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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone and BSG! Just wanted to say that I really enjoy this event so far. It brings some freshness to the game, requires you to adapt to a new situation (it feels more like a survival game after all). I didn't expected that this little change would affect whole gameplay. It become challenging entirely in a new way. And honestly it is really sad how many people are complaining about it (that devs are trying to make game more interesting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I just hope that we (as players) will get more events like this in the future.
  2. Bueno chicos, me apetecía desahogarme sobre la BETA de este juego, sinceramente al menos para mi no es difícil en cuanto a controles y el juego en si (sobretodo si venís de la saga ARMA y no hablo solo del conocido ARMA3 que ya sabéis que tiene controles para aburrir) no hablo de eso, sobre el tema que mucha gente aborda referente al morir al principio cuando eres nivel bajo es lo más normal del mundo si te encuentras a otro jugador que tiene mejor equipo y habilidades ya desarrolladas, de eso no me quejo, es lo más normal, quería hablar sobre el juego en si.. Realmente la idea es interesante y sobretodo a quien le guste la temática militar (me incluyo) os gustará, ya sabéis... armas licenciadas, la equitación también con licencia (la de pasta que se habrán dejado al pedir las licencias de Crye Precision, OpsCore,Colt, EOTech y demás marcas recreadas con dedicación (doy fe por que yo tengo estas marcas originales, tanto los pantalones, los plate carriers, y las ópticas EOTech y Trijicon Acog por poner un ejemplo) , tanto de armas, equipación, accesorios y demás, le faltan los portaplacas LBT (una de mis marcas favoritas) en fin que me desvío del tema... Lo que pienso del juego (BETA) El juego en si... para mi gusto le faltan más modos que no sea PVP por mucho que insistan, sinceramente a mi el juego ya me aburre de hecho acabé saliendo de una raid hace 20 minutos me cargué a 4 scavs y a un jugador, mientras iba hacia la extracción llegué a esta conclusión, no por que me maten de hecho tengo más bajas que muertes, no es eso, es simplemente que a mi la sensación que me da jugando es la siguiente... entra en la raid, coge loot, si te encuentras a alguien mátalo o te mata y extrae, sinceramente al principio cuando me lo compré si tenía esa pequeña sensación de tensión, pero ahora ya no, es decir ahora ya el juego digamos que no me atrae, ahora lo que hago es jugar al PVE y oye me lo paso mejor y me gusta, me encanta jugar contra la IA, y no es fácil la IA, esos si que son chungos y no los jugadores, creo que por que sea un MMO,Hardcore o llamadlo como queráis no necesariamente tiene que ser PVP podrían poner otro modo o dejar como está el que tiene para quien quiera jugar como quiera, (no olvidemos que es un videojuego, aunque sea "difícil" no tiene que dejar de ser divertido) por que tenga un modo PVE no significa que sea fácil aclaro Por favor absteneos del....espérate a Rusia 2028 sinceramente me da igual el Rusia 2028 no estoy pidiendo un offline estoy pidiendo más modos como un PVE o un modo libre tanto en PVE como también el PVP, más modos en el PVP en definitiva más contenido interesante para la versión final Esa es la sensación que tengo de este juego a pesar de los detalles que son increíbles, como deshidratarte, el cargar el cargador manualmente cartucho a cartucho, el comercio muy chulo la verdad, esos toques de rol con el tema del nivel y las habilidades, pero a fin de cuentas quitando todos estos adornos es un simple PVP. Se que está en beta, pero al final es la sensación que me da el juego en el fondo,ser un PVP más,con más detalles y realmente buenos pero a fín de cuentas un simple PVP Para los amantes del only PVP quizá os duela este post y del ( abro paraguas) Para los que tengáis una mente más abierta quizá os resulte un post interesante para debatir y pedir tranquilamente P.D: también me he dado cuenta que la comunidad es bastante hostil cuando se abordan según que temas Dicho esto abro paraguas, porque me lo estoy viendo venir
  3. Buenas a todos supervivientes: Ahora que el evento de twitch Rivals ha concluido, nos gustaría escuchar vuestras opiniones al respecto. Hacernos saber que opinais sobre como fue el evento, como podría haber ido mejor o si no os gustó algo. Gracias a todos, y aseguraos de que seguís las normas del foro cuando opinéis libremente. (Por favor, nada de insultos o faltas de respeto. Solamente vuestra opinión.)
  4. Hello escaping people. My name is Anna and I started playing Tarkov on 1st of Dec. I play games ( shooters and rpg mostly ) since I was a kid It has been a long time since I felt a connection with a game, a connection that makes me feel happy even when sometimes it is a love-hate tragedy. I really do want this game to work out because I simply missed the type of gameplay it offers: -challenge -tension -lots of adrenaline -fun It is addictive it is hardcore it is not another game for children with pointing out where to go what to do and how to finish the game. This is what I love about Tarkov you are on your own... unless you are with a team - then it is sometimes even harder. ( Sorry for the TK it was not on purpose;) ) The idea behind this game is something I was looking and craving for and I am very happy that my best friend convinced me to get this game. I am a big no no for beta games. Anyway I played this game for 10 days now many hours per day ( I am recovering after an accident so time is on my side ) and I have a heavy brainstorm about this game I want to share in hope that other players will speak up as well and share their thoughts. Also the idea is to have it in one topic - everything you like and dislike. Lets start from the beginning ( a remainder - those are my thoughts I am not jumping on anyone but spawn campers haha : P ) I was thinking this through and before I speak up I wanted to play quite a bit to have a proper opinion - not based on 30 min play. MENU: It feels a bit clumsy at times and unfinished...