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  1. diamondm4

    Offline points/exp

    I have a question; would you (dev team) consider of making it possible to earn points in offline mode with npc's? Just give us half or less of the earned points/exp?
  2. I love the idea of this game, but its become a damn lifestyle for some people and I didn't hand over my money to get walked on by them.... so here are some things i think would help: being able to make some progress offline - why not allow players to keep and collect loot offline? anything collected would have to be used in offline mode, but being able to collect the loot would keep players that just enjoy PvE happy. and on that note, an offline hideout as well. so all items earned offline are kept in your offline stash. as for levels, you could have separate characters for offline and online modes, respectively. i honestly think this would be a huge improvement
  3. Hi Devs of EFT I have a suggestion i hope you would listen to. My suggestion is it would be nice if we could do quest in offline mode - but with the "punishment"/downside is that the reward of XP, money etc. is lowered, like lets say it's lowered with 30% or what ever the amount is. In that way we could still do them, but if we want a bigger reward, we have to do them online. The reason why i ask or suggest this, is that many people on different forums and on reddit have problems with a lot of quests, and some have abandon several quests, mainly because of other players are making it impossible to finish some quests. And i know that doing them in offline mode would somehow look like cheat or be wrong in general, but that's why i suggest the downside if lowering the reward with X amount of %, to make it a bit more fair. - Morten
  4. MrPeebles

    Labs offline bots

    Hi there, I got a question. Do bots spawn in labs when playing offline? I wanted to try that map but I never encounter bots.
  5. ZeREALHayster

    Offline Raids with Risk

    So I have recently been able to actually play the game properly after getting a higher powered computing device but my same frustration remains that as a relatively weak player in the game i find myself consistently dying in a PVP environment. What I would love is for some kind of risk PvE where newer players can practice the nessacery skills but one that comes with almost all the features of the regular game. For example when you die in this mode (Whether online or offline) you lose items unless insured. I understand and can express that the PvP environment is the foundation of the game and the core gameplay (In fact its what makes the blood pump) but trying to level up or even obtain items as a low level player is very very difficult especially if you are dying on almost all ventures into Tarkov. During last season (before the wipe) through an event i got what can honestly say is the one weapon i love to use in any game a P90 but i never really used it, a mode without PvP but with the same inherent risks (again like losing items, but with the ability to gain them too) would make me want to dive in with such a powerful weapon without fear of a player killing me for it. Thanks for reading this
  6. MrPeebles

    Why are Bots not spawning Oflline?

    Hi there, just as the title says, no matter what I try, bots wont simply spawn. Just to rule out somethings, yes I have PvE checked, I checked Scav war, Bosses and Tagged to make things more interesting, impossible difficulty and horde, (i also tried all quantity options), but all to no avail. Please help me?! Thank you I love you all!
  7. denizk53

    Offline mode with Friends

    Is it possible to play the offline raid mode with friends? we want to practice a little so it would be great if its possible. If its possible, how?
  8. Been playing for about 2 years now. Every update has made it progressively harder, for me, to get into an actual raid. With the newest update I can literally only play Factory. Every other map is a failure. I will connect to any other map and not be able to play. The second I load in I get "disconnected from server" or "anti-cheat connection lost". Just tested it and doing an offline raid, everything worked perfectly. If i go to load back in after getting disconnected or having the anti-cheat fail on me. It takes at least 15 minutes of me sitting at the waiting for session start before just kicking me back to the main menu with all my stuff gone. Please enable progress with offline raids so I can actually play and test the game.
  9. dijonw190


    I was thinking maybe add pmc ai to spawn on pmc spawns to help people to better understand. let me know if this has been brought up before.
  10. Simonr22

