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Found 35 results

  1. I heard that the Devs want to remove offline mode when the game Comes out of Beta. Please do not remove offline mode. I am big noob and unable to Play online without losing my stuff.
  2. I know I'm not the first guy to suggest this and chances are a few minutes after I post this it'll flooded with the typical "git gud" diatribe, but for players that prefer solo play for the enjoyment and for player in regions where there are no dedicated servers resulting in a ping so high you need to be able to see into the future to avoid certain death, perhaps finding a way to introduce a separate offline PMC character with an inventory and skill progression that is only available offline with items and loot taken from offline raids only being available to the offline character? I know this would be a difficult task as it would require a separate system of shopkeepers who only deal in offline loot and would take up more space due to more character stats needing to be retained, but it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for people who don't want to spend weeks grinding to half a million roubles worth of gear to be lost to some guy camping in a bush behind a crate to shoot you in the back of the head when your inventory is open and for people who, like myself, frequently find ourselves emptying half an AK mag into a scav, running away because it didn't do anything and then getting killed from halfway across the map when the lag finally catches up.
  3. denizk53

    Offline mode with Friends

    Is it possible to play the offline raid mode with friends? we want to practice a little so it would be great if its possible. If its possible, how?
  4. sparky0451

    general idea's for the casuals

    ill start off by saying i am a casual PC gamer ( i do intend to get better), i have not a great amount of time logged in the game and i understand that this game is intended to be hardcore and difficult, it is a large reason i enjoy it. I think there could be a room to grow in the game for my kind of player type or the players that are just starting out. THIS IS GOOD BECAUSE IT DRAWS MORE PLAYERS, WHICH MEANS MORE REVENUE, WHICH MEANS MORE CONTENT OR SEQUAL IN THE FUTURE. (PROBLEM) the learning curve for this game is extremely hard because there is nothing in way of tutorial within the game, i had to search for 3rd party things to understand everything. some people just cant be bothered spending the hours learning a game or the added time just trying to find the external videos to explain things. (fix) more of an infoview during load screens ( thats about 3-4 minutes that could be used learning) or simply a tab that explains game mechanics. like that keys open certain doors within the game, better explanation/navigation of what attachments go on weapons. things that cut that time down so players aren't just googling a gun setup and constantly using the same things. that makes more of the content utilised within the game IMO. (PROBLEM) I think the offline idea is very good and should stay within the game, it helps me get the hang of the game and learn maps and i think thats invaluable with no risk. but i do admit that it is frustrating to spend that time and get nothing out of it. also dying in the offline mode and having to reload another whole game to practice again. (FIX) i dont want weapons or armor because that defeats the purpose of a game but a severely reduced exp or once a skill hits lvl 2 nothing is gained for example. this way those that are learning the game feel a sense of progression and cant farm this offline method because again that would ruin the game. after death in offline mode it would be nice to stay in the same loaded game and just click a respawn button... maybe it wipes loot and scavs off the map so its a restart to learn again but something in that regard to cut the 5-10 minutes it takes to just get back into another game to practice again. i know the sweaty's might get a bit worked up that some casual PC gamer has an opinion but they will just have to get over it, if they dont want to play with casual players they can start a topic and suggest something that keeps them away, im sure thats already implemented in the level system probably though. Lastly the product is sound and very fun to play, i think if it can market to some of the casual players in the ways i mention and maybe more, it could give more even more finance for DLC or a sequal in the later years. its worth looking into IMO.
  5. I would love the ability if we could play 'offline mode' with friends in Tarkov. This would be very beneficial to players like myself who could play against real players and work on reflexes, strategy, teach new players I introduce to the game, as well as just simply play against my friends. Most people playing would have a PC good enough to host a private offline game. There's also a lot of experimentation done by players these days to help improve the game and offline mode with friends would make it so much easier. This also would allow players to have fun playing their own scenarios like VIP escorts for example. The community would love this!
  6. zynide

    Quick Game Suggestions

    1. Offline raid stash. This would not be able to transfer to online play against real people 2. Blood Pooling
  7. toxictrouble

    Suggestions that would improve the game

    It would be nice if this game had a squad mode. what do i mean with that ? well basically should have a choice to make a party and the party leader would chose where the squad will go. like what map what time etc. also it would be very nice for us to be able to go offline raiding with friends to try guns armors bullets learn the maps and lot of things. thanks for your time :3
  8. tDANKEY

