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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Guys, I have a discord server up and running for Oceania region based players. If you are keen to play with other Aussies/Kiwis, feel free to come on board. Looking forward to playing with some of you fellows on EFT EFT Oceania Discord Server
  2. Magpie231

    Oceanic Tarkov Discord

    Greetings fellow private military contractors! Are you looking to find others to squad up with? Join the Oceanic EFT Discord with over 800+ members and say hello! THIS IS NOT A CLAN - Simply a discord to find other Tarkov players in the Oceanic region. The largest oceanic discord on the web https://discord.gg/aBF2a6H
  3. BreastMelkBandi

    Oceanic comrades

    Hey guys recently got amongst this game and upgraded ma pc so just looking for some fellow players from these neck of the woods to jam out with. I would be keen on some some squading up in game and in discord so anyone friendly hit me upp!
  4. timtham

    HSK - OCE / ASIA Clan Recruitment

    Heinkel Smith & Kline is now recruiting for EFT. Discord: https://discord.gg/S2U7Jk9 New clan for Asia / Oceania players. Would prefer English speaking players, no other requirements.
  5. RickSanchezz

    Australian/ Oceanic Server

    Hey Devs, and wider community of EFT. As I am SURE most of you who play (Attempt to play) EFT in Oceanic regions have noticed, there is an INCREDIBLE amount of Desync and server crashes. Since the release of the Closed Beta Testing, I have not been able to play more than 15 seconds on EFT (online mode). On the occasion that I last more than 15 seconds before a server connection loss, the lag is phenomenal! Looting is impossible, shooting is pointless and general gameplay is unplayable! Servers NEED to be had, otherwise, the word will spread, interest will be lost, frustration will rise and sales will fall... It's simple community logistics, provide for those who have purchased your product, or lose the respect, credit and dignity from your players/ audience. Please fix this problem. It's not a small problem, we get that. But this is exactly our point, its a BIG PROBLEM for ALOT of players who have purchased the game..... Yours truly, Rick Sanchez of Earth Dimension: C-137. WUBBA-LUBBA-DUB-DUB!!
  6. BattleB0rn

    Australian Servers

    Dear Developers, The core fundamentals for this game like; gameplay and whatnot is great considering this is a BETA but playing in Australia is ridiculous! There needs to be a Oceania Server really soon because I have NBN (The best internet connection you can get in Australia) and I get upwards of 2000 Ping. This makes the game literally unplayable! I'm sorry to say but if this issue inst address or fixed soon I would like my money back... I (/the community) don't say this to put the game down, I (/we) say this because I (/we) love it. Tough love can go a far way... -Thanks