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Found 13 results

  1. Is it normal that the last 4 to 5 game i did on factory was unplayable. what i mean is that im doing my 3 kill pistol quest but cant get my last kill since i keep getting rush by 10 scav NPC as soon as im in the game and no matter where i run they always come ramming speed while i only have a pistol. is it just that im rlly unlucky or am i having a bug
  2. MoistxFeelgood

    NPC's To Op?

    The NPC's are out of hand! I just got the game not to long ago, and coming in with a lot of knowledge does not even prepare me for the NPC's! Ive gotten headshot across the map by NPC with a pistol almost every time I play on woods. And on factory its no better! I constantly get 180 degree one shot to my head and if not that I get shot in the Thorax twice within .000001 seconds. The NPC to Player accuracy needs evened out! (example) Its not fair to anyone that they have 100% aimbot! The NPC's should have mixed ratios of accuracy(each one has different accuracy), never above 70%! and so far I haven't come across a single NPC that has needed more than 2 shots to kill me within split seconds!
  3. Yukari_Akiyama

    Argument for UN Forces NPCs

    With Scavs and soon cultists being in game as NPC enemies I believe UNFOR would make a good non player faction. The G3 and FAL are confirmed and such weapons could be introduced via UN forces being separated from higher authority and resorting to banditry to survive. Adding in UN peacekeepers would allow more western guns in game like the FAMAS, L1A1/FAL and FNC and even East Asian guns like the QBZ 95, K2 and Type 89 as well as western equipment like ALICE load bearing vests and backpacks. If players could spawn in as UN in lieu of Scavs it would allow players on their "free" run to communicate in English with the word wheel.
  4. MulayimTers

    Traders' Level

    I got 2 of my traders' level increased to 2. However Raptor's (2Lv) level is decreased to 1 for some reason. I don't know what did i do wrong ? I don't want my other supplier to lose its level (One provides medical supply). Also I've done 2-3 quests of other NPC but It did not level up so I wonder If there is another criteria about levels of my traders.
  5. Yukari_Akiyama

    Other NPC factions

    Can we get other people to shoot at besides PMC players and Scavs? I could imagine police remnants and abandoned UN forces would make great enemies to encounter that could serve as higher tier enemies to engage. Iore wise it would fit that other organizations cut off from higher leadership would band together to fight for survival and thus come into conflict with the already established factions.
  6. Dr_Remger

    Carma system/Npc

    Hello, I've been playing Tarkov since lauch and there was always one problem i noticed. The problem is about killing your faction members. I know that there will be a carma system in the game in the future. And i heard many player based designs like jamming guns hallucinations etc. . My problem with those desings is simply that they not just give the players a disadvantage they also give you a luck base that easily outconters skills. There should't be a thing in the game where you can play as tactical and well as it is possible and than die because you had bad luck and your gun jammed or you were focusing on an imaginary enemy. So i was thinking about what the best solution (design) could be. And i came up with this idea. I present my Idea of “the Huntress“. (Working name) 1) What is the Huntress The Huntress is a NPC/Trader Wich bases on moral (Reputation) Like a normal Trader the more moral your character got the more specific items will be sold to you. 2) Quest/Carma System The whole Quests are based on to improve the carma system. I imagine it like following at starting level (or whenever you unlock the Npc as a trader) you can buy a mobile phone from her. This phone will be used to interact with the quests. So when you got a phone and you start a raid (not scav). You will recieve a message telling you if there is someone in the raid who got a bounty. Here we get into the carma system. The bounty will be randome selected ( not 100% that every raid has avictim). Even tho its random if you lately killed a buch of the same faction members your chances to be the Victim will be increased dramatically. So if you receive a message that a victim is in the raid. Nothing happens till the victim (player who got selected) Gets in contact to scavs. Everytime the victim gets spotted you will receive more and more infos through the phone. Like the victim has been spotted on the dorms with an ak-47-u. So all players that got a phone and are in the raid will receive more and more precise Infos. And the will hunt the victim because who ever kills the victim firts get like 50.000 roubles. We would get many benefits not just a new trader and mechanics. We would probably see less same faction killing because of course you don't want that bounty on your head. And we would see more options to get players together to let them not just run to the exit maby even let them think about turning around and move back. If you kill a faction members you will automatically get a penalty from the trade where you wont recive any Infos anymore and might be the next victim. Of course if you are successful you wont just receive the money you will also get more moral to trade with the huntress. 3) How does the phone work Th pgone is like a lasermarker you need them for the quest but you can lose them. Why should i not simply put it in the secure container. Its like medecine if you have it in your pocket you will hear the message ringing an you can instntly (if you binded it to the quickbar) have a look at the phone wich gives you the advantage of seeing the infos faster to get ahead of the other hunters that may have the phone in the container. 4) What should she sell I think the most fitting ( see under quest) items to let her sell are like the name is saying hunting goods. I am not talking about sbiper rifles specally i am more talking about evry hunters gear like scopes, hunting rifles, camouflage (still hope for a ghillie) goods etc. (Maby on level 3 moral she's selling you things like claymores or IR). She should not sell you things like 50.cals. )How do you gain/lose moral Moral is gained by doing the quests(See under quests). Moral is getting lost by killing Members of your own Faction. Like 1 Usec/Bear minus about-0.1 1 Scav minus about 0.05 but additionally you will get higher chances start with worse spawn gear. I think this would be one of the best ways to solve the problem. However let me hear your thoughts what could i change with my idea . What are your ideas. Yours Remger And dont forget keep playing!
  7. germandrewboat