    Factory Scav War Horde

    Scav War on Factory with horde enabled HAS to be the most intense experience in Tarkov, for your computer and you. Until Raiders at Labs finally get fixed to work in Scav War and spawns with horde are increased there is no better way to see these kinds of body stacks in confined areas, and when body stacks get THIS high, especially in the stairwells of the stairwells, you can't identify dead from living Scavs (See pic 4, pompom hat right above my shotgun). -Personal recommendation: Play easy, since you're going to be getting 10fps anywhere that a Scav will be, chances are if you don't drop them quickly them you're gonna lose a leg before you get your next frame.
  9. Wouldn't be great to be able to get some insured items on the go? I mean, I'm a student and I'm not always able to get all my insure items on time. I think that some sort of app could help with this. Imagine this, you have a lot of time to spend on, lets say, public transports, why not use that to get back some items and equip a character so when we get home is just play the first raid without spend a lot of time with that? I think that the most useful options would be in this area: -Be able to get refunds -Send messages & add friends -Manage inventory and equip character -Sell and buy on flea market -Complete tasks and turn in any item that you might have gotten from the market -Handbook with items and detailed tasks like the ones we can find at gamepedia With this I think that every thing besides get into a raid could be present in this app, what do you guys think? Very probably is already an ideia discuted here but I was not able to find any topic on it. I'm sorry for my english but as you can see is not my native language, neither my second or third Keep up the awesome job!
  10. Mister_Shaveher

    Offline Testing

    There should be a way to have everything unlocked for offline mode. Like have to different stashes 1 online/ 1 offline.
  11. I love how intense EFT gets in certain situations, but sometimes I just want to equip basically everything I want, walk around tarkov and gun some Scavs down just for fun. I think PvE mode should stay as it is forever, since it's not only a great way to "test" how weapons and attachments behave, but also a "casual" mode where you can take a break from EFT's usually stressful atmosphere without having to switch to another game. Keeping loot you get in PvE/Offline mode should not be a thing imo, since it'd ruin the game's economy and make PvP stupidly pointless. Why would you get into a PvP lobby to get loot when you can farm it offline? It'd turn PvP into a pointless battle of fully-geared players who would not even loot their enemies after they kill them. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THIS. However, since people would not be able to exploit this aspect of the game in any way, I think it would be nice if we could bring our squad into PvE mode with us. No loot, no item trading (quitting or making it to extraction just resets your inventory). It'd be a nice way to show your buddy how stuff works, give him a tour around the map... Or, again, just mess around and kill some scavs on your way to extraction, for funzies.
  12. Proto21

    Separate Offline Mode

    It would be cool if the offline mode was separate from the normal multiplayer by having a separate inventory and leveling for people who have internet issues or just want to play against ai.
  13. Protodead

    Offline mode differences....

    People say playing the game online is exactly the same as in offline mode. It is not. I believe it should be the same... Check it out. If you are in an offline raid, and you get a blacked out leg, you TAKE NO DAMAGE while sprinting.... We know this is not how it works in online. People say scavs act differently, and they do. In offline mode the scavs will still throw grenades at you, whereas in online mode, the grenads have been removed from their inventories per Nikita. Why is it this way?!?! And what else is different between the two... I'm guessing a hell of a lot, and that doesn't do us the players a whole lot of good if there are differences....
  14. diamondm4

    Offline points/exp

    I have a question; would you (dev team) consider of making it possible to earn points in offline mode with npc's? Just give us half or less of the earned points/exp?
  15. daNzgLitch


    Just an idea for fun..... Why can't offline be a 'Test and Play' of sorts with the ability to use ANY weapon and mod in the game? Sure you can't take anything out of it & XP disabled but just a fun game with any choice of gear and weapons? Cheers :)
  16. I am new to tarkov, and I am saying this for the better of this game itself, not for myself, I can go play another fps in my library! the offline loot was needed because even games as hard and annoying as dark souls and PUBG does not believe in demotion! , even if I dont win in PUBG I get coins to buy cosmetics! , here if they have removed offline loot and will completely remove offline mode , they should at least add a system so that we can get some money { maybe 1000 rubles per kill and 100 rubles per loot even if we don't succeed in escaping, because after all real people with real work is going to play this, no one is going to buy it if they get to know they are going to be stuck with a bad gun and tomahawk for a couple of days.. or weeks if they are noob. at least we should have some reward after the raid that would make us want to loot, no one wants to spend time and energy and get nothing, infact lose insted. again, i am saying this for the better of this game so that more people buy after all this game is PVP based and it needs players.
  17. Heyndlgarndl

