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Found 17 results

  1. xMrocha


    Hallo, Do we have any information about the OPEN WOLRD from TARKOV, it will actualy be in-game, it will be soon or later in time and how it will be ? Thank you
  2. I have been playing Escape From Tarkov since the start of the current wipe and started playing a bit before the twitch live event, i have owned the game since the beginning i believe and i do agree the game has came a very long way and has improved alot since i last played. I do believe there is still alot missing and the potential is endless. To begin, armour is somewhat good it still needs some tuning in terms of cost, as everybody runs the best ammo making amour in most cases useless. i dont usually run armour but i guess its just a safegaurd for protection againt scavs... unless they spawn with m700 which comes with m61 :| But i believe there is 2 variables that can be adjusted to fix problems, some players like myself have mainly played FPS games and are stubburn on having the exact same game sensitivty, for ADS and Hipfire, this is somewhat ok, the sensitivity can easily be converted online and it seem accurate, however we need independent sesitivities for Zoomed scopes. MOST IMPORTANTLY armour should not change turning speeds, it makes muscle memory invalid and turns people like me away in case of ruining muscle memory, there is no point in having this option as i could just calculate the negative turning speed effects and increase me sensitivty by that percent to get it accuracte but i shouldnt have to. Lastly another variable to add to armour which can then change the cost or amour is RADIATION PROTECTION, i see a radiation counter in the inventory HUD, so you must have some plans for implementing this, but lets look at other games that have acted on removing people with no gear from high tier loot locations. RUST rust has it spot on in this field, they implemented radiation to rad towns (high tier loot) and the entry level changes depending on the loot. This is a measure of removing hatchet runners, the likes of woods and customs should have no radiation at all as all the beginning quests are on there. it should progress with labs being the highest radiation level. If the players dosent like wearing armour a radiation suit should be purchasable but should still be costly to stop hatchet runners Let me know what you think
  3. I've heard rumors of the game eventually going open world and I personally think that the game should take a different approach for a number of reasons. Firstly we only have one game mode and that is raids, instead of going open world we should get more game modes possibly some team based game modes especially because we are getting a karma system that penalizes you for killing your own faction members. Some game modes like ones similar to maybe search and destroy, a domination mode or maybe something like rush from Battlefield where you have to move through the map completing objectives you know, more mission types to make the world FEEL more open than it actually being open this will be good because it feels like choosing a faction is rather pointless and being penalized for killing someone that shoots at you or you feel like is going to is kinda dumb. Secondly is that unless it's optimized correctly it'll be laggy and broken as all hell and instead of getting new content we'll be getting patches for the open world until it works correctly and fill in the empty spaces if the map is incomplete I think it's better to flesh the game out with more stuff to do first before going open world if the devs do decide to go down that road. Lastly, I will just say that this game is great and has a lot of great things that set it apart from other games and one of them is that it isn't open world. I was getting to the point that I was sick of seeing too many open world shooters and I feel like Tarkov doesn't really fit the open world scene because of the way it plays and unless the game has more game modes to 'blend' into the open world it will be boring, empty and will take a lot of resources.
  4. version0

    VORTEX - Open to everyone and anyone!

    Hey everyone! Not too long ago we started up 'Vortex Unit', a discord group for Tarkov! We're pretty easy going and more than happy to train any new players or run with the more experienced - all we ask is that you're respectful towards others! We also have people from everywhere around the world - so you'll most likely find someone with good a timezone (& ping). So if you're new or experienced - click the link and join the unit! https://discord.gg/HtHEv9p
  5. Hey everyone, Lately we've been having a few new people from all over - so we've decided to open up the unit to everyone (instead of just OCE)! Our group has no requirements at all, and we're more than happy to teach new players and run with the more experienced! Our website and discord bot are also currently in development! Hit the link to join! : https://discord.gg/HtHEv9p
  6. TheColdVein

    New Interchange Screenshots

    Happy New Year, Escapers! We have another present for you... Work-in-progress screenshots of the new location called Interchange. The map is a huge shopping mall. The location will be available on OBT, hopefully, before the start of OBT. Enjoy! Translations: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby
  7. Честита Нова Година, Escapers! Имаме още един подарък за вас ... Работни снимки на новото местоположение, наречено "Interchange". Картата е огромен търговски център. Картата ще бъде налична в OBT, или може би, преди началото на OBT. Насладете се!
  8. Stalker2400

    Any plans on Open Beta?

    Will there ever be open beta for like stretch testing and stuff like that also some people to get a change to play this? Maybe if this comes to steam you do one there?
  9. buger430

    Bash doors while running

    I was thinking, in cases were you know someone is aiming at you, and you wanna extract/take cover/hide in a room. Maybe you even take damage on one arm from bashing the door, this would punish hatchlings for trying to use it for their greedy med-less tactics.
  10. SlayerJack

    -Delta Squadron- !Open Recruitment!

    Who are we? Delta Squadron is a group of friends who actively play Escape From Tarkov. We're looking for more active players to be able to play in a more competitive manor with strong teamwork. You can find us on our discord HERE Requirements? We don't necessarily have any requirements for this, all we ask is that you fill out our application at the bottom of the page and reply to this post. Expectations of Delta Squadron We expect all members to act in a mature manor, we understand people get annoyed however we do not tolerate any serious abuse towards our members. Our Application Name: In-Game Name: Age: Tarkov Level: Past Experience:
  11. mikE_PL

    Spare Key Anyone?

    Hi there im just wondering if anyone got spare open beta cd-key? Im afraid i bought my game bit to late and i wont get it. Im asking for it so my best "pc pal" could try it with me since we are playing "survival" games only duo. Thanks people!
  12. 1. hello i would like to know if i get the free open beta key that lasted for 7 days or i get the full free version, and how to confirm it ? 2. and if i get the open beta 7 days key, if it expired or before it expired , and i want to buy standard or upper, will my char will be wipeout(reset) or not ?
  13. sginga

    Open world spawning

    So after buying and playing this game for a week or so, I was wondering how you guys think you are going to handle open world spawning. Would there be a collection of open world spawns that people choose from, or would it be a larger version of now, where like 20 people spawn into the map at random spots. Just curious and is my first forum post so please excuse me if I broke any rules TY,
  14. Should this game get an open world feature where all of the sections are connected, where players will have to actually pack equipment for a long haul, possibly adding roaming Scav gangs, possibly a third A.I. PMC faction, and other features? Comment what you think!
  15. PenisGoose

    Open Map Questions

    First, I would like to ask the question that I've only gotten vague answers to. Will there be an open map connecting all maps together? Secondly, if there is going to be an open map, I've noticed there are dots connecting the names of each map on the screen. Will there be exits to maps that will fast travel you to the next map, or will it be more like DayZ where it's all just one big map?
  16. PardTheTroll


    Is it just me or does it smell like hideout in here?
  17. First off I apologise if this has been answered before but I just have a question about the open beta coming up and If I were to purchase the standard edition now, Would I gain entrance to it within a week or two?
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