead already. Of course after looting them someone else killed me so it meant nothing. The question is: how the duck do i kill these guys? or how the duck can i get those armors. Is there something else besides armor that they're doing? I just spawned with an ak47u and a PACA and helmet and two guys saw me there and instantly killed me.
  14. killergman14

    Looking for players

    First time posting on the forum, wanting to find a person looking to share some knowledge and tired of playing solo. IGN:killergman20
  15. Doomlight

    Noob Needs Help

    Hey all, I picked up EFT near the end of the year sale, and I have almost no progression in this game. It's not that I'm not playing the game; it's more so that I get raped game after game, so I end a round with barely any experience and no gear almost every time. I'll add details of experiences I've had and what I understand about this game so far, but the TL;DR is, how do I improve my character my gear, and my gameplay? First off, I understand this game is not released yet, and there are many problems that come with that. but I am only just now asking for help because I needed to make sure that my failures weren't due solely to Beta mechanics and bugs first. Some of my early issues were related, such as DSync and getting into a round with 5 full minutes to extract on the other side of the map. Those things are certainly frustrating, but everyone deals with that, and it doesn't affect me in the game nearly as much. Secondly, I understand that to build up my character's skills, I need to play daily. As much as I'd like to play this game daily, it's not going to happen; I have a life that includes responsibilities that take up most of the day, and even when I get free time, EFT is not the only game I play. That short rant aside, do character skills make a drastic difference in gameplay, and will I be hopeless in this game if I do not dedicate time to build them up? Third, I have played offline mode enough to get a decent understanding of maps, learn about the gear I want and need, and engage and survive firefights with Scavs. In short, none of these things are holding me back. I know what I'm doing, what my goal is, mostly where I'm going, and how to loot without getting shot in the back. The difference at this point is that online, against real people, firefights are an entire different story. This difference is obviously going to be there; there's always a difficulty spike between AI and human opponents, but I have yet to be gunned down by a Scav that needed less that 3 shots to kill me. This leads me to my next point: Matchmaking. I don't know if it's just me, but I am always put into matches with players' levels and gear so good that it would take 3-4 friendlies with my skills to stand a chance against any one enemy human I've encountered in this game so far. I know that there's a chance that I'm only on when the high level players are on, but the lowest level enemy I've seen in a match so far was 15, and that was my first week playing. Since then, the lowest I've seen is 20, but the norm I'm seeing is between 27 and 35. I'm level 3, and in games like this, I get lucky to get a Scav kill before running into these guys and dying. The gear difference is unreal: my weapons seem to do no damage while enemies will gun me down with 1-2 shots almost every time (3-4 shots the rest of the time). Is there a trick people use to get through these matches that results in more gear and experience, or am I screwed the moment I spawn in? I'd like to note that I've tried avoiding all enemies when I see that I'll be in a match like this; it'll take a hundred years to gear up if I continue at that rate. My final point is spawning. This one is more of a plea to the Devs; can PMC spawns be more randomized like Scav spawns? I have not been killed on or near spawn yet as a Scav, but I have been killed on spawn 3-4 times now as a PMC, including right before hopping on the forums to posts this thread. I'm sick of getting my PMC geared up and ready to play a good game just to lose all that gear before I've even gotten bearings on where I spawned in. Has anyone found a temporary solution to being spawn killed yet, or is that just the roll of the dice? I look forward to playing more and learning more, and I understand that the more I learn about where to find good loot and where to and not to get into firefights, the more I'll enjoy this game. I'm reaching out though simply because, in almost 2 months of playing, I've had only 1 good PMC run and a few good Scav runs. I've never had this much trouble getting the hang of a game and finding fair fights before. I want to like this game more, but it's so frustrating starting out against these odds. At the very least, I hope the Devs see that this issue will be a genocide when the Open Beta starts soon.
  16. Tumusss94

    Noob question LOL

    Hi fellow raiders! Im very new to the game, my character is only level 9 and iv been watching quite a few streamers to gather a few basic tips, but iv just ran a raid on customs to get the truck key for the Prapor quest and searched a few more rooms and the jacket pockets and come across a 0.2 physical Bitcoin can anyone tell me what it’s for or is it just worth selling, therapist will buy it for the most at 172k roubles, any tips will be greatly appreciated thanks!
  17. Tumusss94

    Just Starting Out!

    Hey all, Bought EFT about a week ago and only just got round to playing properly, was just seeing if anyone can give any tips on starting out, leveling traders etc? I don't want to be seem too much of a noob, iv had a game or 2 offline on factory and killed like 10 scavs each time and extracted so just wondering what would be the best way about playing properly online how the game is actually meant to be played, any tips helpful and welcome. thanks
  18. Lilbuhs

    Things to do for newbs?