    testing the game

    Is there any way for tester to get into a map offline with all the elite skill , infinite HP/No timer and infinite ammunition ? I love testing game but as a normal player account i can't test properly tarkov map and texture. Dev did correct some invisible wall i've found on custom but not the out of bound issue . i'm sure there could be more to discover with the proper tool over more map .elite skill should be a requirement to test map THEN if an out of map bug is found/unreachable spot not intented they could be tested with lower skill. Infinite timer because every spot on every map need to be walked on to test invisible wall . infinite Hp would be great to avoid dying/broken bone from failed attempt of outbound testing .Infinite ammo to test texture around the map / make sure of the presence of an invisible wall . Just by playing casually this wipe i've found an unintended mechanic that give an unfair advantage in any gunfight if you know it and i legit just dont do it because its unfair .Also Right now as i write this post i've just found a bug in custom that split my character in half and i'm hidden inside a wall ( this one need to be tested more officially since i just found it ) but its quiet funny i can see my legs moving alone away from me haha . I'm just a player who love the game and want it at his best . But i Really wish i could test more and that all the bug found would be solved and not just overlook .
  11. TooSmoke

    bug offline

    Ciao, ho riscontrato un bug per chi gioca offline come me, se si avvia una partita con gli scav e con i boss esce fuori questo errore che impedisce lo spawn di qualsiasi npg in game. Viste le mie precedenti esperienze con il supporto voglio evitare di averci a che fare, anzi a dirla tutta non so' se glie ne possa fregare qualcosa a qualcuno di problemi offline visto il pensiero comune che l'offline non dovrebbe nemmeno esistere. Se qualcuno pensa che posa essere utile al supporto sentitevi liberi di far presente la cosa. Naturalmente se già ce' un modo per aggiustare il problema scrivetemelo qua sotto grazie.
  12. Steamios


    Short and Sweet-- :3 We should have online pve, something like having additional quests offline which uses offline raid gear but have rewards for the online package upon completing the tasks
  13. I think it would benefit new and old players by adding an offline raid mode that can be played with your friends. Obviously it would work the same way as the solo offline raids by resetting everything you brought into and acquired during the raid but give an opportunity for new players to understand the maps together with their friends. Better players can practice with this game mode to strengthen their teamwork coms and call outs.
  14. Venom1231

    Offline Co-op When?

    I'm just wondering for the offline co-op. i'm just asking when it will come out? Like next wipe or in 2 wipes? Thank you
  15. Hi there! I got a simple but (in my opinion) useful suggestion. In offline mode, as the title suggests, at the end of the raid you should add a new menu that shows you how much you would have made from selling all the items (traders only). A list of each item and its current value (that the trader is willing to pay), and at the end of that page, the total value. This way people can learn in offline mode how to prioritize some items over others. Thank you !!
  16. JudgeMental_

    Full Offline Mode Request

    Would like option to select full offline mode so I can enjoy this game. Offline with tasks and ability to keep items, money, use market etc. Playing online is a pointless joke and a complete waste of my gaming skills.
  17. I use to play Tarkov every day after work deep into the Aussie night then I moved houses and due to Australia's horrible internet outside of the city I find that I can not achieve less then 600ping witch in a online raid is an instant kick. Now I love me tarkov and I thought why couldn't they add an offline version. Have an offline character with there own stash and own trader like a offline fence that randomly generates his stock with a chance of high loot. give players like myself something to play with our crappy net. Earlier on all I wanted was to run around with a mosin but due to not bing able to play online raids I cant loot up cant level up witch prevents mission progression trader progression and no flea market. I have no idea if this is even possible copy the game and turn the online off even a sepret tarkov "Escape From Tarkov Offline" I love this bloody game but am crushed I cant play!
  18. Hey guy's I'm going to keep it short and simple. Yesterday i was about to hop on some EFT for a warm up i always do a offline raid, then scav but i noticed i wanted to switch my load out so i tried to quit and heard my character scream, and when it went back to the menu after the offline raid all of my gear on my PMC was gone.. i forgot to record because i didn't notice it till i got back from getting a snack and was a little thrown off by this 🙃
  19. Hi lads, This is gonna be my 1st post on the forum and the suggestion section as well so please do not push me into a grave. What I would like to suggest to the developers is to allow us to have 2 type of PMC. One for the live raids and one for the offline raids. But why? I will explain it. I am the that type of player who can easily over stress himself in a game like Tarkov, where even one small mistake would cost your entier match/raid. And because of this I usually feel really unconfortable during raids, both PMC and Scav. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but I would really like to have a separate PMC for offline only, or maybe for coop. I am not trying to suggest the devs to allow us having the loot from the offline raids, but rather allowing us less skilled or calmed person to enjoy the game. Ofc you could NOT move items from one character to the other so it wouldn't be a game breaking feature. What you loot in offline, would stay in your offline PMC's stash without any means of moving item from either character. But what about the hideout? Now that's what I find hard to balance. Having separate hideouts might be too much to ask for, and not allowing us to upgrade the hideout without going online might sound bad for a few coward player like me. But at the same time I wouldn't mind if the hideout would stay online only and so does the blackmarket. Since we talk about offline here, we would not need the blackmarket at all for this PMC. But the rest of the features, like XP, skill, money, rep could be separate, without breaking the game. I admit that I am not the best player on this planet. Hell I am not even a decent one, but I would really like to play this game and progress some way. The Scav AI and Raider Scav AI is also nothing like we see in most games, where the AI is either a potato or a god-like being. They usually work together to make your raid a nightmare instead of moonwalking around the map without any clue why they were created in the first place, nor Makarov sniping you across another raid. It would also bring more players to the roaster which would also help the game develop. I welcome any criticism, or ideas you lads have on your mind, but please be civilized. I am a noob i know, you don't have to tell me 10 more times that I am. Thank you. And also thanks for reading this long... mess I made while I was half asleep.
  20. Jiggyjig23