    NPC Merchant not leveling?

    I unlocked the fourth NPC Trader, spent 1m Rubles, and meet the level requirements to increase his trader level by 1, but for some reason the 1m currency requirement still shows red?
  8. Moin moin, Habe gerade auf Facebook gesehen, das zum nächsten patch die NPCs verbessert werden. Hat einer dazu genauere Informationen zu? Denn mein Englisch ist das aller beste Grüße Kane
  9. As i have seen the Ai in this game really lack of inteligence and real sens of tactical playstyle ... and seams to have been Artificially buff , to make them apear to be " hard " but it dosnt ... playing agains scavs is either super easy when they are totally acting dumb , or is insanely fustrating a " macarov " scavs , 1 shot you in the head trough a 2mm crack out of nowhere or does a 180 no scope in the head while you are been sneaky to stab him etc... It seams their is no reason for what they do , they simply randomly spot and start shooting at you even before they turn a corner or shoot trough Soft wall and kill you in one shot trough it ... Its not fun , neither chalenging , its furstrating and you as a player feel cheated , especially when you manage to survive almost all the round you have insanely good loot and then you are kill by a aimbot macarov scavs from across the map trough a soft wall or a 2mm crack ... its very bad ... 1: NPC shouldnt be able to Aimbot trough soft walls 2: NPC should have real Ai intelligence and not Aimbot to artificially buff their inteligence 3: Ai npc should have realistic level of accuracy 4: Ai noc should communicate and work as a cohesive groups like in the game F.E.A.R who didnt rely on Aimbot insanity to make it difficult where the player dosnt feel been cheated Here 5 minute 28 second in the video it sum up pretty much how the Ai was build in F.E.A.R and its the right way , Escape from tarcov should inspire themself from F.E.A.R Ai and make it less aimbotty and more tactical and have behavior who make sens ... it would greatly improove the gameplay and fun .... and players wont feel cheated like they do now
  10. I have an idea. On a rare occasion there will be 1 or 2 AI's that work for traders (uasually armed with better weaponry then the standard guy) They roam the world and may initate in a firefight with scavs they come in contact with. They Will shoot to kill you based on your current relationship with the trader. They may even cooperate with you. They can give you intel about certain loot locations and or the current stage of a quest given by a trader. They can maybe even give you false intel if you are in bad terms with their employer. It should be made a rare occasion to run in to one of these people. Lets say one of them has a AS VAL you want. so you kill them for it. You killing them will result in the trader not liking you to where the wont even trade with you until you regain their trust and understanding, via quests. I also know it has been mentioned players will eventually be able to work for traders. But maybe their can be some other AI other then scavs. Maybe even ones you can interact with. Maybe you can trade with them similar to the traveling traders in the FO series, but they wont have the quality and or the quantity of the prime trader sytem. Just an idea I thought of the other day. Tell me what you guys think of this idea?
  11. RCPCL67B

    Hey Devs.

    Hello Devs. I really like your game. The latest patch was one of the best so far. So when do we find a nvg scavs ? Can you add some on the launch date? Ps : can you add some scav at the broken bunker / open field area in woods? Other then that we need more high power scavs too slow them down. Let them suffer a bit.
  12. So i have been playing the EoD version for a couple of days now both offline and online. Online i have encountered both players and NPC's. Offline i have not encountered a single NPC, and find this really odd... Is this a known issue for more people than just me? (I have tried finding information about this topic but unsuccesfully..)
  13. I have searched this question through the forums with reference keywords "Scavs", "NPC" and "AI", but did not find any pre-existing topics having to do with it. From reading through various posts related to the hostile NPCs, it has been said again and again that the enemy Scavs will be geared with under-par equipment and weaponry. So- Q: Will AI/NPC opponents (Scavs) also be susceptible to weapon conditions such as weapon jamming or misfiring (due to poor weapon condition) during raids and free roam? Or will it only happen to player-controlled Scavs in the raids (if at all)?
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