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Found 7 results

  1. Divoom

    Looking for Aus players.

    Level 10 at the moment will help with quests where i can Shoot me a message on here for discord
  2. DeadEyeKiwi

    ZSU : Oceanic (AU / NZ) gaming community

    Special Unit [ZSU] is a gaming community, focused on playing to have fun, working as a team and playing tactically towards what ever our goal may be. ZSU started off back in 2008 as an Australian ARMA clan, but over time we expanded and shifted our focus to be more of a tight knit community of like minded gamers who play to have fun. ZSU plays a lot of different game genres, from Tactical FPS, Survival, RTS all the way to Simulators ...and a lot more! Escape from Tarkov has caught the eye of ZSU and we are planning to have some fun with it! There's a few members currently with access and more will do in the future! Being a member of ZSU is not a requirement to play with us, if you're after some people to play games with or just looking for like minded individuals, click on the links below. If you find yourself having fun and enjoy our company, you can help us represent ZSU by applying to join us as a clan member. Discord server ➤ http://discord.gg/zsu ZSU website ➤ http://www.zspecialunit.org - Dubs(DeadEyeKiwi) ZSU Moderator
  3. DrBloom

    Emissary for Oceania

    Heya everyone, Name is Bloom and in the large scale picture I am relatively new to the scene, have been following Tarkov for a while now and never really had the chance to play due to my studies. Since things have really started to die down with moving towards the end of my degree, I can now focus on my games and especially Tarkov. Since I purchased the game its been great and I have been pretty active on the forums, mostly answering questions and trying to calm my fellow Aussies. Us Oceanic players get pretty vocal, especially since we have some of the worst internet in the World and Tarkov doesn't look kindly on a poor connection. Of course this is just a teething period and it will improve but our region is not shy to speak their minds we have been and always will be a vocal bunch. I am honoured to be a representative for this region, while we are a small portion of the current playerbase we do have a very dedicated bunch of players and will always have a presence in the community. I come from a very heavily competitive gaming background and IT based career in the past, both of which I have shifted away from as I get a little older now and really need to lock down a Career (hence the studies). I will never stop gaming but have really stepped away from any competitive gameplay as all those late nights and thousands upon thousands of hours just isn't for me anymore. Always open for a chat, so feel free to fire off any questions you may have for me and I will be happy to answer. Once again I am honoured to represent our region and looking forward to being part of the huge success Tarkov is going to be. By the way I love to hear those stereotypical Australian jokes or sayings, most of which are on point
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some official information on where the Oceanic servers are located. I know that the launcher says "US", and that might not be accurate. I have also read that we are placed into a server that will offer us the best ping. But... That does not fit with my gameplay experience, nor that of anyone I play with. I am an admin of (I believe) the largest Oceanic discord that plays Tarkov (and only Tarkov). Everyone I speak to experiences terrible lag akin to joining servers based in Europe. The difference between offline and online play is staggering. The AI are so broken by the lag that sometimes you will headshot them and they will run a couple of steps, yell, maybe get a shot off, then die. Contrast this with the instant ragdoll in offline and it is pretty clear that the servers are suffering. Can we get some information from a developer concerning the actual server infrastructure in the Oceanic region. Where are they located? Are they under strain? Is this a 'netcode' issue that is consistent across regions? Thanks.
  5. Dear Developers, On behalf of the Oceanic Region players, I would like to implore you to implement severs for players located in Australia and New Zealand. Now, I do not reside in either country, however I think EfT has huge potential, there is a vast amount of players located in said countries, and currently they are finding the game unplayable due to the desync issues. This is widely covered by streamers from that region, and I honestly think it would be in your best interest to do something on your end so that they as well may enjoy the game. As of now, those streamers are essentially tarnishing the gameplay quality of EfT, which is a potential problem for BST, seeing as how that sort of negative publicity may deter potential buyers from pre-ordering the game. I am sure those that have experienced this issue first hand will chime in on this conversation as well. From what I know, others have started threads like this to inform you of this issue in the past, and the general response from BST was "They will be added eventually". Well, the game is in Beta already, and I fear that if you stall this furthermore you may cause irreparable damage to EtF and BST, primarily the way they treat players. Bear in mind that we, those players, purchased your game in faith. Your company is new, it has no prior releases, hell, you don't even have a Wikipedia page, and your current approach seems to be literally to ignore the community. Show us some good faith. Thank you for your consideration.
  6. Пожалуйста, принесите серверы для Австралии онлайн как можно скорее. Игра смехотворно лаги и невозможна. Просто загляните на англоязычный форум для большинства популярных сообщений, чтобы принести серверы OCEANIC онлайн. Отличная игра, просто жаль, что я не смог бы сыграть ее. Так много игроков в AU / NZ, которых вы не достигли, потому что игра неиграбельна ..
  7. Bloodavenger

    Feeling scammed. (oceanic server plz)

    So i got the "EDGE OF DARKNESS LIMITED EDITION" feel sort of cheated by the lack of info about the oceanic servers, as it stands it is next to unplayable. if i new that i wouldn't be able to play the game until full release i probably wouldn't of dropped the money for the edge of darkness edition. But here we are in beta and its still unplayable, as of now all i ask is one thing, PLEASE just give all of the oceanic players a rough date on when we could expect oceanic servers. Thanks
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