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Found 9 results

  1. Protodead

    Offline mode differences....

    People say playing the game online is exactly the same as in offline mode. It is not. I believe it should be the same... Check it out. If you are in an offline raid, and you get a blacked out leg, you TAKE NO DAMAGE while sprinting.... We know this is not how it works in online. People say scavs act differently, and they do. In offline mode the scavs will still throw grenades at you, whereas in online mode, the grenads have been removed from their inventories per Nikita. Why is it this way?!?! And what else is different between the two... I'm guessing a hell of a lot, and that doesn't do us the players a whole lot of good if there are differences....
  2. Seth01Plays

    PVE Online??

    Hello All I have spent hours into this game with no success of extracting due to players taking me out, as well as not being able to survive at all. I think and as many other forums have been posed is a PVE Coop online Experience, Many players would agree that this would suit this game very well. This is due to People, wanting to just play with friends, People hate being destroyed by high level players and never given a chance, ,nor even the fact of having to play by them selves isn't much fun. I spent a chunk of my cash and I want it to be worth it. P.S PVE Coop could be added with separate inventories for each mode (PVE Coop, PVP), As players have spoken
  3. 1 Mitspieler gesucht zum rein daddeln ^^, wie es oben steht einfach mir hier eine Nachricht schreiben oder einfach bei Steam adden (Chain3lessss)
  4. LowSpeed

    Training Room For Groups

    Hello Developers, With the ability to group up with fellow players in the PvP arena. I wonder if it would be possible (or if already in the pipeline, then great!) to have an option to practice with players in your group without having to join a PvP server. Meaning, an offline more but with grouped players only; with an option to fight AI SCAVs if possible. So perhaps: ESCAPE FROM TARKOV > ENTER TRAINING ROOM > CHARACTER/TRADERS > MAP > GROUP > TRAINING ROOM > NO AI or WITH AI > ENTER. Naturally, like in offline mode. Nothing is gained skill/loot wise nor lost. Just another option for the group to practice together would be great! Thank you for the great game so far. Regards, Lowspeed
  5. Hallo Escapers, kann man "in-Game" sehen ob einer seiner Freunde online ist? Wenn Ja - woran sehe ich das? Danke im voraus.
  6. m4dk1ngd0m

    Groups (co.op)

    Hella guys! So far the game is good. Is Hard. Even with your Friends... And that's my question: -Hope im wrong, and hope no one take this like an offence, but, What's the point of add Friends in lobby to join a group (5 max), if you are gonna spawn in diff áreas. Maybe some could say "you need communication" "orientation" ...ok i got that, but is not that fun. I prefer play solo (lone Wolf) and try to be sneaky. Finding your Friends is like going in to a mad trap where you may get killed bya a foe or even by your Friends. Will this feature implemented later? When you can sapwn with your group? And what about clothing, to identify each other? Maybe there will be games with more tan 8 players, and 2 sides with 32 each? and, if that's the case, will the AI be removed? Is it necessary the AI? Thanks guys, im new in this game, i love it but i dont understand some things. Happy hunting!...oh dont forget to escape---
  7. ComradeBurris

    Feel in love with this game!

    Been playing since december i know i can be angry with this game sometimes losing the best gear does that? but havent we all? just want to say i really apprecation what Battlestate Games has done with this game! its freekin amazing bro i only wish there was more raids and more weapons but the way it is now is perfect! of course its got bugs and glitches but thats normal cos its Alpha i brought EOD edition not because i wanted the extra bits and bots? but to support this project i want you guys to know this! honestly its addictive its like a drug you want more and more my current raid number is 589. anyway i would love to hear your feedback!
  8. As the title suggests, this is a theory about online multiplayer...Just a theory. This is not my work this is from an anonymous source who did not want to post this. Even though AbsolutSoft, and Battlestate are separate, their projects live in the same world. It only makes sense that they would utilize each others best practices, and innovations. That being said... My Theory: Hired Ops is using the same server COMPANY EFT is using, and planned to release Early Access before EFT released multiplayer in order to take what they learned, and apply it here. This would drastically remove any unforeseeable issues. I imagine that AbsolutSoft has helped the EFT Team, and came to the conclusion that the whole image of CW needed to change, and have some small, but significant similarities that CW did not have, and neither would CW:SA. We hear nothing about CW:SA, and then all of a sudden, they change their name to Hired Ops, the website goes up, and shares a common feel, and design, like they were done by the same person, or group. Hired Ops announces Early Access, and proceeds to flood us with information, and I started telling everyone I know that it would drop by the end of Oct, while suprisingly, a good few said Nov, and the rest ofc said Dec/Never. I thought it would be Oct, because EFT was going dark, and we were thinking that another patch should have dropped, and that there was no news on multiplayer. Then, wouldn't you know it, Nikita drops that bomb of screenshots, announces a graphic overhaul, AND let's us know they have been, and still were on schedule for multiplayer... "At this stage, we are preparing several game modules, among them - a large-scale online testing and performance optimization update. In other words, we are losing no time in bringing the start of the beta-testing closer! At Gamescom the Devs said they planned Beta in November, and people doubted it, and they didn't think it would be released in early 2017 either! So after Nikita made his announcement ^^^ Hired Ops just drops the next day?! I mean, c'monnnn. My final prediction is that the online testing will start around Nov 14th, [JUST A GUESS!] and open beta at the end of Nov. This will go on through Dec, and release in Jan, possibly Feb depending on how it goes....but that's my point...they would KNOW that they could release in early 2017 because they utilized the findings of the Hired Ops test, and knew what they would be in for, and how to fix it quickly. Again, this is only speculation and not my work, this was from an anonymous source who asked me to post this for him.
  9. a system were you hear the crackle of the headset like in the game SQUAD
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