    Offline Mode but Separate

    Have they thought of adding a offline scav only version that lets the players enjoy pve without effecting pvp. Im not a huge fan of the pvp in general but i love everything else about tarkov. Id love it if you could have a way to play through pvp free all you would need is a seperate stash and character but im not too sure on how difficult that would be.
  21. Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to give us the option to keep the loot you put in your secure container in offline raids, if you succesfully exit the area? To us noobs (lvl 4 here) it would give a small boost while not worrying about losing everything -yet- again. Of course there should be some difficulty to this, so maybe with online (or max) difficulty scavs with scav bosses on. Also it would give more incentive to buy the better edition of the game and get looting a bit more efficiently right off the bat. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Cheers!
  22. Dear developers! It could be done by asking me to pause the game if I press esc while in offline mode. Because I'm going in the background right now, and since I have a kid, I can only play games that I can pause if I have to go to the kid right away. Since I like this game I would ask for it. (Sorry for grammar, I wrote with google translator, hope it was understandable)
  23. Currently offline mode is just for walking around and checking out a map you aren't particularly familiar with, or to test new guns until you get the range in the hideout. I have a couple ideas how to make offline mode more useful hopefully without destroying the balance of the game. I think leaving it so you can't keep anything you get inside would be absolutely necessary to keep people from just farming offline mode, never going into an online raid. Though I do think you should be able to work on skills (with diminishing returns and at a slower rate than online) with the caveat that you have to get enough xp and survive the raid. I would also suggest that dying in offline costs you your gear, but allow you to insure your gear before going in, that way if you die you will get your gear back but you will have to wait a bit (you could also make it so different vendors have different success rates at returning your gear ie. Prapor = 85%, Therapist = 95%), also you should have to heal up between offline raids. Another suggestion would be to award players who meet certain (like 5K/10K/15K) xp requirements and survive a random barter item and have to possibility to get a rare barter item go up depending on how well they do in the offline raid. My final suggestion is that you could use these as narrative devices to unlock online maps, and example would be you have to retrieve an item from the customs building move across the river collect items from dorms, then an item from new gas and finally an item from old gas, then extract after which online customs raids would unlock and these items could be narrative devices explaining the backstory for the map. This could be used to introduce people to each map and provide a little narrative background as to why a map is significant and possibly how it got that way. To keep players from abusing it it could be a special variation that you can only access a certain number of times per day/week.
  24. stanmanth2

    Training Range

    Train a lot. Fight a little. This is what PMCs do. Only there isn't really any training opportunities so it would be nice to have a 'Poligon' or training center purely for weapon familiarization. Offline for solo work and ideally online to work up tactics and commands. You can even have set courses of timed fire as a leaderboard, mini game in game. I would spend more time here and less time dying .
  25. I heard that the Devs want to remove offline mode when the game Comes out of Beta. Please do not remove offline mode. I am big noob and unable to Play online without losing my stuff.
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