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Found 3 results

  1. My favorite budget scopes has a problem that I think every player knows... Changing the KMZ 1P59 and KMZ 1P69 optic zoom and illumination to separate buttons would be a great change, it's a small thing but would improve these scopes significantly. This would also be a good QoL change on many illumination devices with laser/led/IR options on the same button.
  2. saibot0

    Scope Lag

    I have a descent rig with a 1070 and an i5-7500 with 16 gigs of ram. I can't even aim with pso, hammer, bravo, specterdr and so on because of the optical lag. when you scope it seems as if u render everything in the scope and the things around it and it gets really annoying to not be able to aim with long range scopes on the only maps u need them, factory i can easily do it ofc, woods aswell, but then the rest i jump down to 40-50 fps like the Optical Scope March Tactical 3-24x42 FFP is useless, if i aim that on shoreline with my sv98 i drop down so hard. At the resort for example i dont mind using a pso to look down the hallway but guess what you can do with 22 fps. nothing. absolutely nothing. So my question is how are you gonna fix this and when. cuz every patch you add new insane scopes like the hensoldt last patch and now a new scope from mechanic and it's completely un usable in the current state unless you got a fricking 1080ti 32 gb ram and such. Why even add it before you can use them?
  3. Geoshot

    BRAV04 Scope bug.

    Attachment: BRAV04 This is really off-putting when you don't seem to know how your optic is going to behave. It seems to only happen if the reflex optic is mounted on the gun. Switching from the Reflex optic to the 4x creates the right picture. Looking down your 4x optic directly from point shooting creates the left image. Tbh, i prefer the right image FOV, and would rather it be always like this.
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