    Offline Mode with Scavs at PMC Spawns

    Hi. Is it possible to have scavs spawn at PMC locations in offline mode? I would like to practice situations that are closer to online rounds. Cheers.
  18. I just got the game but for some reason I cant seem to play "online" only offline is available? how come? also when I loot things in offline and then escape the map all the stuff i looted and my xp is gone... Can anyone help me with this?
  19. stanmanth2

    Training Range

    Train a lot. Fight a little. This is what PMCs do. Only there isn't really any training opportunities so it would be nice to have a 'Poligon' or training center purely for weapon familiarization. Offline for solo work and ideally online to work up tactics and commands. You can even have set courses of timed fire as a leaderboard, mini game in game. I would spend more time here and less time dying .
  20. Hello EFT, Well done on progress, I brought the game last April 2016. Tried a few times. Then left it on the shelf. Now it is playable for me, and the sounds and controls are great. I am enjoying the environments and offline experience and the online. Some thoughts/requests: Offline - Please do not remove the offline experience in the future, sometimes I want the solo experience against bots. - Can we have offline characters profiles also? I really enjoy the solo play experience. Online - A coop PVE, would be appreciated for us newbies. - Arm bands for team mates [optional of course] - Ability to heal others Controls - toggle lean q/e so it is sticky and not 'hold to lean' but 'press to lean and press again to lean back'. Voice - We currently rely on discord...but an in game voice to team and enemies would be good. Crates - Randomise locations !!!!!! Generally please increase the customization of game modes and difficulty, just make the player stash tied to that mode Regards, Bob
  21. John_DOUGH

    Offline mode

    Will offline mode stay in the game after it has been released? If so, would it be possible to have access to dev-console commands while doing an offline raid for testing purposes like spawning in weapons, attachments and other gears to try them out against the AI? I'd love to be able to test out weapons or attachments before getting them to see if they are worth getting and I think offline mode would be the best way to go for as it doesn't influence your character in any other way.
  22. Hi all, how do I change the weather condistions as I like when using the offline mode plz?
  23. MK2016

    Single Player Mode

    So first, i just want to give you guys the thumbs up for making a hardcore fps, like many pc gamers who love Rainbow Six 3/SWAT 4/Squad/ARMA/STALKER/Insurgency and the like, i really appreciate it. The gunplay, sounds....everything, is absolutely sublime and you should be proud of what you have created so far. I am annoyed to report that i havent been enjoying the online experience as much as i want to. Don't get me wrong, i don't have any complaints about network related issues like lag or desync, but i just have not been enjoying alot of the elements of multiplayer. I'm asking that you consider a Single Player mode, with a seperate character and progression from the online world. Being able to play this game at my own pace and really allow me to get sucked into the atmosphere this game has to offer would really be appreciated. The current offline mode, while limited in its scope, and limited in the time that it is available, gives me a chance to have a taste of the gameworld in a way that i can enjoy (at least until all the AI drop dead from starvation(?) and the level is kind of ruined ). A proper Single Player mode, with expanded gameworld like more scavs, some AI PMCs etc, would allow people to play the game in a way and at a pace that is not possible in the online world. Again, well done on everything you have created so far, i wish the Tarkov team all the best for the future, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  24. Hi there, I was wondering if the full game will allow us to play OFFLINE and keep the LOOT we gain.....Even if its low lever guns and gear. Not that valuable. And maybe they can throw in 2 times or 3 times more SCAV ENEMIES so we feel like the loot is more earnable.....
  25. VainBoy

    Separate Offline Mode?

    Are you going to add a separate offline mode in the future that has a separate player and stash, as well as inventory? I would think of this as a offline freeplay mode for those who want to train their skills against AI or just want to goof around or just experience how the trading system works. If you do add this I think most people that bought the game such as myself would be happy to have this, because I know a lot of players rage and just stop playing due to the difficulty playing online. Those players don't really have a place to train except for the current offline mode which does not save and does not fell rewarding, that is why this should be added, so that playing offline feels rewarding. I know the game is aiming for online only, but not everyone has internet that does have the game this would be useful and fun to have in the game. I am developing a game myself that is inspired by Escape From Tarkov, Arma 3 Exile Mod, and other survival games. I understand that it may not be easy adding two separate modes into the game, but having a offline mode that feels rewarding instead of a time waster with no rewards, it can feel rewarding with my ideas. Thank you for reading this and taking your time with development of Escape From Tarkov.
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