( oh wow what a perception right! It is a beta! ) navigation feels a bit wierd at times ex. finishing quests, selling items the shops look a bit messy. Anyway the music in menu is genius and I sometimes just stay in menu and listen to it good job there! GAME LOOKS AND MECHANICS: So... astonishing graphics with quite well designed body mechanics. This is a great plus but there is something I miss very very much. I believe some older players remember a game called SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. Oh man. Guts and brains flying around... I miss that kind of brutal reality. If possible I would love to have this. Bah I would even pay the highest price for edge of darkness just to have that kind of realistic mind blowing experience. Also I have a bit of salt with the trees. I would like to hear other opinions on this but the movement from wind feels sometimes very unnatural. Speaking of mechanics I don't agree with the dehydration mechanic. Feels pushy and unreal. Also the barbed wires a possibility on walking carefully through them would be nice or cutting them and make a free passage Pain moaning is a bit overdone I have been wounded quite a bit of times broken bones, knife fun in the kitchen and stuff and two heavy surgeries. I can say that this is unrealistic. After playing volleyball I broke my feet... and I didn't know I had broken it haha I went back on bike home it was hurting like hell and I noticed that at home when I took off my shoes that my feet is twice the size So I jumped in my car and drove to the hospital by my self because had nobody back then to help me but I din't make a sound - just when it happened. What I want to say people are much stronger to moan after a broken leg like a crybaby. I understand moaning after being shot in stomach.... still morphine should take the pain away and make you even a bit careless with much smaller focus and blurry vision. This is my real life exp ( well I wasn't shot but I had morphine ) that's why in game it feels funny and stretched sometimes even irritating. People are tough and yes the first shock and pain should go off but most off people can bite their own teeth and go on especially if you are in life threatening situation:) No weapon engagement! The hand to hand combat feels quite bad at the moment - had few unpleasant encounters where I sneaked up at somebody started stabbing and nothing happen The person then turned around and killed me No idea was that due to the desync but I would like to make a proposition. Since this is a tactical game with nerves and reflexes on the edge at all times could the hand to hand combat be more polished? If I would sneak up on someone could I grab the person by neck, arm, whatever else and try to stab a vital? Kick in the genitals ? Or even a simple kick? Just to spice it up because it feels a bit abandoned. Also with the chance for the attacked person to release themselves from the grip? A feature like faking dead to make surprise attacks with be nice. This game is all about being careful right ?:D ( unless you are being killed at spawn where you don't even have a chance to be careful ) Some of things are a bit shocking like grenades Completely unpredictable. Got killed by my own why throwing into a room and taking cover in a different. Uhm Also the MIA thing. I can't name it yet and find a suggestion but it just doesn't feel right. I was walking with broken leg so veeery slow ( out of painkillers ) but had extraction point just in my sight. I didn't make it even if I would if I would only have that 20 seconds more. Could this mechanic be rethinked? It feels odd when you make it but actually not make it. Maybe slow or stop the clock when you have extraction point in sight? Mixed feeling about this as I said can't get a grip on this yet. SOUND: Sound samples are great but as in one of the topics I have an issue with it - tried multiple solutions but nothing solved it and I can hear weird stuff dislocated or sometimes nothing too. My gun once bugged out didn't hear any shots. Maybe soon somebody will find a solution or if a problem is on game side devs will fix it. Other thoughts: Spawn campers – please stop this nonsense. You are taking an advantage of people spawning in already having an advantage of super high level gear. Is that fair to you? Would you like to loose your gear all the time like that ( not to mention I am still low level thanks to that because I can even finish a quest I am being spawn killed so often )? Play fair and let others play. This is not a game only for you. It's for many and making assholes moves makes other make assholes moves. Be okay, be decent, be fair please. I don't mind camping in later on - it is a part of the game. But camping at spawn where people are defenseless is mean and low. Having 1- 30 second raids is really fun breaking. If players won't get to their senses I hope devs will stop and find a solution to this outrageous behavior. The screen border issue – does anybody else encountered this? I usually play in border less full screen mode but this is the first game that I encountered that when in game the cursor fly out of the screen taking me out of the game. It is a small issue but annoying for me at least. When I play and wait in a load screen or just wait for somebody I just move my cursor freely but in most games I played when the game starts the game locks the cursor from going out from the game. Going through the forum and reddit I seen a lot of discussions about TK and scav on scav kills penalty and I hope that will be implemented. There is lots of great ideas there and I hope that devs and players keep a sharp eye on those and push them through. We have to remember this is a game for us and since it is in beta we have the power to make it to our liking. I believe taht players as well as devs will be reasonable and we will all make this game work great. My hopes are that I will be enjoying this game for YEARS to come like I was playing maniacally ET for many many years GL&HF
  5. GDeathScythe116