    Just need general tips on what to do when first starting out, forums are to large to find every tip, thanks in advance
  19. heyrickyray

    Looking for people to show me the ropes

    Hello all. i just installed the game and it hoenstly seems intensly confusing. itd be awesome to have a person or two to squad up with and learn how everything works with.
  20. albeano253

    new player looking for comrades

    I have had the game for two weeks almost and would enjoy having people to loot and run with. I understand the game, just need to learn the ropes.
  21. haashim


    So i just bought the game yesterday and it is HARD! any experienced players that can play with me? that would be a huge help as would be able to improve and have fun add me in game name is haashim
  22. Hello Devs and Players, New player here and I would like to make a suggestion about some early elements within the game that I thought were not well explained. When you start your first game in EFT either it's in offline or online mode you're told to look and find the "Exit". But wait what is this mysterious exit of yours ? How can I recognize it ? Where am I ? Where should I go ? This is probably the first questions that will come into the minds of new players. Maybe you've already experienced it yourself or maybe you were a very dedicated player that already known the basic mechanics of the game before purchasing it (Friends, forums, youtube ...). In any case even if I respect such dedication to learn how a game works in detail before playing it I think this behavior should not be considered as the standard approach even if it's a really niche type of game like EFT is. I think it's important to stress this point because sometimes niche genre tends to draw the attention of a very specific type of player that will be really pleased by the game hence more prone to learn everything about it. But what do you do when you're a complete noob and knows nothing about the game except it's an hardcore shooter ? So maybe you manage to find the Offline option that will allows you to start a game on a map without the fear of being murdered by other players. You can also turn off the AI so you can explore free of any threats. Ok, nice feature. This helps a lot to figure out some of the places but most importantly this is something almost mandatory because of one thing : The Exits. Exits are your main objective as a player and yet when you spawn for the first time you're totaly clueless about what to look for and where to go. This is where the offline mode is pretty neat because you can basicaly roam everywhere, learn the layout and the most important learn where the exits are. But damn what a pain in the a*s. Everthing looks the same, you don't have a map you don't even know the size of the area. In fact chances are you'll be lost and a bit overwhelmed at least that what I've experienced during the first free roam runs. As a player I think this is a big issue. Most of the game if not all will told you directly or at least give you a clue about what you're supposed to do in order to accomplish your objective. This is why I think you should consider helping a bit more new players figuring out what they should do. I see what you did with the green lightsticks and the green sign above the exit door on Factory, but honestly they are far too scarce to be of any help as you can easily lost track and go to another light that gets you farther from the exit. I think i've talked too much you get the point. Learning curve is too steep and the game could benefit to soften it a bit in my humble opinion. But hey since it's the suggestion section i'll make a quick list of things that i missed during my first two hours of gameplay and give you some feedback. Maps All Players should have a map of the RAIDS that are available to them at launch so they can figure out beforehand where they will spawn and where the exits will be located. Knowing a bit of the layout, where you are and where you're headed are three major pieces of information that are actually missing when you start the game. Plus the maps are already available at start for a price and you already have enough money to buy them. So why is there is a need to hide this information into a market panel ? This doesn't affect the gameplay for the other players and you can still sell better maps with new point of interest if you like. Exits Use unique props or colours to give an identity to the exits so they can be spotted more easily like a unique shaped coloured door that stands-out the rest of the color palette or anything else really. If you look at a game like Left4Dead, all the exists are the same. Gameplay wise you can always identify these as extract points there's no need to wonder and less risk to overlook them. This mean every player will be at the same degree of information regarding extraction points which are key gameplay elements. If you don't know you're approaching an exit aka the adrenaline door you put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation you would have avoided otherwise. Milestones Add faction signs or graffiti along the way to the exit. . At least you'll know a "basic" road provided by your faction or anyone for a specific exit. Or maybe have a little briefing telling you some important and recognizable locations you'll encouter during your trip to the exit. In fact any clue that can help a new player knowing he's on the right way during the RAID. Keys This is really related to Factory. Propably the first map to play when you don't have that much gear and you're learning the game since it's more fast paced than the 3 others. I don't understand the logic behind the key system which I think is really cool though. What I don't understand is the position of the exits. The more advanced players will have access to really close to spawn exits whereas the new players will have to cross all the map at the end then expose themselves by opening a unique door in the middle of nowhere. I don't have an easy suggestion for this one but there is again a clear disadvantage for newcomers. I think this summup the main issues I have with the game right now. I don't want to dwell too much into balancing since it's beta, all the features are not there yet so balancing will probably change a lot in the next months just to adapt to the new content. I would like to add one last thing about accessibility. Since this game is rightly designated as an Hardcore shooter experience most people will overlook accessibility, will not care or will make everything possible to go against it for any reason. But accessibility is a good thing to get people into the game and it even make your game more challenging by raising the skill floor since the newcomers are better prepared. That's my two cents for the awesome devs as first Feedback for the BETA. Keep up the good work guys I really enjoy the game so far. Since it's public forum feel free to discuss guys I don't have much to add
  23. Hey! Looking for mature people to play EFT with. People who love to take games seriously at the right time with fun too.... I'm a Noob and really only want to play this game with a small squad because I feel survival would be a lot easier. My name's Mike, I'm 30 and I'll be playing on EU servers. Talk soon
  24. I have had the game since early 2017, but never really played much. I am now getting into it more. I need some friends that play this game that are mature and are willing to be patient with me. Especially after all the updates that went on while i was at work. I have a discord server as well.
  25. NecroDeity

    Guy from India need people to coop with

    So, got the game recently after being hyped about it for quite a while. And I'm not great at it. So I was looking for some people to play and have some fun with, who would also not mind showing me the ropes along the way. Since I am from India, i believe my region is "Other" (it was so during the purchase), but in the launcher it shows the region as USA(confused about that). So, if anyone wants to play together (preferably someone with whom I can play without having sky-high ping), let me know Cheers.
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