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Found 10 results

  1. sutex

    Team Based Play- EFT Faction OCE

    :EFT Faction OCE Motto: SURVIVING RAIDS AS A TEAM :SQUAD RAID RULES: 1. Communicate a changed position, an enemy, a squad member, or yours 2: Don't wander/run off on your own, work as a team. 3: Try to stay silent in raids and listen, only communicate, move if necessary 4. If KIA, stay silent in the voice squad channel, after letting surviving squad members know what round shot you and/or from which direction and how many enemies, be brief!. 5: If a squad mate dies in raid you are expected to stash their gear for them so they get it back on insurance IF POSSIBLE. Do not steal. :LOOTING: Loot in front of your position, and/or, what you have shot Do NOT change positions to loot other squad members kills Communicate you want to loot, and wait, so squad members can cover .................................................................... If you're able to follow these rules, then consider EFT Faction OCE This Discord channel was formed to bring those who wish to play as a Squad. Allowing group members to quest and survive a raid, as a team. Feel free to play in other discord channels where there is no set structure to work as a team, but within EFT Faction OCE, members are expected to work for the benefit, survival of each member in the Squad, by following the rules at all times, no lone wolves. Message me for an invite.
  2. The "average" wait time that is supposed on OCE is 5 minutes(lies), reserve the most populated map by lobby count takes around of 15-20 minutes to get into a match. even for factory it got to 30 minutes and I just left queue. I have played this game a lot pre wipe, and I was getting averages of 10 minutes per game and it has just gotten longer over time and I expected timers to go down after wipe due to people coming back to play the game but thats not whats happening especially with extra restrictions on flea market introduced a while ago going upto level 10 leveling my PMC is an cruel task getting kills in tarkov is the fastest way to level but the fastest way to die, so if Im trying to level and die fast Im still waiting minimum 10-15 minutes per match for 3-5 minutes of gameplay I would beg devs to allow local or offline raids with friends but as we would all know thats not happening, as such Im left with only one option I dont have time in my life for 10-20 minute wait timers to get into a game when I could be playing a game already, it just makes me feel so bad for not being able to play a game I really enjoy. Right now the only way for me to enjoy tarkov is by watching videos of it but you dont get the same feeling of I can lose everything with one wrong step, just waiting for a day when this is fixed or I could change server to asia for 160 ping just to play. what would you guys do if you were left with 10-20 minute wait timers?
  3. With 5-10 minutes wait time between game launches it is obvious that more servers need to be installed in Australia. The latest update has COMPLETELY BROKEN gaming in Australia (down-under) as before Singapore and HongKong could be selected but now any server with pings over 150ms cannot be selected. Is there a way to configure the server selection manually via an .ini file? Can someone direct me to where the thread about getting more Australian Servers is? If anyone knows a dev at Tarkov let them know that we really need Australia Servers as 3 fellow gamers said this is worse than DayZ server issues back in the day. MrCyberdude

    Irish guy in OCE looking for team or group

    Been playing for a few months. Pretty confident at it now.. LVL 32.. just looking for people to play with on the regular. Random discord is no fun. I'll play any region Also I'm 33 years old if that makes any difference
  5. Sky_toits


    Hi my name is Sky, i have 500 hours in tarkov and i am semi tryhard, looking for people willing to learn or work on CQC team-play and or callouts for 3 man or more on some occasions ( will try to stick to 3 man at max). me and 3 of my friends play often but have kinda of faded away from the game apart from me. gaming most nights around 6pm-12 Sydney time. looking for people that wont dog the bois. preferably someone over the age or 17 but if you cool it doesnt matter. Message me on discord to talk, thanks in advance and have a great December. Solgata#9308
  6. Sky_toits

    OCE LFG (lvl 19) 24yr

    Hey guys, just got into tarkov looking for cool banter and m8's that play tarkov. 24 yr, pc gaming for 8, looking for some static players around 5pm most days, uni commences soon so schedule might change. Melbs looking for someone to do tasks with and maybe do some runs with. discord: Don_Sky#6198
  7. jdcourtice


    Hey Aussie looking for some people to group with. add me ingame: iNvexation
  8. Captain_LayZ

    OCE Sherpa Required

    Hey Guys If an experienced OCE Sherpa would like to help a new EFT player and make a new mate. Then reply to this thread or inbox me. Got plenty of time these days as im off work from a pretty bad injury. Would be much appreciated I sunk over 2k hours into Arma 3 BP mod. so not completely useless to run with. Everyone on my friends list is currently chasing rank on PUBG and it doesnt interest me. my days of lording my E-Penis over rank are over. im 30 now and love tactical/team play/PVE Thanks for reading. LayZ
  9. Hey Escapers, I'm running a tournament for Australian and New Zealand players who enjoy Escape From Tarkov. There would be a monthly or maybe every 2 months prize of $20 increasing by $10 per 5 teams that sign up, Teams would be 2-5 players each and Entry is FREE I've really enjoyed the competitive side of this game and playing against friends in many different occasions and think this would bring the ANZ community together if they're competing for a common goal in a fun way. The "cash" prize will be out of my pocket directly. Rules and how it would work will be posted at a future date depending on interest Please note that this is an unofficial tournament and the "cash" prize will be out of my pocket directly. This is an unofficial tournament and is in no way affiliated with BSG. Thank you to everyone who's interested, I will be running this tournament based off how many people are interested by reacting in the announcements channel on the discord. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XtMxcJJ
  10. after playing with US and AUS groups i;ve come to the conclusion that the oce servers are just hot trash , slow looting what feels like low tick rates and there generally a lot of laggines . so with out a vpn is there a way to join a US server instead OCE with out having to have a american as party lead . if not any aussie's running a vpn to play on american servers and what has been your experience with that .
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