    Magazine Inventory?

    I've looked around and haven't found anything, but are there any plans for there to be a magazine inventory window? I like to mix tracer rounds into my magazines and splitting them up into different stacks (although works just fine) can be a bit of a pain when doing multiple mags, and definitely a major pain while in a raid. Was just curious if anyone else felt the same way about it or not.
  6. So my buddy's wife usually joins us in other PC Games (Ark, Dayz, H1Z1, Arma3, PubG, ETC), but usually she'll decide what games she wants to try out based on watching female streamers or she'll come into the forums and check out what fellow female gamers think of this game. Seems she's really not seeing too many (OF COURSE THERE'S SOME just really not a good amount) female gamers streaming this nor does there seem to be much of a female gamer presence in the forum (AGAIN I know there are obviously some here just not as prevalent as in other games). So although myself and her husband have told her how much we enjoy the game lol we've also brought her into other titles where she absolutely couldn't tolerate them hence why she found a way for her to figure out if she wants to play before buying. SO with all that said IF there's any female gamers here who can just drop your opinion of the game here and maybe a little breakdown on why you enjoy it that would be great. When my buddy and her come by tonight I'll throw up this page so she can read what you all have to say. Thanks in advance!
  7. echomrg

    First impressions

    I've been playing (or trying to play) the game for the last couple of days and up until now it's basically been an exercise in frustration. My average raid duration is between 15 and 30 seconds (on factory since is the only map you can hope to play without guns) with 3/4 minutes waiting between raids. That's IF you can actually connect and the game doesn't 605 you (and, btw, it looks like the servers aren't really full, since you can join simply by initiating a group invitation). You finally manage to join a Scav game so you can use something different from an hatchet, you get killed again within 30 seconds and you have to wait another 60 minutes. The AI is either super-human-aimbot-cheating level (sneak up on someone, shoot him in the head, he survives, 180° and instantly headshot you) or completely retarded (just stands there staring at you doing nothing until you hatchet him in the head). They even camp the damn exits! The netcode is awful, shoot at someone from point blank and it doesn't register, people sometime teleport 3/4 meters ahead, hit someone with an hatchet twice and nothing happens. This is all frustrating as hell but it would be beareble if only most of the other players weren't complete douches, ignoring factions and killing everything on sight, ofter spawn camping or camping the exits. The main issue right now is that there's no incentive for team-play. Doing a whole map alone is basically impossible (and that's great) but when everyone stabs you in the back it's really difficult to enjoy playing. I've read that a Karma system is coming: that can't come soon enough and i really hope the penalties are draconian. The game itself is gorgeous and has a lot of potential. The real problem, as of now, are its players (be they human or bots).
  8. NoFaceSniper

    Opinion of this game

    Before I get into it, I want to let you guys know that I was waiting for this game for a long time, I thought it would be the best game ever released, that it would be extremely fun and worth the 40$. It is not, it is nothing like the YouTubers or streamers show. This game is horrible, worse than trash. I have played for at least 6 hours so far and have not found a single weapon or another player who has a weapon. All they do is run around with knives and 1 hit you, and you can't do poo about it because a pistol can't kill in 4 shots, but a knife is a 2 hit kill. There is no way to find the escape point so if you are new to the game you are fucked. You make a poo ton of noise but others can just sneak up on you completely silently. I have at least 6 hours into the game, and not once did I find a backpack, vest, gun, scope, or anything useful, and I have looted military grade crates that you find in locations where scavs are. Then the next worst part, the bullshit YouTubers and streamers. They show videos of them fighting highly geared guys, this is bullshit and never happens like I mentioned before I have 6+ hours on this game and have not once run into a guy who was geared, just been 1 shotted by knives or killed by scavs. By far one of the worst games I have ever played.
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